Monday, April 20, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag - Chapter 2

In my dreams, a phone was ringing in the distance while I was
wrapped in the arms of a very handsome man. I couldn't get loose, and then
I woke up realizing there really was a phone ringing, my cell-phone to be
exact, and it was Drew's ring, so I knew he was calling. Disoriented and
naked, I reached toward the sound of the phone and pulled it out of my
pants pocket. Then, just before I answered, I realized where I was. I had
rolled off of Matt in my sleep, but there he was beside me, this man that I
had just experienced my first sexual encounter with. Damn, he's cute when
he's sleeping. He was just beginning to stir, and rolled over on his
stomach as I answered.

"Oh, unh, oh baby, keep doing that, oh unh!" I laughed into the

"Eww, eww, eww!" Drew responded.

"Just kidding, Drew. Hey, what's up."

"Did I, um, 'interrupt' something?" he laughed.

"No, we were just sleeping. But you missed a good fuck. I never
realized how fabulous that would be. What time is it, I was gonna call you

"It's almost 9. I was starting to get worried. You said you'd
call before feeding the horses for the night . . ."

"Damn," I whispered, not wanting to wake Matt, "It's late! We must
have been asleep for a while."

"Or you took longer than you thought you would. So, it was good,
eh?" Drew laughed.

"Yeah," I sighed, then I realized I was rather sticky. "Eww!" I
unconsciously uttered into the phone.

"What's wrong?" Drew asked.

"I'm, um, kinda sticky. Eww!"

"Sex ain't always pretty, it's actually quite a mess."

"Oh yeah, I remember Jess telling me that, and she's right, it's
not quite like the movies and stories, but still doesn't mean it ain't half
bad," I laughed. "By the way, I'm looking at a mighty fine piece of ass
here, want some?"

"Ah if only. Remember my Matt? Man does he have a mighty fine ass.
Your's probably ain't half as good," Drew coyly responded.

"Phhbbt!" I shot back. "Don't cut what you ain't here to see for

"Ooh, take a picture with your camera phone then," he laughed back.

"Um, no. I don't want this relationship to end right where it

"Ok, ok. Well, would you like some tips on ass from someone who's
an expert at it?" Drew asked.

"An expert at ass, or an expert at being an ass?" I joked. "Just
kidding, yeah, sure, what can I do here that I actually have the equipment
to do it with?"

Then Drew began to explain to me how to rim. "First, run your
finger down his back, gently, lightly, right down the middle, down the
backbone. Be especially light in the small of his back as you get to the
top of his ass-cheeks. Follow it with your tongue."

Doing as Drew directed, I heard gentle moans coming from Matt's
face, and he twitched lightly. "I bet he's thinking he's dreaming this," I
told Drew.

"If he doesn't wake up before all is said and done, it's gonna be a
wet dream." Drew chuckled. "Ok, now, reach over and squeeze his cheeks in
your hands, molding them like clay." Matt wiggled a little, pushing up
into my hands, groaning a bit more. I couldn't help but chuckle. Drew
mumbled, "Damn, I can hear him. If I'm not careful, I'm gonna get off on
this before you hang up. Ok, let me tell you what else you can do, and
then I really am going to go, 'cause I don't want to be there when you do
it, on the phone or otherwise."

"I appreciate that," I smiled. "Wait, he's moving, still sleeping
though I think. Oh, he's reaching a hand down to his dick, he's getting it
on already!" I laughed.

"Wonder if he's experienced this before," Drew chuckled into the
phone. "He seems to know what's coming."

"Eww! I don't want to go there," I replied. "Go on, before he
jerks himself off in his dream, tell me what to do next."

"Ok, like I said, I'm gonna tell you what else you can do, then go,
so just listen for a minute. If you can take it, for I was grossed out the
first time I did this, run your tongue down his crack. There's hair down
by his butt hole, so it may be something you don't want to taste. Then,
experiment with your fingers. Gently of course, and if you need lube, you
know where to find it," Drew chuckled, and I remembered how sticky I still
felt. "He may cum then and there, but if you can, get him to flip over and
finish him off yourself, it will be better for the both of you," he
laughed. "But, damn, it'll be messy if you aren't careful."

"Thanks Drew, now go take care of yourself," I laughed, and I heard
him sigh in relief, as I knew it wasn't the easiest thing for him to have
told me all this, knowing how it felt, himself. "Do you think he'll wake

"Probably at some point, but if he doesn't, you can wake him up
yourself before you finish him off, or leave him to have one hell of a
dream. It'd be interesting to see what he dreamed of."

"But it might not be me," I laughed. "I'll see how it goes. Now I
better get back to work before he goes nuts. Goodnight Drew. Thanks for
checking in on me." Hanging up the phone, I turned my attention back to
the matter at hand.

I continued to massage his butt, looking at his ass-crack,
wondering if I could do what Drew had said. Ah, I told myself, if I gave
him a blow job, then I can do this, so I bent down and ran my tongue first
over his cheek, causing him to jump, then down into his crack, purposefully
staying nearer the top as the idea of going down further with my mouth
still grossed me out. I also didn't want to find the hair that Drew
mentioned. As I worked my warm mouth around, Matt groaned and moved
against me, thoroughly enjoying whatever he was "dreaming." Then, taking
two fingers, I ran those down his ass-crack, lightly, then as I approached
the hole, pressed a little more firmly, then back up again, causing Matt to
push up hard against me. I could see his erect dick as he pushed up, and
imagined it must not be that comfortable pressed against the floor as he
lowered himself again. I reached down, swiped a bit of the sticky "lube"
Drew had mentioned, and inserted two fingers into his ass, gently, then
pressed forward. Matt let out a cry and I wondered if I had hurt him, but
the look of ecstasy on his face told me otherwise, so I moved my fingers
around a little, and he wiggled against me. He began humping up against me
in rhythm, so I realized he was about to shoot off in his dream.
Remembering what Drew had said, I pulled back, and rolled him over onto his
side. This woke him up, but he was very out of it. Grasping his cock,
which was now fully erect and very swollen, I began massaging it in my
hand, running my hand gently up and down the shaft. Matt pushed into my
hand and I massaged with his rhythm as he groaned and his eyes rolled back
into his head. His own hands came down, and he placed them on top of mine
and we moved together. He came then, spewing his jizz over the both of us,
and fell back, total enjoyment spread all over his face. Matt relaxed for
a second, then pulled me down beside him. He reached forward to my breast
and began licking his jizz from my chest and stomach. I pushed him back
and kissed him, and we exchanged his cum between us.

We lay there for a minute more and I mentioned, "It's late, we need
to go feed the horses."

"Damn, I wish we could lay here the rest of the night, but it is
kinda uncomfortable. Is there a shower, we're kinda a mess." Matt laughed,
looking down at the pieces of hay that now covered us both.

"Yeah, Lila's got a washroom downstairs with a shower. Come on,
I'll show you," I said, standing up.

Matt followed and we grabbed our clothes and climbed down the ladder. I
took him to the washroom, and he began running the water.

"How are you doing?" Matt asked as the water heated. "I went slow enough I
hope, and I hope I didn't hurt you?" He asked with concern.

"I'll be a little sore, but you were wonderful. I hope I was what you
expected. Thank you."

Matt smiled down at me, then reached down and kissed me. The water was
ready, so he stepped in to the shower, pulling me after. We rinsed off,
helping each other a little, having a little fun with it, then dried off
and dressed.

"Time to feed the horses!" I smiled up at him, as we walked out of the
washroom, hand in hand.

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