Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 4

This is a continuation of a story involving an increasingly compromised
businessman (Michael), who is away from home (and his mischievous wife) for
an 8-month business assignment...

I guess I felt at this moment that I had lost the last vestiges of control
over my former life, and I'm sure that is what Soo-ling intended. The
perversions that had taken control of me--and my distant wife--over the
past few weeks had, up to this point, seemed at least somewhat private
(though I know that was only an illusion). Now things had spun totally out
of control, and I found myself incapable any longer of resisting. Wherever
Soo-ling meant to take me I was prepared to go. Indeed, not only did I feel
I had no choice, I found myself actually wanting to sink deeper into this

It began almost immediately. Soo-ling fairly dragged me into the house,
shutting the door to the outside world. And I as I entered, blinking dumbly
at the strange assembly of people in the room, the naked blonde woman
walked over to greet me. I say "naked" except that now I realized she was
not completely naked. A think gold chain hung between her full breasts,
attached to clips which in turn were attached to each of her erect
nipples. I found myself staring at them, mesmerized, and only dimly made
note of Soo-ling's introduction.

"This is Linda, and her husband Paul," she nodded toward the swarthy man
across the room. I noticed for the first time that his cock--thick and
meaty--was twitching slightly and glistened wetly. Before I could even
register that odd observation, though, Linda had reached up and pulled my
face down for a kiss. I felt a bit awkward, but she was extremely
attractive--not to mention nude--and I found myself responding
enthusiastically, even opening my mouth as I felt her tongue pushing
against it. It was then that I received another surprise, for I felt her
pushing something into my mouth--what?--and it took a moment before I
identified the taste: male semen. "Did I mention," said Soo-ling with her
usual small giggle, "that Linda was just showing us how she can deepthroat
her husband? But we're learning that you like the taste of cum, don't you,
little cum boy?" I felt her hands massaging my hardening cock and I could
only nod. It was obvious even to me now, and I made no pretense at trying
to conceal it, but rather hungrily licked the residue from Linda's swirling
tongue. Finally we pulled apart, and I was pleased to see that she was a
little breathless.

"He's a good kisser," Linda said, to no one in particular.

At that moment, the other two men took hold of my arms, rather
firmly. "These are friends of mine," said Soo-ling, "Carl" (the black
fellow) "and Peter. You will, of course, do everything they tell you. They
will get you ready. Don't forget this." She handed me my bag. I suddenly
realized, with a sinking feeling that I had not even had time to look

They hustled me down the hallway to a large bathroom, and told me to strip,
watching smugly as I complied. When I was done they ordered me to go to the
bathroom. I waited for them to leave, but they remained standing, staring
at me menacingly, so I finally just sat down, and tried to be as quick as
possible. I felt humiliated but--again a surprise to me--strangely
titillated as well. Then I was ordered into the tub on my knees. I could
hear them rummaging around in the bag, then the faucet running, a few
whispered comments between the two (though I could not understand what they
were saying). The snap of a glove being pulled into place then, with no
more warning than that, a finger probing roughly around my anus.

"Hey!" I said, but Peter slapped his hand down as hard as he could on my
exposed rump and I bellowed in pain. I got the idea, and just waited for
what was to come. Before long, the finger (Carl's) was pushing inside my

"Push out, slut, like you have to go," he grunted, and I tried to
comply. When I did as he said, I felt the finger suddenly slide into me,
sinking as far as his last knuckle. I groaned in pleasure, and actually
starting pushing back against him. "Slut likes his ass being fucked," Carl
observed to his companion. For several minutes he fucked me like that and I
could feel my cock getting hard, despite the mocking comments of the two
men. Then Carl stuck a second finger in, and I could feel my ass struggling
to accommodate it. After a minute, though, the two fingers were sliding in
and out as easily as the first, and I gave myself over to the pleasure.

It did not last long, however. Abruptly, Carl pulled his fingers out, and I
felt something else being shoved in. It was an enema hose, and I saw Peter
hang the bag on the curtain rod. I glanced at it. It seemed impossibly
large. I'd had enemas before--I once had to undergo a colonoscopy--but I
did not find them pleasurable. I gritted my teeth as the cramping began.

