Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag - Chapter 14

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Barely noticing that
the cats weren't there for once, I dashed out into the living room. I also
had forgotten two other very important things, one, I was buck naked as I
sometimes slept more comfortably that way, and two, I had a house guest, a
male house guest. As I arrived in the living room I almost ran smack dab
into the fine firm ass of said house guest as he answered my incessantly
ringing phone. He too was buck naked.

Turning, evidently hearing me come in and gasp, Alex handed me the
phone, suddenly blushing, as I knew I was too, and said, "It's the police,
they need to speak with you." He walked off as I took the phone.

I had time to notice, while trying to look away quickly, a couple of
other very fine things about his body, which was blushing all over.
Because of the early morning, or his embarrassment, or both, he was also
having a slight erection, but I tried to turn away and focus on the
phone. As the police told me that they had tracked a very drunk Matt back
to his apartment and had him in custody, and would Jess and I be able to
come identify him this afternoon, I couldn't help imagining Alex sitting,
still buck naked, sprawled on the couch, with a full erection, ready for me
to pounce on him eagerly, as he scanned his eyes over my own blushing
body. I wanted so badly to turn around and see, but at the same time, was
too embarrassed that I had run out here and been caught, so I blushed
deeper instead. But, I was wrong, for suddenly, I felt a blanket being
placed over my shoulders, and I looked up and back and saw he had found one
in which to cover himself as well. What a gentleman, I thought as he
helped me tuck it around while I still wielded the phone and told the
policeman on the other end that I'd check with Jess and we would probably
be there after lunch. I didn't even know what time it was, so I mouthed
the question to Alex and he informed me that it was about 10 a.m. Nodding,
I finished the conversation with the policeman, thanking him and the police
force for their speedy work, and still holding the blanket tucked under my
chin with my free hand. Hanging up, I turned to find that, yes, Alex was
sitting sprawled comfortably on the couch, but safely wrapped up in his
blanket, only his neck up showing. Shucks, I quickly thought to myself,
and then scolded myself for even going there. Half of me knew I wasn't
ready yet, and that I wanted this to be a relationship built on friendship,
while the hormone-raging other half of me wished for the ability to be able
to pounce on a naked, throbbing, engorged and fully erect penis on an
extremely handsome man. "Diana! Stop this," I yelled at my internal
monologue, "Remember the friendship-building part!" I blushed again, I
couldn't help it, and Alex smiled back at me reassuringly.

Sitting down on the couch beside him, still clad in my blanket, I
told him, "They caught Matt. He's in custody and Jess and I need to go
identify him. It probably wouldn't hurt for the rest of us to go too. I'm
guessing the more the merrier, and the better to convict him in this case."

"I'm glad they caught him. It makes me feel better because you will
be safer," he smiled back at me. I nodded, starting to shiver.
"Why is it so cold all of a sudden?" I mentioned. I probably was
shivering with a bit of relief mixed with tension over what I wanted to do
to Alex right then and there, mixed with relief at Matt's capture. But, I
figured the safest route was to mention the sudden chill in the air.

"Look," Alex pointed to the side window, "It's snowing again. Can we
get your fireplace going?"

"Sure, it's just gas logs, so flip the switch there to the left," I
suggested, pointing at the appropriate switch. As he stood up, his blanket
parted slightly, exposing his upper thigh. "If only it would show a little
more," I caught myself musing.

"Hmm, what was that?" Alex turned after flipping the switch and
looked at me curiously. "If only what would show?" He smiled coyly.

"Damn, did I say that out loud?" I blushed even deeper. "Sorry, my
thoughts are running away with me this morning. Sorry you saw me this
way." I gestured with my hands under the blanket, causing it to open a
little over my stomach. I closed it again quickly. "I should have
remembered that I had a guest and that I was sleeping in the nude."

"I should have remembered I was a guest," Alex interrupted, "but you
did say, 'Make yourself at home.' I just didn't expect to have to jump up
to answer the phone. You don't have one in your bedroom?"

"Um, no. Just out here. The line in the bedroom is connected to the

He nodded in understanding as he sat back down. I noticed a slight
bulge in the appropriate place as his blanket settled around him. Oh God,
I wanted him so badly, but I couldn't. "Friendship, friendship!" I kept
telling myself internally, making sure to keep it internal this time.

He must have noticed me staring. "Should we get dressed?" He
suggested, "Or are you interested in other activities?" He winked at me. I
blushed again.

