Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 3

This is a continuation of a story involving a
businessman (Michael) away from
home (and his mischievous wife) for an
8-month business assignment...

I could not believe the shambles I had made of my life. My own perversions
had now completely compromised my career, and I had no idea what this woman
Soo-ling would do. All she had to do was make an anonymous call, whisper a
few innuendoes, and my job would begin to evaporate, much as my marriage
seemed to be slipping away. My wife Melissa, on the other side of the
country, was seemingly in the merciless grip of her lesbian mistress
and--quite willingly it seemed--giving in to the most debased pleasures he
had ever seen. And what of myself? I stood naked in his hotel bathroom, the
sticky white evidence of my own debasement spattered all over the sink and
mirror, with a dildo shoved all the way into my ass. Meanwhile, Soo-ling,
the Chinese room service girl, stood watching me with an amused smile
playing across her sensuous lips. I had no notion how or why she had come
to enter my room at this particular moment, but I realized that she had me
in a very compromising position and, for the moment at least, I would have
to play along with whatever she had in mind.

"Please to come with me," she said at last, crooking her finger. "I must
see what caused...this," she swept her hand toward the messy load of cum
coating the bathroom.

"Let me, I mean, I'll get dressed, and--" but she only leaned forward and
put her finger against my lips.

"No, no, Mr. Bender. No talking. You have already been very naughty. Just
come in here, please." She glanced down with a grin. "Leave dildo in ass,
too, please." The way she said it--playfully yet firmly--made me realize
that there was no way to refuse. Meekly I followed her into the other
room. She indicated that I was to sit on the bed, and she rewound the
tape. I propped myself up miserably against the pillows--I started getting
under the covers but a stern glance from Soo-ling made me stop. She sat on
the end of the bed, her face just a foot from the large TV screen.

I didn't pay much attention during the early part of the tape, the
beginning of the party where my wife was put through her paces. Soo-ling
seemed distracted too. She kept looking over at me and I became
increasingly conscious of my nudity--and also embarrassed when my cock
began getting erect again. When she saw that, Soo-ling just smiled, fished
in her purse for a cigarette, and lit it. Then she went back to watching
the tape.

About this point on the screen was when my wife was brought in to the room,
and Soo-ling leaned closer. "This your wife?" she asked, tapping the
screen. I nodded miserably. "She very pretty." Then we both resumed
watching. When the woman started whipping my wife's ass with a crop,
Soo-ling looked a bit startled, and glanced smilingly over at me. My cock
was now completely engorged, watching the scene play out, knowing what was
coming next.

Soon what she was seeing was visibly arousing Soo-ling. Her legs were
crossed but the top leg was bouncing nervously. "She getting fucked very
hard..." she murmured, and indeed my wife's asscheeks rippled with each
pounding thrust of the strap-on that her lesbian lover was pounding into
her. Her tits swayed deliciously and her face was mashed hard into the wet
pussy of the woman she was eating.

At times, I stole a glance over at Soo-ling. She had her legs spread
slightly now, and from where I was sitting I could not quite see what her
left hand was doing. Every once in awhile, I saw her short skirt move
slightly, and I suspected she was fingering herself. I decided that too
much had happened to worry about it, and began to stroke my own
cock. Soo-ling turned and watched me for a minute, her tongue sliding out
to moisten the dark line of her sexy mouth. Then she watched the screen
again, watching as one woman after another fucked my wife into total

Then the end of the tape arrived, and Soo-ling listened, wide-eyed, to the
instructions that Jill gave me, how I was to insert the dildo into my ass,
go into the bathroom, masturbate, and capture the moment with the digital
camera--e-mailing the photo to her the next day. Several times, Soo-ling
looked over at me playing with myself and giggled, and then the tape came
to an end.

Soo-ling got up and came over to where I sat, and without a word climbed on
top of me. She raised up her short skirt and I was rather shocked to
discover that she was not wearing any panties. Her wet slit--shaved clean
around the sides, but surmounted by a lovely tuft of jet-black pubic
hair--glistened wetly with the evidence of her arousal. I stared as she
positioned herself over my throbbing cock, then looked up at her helplessly
as she slowly sank all the way down. The feeling was almost indescribably

"Soo-ling, I-I'm married, I--"

Again the finger touched my lips. My protest seemed silly even to me. Much
more sensible was her remark.

"I am so horny right now. I have to be fucked. You fuck me good,
Mr. Bender. Fuck me hard. Then we talk."