"You take all that, bitch, and hold it," Carl growled. "We're going to get
a drink. Don't move an inch, or you'll get this," and he slapped a leather
crop down right near my face. I flinched and nodded.

They left me alone for several minutes. I felt the flow lessen gradually,
but I could feel the huge volume of liquid coursing around inside me,
turning my stomach into knots. Long minutes passed, and I could feel cold
sweat beginning to work out of my pores. This was torture.

Finally they returned, each carrying a beer. To my agony and distress,
however, they ignored me completely, and stood around chatting for several
more minutes.

Finally I could take no more. "P-please..." I said weakly.

"What's that slut? You say something."

"Please. I can't hold it anymore."

"I still can't hear you. How do you address me slut?"

I had no idea what he was talking about but I took a stab. "Please, Master
Carl. May I release this fluid."

"Much better. Soo-ling told me you were a good learner. Now go shit in
that can."

I could barely get up and get my leg out of the tub, and as soon as I sat
on the toilet there was an explosive release. Then I was forced to have a
smaller cleansing enema, before being order to shower myself. The hot water
coursing over me felt heavenly, and I began to feel a bit restored. When I
got out of the shower, I saw my "outfit" laid out on the floor. My other
clothes were gone.

The "outfit"--such as it was--consisted of a top made of linked silver
chains, which attached to a kind of leather strap harness. This harness was
made to loop over my cock, with a built in cock ring, with a thin leather
strap that fitted up between my butt cheeks. There was a studded leather
collar, with rings on the side, and leather anklets and wristbands, also
with links. I put it all on and looked in the mirror. The effect was quite
erotic, I had to admit. It concealed nothing, of course, but was much
sexier than merely being naked.

I padded down the hall to join the others.


The party had started without me, and I could see that no one was feeling
any pain. They'd all been drinking while waiting for me, playing a kind of
"spin-the-bottle" type game that involved both drinking and sexual play. A
haze of marijuana smoke hung in the air. There was one newcomer to the
group, and I recognized with a start the punk girl from the sex shop. She'd
taken off her top and--not a huge surprise--I noticed that both her nipples
wore large hoop rings. She was tattooed everywhere I could see. She noticed
me staring at her and grinned at me.

"Hiya," she said, and everyone turned to look at me. There was general
applause for my attire.

Soo-ling popped up and scurried around to greet me, giving me a long
kiss. I noticed that she, too, had removed her top. But what really caught
my notice was that she was wearing a large, black strap-on cock. It was
already shiny with lubricant, and I felt myself swallowing as I looked at

"You look great, little cum boy," she purred in my ear. "You've already met
Suzy. She's going to be our camera girl today. Hey everyone! Let's go to
the playroom and get started."

They all seemed to know the way, and I felt Soo-ling dragging me along. We
went down some stairs to the basement, and as I entered the room, I felt a
rush of d�j� vu. It looked almost identical to the scene I had seen
in the video booth. I knew my place immediately, and walked over to the
table, holding out my hands so that Carl and Peter could strap them to the
top. Then my legs were spread, and shackled to the floor. I could see Suzy
moving around, beginning to film, and I realized that this video alone gave
Soo-ling absolute power over me. I was her sex slave for real now.

Slowly, everything fell into place. It was like watching a dream that
you've already seen again and again. Paul, the Italian-looking fellow,
moved over and sat on a padded chair close to the table so he could
watch. Soo-ling and Linda went to work on his cock, taking turns giving him
a handjob, while they also swapped taking his cock into their wet
mouths. Linda did seem to have a prodigious talent. When it was her turn to
suck, she easily sank all the way down to the balls on her husband's thick
shaft, despite it being easily 10 inches in length. Soo-ling concentrated
more on tonguing his peehole and swirling her pointy tongue around the tip
of his shaft. Paul seemed to equally enjoy both techniques, and soon he was
grunting pleasurably as they worked him over.

