Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 6

This is a continuation of a story involving an
increasingly compromised businessman (Michael), who is away from home (and
his mischievous wife) for an 8-month business assignment...

out in California...--

I heard the whoosh! of the pad-tipped riding crop
and reflexively tensed. Still, when it struck me in that most sensitive of
areas, between my balls and my anus, I couldn't help but let loose with a
bellow of pain. I writhed helplessly in my bonds, feeling the pain shooting
through my entire crotch. Soo-ling had me hanging upside down on her
exercise bar, by legs in special boots designed for doing inverted curl-ups,
and my arms stretched below me and chained to the vertical bars. The
spreader bar had me completely exposed for whatever mischief she had in
mind, and she was in an evil mood. Already she'd been flogging me at
intervals for about half an hour, using a variety of paddles, crops, and
floggers, and I could just imagine how red my butt must be. I could feel the
heat emanating from my ass like a hot iron, and grimaced at the thought of
trying to function once I went back to the office on Monday. But that seemed
impossibly long away; it was only Saturday morning, and Soo-ling had told me
to be prepared to stay overnight.

She had been angrier than I had ever seen
her the previous night, furious that a new video had not arrived from
Melissa, spoiling her plans for our usual Friday night viewing and sex romp.
She told me coldly that she was going to take out her frustrations on my
ass, and that she expected me at her house early on Saturday. At various
points, she promised me, there would be others invited in to torment me, but
she was going to have the first crack at me herself.

I had thought she was
half kidding. After all, it had not been my fault that Melissa had not sent
anything. Perhaps the black gangbang tape I'd sent to her had been too
extreme, and she had decided to call a halt to this bicoastal game of sexual
"top this" we'd been playing. But the very real pain that Soo-ling was
inflicting on me now was no joke. She was beating the hell out of my

The peculiar thing--again, she had given me new insight into my sexual
proclivities!--was that I found myself liking what she was doing. My cock
was going up and down like an elevator, fully erect as she spanked me with
her hand, half-erect when she got more vigorous with the flogger. This last
blow had made me go limp and left me gasping for air, but already I could
feel a familiar throbbing as my betraying organ began stiffening again.
Soo-ling noticed immediately.

"Ooh, you like this, don't you, little cum
boy? Look at your cock getting all stiff and hard. You should see all the
cum leaking out of it now. Mmm. Let me have a taste." And she leaned over
me, her thong-covered pussy right above my face, to take my hard cock into
her mouth. I moaned as she sucked on me, loving the feel of her swirling
tongue on my sensitive head. I made the mistake of closing my eyes, though,
so I did not see her hand snaking over to hover just above my balls, gently
taking a generous tuft of pubic hair between her fingers. Without warning,
she yanked the hairs out by the roots. I screamed, the agony and ecstasy of
the moment almost more than I could stand.

"You know," Soo-ling observed,
as I whimpered to myself, "you've got really hairy balls. I never noticed
that before." She walked around to my backside, and slapped me hard on the
junction of my cheeks. "Your ass hairy too." She left the room, leaving me
to ponder that last statement as I tried to gather myself.

Yesterday had
been hellish at work. I'd almost committed a major mistake, something that
the home office in New York would have been sure to catch. I was supposed to
arrange for a major purchase of semiconductors from Malaysia, but with
everything going on, and the anticipation of the new video due from Melissa,
I found myself unable to focus. When the call came in from my boss in New
York, asking about the purchase order, I found myself spluttering. I put him
on hold, stalling for time, and shakily asked Lisa Grey, my assistant, about
the order.

"I took care of it for you, Mr. Bender. I could tell you were a
little distracted." She just smiled and waved off my effusive thanks, asking
only if she could leave a little early to watch one of her sons play soccer.
Of course, I let her, although she insisted on coming into work for awhile
on Saturday to make up the time. God, I thought, thinking about Ms. Grey
suddenly, as I waited for Soo-ling to return, she is such a gem. She really
saved me on that purchase. I'll have to think of some way to reward her,
maybe take her out to dinner. I didn't know much about her, except that she
had fabulous legs (I grinned, thinking about how nice she looked in those
short skirts she favored), long and tanned, no doubt from the tennis that
she loved to play. She was in her thirties, a few years older than me, and
had two young kids, a boy and girl. Recently divorced. Otherwise, she hadn't
shared much.