So I did what I was told. So many things were strange about that moment
that I could not really take them all in. The feeling of the dildo in my
ass that was oddly arousing. Having Soo-ling more or less completely
clothed, while I was naked. Fucking a woman who was not my wife. And just
the whole weird circumstances that were now governing my life. But I must
admit that for a few minutes I put all of that aside and merely
concentrating on giving this Chinese temptress the best fucking that I
could. Several times she climaxed atop me before I finally felt my own
orgasm approaching. I warned her that I was cumming but she just kept
bouncing hard up and down until I emptied myself inside of her. I'm sure
the load was nowhere near the size of the one with which I decorated the
bathroom, but it was respectable nonetheless.

Still, I was not at all prepared when, after we had come to a rest, she
lifted off my still twitching cock, slid forward, and presented her very
messy cunt to my lips.

"You clean me now," was all she said, again in that tone that was not a
request. Hesitantly, for I had never done anything like this before, I
stuck my tongue out, but she merely grabbed hold of my hair, and planted
her sticky quim firmly against my mouth. I had no choice, but to suck for
all I was worth. Another surprise. I rather liked it.

"You really are a nasty boy, Mr. Bender. You like cum, I can tell." She
chuckled, while I panicked. What was she up to? "Tell you what, little cum
boy. You send that photo to Jill like she said. Then you wait in room
tomorrow morning. I call, tell you where to go, what to do. Meantime," and
she rolled off the bed, stood, and straightened her outfit, "you had better
get some rest. I think we have busy day tomorrow."

What on earth had I gotten myself into now?


The next morning, I tried to do what I was supposed to. Using my laptop, I
was able to e-mail my cumshot photo off to Jill--surprisingly, given what
else had happened, the thought that she would now have this embarrassing
photo of me didn't even bother me all that much--and then fretted about
what Soo-ling would do. Eventually, I realized I was ravenously hungry, and
decided to order room service, hoping that might bring Soo-ling back so we
could talk. But a different girl arrived with my bacon and eggs. I tried to
be casual as I asked about Soo-ling, only to discover that she had the day

Oh well, I thought. Might as well get my strength back, so I polished off
the delicious breakfast. Then the phone rang, startling me.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Good morning, little cum boy." Of course, it was Soo-ling's breathy
voice. "I hope you sleep well."

"Yes. Listen," I said, attempting to restore some authority to my voice,
"we should meet so we can talk."

"Oh, I do not think so. You will listen carefully, do what I say, then we
see each other later." So much for that gambit, I thought miserably.

"Go ahead."

"Go to store at this address," and I grabbed a pen and paper so I could jot
it down. "They have package ready for you, and instructions. Follow
them. Then we meet."

"But, what do I?"

"Little cum boy," she said sternly. I shut up. "Just do what I say. Do it,
you happy. Don't do it, you be very sorry. Bye now."

She hung up. Clearly, I had no choice, and part of me, I must admit, was
curious to see this thing through.

I went downstairs to the lobby and got a taxi. The driver looked at me a
little strangely when I gave him the address, but he just shrugged and off
we went. I sank into a miserable reverie, paying little attention to where
we were going. After awhile, though, I realized that the surroundings were
getting increasingly seedy, and I began to wonder where we were going. The
street we were on looked like a nightmare, with several drunks--or were
they drug addicts?--passed out on the sidewalks. Even though it was late
morning, there were prostitutes visible on some of the street
corners. Finally we pulled up to the curb.

"This is it," said the cabbie. I glanced at the store, and was not
surprised to find that it was a sex shop. "You want me to wait?" he asked,
with a mocking grin. Part of me thought that was a good idea, but I was
also ashamed, so I just shook my head no and paid him. He roared away,
leaving me at the curb.

"Hey, sugar, you looking for a nooner?" I turned and saw an attractive
hooker eyeing me. She was dressed in thigh-high black boots and a
miniskirt, and her tight black bra barely contained her large swaying

"Um, no, not today, thanks," I stammered, trying to get past her to the

But to my surprise, she didn't move as I approached her, merely dropped her
hand to cup tightly around my balls. "You sure, sugar? I got all kinds of
things to offer." I felt my stomach do a loop-the-loop. The voice was
unmistakably that of a man. Desperately, I pushed her away, and staggered
into the store, hearing her--his?--voice laughing as I went.

