Friday, April 10, 2009


This story is entirely true (subjective, only in that it is from my
point of view.) All rights, except those specifically granted to Nifty
Archives, are reserved and retained by the author. Comments and
constructive criticism are welcome. Please email me.

New York. I'm stoked. It's finally here. He comes in later today and
she arrives tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to seeing them both
again, but I am also a bit disappointed. I am not jealous. Not in the
least bit. But, if I had been offered a gift of fucking my best friend's
girlfriend, I know that I would not have allowed myself to think that I
had fallen in love with her. Of the two billion or so people in the
world, she would have been the one person who would have been off limits
for me to make "my one and only", even if my love-starved heart screamed
out otherwise. But, it seems that not everyone thinks like I do. I
guess I should have known. After all, I knew all along that they were
two single people who were, at times, very lonely and ready for love and
ready to fall in love. And I knew all along that they would find each
other to be kindred spirits and would love one another. But I didn't
know that it would be the kind of LOVE that might potentially lead to
cutting me out of the sexual picture all together.

Anyway, this will all be OK. I will just breathe deeply and be cool. I
know that they will be fucking a lot when I am at work. I don't really
care. Like I said, I am not jealous. My room should be fine. But the
double beds are not nearly big enough for two. And if we all get into
one bed together (as we had done some months earlier) it will be really
crowded. I wonder if they will use the toys while I am at work. We
shall see. We shall see.

The first night was all right. They wanted to sleep together. After
all, she said, she had slept with me during our recent two-week stay in
France. And fucked me too. And god, had she fucked me. Ahh, but maybe
they were "mercy" fucks. Maybe they were "I'm sorry for betraying you"
fucks. Maybe they were "remember these fucks, because there's a goodbye
in there somewhere" fucks. After all, they were now betrothed, more or
less. I call him the Ten Day Wonder. (Not to his face, mind you, as that
would be unnecessarily hurtful.) After only ten days of fucking, of
knowing my lover, after only ten whole days of being with her in St.
Martin (as my guest) and visiting with her in her home in England (with
my blessing), after only ten whole days, he decides that he is in love
and wants to marry her. And she accepts. I don't get it. But then, I
guess I do. I am longtime married, and I really don't intend on getting
unmarried if I can help it. And she is an unmarried woman, divorced for
several years from an older, domineering wreck of a man. At some point I
always knew that she would need more than what my married, long distance
ass could possibly offer. She would need a flesh and blood man to
snuggle up next to when the moment called for it. And when that time
came, I always was and still am prepared to graciously bow out. But I
can't help but feel a little bit put off by the fact that my best friend
in life, could not accept this gift of sharing this amazing little slut
with me without succumbing to the temptation of asking that one question
that would, in most likelihood, ultimately lead toward taking her away
from me. She has been my lover for two years now, my slut, my whore, my
mistress. And I treat her like royalty. She says she has never been
treated better. And she hasn't. Oh well. I guess a hard dick really
does know no conscience. I guess he just couldn't help himself, even
though he knew in his heart of hearts just how much she means to me.

They were tired from their respective trips. It is late. They are
sleeping in his bed. I am the odd man out this time. Isn't it funny how
relationships twist and turn? In the middle of the night, something
arouses me. I awaken to the muted sounds of whispering. It is so late.
I think I hear movements. I strain my eyes to see. I think she is on
top of him. Fucking him ever so slowly. Yes, I can tell. They are
fucking. I cannot help but to reach for my cock. And even though I had
beat off earlier in the night, while they slept, my cock is raging again.
Dare I let them know that I know? Dare I join in? Why not? She has
told me of conversations with him, conversations where they have talked
about fantasies. Hers...watching us, together. Sucking each other.
Sixty-nine. His... watching her suck my cock. Watching me cum in her
mouth. Joining in. Yes, that was what she said he had told her.
Joining in. He has never sucked a cock before. Never in earnest. Yet,
he wants to suck mine. With her. Funny how he has shied away from
sucking cock all of these years. And now that she is in the picture, he
allows himself to verbalize his fantasy. Maybe with her added to the
mix, it doesn't make it so gay in his mind. Damned ex-alter boys, singed
by the rosaries of guilt.

I get up and go to the bathroom. Naked. Dick hard. I leave the
bathroom light on as I walk back into the room. The soft glow of the
bathroom light bathes the room. They are fucking nicely, just like in St.
Martin. I walk over to them. I rub her back as I stand next to the
bed. My cock is right next to her head, at eye level. She cranes her
neck towards me. She smiles and sucks my cock into her mouth as she
continues to fuck him vigorously.

