Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 2

This is a continuation of a story involving a businessman (Michael) away
from home (and his mischievous wife) for an 8-month business assignment...

The morning after Melissa's tape arrived was rough. Several times during
the night, I had awakened, my cock throbbing with urgency. Each time, I
replayed the tape, with the same results. When the hotel wakeup call came,
I found myself twisted in my sheets, my chest hair matted with my own dried
cum. I was a mess. Yet--like an addicted man--I found myself playing the
tape yet again to start the day, and again the image of my wife being
fucked with a dildo by her

longtime lover Jill (as I now knew her to be) soon had my cock erupting
once more. At this rate, I was going to be cumming blood and brain cells
before long. Wearily I dragged myself into the shower, and tried to steel
myself to face the day.

But it was impossible to concentrate. Whenever an idle moment arrived, I
found my mind straying to the erotic image of my wife splayed lewdly on our
living room couch, responding eagerly to the commands of her lesbian lover,
and I felt my cock beginning to twitch. By late morning, I found myself
dialing Melissa, eager to hear her voice and to discuss this newfound side
of her.

To my disappointment, however, she would have none of that. She answered
cheerily enough, but when I asked her about the tape, she said breezily,
"Oh, did you get it?"

"Did I get it? Honey," and even though my door was shut I found myself
lowering my voice, "I spent all night long jerking myself off. I'm actually

"Oh, you poor darling," Melissa said teasingly. "It's too bad I'm not there
to kiss your poor cock and make it all better."

"B-but," I spluttered, "I couldn't believe what you did. And with Jill. How
long have you...?"

"Uh, uh, uhhh," Melissa cooed, in that sexy, sultry tone that she knows
drives me crazy. "We mustn't ask naughty questions. Bad boys won't get any



"I mean it." I could tell she wasn't kidding. I couldn't risk probing
anymore, even to ask when the next tape would arrive. Or if there would be
another one.


Somehow I made it through the week to Friday. Wednesday morning I got a
brief e- mail from Melissa telling me that I had better rest up, and using
all my will power I managed to go three whole days without looking at the
tape again. When I got to the hotel on Friday, the desk clerk handed me
another package. Trembling a bit, I accepted it, and saw that it was from
Melissa. I made a beeline for the

bar, and downed two scotches to steady myself. I'd had a late lunch that
day, so I felt I could skip dinner, and with the booze starting to burn
nicely in my veins, I headed for the elevator. Just as the door was
closing, a slender hand, wormed its way between the panels, and in stepped
Soo-ling, the attractive Asian room service girl. In my aroused state, I
couldn't help staring admiringly at her work outfit, the tight-fitting
white blouse around her small but shapely tits, the very short black skirt
that seemed to invite one to ogle her long, delicious legs, perched on
stylish black heels. If I were the type to stray, I thought to myself...

"Not having dinner tonight?" Soo-ling asked, in her seductive voice. The
merest tinge of Chinese accent that remained made her seem that much more
exotic, and desireable.

"Um, no," I said, a bit awkwardly, because I could feel my naughty cock
beginning to stir a bit in my trousers.

"A package from home?" she asked, nodding toward the item I carried. This
elevator was taking forever to ascend, I thought to myself. I nodded.

"Your wife send you tapes, hmm? I saw the other one in your room when I
pick up tray last week." My eyes widened, and I could feel myself
blushing. "That nice that she try to keep you busy while you away." I tried
to think of a suitable reply but nothing occurred to me. Had she looked at
the tape? I thought with a panic. I tried to read her expression, but
there's a reason why the Chinese are called "inscrutable." Suddenly the
door opened, and with a little wave she got off. "Hope you enjoy your
movie, Mr. Bender."

I was shaken, and now could not wait to get to the safety of my room. I'd
have to be more careful from now on. I kept acting like I was anonymous but
I was going to be here for a long time. People were starting to get to know
me and I could not afford to mess up.

I set things up like before, shutting the curtains, dimming the lights, and

stripping off my clothes. At least my cock was fully ready, I thought with
a grin. It stiffened good and hard, and I could even feel a bit of pre-cum
oozing at the tip. I ripped open the package. There was a tape inside, as
expected, but also three other packages, each numbered, along with a note.
"Open Package #1," the note said, "and put on what's inside. It will be
worth it." The message was signed "Jill." I opened the package. Inside was
a cock ring, along with instructions about how to place it at the base of
my hard-on. I did as it said, and felt my cock get even harder than before.
Then I popped the tape in.