The bell on the door tinkled as I entered, and the counter girl looked
up. She looked like a walking hardware store. Her head was mostly shaved,
except for a rainbow strip of hair down the center, and she sported rings
all up and down her ears, in each eyebrow, in her right nostril, and her
navel. (That's all I could see, though I could imagine she had more. Her
arms and belly were covered in tattoos. "Can I help you?" she asked
cheerily. Did I mention the tongue stud?

"I'm Michael Bender," I answered. "You're supposed to have something for

She grinned. "Oh yeah. I been waitin' for you." I could feel myself getting
red, wondering what Soo-ling had said to her. She rummaged under the
counter, but instead of pulling up a package, she came up with a piece of
paper. "Here," said, and held out her hand. I reached out and she poured a
bunch of coins into my palm. "Booth 7. Feed these in. I'll run the movie."
I stood there dumbly, and she just smiled, so finally I turned and made my
way toward the video booths. The walls on either side were lined with
dildoes and sex toys of every size and shape (some I could not even
identify) and a few patrons were milling about, looking at X-rated
magazines. As I neared the booths, I could feel a rising cacophony of
noises, sexual moans and grunts coming out of the speakers. I found booth
7, entered and locked the door. It was pitch black and the floor was
slippery. Feeling around, I found a rough bench and the coin box on the
wall, and fed a token into the slot. After a second, the screen burst to

I just stared. The movie showed a man strapped to a table, his arms
stretched over the surface of the table, and his feet spread and shackled
to the floor. He was moaning, clearly from pleasure, as an Asian girl
wearing a strap-on fucked him slow and deep in his ass. I could see the
man's hard-on, fully erect. The girl--who was wearing shiny latex gloves,
was slowly pumping him as she fucked him. But they were not alone. In a
corner, a couple--a man and a woman--were watching the man getting fucked,
and they, too, were fucking, the woman sitting astride the man, with her
back to him, sliding slowly up and down on his large cock. Several other
men stood in the room, watching the man being reamed and slowly stroking
their own erections. Then I saw one of these men move closer, step up on a
little platform, and push his cock into the man's mouth. He did not resist
at all, but seemed to welcome it. I looked closer at the man being fucked,
and suddenly found myself wondering what it would be like being him. In a
flash, I had the sudden realization that this is what Soo-ling wanted me to
think about. I felt my own cock hardening, and realized that there was
nothing to prevent me from beating off. I unzipped, and felt my cock bounce
out into my hand. I was mesmerized by the action on the screen.

Suddenly I became aware of a hissing sound. I looked down, and was shocked
to find a small hole gouged into the booth under the screen. I saw movement
and light there.

"Hey, you suck me off?" a voice hissed. What the fuck? I thought in a
panic, hurriedly zipping up. I snapped the lock open, pushed past a man
standing there, and headed back up the aisle, blinking at the bright
light. Only after I got up there did I realize I had left the tokens on the
bench. No matter. I felt like I had to get out of there.

The counter girl smirked at me. "Did you enjoy the movie?" she asked, with
a leer.

"Yeah. Is there anything else for me?"

"Uh-huh." She handed me a large package, and a piece of paper. "MasterCard
or Visa?"

"Excuse me?"

"The lady said you'd be paying."

Again, a moment of panic, as I realized Melissa, my wife, might see the odd
charges on my bill. But other people in the store were already glancing in
my direction. "Visa," I blurted, and dug it out of my wallet.

She rang it up and handed me the slip to sign. I gasped. The charge came to
$215. I signed the slip and handed it back, then looked at the paper.

"She said to go there."

It took me twenty minutes to get a cab, during which time I had to fend off
three solicitations. One of them might even have been from a woman. But by
12:35 I was pulling up outside a modern-looking bungalow that stood off a
way from its neighbors. Clutching my bag, I went up to the front door and
rang the bell. It only took a moment for Soo-ling to answer. She looked
very different from the last time I'd seen her. She was wearing dominatrix
gear from head to boot--a tight leather collar, studded with short silver
spikes, a tight black leather bodice, through which her nipples poked
invitingly, a matching black leather g-string, and thigh-high black leather

"Good afternoon, little cum boy," she said. "We've been expecting you." I
glanced past her and saw she was not alone. There was a naked couple in the
room with her--a blonde and a burly, Italian-looking man--as well as two
other men, each wearing long black pants. One was an enormous, muscular
black man, and the other looked like a muscle-bound Swede; he had long,
flowing blond hair. Before I could react or say anything, Soo-ling was
dragging me inside, at the same time telling me, "We're going to make a
movie of our own today, to send back to your wife and her new friends. I'll
bet they'll be surprised at what you've been up to."

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