"I will admit," I opened up to him, "I am interested in, as you say
'other activities,' but Alex, I value your friendship and want to build
that before we go down that road. I don't want to mess up like I did last

"You don't trust me? No, don't answer that question. I understand
what you are saying. I agree, I really and truly enjoy spending time with
you Diana, and want to build that part of our relationship too. Actually,
I was just kind of kidding, as I'm not truly comfortable going down that
road just yet. The last time I attempted it, it ended in disaster and I
don't want to repeat that again. Mind if we sit down closer to the fire?"
He pointed and I walked over there, tossing out a few of my large throw

Sitting down, I leaned against him as he joined me, still clad in my
warm blanket, "Thank you for understanding, Alex, it means a lot. But I
still want that part of you, just the time is not right."

He let his blanket fall to his waist, and wrapped his arms around me,
drawing me to his fuzzy chest. I leaned against him, wishing I could purr
like the cats, which had found the warmth of the fire and were in their cat
bed nearby, nestled together sleeping. "So, do you feel comfortable
telling me a little bit about Julia?" He asked.

I tried to explain the relationship we had, and how she made me feel
safe and secure. I wanted to have all the things that my loved ones
provided me in one person, but hadn't been able to find that yet, I went
on. He nodded and asked appropriate questions as I spilled some of the
deep emotions revolving around Drew, Matt, Jess, and Julia.

"I know we haven't known each other long, Diana, but if you'll let
me, and if it works out, maybe I can fill some of those spaces too?" He
looked at me questioningly.

Nervously, for I did really like the guy, in more ways than one, but
I didn't want to rush into something too deep and get hurt again, which I
think he knew, I responded, "I hope so," and tucked my face deeper into his
chest, listening to his heart beat.

Suddenly, I felt him reach out to the side, and then there was a
slight tickling on my cheek. I reached up and grabbed . . . the
feathers-on-a-stick cat toy. I pulled it out of his hand, accidentally
dropping my blanket. Grabbing it back up with my other hand, I tickled his
cheek in return, then his ear, and finally as I traced it down to his neck,
he grabbed it back again.

This time, instead of tickling me with it, he gently traced it over
my forehead, touched each eyelid with it gently as I closed my eyes, then
down over the bridge of my nose. It actually felt quite good, and I lifted
my face to him as he gently caressed my lips with the feathers, tracing it
around in a light circle, first clock-wise, and then counter clock-wise.
When he gently traced my ears, the left then the right, with the multiple
feathers, I giggled a little, for they were a bit more ticklish. He drew
them down over the front of my neck and it sent shivers through me,
surprising me. Then Alex followed my collar bone down to where my hand
held my blanket closed between my breasts. He traced the line of the
blanket up the top of my breasts to my shoulder and collar bone, then
traced the other side back down again after drawing the feathers back
across again. I sighed and opened my eyes to see him looking adoringly at
me. I wished for more, but also knew we had just made our agreement. But
was this the same? So I asked him.

"It's close," he said a little huskily, "but not the same if we don't
actually go all the way, I don't think. But it still could, well, cause
effects. I don't want to push you Diana, but it is quite fun."

"Only if I get to play along too," I smiled, laying back on my side
and reaching for another feather-wand across the carpet. "Please, indulge
me. I'll let you know if it's too much, and you do the same, agreed?" As
he nodded, I reached up and tickled his nose and he fake sneezed then
pretended to bite at the feathers. "Now, now, none of that, young man," I
laughed, and then turned onto my stomach, facing the fire. I slipped the
blanket out from under me, and bared my back and ass to him. Turning my
head to the side, I lay my cheek down onto the pillows beneath me. He
reached over and pulled a little one off the couch and propped it up under
my head. I curled my arm under it and smiled up at him.