Suddenly Soo-ling swept back into the room, and thoughts of my
assistant were swept away. She had brought a pair of tweezers, and for the
next twenty minutes she subjected me to the most devious torture I could
imagine: Sucking me mercilessly, but stopping whenever she sensed I was
close to cumming, and--at totally random intervals--yanking out either a
pubic hair or one of the hairs from my ass crack. By the end I was sobbing,
begging her to let me cum, begging her to stop yanking the hairs, begging to
be let down.

"You such big baby," she said, with a tone of mocking disgust.
She stopped though, letting me catch my breath. "I need to take a break,"
she told me. I needed one too, but I kept my mouth shut. "Want to try out
new toy, though. Suzy gave me this." I tried to focus on it, but I couldn't
see clearly. The top of it looked like a candle, long and tapered, but the
bottom--also, apparently, made of wax--was perfectly formed in the shape of
a phallus. "It's a butt candle," Soo-ling announced, with a giggle. I
shivered as she knelt down to show me. "Get it slick now, little cum boy. I
know how much you love cock in mouth." And she shoved it between my lips. I
tried to get it as wet as I could, then she popped up and started forcing it
into my ass. I groaned at the intrusion, but it felt damn good sliding into
me. Then she lit it, and I could feel the heat near my thighs. "Better stay
still," she advised. "Don't want to burn anything there." She watched it
burn for a minute, then picked up the crop, giving me three hard cracks on
the ass. Each one set me writhing again, and also sent a spray of hot wax
splashing down on my balls. Then she put on a kimono and went out the next
room. I heard her watching TV, then talking on the phone. Suddenly the
doorbell rang, and I heard Soo-ling talking to someone. I figured she would
get rid of whoever it was, but to my shock and surprise, she invited the
person in, and I could hear them sit down in the next room! The TV went off,
and I found I could hear their conversation clearly. Suddenly, I realized
who the visitor was. It was my assistant, Lisa


"...Bender's wife Melissa called me at the office,
explaining it was very important that he receive this package," Lisa was
saying, when I could focus again. "I took it by the hotel, but he had left
word that he was to be found at this address. Is he here?"

"No," Soo-ling
lied. "I expect Mr. Bender later, but he not here now. Mr. Bender...client
of mine."

I could imagine Lisa trying to make sense of this, probably
wondering who this Soo-ling was, and why she was sitting in her house in a
very sheer kimono "expecting me" to drop by.

"You can leave package here,
though. I make sure he get it."

"Are you sure?" Lisa asked. "Mrs. Bender
made it sound vitally important that he get it today."

"Oh yes, very sure."
I heard Soo-ling pause. "You like drink? Awfully hot out there today. Maybe
you like wait for Mr. Bender here?" What? I thought, my mind spinning. What
was she up to now?

"Would you mind? That's awfully nice of you to offer. I
guess I would feel more comfortable giving this package to Mr. Bender

"Not a problem," said Soo-ling graciously. "What can I get you? I
have iced tea made, or I can make lemonade. Or perhaps you like glass of

Lisa hesitated. "To tell you the truth, I'd kill for a glass of
wine. That sounds great."

I heard the clink of glasses, then the pop of a
cork. This woman was a lunatic! What was she doing? I groaned suddenly, as
my sudden movement brought a splash of hot wax down on my balls.

"What was
that?" Lisa asked.

"Hmm? What? I didn't hear." They clinked glasses.

do you know Mr. Bender?" I heard Lisa ask, after a pause.

"Well, to be
perfectly honest, I met him at hotel. We have, um, mutual interests."

see." I could well imagine that Lisa probably did not see, but I also
couldn't tell what Soo-ling was up to.

"You work for him long?"

"Oh no.
Just a few months now. He's very nice, though."

"Mmm," Soo-ling responded
noncommittally. "He good boss, then?"