I must admit that I was a bit confused at first. The image that came
onscreen was of a party, already well in progress. I squinted at the TV,
trying to make sense of it, and after awhile I came to a few
conclusions. All the people at the party (there seemed to be about twelve
or so) were women, and I didn't seem to know any of them. I also did not
recognize where the party was taking place. The camera stayed in one
position, indicating that it was probably on a tripod, and every one in the
room seemed to ignore it. They were all drinking, chatting, laughing, but I
just could not see the point. After anticipating this for so long it seemed
a huge disappointment.

Then a tall, slender blonde woman walked into the room, and I recognized
Jill. She walked to the center of the room, clapped her hands for silence,
and began to speak. She immediately had everyone's attention, including

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. As you know, this meeting
of our group is a bit unusual, first because we are filming it," and she
paused to nod at the camera, "but also because today we are welcoming a new
member into our midst, for the first time in much too long." She paused and
everyone applauded boisterously. There were even a few playful hoots. I
could not imagine what was happening. Jill continued, "The tape, as I told
you before, is being made for the husband of our new initiate." She glared
directly at the camera as she said the next words. "He's a nasty little
jerk-off boy, who gets off on seeing his

slutty wife do slutty things." I felt my cheeks burning in shame, but I
could not but admit the truth as my cock danced between my thighs. "Today,
we're going to give him something very special, something that I think
neither he nor his darling wife Melissa really expects. You see," she said,
turning dramatically around the room to speak to her assembled audience,
"Melissa has turned out to be even more of a pussy slut than even I
imagined. You'll soon see what I mean. She will do anything and everything
she can just to get the taste of more pussy. We're going to have some
naughty fun today! So without further ado, let me bring out our new little
slave slut, and let the games begin!"

This was greeted with a lusty cheer, and I began to wonder just what they
were going to do to my wife. I did not have long to wait. Jill disappeared
behind a closed door and after a few seconds, re-emerged, tugging on a
silver chain. The other end of the chain was attached to a leather collar,
strapped tightly around the lovely naked neck of my otherwise naked
wife. She was also wearing a black blindfold. Jill led her to the middle
of the room, then jerked on the chain so she would stop.

"This is my little pussy slut, Melissa. She is here for your pleasure,"
announced Jill. "She will do any and everything that is requested of
her. If she will not do it willingly, she will be forced to do it." She
emphasized that word "forced" and I saw Melissa stiffen. I admired how
brave she was though, standing upright and proud in a room full of
strangers. Jill told her to turn around "so that everyone can see why your
posture is so perfect." When my wife turned slowly, I could see the base of
a plug inserted into her ass. I could only guess at how deeply that probe
must reach.

Without warning, one of the women--a strapping, Nordic-looking blonde
dressed in tight leather pants and a matching bustier--stepped forward. She
carried in her right hand a leather crop, like a riding crop, but with a
flat rubber pad at the end. She swung it viciously and it caught Melissa
directly on her right buttock. The sharp smack echoed in the room and my
wife cried out, her knees buckling. Jill jerked her back upright, no doubt
aided by the large plug in Melissa's behind. Again the crop lashed out,
this time smacking her on the other cheek. Jill took hold of Melissa's
shoulders and spun her about, before she'd even recovered, and now the evil
woman went to work on her tender nipples, not lashing them hard, as she had
with her ass, but flicking them with short, stinging slaps. She must have
been feeling pain, but I could still see how hard her nipples were.

I became aware of a painful sensation now in my own crotch, and I glanced

at my cock. It was throbbing and purple, and I felt an overwhelming desire
to cum, yet I knew that the cock ring made ejaculation impossible. Juice
seeped from the tender tip of my cock and I reached down with my thumb to
smear some around the head. It had never felt so sensitive, and the
sensations made me groan with pleasure.

All this made me miss a few seconds of the tape, and when I glanced back
up, things had changed a bit. Melissa was now on her knees, and an
attractive black woman, naked from the waist down, had hold of her leash,
pulling her mouth up tight against her wet pussy. Melissa was lapping away
at the woman's slit like a dog that hadn't drunk in a month, and the woman
was clearly enjoying her oral

attentions. Behind Melissa, what I could see and she could not was that a

curious preparation was underway. Jill, who stood directly behind my wife,
and four other women who were behind her were all stripping off their
clothes. I must admit that the sight of all these gorgeous women stripping
down had me practically whimpering with lust. I stroked my poor pulsing
cock, trying to coax the cum past the barrier at its base, but, though my
motions felt wonderful, I could not manage to cum. I wondered how long I
could stand this exquisite torture, but something made me believe that it
was important to keep the ring in place. Once naked, the woman began
stepping into rather elaborate strap-on harnesses, of varying sizes but all
quite large. It was clear that they were going to gang-fuck my wife.

