Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 5

This is a continuation of a story involving an increasingly compromised
businessman (Michael), who is away from home (and his mischievous wife) for
an 8-month business assignment...

--An Interlude with Melissa--

This had become my favorite part, that moment while I waited on the
bed--naked, on all fours--while my mistress, Jill, prepared to fuck me with
her strap-on. It had become a Monday evening ritual for us, ever since I'd
started sending Michael videos of my sexual adventures several months
before. And as he started responding--goaded by the enigmatic, erotic
Chinese woman, Soo-ling--we'd fallen into a curious long-distance game of
"top this." Each Monday, as the new tape from Michael arrived via Federal
Express, I would prepare a special dinner for Jill. She would arrive around
6 o'clock, and we would share the meal I had prepared, drinking a bottle of
wine as we chatted about our day. We both enjoyed these moments,
knowing--with that secret, shared language that only the closest of lovers
enjoy--that we would soon adjourn to the bedroom to begin our evening of
sexual fun.

Often, since Jill usually arrived at my house straight from work, she would
go up first to shower and prepare, while I cleaned up the dishes. Always,
though, before I followed her up the stairs, I was required to strip
completely naked, so that when I entered the room it was made clear that I
was hers, to use in any way she saw fit. This was how we had come to be,
and both of us played our roles with total commitment and acceptance. I was
her pussy slave, plain and simple, and I was content to bring her pleasure
in any way that she required.

Although we both looked forward to the time of actual fucking--when we
would turn on Michael's video and watch, while Jill fucked me slowly with
her strap-on--my mistress liked to have me good and wet before we
started. Our habit was to begin by merely kissing and fondling each other,
enjoying the soft feel and heat of our bodies moving together, before
extending our delicate pirouette into that most delectable of
positions--soixante-neuf--to lick and suck each other to climax. But that
would just be the first. We would continue, our faces now glistening with
each other's most intimate of juices, intertwining our legs into the
scissors position, our pussies kissing each other wetly as we linked hands,
rocking gently, then with increasing passion, our clits rubbing together
again and again until we reached another breathless climax. Only then was
it time for the main event, and I would assume the position, just as I had
tonight, and wait for my mistress to step into the strap-on harness.

I turned and looked back over my shoulder at her now, stretching languidly
like a cat, and saw her smiling wickedly at me. She loved to take me, knew
how much I'd become addicted to her fucking, something I needed like a
drug. I smiled back at her, musing about how much my life had changed
since Michael went away on his assignment. Who would have guessed that we
would have embarked on such a sexual odyssey? It wasn't planned; and yet,
it seemed as though a kind of fate had directed each lascivious step along
the way. How else to explain my husband falling under the spell of the
wanton Chinese room service girl, Soo-ling? She was an unknown player here,
yet she had taken this game--which Melissa had started up with Jill only to
give her lonely husband some fun jerkoff material--to unexpected, even
dangerous levels. Strangely, I felt no jealousy towards Soo-ling. In fact,
just the opposite. I found myself thinking about her constantly, wondering
what she was doing with my husband, what she was planning next. At
times--often during the mornings when I would re-watch some of the erotic
tapes she had sent while masturbating in my bedroom--I found myself staring
at her, wondering what it would be like to make love to her, to have her
fuck me the way I watched her fuck my husband.

And what of Michael? I had to admit that I no longer knew what to expect of
him either. The way he had allowed himself to become Soo-ling's sex
slave--and so enthusiastically participating in homosexual acts--had me
stunned. Yet, as I watched the huge black man, Carl, fucking my husband in
the ass while Peter, the beautiful Swedish man, fucked his mouth, I found
myself cumming like never before. When Jill told me we were going to
re-enact the scene, in every detail, I came again just thinking about
it. In fact, even now, I could feel myself getting wet as I thought of
Jill's friends--Deon and Dieter--doing to me what Carl and Peter had done
to my husband. Since then, I felt like my husband and I had formed a kind
of erotic bond that few people experience in their lives. Mostly I believe
that couples--perhaps even especially married ones--tread too delicately
when it comes to expressing their sexual desires. Yet somehow this
enforced separation--combined with the inventive, twisted guidance of our
respective mistresses Soo-ling and Jill--had forced Michael and I to freely
admit and partake in the most exquisite of erotic desires. Never again
would we have to hold anything back with each other, but would be able to
ask for and share even the kinkiest of ideas. This was a special gift we
had been given.

Jill's sudden slap on my raised buttock snapped me out of my reverie and
signaled that she was ready. I grinned back at her, drinking in the
delicious sight of her long blonde hair cascading down over her bouncing
breasts, and the shining black dildo jutting out lewdly from her
pussy. This model had a g-spot tickler that fit into Jill's pussy, so the
fucking was just as pleasurable for her to give as it was for me to

But--oh my god!--how I loved to receive! I put my head down on the bed as I
stretched out my right-hand to activate the VCR. I could feel Jill sliding
the massive strap-on down between my legs, could feel the smooth shaft of
it slap up against my clitty, pull back slightly, then find the entrance to
my pussy. I was so wet that there was virtually no resistance, and I
groaned loudly as Jill sank the dildo home with a long, relentless shove. I
could hear the video starting, rough grunting sounds emanating from the
speakers, but the feelings sweeping through me were so intense that, for a
moment, I found myself incapable of raising up to watch the screen.