"Oh yes, the best." Well, at least I
was doing something right, I thought.

"He good at what he does?"

"Oh yes!
He's very smart. He's been a little, well, distracted the past few weeks,
but he's under a lot of pressure."

"Indeed he is. I've found that he gets
fixated on very strange things," Soo-ling says. "And he always seems tired.
Like he's burning the candle at both ends." I choked on a cough, then bit my
lip as more wax splashed down.

"I'm not sure what you mean," Lisa

"Well," said Soo-ling. "Perhaps I should show you."

Nothing could
have prepared me for the next moment as, unbelievably, Soo-ling walked into
the room where I hung suspended, a melting candle jammed into my ass,
followed by my dumbstruck assistant. There was a silence, which filled the
room until it seemed to shut off all my air.

"Oh my god," said Lisa. I had
tried avoiding her eyes, but now I found myself staring over at her. She was
wearing white tennis shorts and a striped tight tank top. I'd never seen so
much of her tanned skin at once and she looked amazingly lovely, right up to
the blush that was reaching the tops of her ears.

"I--um--think maybe I'd
better go," she stammered, and started backing out of the room.

Soo-ling barked. She had used this tone before. It was hard to resist, and
Lisa stopped in her tracks. "You welcome to leave, of course. But you are
even more welcome to stay. Think for a minute, Ms. Grey--Lisa. Think what
you might see in the next few minutes. Think about how really few chances
life offers that are exactly like this. I can see you are interested--who
would not be? Are you aroused? Does the sight of Michael's nakedness arouse
you? His hard cock? Look...look at how it twitches with excitement. See how
turned on Michael is..." and on she purred like that, seducing both of us
with her wonderful voice. Lisa took a step towards me. She was hesitating,
and I saw her eyes wander up to stare at my cock, now painfully erect. She
licked her lips, and suddenly I knew that she wasn't going anywhere.

watch." That was all she said, and Soo-ling pulled up a chair right in front
of my face, which Lisa sat down in. She stretched out those beautiful long
legs, and I saw that she was wearing sandals. I found myself wetting my lips
as she slid them off, and I had an almost uncontrollable urge to take her
painted, perfectly manicured toes in my mouth, and suck on them one by one.
But I could only stare up at her long legs, which climbed all the way up the
chair to the cleft of her sex, still hidden by the tight white shorts.
Soo-ling smiled at her and took hold of my cock roughly, jerking it, causing
splatter after splatter of wax to fall. I groaned. Then she slowly pulled
out the candle, being careful now not to spill the wax, put it directly over
my hard shaft, and tilted it. Again I screamed as the wax coursed over me.
Soo-ling just laughed and blew out the candle.

"Time to make wish, yes?"
she said, with her characteristic giggle. She took hold of my cock and began
slowly pumping her fist up and down its length. As good as it felt, my
erection was now almost to the point of being painful, and again a groan
sneaked out of my throat. I saw Lisa staring at Soo-ling's action, as though
in a trance. Then I watched her moisten her lips again, appearing to strain
forward in the chair, as I simultaneously felt my Chinese tormentor take my
cock into her mouth, sucking me all the way down to the balls.

I shuddered
at the wonderful sensations sweeping through me, and I noticed--because it
was right in front of me--Lisa's feet inching closer to me. I could not help
myself. I slowly stuck out my tongue and licked the big toe on her left
foot. She started, and involuntarily jerked her foot back, but then she
looked down at me with a curious, crooked smile. The toe moved back. She was
offering me her foot to suck, and I was deliriously happy to comply.

funny. In the past weeks and months, at various times, I had had the
pleasure of feasting on Soo-ling's tufted pussy, on her friend Linda's wet
hairless quim, on Carl and Peter's lovely long cocks, and on more black
cocks than I could begin to count at my gangbang...yet nothing compared with
the pleasure I got from sucking on Lisa's toes. I found myself actually
making love to her feet with my tongue, as she slowly rubbed them over my
lips, exploring up and down the sides of each toe, and then sucking on them,
one by one, as if each was a tiny cock. And I began to be rewarded with
little purring sounds from her. Clearly she was enjoying my oral attentions.
I even sensed that Soo-ling had stopped to watch.