My own cock was hard as a rock, watching all this, and I did not notice
what Carl and Peter were up to. But when I looked over at them, I saw that
they had both stripped off their black pants. Carl was standing, watching
the threesome in the chair, while the longhaired Peter was kneeling on the
floor, sucking on his long black cock. It was the largest cock I had ever
seen, and I found myself licking my lips nervously as I watched Peter
trying to engulf it. He could only get about two-thirds of the way down the
shaft, but Carl seemed to like the feeling. He was rocking his knees
slightly and face-fucking the other man. He looked over at me and saw me
staring at them, and I felt a shiver as I saw his lips curl in a smile.

I turned back to the chair to find Linda smiling at me. She was now sitting
with her back to her husband, sliding her wet pussy up and down on his fat
cock. I'd lost sight of Soo-ling, but almost as the thought flashed through
my brain I felt her small hands sliding up the outside of my buttocks,
squeezing and rubbing me. They dropped down to close around my hard cock,
and I felt her hot breath on my ear, the hard phallus sliding up along my

"Oooh, you nice and hard, little cum boy. Don't you cum now, though. I feel
you already starting to leak," and I could feel her thumb rub my own juices
around my sensitive cock head. I groaned. "Time for a good assfuck, little
cum boy." Dimly I was aware of Suzy in front of me, saw her gold hoops
flash close as she zoomed in on my face. I'm sure I must have made a
curious expression as Soo-ling pressed the large cockhead into the tight
rim of my anus. I remembered the bathroom scene, and tried to push out, and
then I felt the pressure ease as it slid in. But there followed such a
feeling of prodigious filling as the cock pressed inside of me. I opened my
mouth to scream but no sound came out. Soo-ling kept pressing it in until I
felt the front of her thighs press against my buttocks. Then I knew it was
all inside. I felt strangely proud of taking it all, and I could feel my
erection bouncing against the hard surface of the table. I had never felt
this aroused.

Then Soo-ling pulled back and really started fucking me, and I groaned out
loud, begging for her to fuck me. She grabbed my hair and told me to say it
louder for the audience.

"Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass, mistress!" I yelled, and I really meant
it. Through glazed eyes, I could see Linda pistoning up and down on Paul's
cock, fucking him in time to Soo-ling's motions. I turned to the others,
and saw them both moving toward me. I gulped, knowing what was coming next.

Peter was first, stepping up to the front of the table, where he grasped
his hard cock--not nearly as large as Carl's, but still impressive--and
slapped me in the mouth a few times. He was playing with me. Then I heard
Soo-ling hissing in my ear.

"Yessss... Suck him, little cum slut. You know you want to." And I did. I
opened up my mouth, and felt the cock head slip inside, and suddenly I
wanted nothing more than to suck this pretty blond boy, to make him cum
down my throat. I was totally broken now, ready to do anything and
everything, as Soo-ling had promised. He was already leaking pre-cum, and I
felt a little thrill as I licked the juice from his peehole, before taking
his shaft inside. He took hold of my ears then and started thrusting, and I
gagged several times before I found the right angle. Then he was pushing
farther and farther into my mouth, actually fucking me now, and I lay there
and let him. I'd almost forgotten the fucking my ass was receiving, and was
only slightly aware when I felt Soo-ling pull out of me. But then, the
pleasure I'd been receiving back there changed suddenly, and I felt a
burning pain, a feeling of something much too large being forced into that
tight hole. I struggled, squirming as much as I could (which was not much)
in my bonds. But it was no use. I realized that Master Carl was determined
to take me and there was not a thing I could do about it.

