Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 1

I should have been ecstatic about the promotion. For someone of my relative
youth and experience, being put in charge of a subsidiary unit of the
corporation represented a tremendous opportunity to boost my career. But it
came with a price: I was going to have to work onsite at the plant for 8
months. That meant 8 months of enforced separation from Melissa, my wife of
two years (and two months).

When I told her, she reacted about the way I had--happy about the extra
money and the important position, of course, but sad about our being apart
for so long. You see, our marriage went way beyond just happy; we felt we
were soul mates. The closeness we felt translated itself into great--often
mind-blowing--sex, the best sex either of us had ever experienced. Melissa
seemed open to trying anything and everything when it came to sex. At
times, I must admit, I wondered where and how she had developed such an
erotic appetite, but the pleasures we gave to each other made such thoughts
seem silly. To put it mildly, my gorgeous wife was a sexual minx, and I
could not believe my good fortune to have married her.

Once, not long before the promotion, I remember lying in bed after a
particularly energetic bout of lovemaking. Our sweat-soaked bodies were
intertwined, and every once in awhile I would lean down to kiss her
mouth. Often, these post-act moments would lead to a second round, but on
this day we were both pretty wiped. We were just enjoying the feeling of
holding each other. Suddenly, Melissa whispered to me, "Have you ever
wondered what it would be like to have sex with another man?"

I was a bit taken aback, and I could feel my cheeks flush red. I hesitated,
and then I felt Melissa's fingers playfully squeezing my balls. "Tell me
the truth, honey," and she bit down on the tender part of my earlobe. I
groaned in response. "Yeah, I've thought about it. When I was a kid the
idea used to really gross me out," I said, "but I've gotten to the point
where I guess I am sort of curious. But I don't think I would ever act on
that," I added hastily. She didn't say anything and an awkward silence
filled the room.

"What about you?" I countered. "Ever thought of making it with a woman?"

"Oh, I've done a lot more than just think about it, lover," she said, with
that playful, sexy smirk of hers. She still had her fingers cupped around
my balls, and I could feel my cock lurch in response to her words.

"R-really?" I stammered. "When?"

"Lots of times, baby," she cooed, and I felt her move her hand up slowly
and wrap around my shaft. I was starting to get hard. "Jill and I were
lovers all through college, darling, but she was nowhere near my
first. That honor would go to my Aunt Deirdre."

I gasped in shock and arousal. Her friend Jill had been our maid of honor,
while her Aunt Deirdre, despite being in her fifties, still turned quite a
few heads, including mine. Suddenly I recalled that Jill and Melissa had
shared a room at the hotel the night before our wedding. I started to ask
her if they...but I could see that mocking, wanton look in her eyes. Before
I could register what was happening, she threw her leg over the top of me
and sank down on my now rock-hard cock. Leaning close to me, she said, "I'm
surprised you didn't taste her pussy on my lips at the church, Michael."
She laughed at my shocked expression, and then kissed me, and I have to
admit that seldom have I felt as aroused as I was at that moment. I didn't
last long, but I certainly felt like I fucked my lovely wife as deeply as I
ever had that night.

Which is why, perhaps, we were both so disappointed about having to spend
so long apart. We'd just bought our dream house, though, and the
assignment was temporary. It made no sense for us both to relocate. So
just three weeks after that memorable night of sharing, my wife was driving
me to the airport to catch the red-eye to Los Angeles. Even then, we
couldn't keep our hands off each other. After we pulled into the short-term
spot, my dark- haired vixen looked at me with that wicked smile of hers,
and crawled down between my legs. "I promise I won't spill a drop, baby,"
she purred as she unzipped me and began to deepthroat my shaft. I tried to
look nonchalant as a pair of stewardesses wandered by, but I think my
shit-eating grin may have given me away.


The next two weeks sped by in a blur. The subsidiary, unfortunately, was in
a terrible state, and I worked long hours trying to sort through personnel
files, payroll, accounts receivable and all the rest. I called Melissa as
much as I could, but the phone was a poor substitute for seeing her. Then,
on the second Friday of being away, I got back to my hotel room (I hadn't
had time to find an apartment yet) to find a package from her. Opening it,
I found a videotape inside. No note, just the tape.