Jill was first. She sank to her knees and maneuvered herself between

thighs. She began to sense a presence, and started to lift her head, but
the black woman roughly snatched her face back into position. With few

preliminaries, Jill pushed the bulbous head of her strap-on between
Melissa's pussy lips, and shoved. A long throaty groan came from my wife as
the shaft sank relentlessly into her hole, and Jill smiled wickedly as her
thighs pushed up against the cheeks of my wife's behind. Then she pulled
back slowly and began to really fuck her hard, slamming the dildo in in a
steady slapping rhythm. Soon Jill was coated in sweat and so was Melissa as
her body was taken mercilessly. But she began to pant and gasp as well and
I noted the familiar signs that she was nearing orgasm. One of the woman
standing nearby knelt and reached in under her, frigging her clit. That
burst the dam, and Melissa came, screaming for more.

More was available. As soon as Jill broke away to lie in an exhausted heap
next to Melissa, the next girl took her place. It's hard to say how many
times Melissa came over the next 45 minutes during which the serial rape
took place. By the end she could no longer stay up on her knees, so they
flipped her onto her back. The fucking of her pussy continued while a
seemingly endless stream of

women came over to squat on Melissa's mouth, some of them smothering her

cruelly, others giving her enough room to get them off with her tongue.

Then it was over, and the women allowed Melissa to lie on the floor, trying
to catch her breath. The camera suddenly jiggled, then started to move
closer to her sweating, writhing form. Jill must have removed it from the
tripod and handed it to one of the others, because now she came around and
knelt down next to Melissa. She leaned over and bit her right nipple, hard
enough to make Melissa yelp.

"Who do you belong to, my little pussy slut?" Jill asked.

"To you, Mistress," Melissa replied, without hesitation.

"Only to me?"

"Yes, Mistress." My heart sank at the words. What was this woman doing to
my wife?

Jill looked up and grinned at the camera.

"I hope you're enjoying all this as much as me, Michael," Jill said, "but I
doubt it. I just know you're going to want to see what happens next. But
you have to do something for me first. Open the other packages you were

I opened them as I heard Jill's voice continue. "In the second package,
you'll find a large dildo and some lubricant. Get it ready and I want you
to stick it all the way into your tight asshole. Then you'll get just a
sense of what your darling wife is feeling right now." She reached down and
pulled the buttplug out of Melissa's ass. It released with an audible plop,
and Jill moved it up and pressed it into my wife's mouth. She accepted it
without complaint, and Jill shoved it all the way into her mouth.

"Now, dear Michael, pay attention, or you won't get any more tapes and
you'll just have to wonder what I am doing to your poor defenseless wife
while you've abandoned her. In the third package you will find a digital
camera. Once you have the dildo in place in your ass, I want you to go into
the bathroom. I assume you have a mirror there. You may then remove the
cock ring--I do hope you still have it on--and jerk off for me. At the
moment of climax I want you to take your picture in the mirror. Then you
will e-mail me that image--at If I get it by
tomorrow at 12:30 our time, then we'll send the next installment.
Otherwise�" She left the thought hanging in the air, but reached down
and brutally twisted Melissa's nipple. Even with her mouth full of the
buttplug, the action elicited a scream. Then the screen went blank.

I looked down at the items before me, and I knew what I had to do. Before
long, I was standing before the mirror, the dildo painfully inserted in my
ass, and I was tenderly removing the cock ring. It wasn't easy with my cock
bobbing the way it was.

As soon as the ring was off, I could feel my orgasm beginning to bubble up
my shaft. Hurriedly I readied the camera, adjusting the frame so that my
face (partially hidden by the camera) was visible along with my cock, which
I was now vigorously working with my fist.

Then the most incredible orgasm swept over me, and the cum shot out of my
cock in a great arcing ribbon, just as I snapped the camera. My knees
buckled, as spurt after spurt cascaded into the sink. Then, disaster
struck. I heard a slight rustle behind me.

"I seem to have missed some activity, Mr. Bender. But I am happy to be here
for main event. I would be pleased to see again."

It was Soo-ling.

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