I could feel tears running down my cheeks as Carl began to sodomize me. He
made no attempt to be gentle. "Let me in you little slut," he growled,
backing off to give me several burning slaps on my behind. This time, when
I felt his massive cockhead pushing against my anal rim I bore down and
tried to ease his entry. It worked, and I could feel him tear his way
inside. Peter's cock in my mouth muffled my yells, but I'm sure I must have
been bleeding somewhere back there. I tried to concentrate on my sucking
and, indeed, I could hear Peter starting to grunt. He was getting close,
closer...and then he was cumming, and I could feel his seed splashing
against the back of my throat. He pulled out and wandered over to watch
Paul and Linda, who also seemed close to cumming. In front of me, Suzy was
still filming away, but Soo-ling was doing her best to make it
challenging. She had removed the young girl's skirt, and I could see the
Chinese girl's fingers fingering her from behind. Despite Carl's
sodomizing, I noticed that Suzy's clit hood was also pierced.

Then I heard Carl start to grunt behind me. "Damn white boy is tight," he
wheezed out, and then I felt him flooding my ass with cum, spasm after
spasm shooting into me. I gasped in relief as he pulled out. Did I pass out
then? I don't know. I only know that the next thing I was aware of,
Soo-ling was sinking down on my steel-like cock, telling me "It's okay to
cum now, little cum boy." I grinned gratefully, but then the sight of
Linda's pussy sinking down on my mouth blocked my view of her. A huge glob
of her husband's cum sank onto my lips before she settled firmly down.


We sent the tape off to Melissa, my wife, as Soo-ling had promised, and I
spent another miserable week at work, wondering whether I would still be
married. I had no idea how she would respond or--for that matter--whether
Jill, her lesbian mistress, would dream up some wickedly evil way for her
to respond. When Friday arrived, I left work early, and waited up in my
room, having several drinks from the bottle of scotch I'd bought.

At about six, there was a knock on the door. "Room service," called out
Soo-ling. She came in, still dressed in her work uniform, rolling a dinner
cart. There was a lovely steak dinner for the two of us, with a nice bottle
of wine. With a lurch, I saw that she carried a package from my wife under
her arm.

We had dinner first, trying our best to enjoy each other's company. I
realized that--while I knew immeasurably more about Soo-ling in some
ways--in others I did not really know her at all. She remained a woman of
mystery to me, and I tried several gambits--all unsuccessful--to find out
more about whom she was. She just laughed off my lame attempts, while we
polished off the wine. When we'd finished, she pushed the cart to one side,
and turned to me.

"Get your clothes off, little cum boy," she said, in that mocking, but firm
way I'd become used to. I did as she said, stripping down. She made me go
close the curtains naked, and I wondered if any late workers across the
street caught a glimpse of my free show. Then she opened up her handbag and
produced four scarves, which she used to bind me to the bed. She gave my
hard-on a few token pumps--not that it needed any to get more fully
erect--and popped in the video.

After a pause of several seconds, the screen illuminated, and my wife's
face came on the screen. I almost did not recognize her, though, because
her features were so contorted--in pleasure? pain? some combination of the
two? The camera stayed on her in close-up like that for several seconds,
while I watched sweat form on her forehead and slowly begin streaming down
her lovely cheeks. Then the camera began to slowly pull back, and I saw
Jill's face hovering over my wife's shoulder, moving in a steady rhythm. It
was plain that she was fucking her. Then the camera slowly spun around, and
paused on a couple fucking on a chair. I recognized them--Harry Paulsen and
his wife Dora. We'd had dinner with them a few times, but they were more my
wife's friends than mine. She and Dora were good friends, and now I had to
wonder whether they'd been lovers also. I was feeling confused, anxious,
and not sure what was happening here. But it was not until the camera
continued its slow pan, and I saw two men I did not know--a tall, muscular,
black, standing naked in the middle of the room, while a good-looking blond
fellow sucked him off--that I realized what was happening. Jill was
re-enacting the video that we had sent to my wife, only the figure strapped
to the table was none other than Melissa. Soo-ling turned to grin at me,
her face a curious mix of arousal and triumph. As for me...I'm afraid I
could not help myself. Without any outward stimulation other than what I
was seeing on the screen, I came, and I watched my cum arc magnificently
out of the end of my cock, stretching across my chest in a great curling
rope. I reached out with my tongue, and was able to lick the tasty bit that
landed my chin.

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