"He very good with his
tongue, yes?" Soo-ling murmured. I saw Lisa nod. "I very good too," Soo-ling
said, and I saw her move into my peripheral vision, lean over, and kiss Lisa
on the mouth. To my surprise, she responded enthusiastically, even reaching
up to caress the back of Soo-ling's head as they kissed. I continued bathing
Lisa's toes, shifting now to her other foot. At the same time, I saw my
mistress's hands creep up to grasp the bottom edge of Lisa's tank top,
lifting it slowly up over her breasts. Lisa made no attempt to stop her,
merely went on fencing with her tongue, and I moaned in delight as I saw her
nice round tits pop into view. She had huge, puffy aureoles surround nipples
that stuck out prominently, at least half an inch. Lisa groaned as Soo-ling
captured her hard nipples between her fingers, rolling them, tugging on them
gently, and squeezing. Then I saw the Chinese woman's head dip, and she
began attacking those nipples with her magical tongue. Lisa's head lolled
back, and she slid forward on the chair, her heels bouncing around on my
face roughly. I loved it.

Then I had a front row seat (well, perhaps
"perch" would be a better word) as Soo-ling unzipped Lisa's shorts, skinning
them off and down her legs, followed by her panties. These she raised to her
own mouth, smelling them deeply, before glancing down at me with her wicked
smile. Before I could even protest, she knelt down and stuffed them in to my

Then Soo-ling slipped off her own wet leather thong, knelt between
Lisa's legs, and slid her bottom back so that it was resting right on my
nose. As she rocked back and forth, I found myself alternately smothered and
gasping for air. I could not see any longer what she was doing to Lisa, but
from the rising chorus of moans and groans, and Lisa's ecstatic instructions
to "yes...YES!...lick me there!" I gathered that Soo-ling was eating her
like a sundae treat. By the sound of things Lisa came more than once. After
the second time, Soo-ling rocked back, burying my nose deep in her anal
cleft. I thought I would pass out, and I could only dimly hear her voice
through the ringing in my ears.

"Long time no cum, huh?" Soo-ling said with
a chuckle.

"Oh god," Lisa said. "I don't think I have EVER cum like

They both stood up, and looked down at me, trying to regain my
breath. Without any signal to each other, they seem to have decided to let
me down. With Lisa's help, Soo-ling unfastened me and let me off the bar. I
had been upside-down so long that it was some minutes before I could even
sit up. The two women finally helped me up and, with me limping badly, lead
me down the hall to the shower. They turned on the hot water, and left me to

After I finally recovered, I stepped out of the shower feeling
refreshed. But my cock was now in urgent need of relief and I set off in
search of the two women. They weren't hard to find; I just had to follow the

Lisa was on her knees in the living room, watching the second video
from Melissa, while Soo-ling fucked her slowly and languidly with her
strap-on. She had one hand down under Lisa diddling her clit, and I crawled
under to lick around the edges of Soo-ling's fingers, making Lisa moan with
delight. I could feel her start to pump my cock with her fist. After several
minutes, she said something to Soo-ling, and I felt her shift around,
finally sliding her tight pussy down onto my cock. I bit my lips to keep
from cumming too soon, as I saw Soo-ling slipping off the strap-on. Then she
climbed onto my face, where I began eating her out as best I could. I caught
glimpses of her reaching around Lisa's bouncing body, playing with her

We got a good rhythm going, my hips thrusting up to meet Lisa's
downward bounces, and Soo-ling riding my mouth like a bronco rider, and it
didn't take long for me before--oh paradise!--I was finally able to release
my pent-up cum deep into Lisa's pussy. It was only as our bodies slowly
quieted and came to rest, that I was aware of the sound of clapping.
Soo-ling lifted off of me, and I saw Peter, Carl, and Suzy standing in the
doorway watching us. The boys already had their pants off while Suzy stroked
them, and they, in turn, had removed her top so they could play with her
nipple rings.

"Looks like this party's just getting started," Carl

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