Curious as all get-out, I almost put it on immediately, but deciding to
prolong the event. I ordered room service, and fixed myself a drink. While
I waited for the food, I enjoyed the view out my window at the twinkling
lights of L.A. After a few minutes there was a soft knock on the door. It
was Soo-ling, the pretty Asian girl who often brought me dinner. There had
been a few nights when I had masturbated with her as the main entree, but I
had not been tempted to stray from my lovely wife for real. I could stand 8

I gave her a nice tip, and she left me alone with my scallops. I popped the
video into the player and sat down to eat.

"Hi, honey," Melissa's voice cooed out of the screen, and my heart leaped a
bit at the sight of her. God, she was sexy. "I've missed you." Me too,
baby, I thought. "I keep thinking about when I saw you you
remember?" Do I remember? Was she kidding? My cock was twitching in my
pants just thinking about it. "I sucked on your cock,
this..." and then she brought a very realistic-looking plastic dildo into
view, and began sucking on it, just like it was my cock. "Mmm, baby....does
this make you hard to watch me doing this?" Uh huh, I answered silently. I
reached down and undid my pants, and my cock bounced up in relief. "I'm so
horny without you here, baby. I hope you don't mind me telling you that."
Mind? Why should I mind? "I just felt like I HAD to get some relief. You
understand, don't you baby?" I was beginning to wonder where she was going
with this. The camera view widened and pulled back. Suddenly I began to
feel a little uncertain. Our camera would only do that if someone else were
working the controls. Melissa was not alone.

She was sitting on our couch, and the coffee table had been pulled away
(presumably to accommodate the camera). She was still sucking on the
plastic cock, seemingly oblivious to all else. She was dressed incredibly
sexily, in a white halter-top and matching white short skirt, with long
black heels. I stared at her nipples, which already looked hard. They were
poking out through the thin material of the halter.

"God, your nipples look so sexy, Melissa. Why don't you take off your top
and show me those gorgeous tits?" It was a woman's voice, vaguely familiar,
and I could feel my cock stand up fully erect. This was too hot. I jumped
up and hit pause, then glanced around nervously. I knew what I had to do. I
pulled the blind shut (I was up high, but there were buildings across the
street), then hastily stripped out of my business clothes. My cock stood
up, angry and red, and I gave it a few courtesy strokes before pulling down
the covers and arranging the pillows on the bed.

Then I hit play. Melissa, responding to the invitation, smiled at the
cameraperson, put down the dildo, and reached behind her. Slowly,
teasingly, she undid the halter, held it for an instant, then let it
drop. Her perfect tits sprang free. They are not large, but they are
perfectly shaped and her nipples are just made for sucking. "Mmmm," said
the cameraperson appreciatively. "Now wet your fingers, lover, and work
those nipples." She'd said "lover" I realized, with a shudder, and suddenly
I knew that it was Jill, sexy, slutty Jill, protagonist of dozens of
adventurous tales that Melissa had shared with me. Melissa wet her fingers
and began pulling and rolling her nipples. "Mmmm, that's it Melissa. After
we're done making this naughty jerkoff tape for your hubby, I'll show you
what delicious things I can do to those puppies with my tongue." I felt my
cheeks redden as I realized I was doing exactly what they knew I would do,
jerking off to the lascivious scene. "Now the skirt comes off, my dear."
Melissa laughed and stood up, undoing the wraparound. It didn't shock me
that she was naked underneath. She often went without panties. Her pussy
was bare and dripping.

"God, Melissa, you are dripping wet! I can't wait to get my tongue into
that!" said Jill with a chuckle. I still had not seen her, only heard her
mischievous voice. "What do you think, Michael? Don't you wish you were
home? I keep wondering if you can make Melissa scream when she cums, the
way I can." And then she laughed evilly. Melissa, meanwhile, had settled
back on the couch, and was vigorously fucking herself with the dildo. She
wasn't acting, now. She was fully aroused and quite close to cumming. Jill
moved in close with the camera, putting it right up near her pussy. I could
hear the delicious squishing noises as the dildo pushed in and out of her,
and then--a delicious shudder passed through me--as I saw Jill's hand snake
into view and take hold of the dildo, fucking my wife hard in and out.

"Oh god, Michael!" I heard Melissa cry out. "I love you, baby! I'm
cumming!!! Oh god, yes! Make me cum!" And then she screamed in ecstasy, and
I saw her juices actually spurting out around the sides of the large

Then the camera panned up to her face, her eyes half-closed, her mouth
panting. "That was wonderful, baby. Hope it was good for you." The screen
went blank, and I looked down at myself. I was coated in my own cum, from
my throat to my belly. When would the next tape arrive?

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