The next night when I return after work, I find them asleep in bed. They
have been catching up on their sleep, and I suspect that they have also
been fucking a lot. It is late, and I take off my clothes, wash myself
and get into my bed. She is awake now, and she gets up and comes over to
me and starts to hug and kiss me. I love her kisses. She enjoys wet and
deep ones, but her kisses are never sloppy. She is a good kisser and she
has the most adorable bottom lip. Full and tasty. She slides her mouth
down my body and begins to suck on my hardened cock. I am enjoying this
moment immensely and he is watching intently as I am getting my cock
sucked. The moment is electric and she is intent on her task. I am
getting high off the attention and I am thoroughly enjoying the
cocksucking. But I need something else at the moment. I need to be
fucked. I need her to fuck me. I want to try her new toy, the one that
she bought for him. We have used our harness before, but our silicone
cock was always just a tad small. About 5 inches. He had noticed when he
was in England with her (yes, they had played with our strap-on, which
surprised the hell out of me) that it would be better with a slightly
larger cock. And so I suggested that she get a larger one. She went to
the sex shoppe and purchased a nice seven incher, just about the same
size as his cock. And now I wanted to try it. I craved having my ass
filled. I craved having her fuck my ass. She loves fucking me. Says it
is a heady feeling of power that she had never experienced until we
started using our little strap-on. And for me, never having been fucked
by a flesh and blood cock, well, this was about as close to getting
fucked as I imagined I would ever get. And I enjoyed it. Letting go.
Surrendering to this cute little cunt of an angel slutgirl. I loved for
her to fuck me deeply and beat me off at the same time. And she loved
doing it. So, she straps on her harness. All along stroking her black
seven-inch dildo, just like a swaggering cocksman would stroke his
burgeoning weapon just before the invited onslaught. She lubes my
asshole. Inches fingers in. And next she presses in a small dildo that
we have used before to stretch out each other's assholes prior to fucking
one another. All the time she is slowly stroking my cock. And
intermittently sucking on and bathing my cockhead with the tip of her
tongue and her heavenly lips. Finally she plops out the little plug and
touches the tip of her strapped-on cock to the opening of my asshole.
She presses in. There is no pain. My greased asshole slowly opens and
gives way as her cock inches inward. She remarks how wonderful my
asshole is and inquires about my feelings. I tell her that I am just
fine. I feel good. He watches intently as she guides her cock deeper
into my asshole. I am aware that this is all new. Never have I thought
that I would be getting fucked and he would be watching. Smiling. But I
know that the moment is now, and I really don't care what anyone thinks.
He has been my friend and an object of desire for decades and even though
he has been as sometimesy as a wishy-washy semi-virginal whore over the
years, I am enjoying the fact that he is watching and taking it all in.
She remarks that my asshole is so amazing, for I have taken all that she
has to offer. She is "balls" deep and pressing her hips against my
spread asscheeks. She knows that I do not want to be pummeled in and
out, but rather just filled up to the brim and stretched wide open by her
magicock. She stays deep inside me and begins to slowly beat my meat.
Long, deliberate strokes. And I am feeling absolutely no pain. I look
over and see him smiling at me. His cock is hard and glistening. I am
rapidly descending into that nether state of semi-consciousness. That
state where you are no longer in the here and now. That state where you
are slowly being fucked into self-imposed oblivion. I am losing it. I
look him dead in the mouth and tell him to get his ass over here. He
looks at me quizzically. I repeat. "Get your ass over here. I want you
to fuck my mouth." He smiles that sheepish little smile of his. And he
climbs onto my bed. I tell him to sit on my chest. He does so and I am
reminded of when I was a little kid, wrestling, and being pinned by a
worthy opponent who sat on my chest and pinned my arms with his legs.
Except that he is naked and his wonderful little puckered asshole is
pressed full against the center of my chest. I fixate on that thought
for a moment as I watch his gorgeous cock looming directly in front of my
face. He props a pillow under my head and leans forward. My eagerly
awaiting mouth accepts the spongy soft hardness of the tip of his silken
cock. I feel his engorged shaft as it glides past my lips. I want to
make my mouth a cunt for his majestic cock. I want him to feel my
gratefulness in every bob of my head and every swirl of my tongue. I
feel his cock, as it grows even bigger than when it entered my awaiting
mouth. And I feel the pistoning of the inner shaft moving against the
outer skin, like separate parts of a perfect machine. And in that
instance, I know what it is like to be fucked by him. And it is
wonderful. My mouth is full of his jutting cock and my ass is stretched
full by my lover's dildo as she continues to beat me off unmercifully.
And I feel the cum being siphoned out of my body, against my will. No, I
want this to last. But I am being vacuumed of my cum. And reality is
being altered by the fact that all of my holes are filled by lovers who
love me and want me to cum better and more ferociously than I have ever
cum before. And as the cum seeps out of my body, I know that I have
reached a place that I have never been before, a timeless place of
lightness and a unimaginable grace.

Of course, now that I have shot my wad, as always, I am rapidly coming
down and all I want to do is crash. I want him off me. I want him out
of my mouth. I want her and her little joytoy out of my asshole and my
poor little cock has already retreated to a cum-soaked, worn out,
dwindled state of repose. I push upward with my shoulders and he knows to
lift up off of me. And as he removes his cock from my mouth and pulls
his suctioned asshole from the middle of my chest, all I can do is cover
my face with my hands and say over and over again, "I am such a fucking
whore. I am such a slut." And as I take my hands from my eyes, I look
into both of their eyes. And they are both smiling... at me. And I know
that at this moment, and in this place, I am safe and loved and that I
love them both as deeply and as completely as I have loved anything or
anyone in my entire lifetime.

Later, when I have regained my wits and my breath, I vow to myself that
should this little scenario ever repeat itself, I will be more in control
of my own cum. And I will try my hardest to hold on until we have
explored more deeply our path of forbidden pleasure. Perhaps they shall
switch places and I shall have his wondercock for the first time sunk
snugly within the sheath and sanctuary of my asshole as she grinds her
marvelous little cunt and arsehole into my willing face. Or perhaps she
will lovingly suck my cock and at the same time manipulate a nice little
dildo in and out of my pliant asshole as she has done so many times
before. Only this time, he will be simultaneously fucking my face with
his formidable cock. And this time I will refuse to cum, refuse to cum
until I have tasted the essence of his sweet, powerful jism as it shoots
out of his magnificent cock and pours into my hungry mouth and down my
cum-starved throat.

That is my hope and that is my myself anyway.

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