After a moment, though, I heard Jill gasp and realized that, though she had
the dildo shoved all the way into me, she was not fucking me, but, rather,
was hunched in a frozen position on my back. With some difficulty, I raised
myself up on my elbows and looked at the screen. I could only stare,

The video showed Michael--or at least, a white figure that I took to be
Michael--lying on his back on a table. His face and head were completely
obscured by a young black man, apparently sitting on his chest, whom he was
fellating. As the camera pulled back, I could see that my husband was also
giving handjobs to two enormous black studs on either side of him, their
long erections glistening with precum juices and throbbing wickedly. Again
the camera pulled back, showing that Michael's knees were raised and bent,
and that Master Carl was at the end of the table, shoving his own massive
tool savagely in and out of Michael's tight rear. It was, quite possibly,
the most debased--and erotic--thing I had ever witnessed, a scene of pure
sexual debauchery. But that did not complete the scene. Again the camera
pulled back, started to pan slowly, and I saw that there were a number of
other black men, also naked, moving about the room. Many of them were
erect, and a number of them were drinking beer or smoking dope, yelling
encouragement and abuse at the crew working my husband on the table. Then I
saw Soo-ling. She was on a kind of daybed, next to Michael, and her face
was so contorted it was almost unrecognizable, but whether from pleasure or
pain it was impossible to tell. A black man was under her, fucking her
pussy with one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. Another black
fellow--bald and with huge, well-developed muscles--was behind her, jamming
his own fat cock into her tight sphincter. Each thrust of his massive cock
threatened to lift her off the cock of the man below, but he had his meaty
hands dug into her ass cheeks, and after each anal thrust, he jammed her
mercilessly back down on his own fuck tool.

I suddenly became aware of Jill's heavy breathing near my ear, and the
implications of what I was seeing began to hit home. Were we to duplicate
this gangbang, with myself in place of my husband, Jill herself would have
to participate, allowing herself to be used in the same fashion as the
Chinese minx, Soo-ling. I found myself silently offering my admiration to
the tiny girl, even as I watched her anal partner unload his cum in her ass
with a mighty bellow, and then step aside for another to assume his place.


It took several days for Jill to make the arrangements. I was wondering
whether she would be able to go through with it--I was all for it--since it
had been years since she had been fucked by a man. She had gone through
some tough relationships in her teens, which had turned her permanently
toward the lesbian lifestyle, but--to her credit--she made it clear that
she intended to go through with it. She put me in charge of calling Harry
and Dora to set up the filming. Dora was part of the Black Rose Club--whose
initiation ceremony had been the subject of my second video to Michael--and
her husband Harry worked for a local TV studio. He knew a lot about
cameras, and had gladly agreed to help his wife film things for Jill and
me. They had even participated in several of the scenes, and I had to admit
that Harry was a terrific fuck (Dora had started coming over for "Tuesday
Morning Showtime" during the last few weeks, and we had had some great sex

When I called the Paulsens to describe what Jill and I had in mind, they
were on board with the plan in an instant. But they both insisted on coming
over that minute to watch the latest video. I had just put on a pot of
coffee, so I readily agreed. Since they live only a few blocks away, it was
only about 10 minutes before the doorbell rang. I greeted them both with a
kiss, and invited them into the den.

"Do you two want some coffee?" I asked, and they both said yes. I bustled
around the kitchen for a few minutes, and then rejoined them in the den. I
was not surprised to find them both already naked, Harry sitting in the
armchair while Dora knelt between his legs, sucking on his hard cock.

"You naughties!" I scolded. "Starting without me." Harry grinned up at me
as I set the tray down, and I leaned over to kiss him. I could feel him
reach around and squeeze the cheeks of my behind through my shorts.

"Care to join us?" he asked cordially.

"Why, I'd be delighted," I answered, using my best Scarlett O'Hara. I
skinned off my t-shirt and shorts--I hadn't put on any underwear, and
joined Dora at the tip of Harry's cock. She smiled, and we shared a very
wet kiss that including the bobbing tip of his cock, then we each worked
our way down the shaft to his balls. Harry moaned in appreciation, and then
I hopped up.

"I'll start the movie," I said. Dora came up for air and Harry poured us
all some coffee. I grinned as I watched their reactions to the scene on the

"Oh my gawd," Dora said, as she watched my husband getting gangfucked six
ways from Sunday.

"And Jill is going to--?" asked Harry a few minutes later, as the
double-teaming of Soo-ling filled the air. I nodded.

"What about you, darling?" Dora said, her voice filled with concern. "Are
you really up for this?" I came over and knelt down next to her.