Alex again traced the feathers over my cheek, then down the side of
my neck, over my shoulder and to my back. He traced them down my backbone,
then back up to my shoulders, making ticklish, sensation-arousing circles
on my shoulder blades. The he drew them down the top of my arms, first
one, then back up the sensitive lower part of my arm, tickling my armpit
gently, then back across my shoulders to the other. I relaxed as he made
artistic painting motions down the whole of my back and then came to the
top again. After a few repeats, he had me falling asleep, until he traced
the feathers across the small of my back, right across my waist, and I
gasped in surprise. But it only got better as he teased the top of my
ass-crack then twirled them down across first one butt-cheek, then the
other. I gasped again when he tickled them down the top of my crack, and
my senses awoke further when he gently slid them back up again, allowing
them to drift down to more sensitive areas. He worked my cheeks and crack
some more, tempting them with the feathers, and my mind reeled with the
sensations the feathers brought, especially as they began to tickle down
between my thighs. He must have seen the look of ecstasy on my face for he
then traced down to my inner thigh on my left leg, and I spread my legs
apart a little further to encourage him. At first, it was a little
ticklish, so I jumped, and he chuckled, but soon he found the touch that
brought sighs from my deeper self. He traced the feathers down my inner
thigh, across the of my knee, and back up the outer part of my leg,
circling my ass cheek again, then moving to the right leg and doing the
same. It was especially ticklish on the back of my knee. As the feathers
tickled between my legs, I felt the warm moistness growing within me. I
rose my ass up to meet him and moaned in pleasure as he tickled my pink
anus. Rocking back and forth as he swirled the feathers back and forth
between my legs, over my ass, and around my cheeks again and again, I
moaned in pleasure as the nerve endings in my body grew more and more
attuned to the sensations he was causing me. I tingled all over from the
light pressure the feathers were placing on my skin.

Soon enough, too soon, he stopped and I lay back down, gasping. I
didn't realize when we started this exercise how much sensation it would
cause, or I might not have allowed it. Opening my eyes, assuming he had
stopped because he felt it was enough, I noticed he had collapsed backwards
onto his own pillows, breathing fast. His blanket had slid off, and he had
a full-force erection pressed up against his stomach. I hadn't realized how
erotic it would be for him as well. I sat up, not concerned any longer with
the fact that I, too, was not covered by my blanket, and smiled down at
him, "My turn!"

"It won't take much," he breathed back, then rolled his eyes back in
his head as I drew my feathers down between his nipples, over his chest,
and tickled his curly pubic hairs. He reached down with his hands, flexing
his fingers as if wanting to finish himself off, and I smacked them gently
with the feathers, wherein he lay them down by his side, still flexing his
fingers, digging them into the carpet as I traced around his swollen dick,
down between his thighs and back up again. He raised himself up to me as I
tickled under his balls, tracing the feathers back to his anus, then
forward again to his balls. Then I dusted his penis as if it was a stone
phallic symbol, and he moaned as I tickled the end with the feathers,
lightly brushing them around in a circular motion over the tip.

We could play this way all morning, it seemed, tempting each other
back and forth, bringing each other nearly to orgasm and starting all over
again. From the strain on his face, though, he needed finishing, and I
wasn't sure if feathers alone would do it. I swept them over his cock,
slowly at first, then faster and faster, and he rose up to meet me, pumping
himself towards my extended touch. As his pre-cum began seeping out, and
he cried out for me to finish it, I could resist no longer and dropped the
feathers beside him. I bent forward and grabbed his penis, sliding my
thumbs firmly up the bottom edge, squeezing out the rest of the pre-cum and
bringing a loud moan from Alex. He pushed up into me and I began pumping
my hands up and down his shaft. My mouth was dry from desire and I bent
over him, taking the tip of his hot cock into my mouth, continuing to slide
my hands up and down. I pushed my lips down on him and worked my tongue
over his tip. He was shaking from the tension and just as he came, I
pulled my mouth off of him and his warm semen spewed into my hands, onto my
chest, and dripped back onto his stomach. He collapsed back onto the
pillows, totally relaxed, and I massaged the jizz into his skin and body
hair, rubbing my hands back and forth over his body. He reached up and
wiped it off my chest, gently caressing my breasts. I ached for more of
his touch, but fell back beside him. We lay there resting together,

The next thing I knew, he was shaking me awake. I was covered again
in my blanket, cats lying beside me, warm as a bug in a rug. I smiled up at
him. "Diana, I have to go. I have to meet Evan and we have some errands
to run. I'll see you at the police station?"

"Damn!" I sat up, clutching the blanket, "What time is it?"

"Noon. Should we meet there at 2 p.m.?"

"Yes, definitely. I wish you didn't have to go," I smiled up at
him. He reached down and kissed me, full on the lips. "Thank you for this
morning," I whispered as he pulled back.

"I didn't realize what a reaction it would cause, in both of us," He
smiled back, "I hope it wasn't too much too fast?"

"No, not at all. I hope it wasn't for you?"

He shook his head "no," then stood up to leave. "See you at 2.
Don't forget to let everyone else know."

I nodded and waved him goodbye, then made the respective phone calls,
dressed and fixed myself lunch. I wasn't looking forward to seeing Matt
again, even if it was in a police line-up. I also knew that I'd never look
at feathered cat-toys the same again.

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