"I am," I answered, as sincerely as I could. I took a few minutes to
explain to them some of the thoughts I'd been having about Michael, and
about the evolution of our relationship. Harry nodded the whole while I

"I think you're onto something there," Harry said when I'd finished.

"I'll tell you what I want to get onto," I said, pushing him back in the
chair and mounting his hard cock. I kissed him again, as I felt Dora's
tongue exploring my backside. "Think you can imitate a big black stud? I
need to practice." He grinned and promised to do his best. Before long,
we'd joined Dora on the floor, and we got into one of my favorite
positions, Dora astride me in a 69, while Harry fucked her asshole with
long slow strokes. Every once in a while he pulled out and dipped down so I
could wet his cock with my mouth. He kept at it through several of our
orgasms--Dora licks clit like nobody's business--before finally putting his
cock in my mouth one final time as he shot his load. Dora waited until he
was done, then she and I rolled around a bit kissing and sharing the sticky


Thursday was the big day. Harry had arranged to have private access to a
remote studio, and Dora, Jill and I had spent most of the day arranging the
furniture for the gangbang. Then it was time to put on my collar and leash,
and greet our guests. There were going to be 15 guys in all, most of them
friends of Deon's, but a few that Harry knew through a swing club to which
he and Dora belonged. I was chained to a post by the door as they came in,
and each of them paused to greet me in some way, some just giving me a kiss
and a squeeze, but a few being more forceful, twisting my nipples or
reaching down to feel my wet pussy. Deon had made it clear that it was okay
to be rough but he didn't want to see anyone getting hurt or he'd kick the
offender out. After they'd all arrived, Dora, Jill, and I moved through the
crowd, serving drinks, and letting the boys feel us up. I was getting
really horny, thinking about what was about to happen, and I could see that
Jill and Dora were turned on too. We had Michael's video playing on a big
screen, and they were having a great time shouting insults at the screen.

Dora had happily signed on as a "fluffer," ready to step in and suck anyone
who needed help getting hard. I expected that before the night was over
she'd get her share of fucking too, but that would be up to her.

Harry had the camera's set up, several of them stationary and a handheld
that he would be using. He would edit the scene later to make it more
professional. I was unsure how to kick thing off, but as I served Deon
another drink, I suddenly felt him grab me and pull me onto his lap. He
grabbed onto my leash and starting sucking on my hard nipples. Immediately,
the pair on either side of him on the couch started running their hands all
over me. I felt fingers pushing into my behind, my pussy, rubbing up and
down my back, slapping my behind, and it all had me going quite nicely, I
will admit. I was busy too, unzipping the pants of everyone I could get a
hand on, pulling out one enormous cock after another. I'd never seen so
much meat in my life, and I could feel myself getting wet as I squirmed on
Deon's lap. He leaned in close to me.

"Time for scene one, slut," he said, and he got up and dragged me by the
choker over to the table. Slapping my ass to direct me, I scrambled on top
and lay on my back. Immediately, one of the younger boys plopped his behind
on my tits and rudely stuffed his half-hard cock into my mouth. He didn't
stay limp for long. I reached out blindly, felt some nice firm cocks land
in my palms on either side. Deon, meanwhile, had disrobed and was getting a
nice blowjob from Dora between my legs. I could feel her fingers fucking me
gently and then rubbing around my clit while she got him hard. She was
making sure I was ready, but I was dripping. Then he moved in between my
legs, and pushed his cock into me.

About that time I heard a scream, that sounded like Jill. The boy on my
chest was cumming hard into my mouth, and then he hopped off, and for an
instant I caught a glimpse of her, riding one of the studs while Dora
greased her bottom. Then one of the men roughly pushed Dora out of the way
and began stuffing his cock into Jill's tight ass. She held still and her
whole body went tense for a moment, but then he slapped her ass hard and
she relaxed enough to let him in.

"Gonna tear you a new one, bitch," he growled, as he started fucking her

Another stud stuffed his cock into my mouth then, and I lost sight of
her. I didn't see her again for an hour, when they brought her over to me
to suck out the multiple loads that had been dumped in her pussy and her
ass. Her eyes were glazed with lust, and she held my hair as she smeared
her gooey holes all over my face, before settling back on my mouth. I ate
her lovingly, gulping down as much of the sperm as I could, cleaning her as
best I could. My eyes drifted left and I saw Harry over in the corner,
filming his wife as she was bent over a couch. She was sucking the first
stud in a line of four, while another line had formed behind her, to fuck
her ass. She looked happy, and I could see several loads of cum splattered
across her back and in her curly black hair. I went back to working on
Jill, and I felt her quivering on my mouth as she came. A few more drops of
cum dribbled out of her along with her own juices.

Later that night, after Deon and the others had left, the four of us--Jill,
Dora, Harry and me--sat around the studio drinking, while we watched the
three separate tapes from the camera's. We'd be late getting the video to
Michael this week, but I had no doubt he would enjoy it when he got it. I
had a feeling Soo-ling would like it too.

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