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Confessions of a Fag Hag - Chapter 13

I was dreaming again. Lately my dreams had been quite vivid and
this one was no exception. Except it was one of those kinda weird
confusing dreams where stuff is allowed that would be illegal in real life.
This time I was driving my Outback down a four-lane highway, and there was
constant road construction. They kept transferring the lanes to the other
side of the highway, and I kept missing the exchange back, ending up going
the wrong way down the other side of oncoming traffic. I'd turn around, no
harm done, and get straight again. There was always this other fellow on a
motorcycle who had the same problem, and we'd often stop and commiserate
together on how to get back to the proper side of the road, and end up
helping each other out. Finally, we got to the end of my journey and my
car had turned into a horse. I rode the exhausted horse up to Drew, who was
waiting there with a white dually crew-cab truck pulling a horse trailer.
We loaded up the trailer and then offered the guy a ride home. He got in
back with me, and his newly-appeared friend got in front with Drew. Let's
just say we all hit it off. Next thing I knew, Drew and his new buddy, who
suddenly resembled Evan, were enjoying themselves thoroughly in the front
seat, while my new friend, suddenly resembling Alex, was becoming quite
attractive to me, and my hormones in this dream state were raging.

I scooted over to him, and we kissed passionately. He hungrily
searched my mouth with his tongue, and the taste and feel of him filled my
senses. As he played with my mouth, his hands eagerly slid up under my
shirt, caressing my breasts, which seemed to be rather bra-less at the
time. Somehow the dream shifted and we were in the horse trailer, alone,
with no horse to worry about. He had me down on the floor, topless, and
was kissing my breasts passionately. I worked at his shirt and soon he too
was bare-chested before me, and I rubbed my hands over his hair, over his
shoulders and soon had worked my way down to his waist, where his tight
pants showed his eagerness to continue this exciting dream sequence. I
undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and slid my hands in underneath his
jeans and boxers and back to his warm firm ass. Pressing his cheeks, I
pulled him towards me, kissing his chest. I pulled my hands back out again
and slid his pants down over his ass, presenting him in all his eagerness
to me. Unable to wait much longer, as dreams have a way of speeding things
along sometimes, I soon had my own clothes the rest of the way off and was
raising myself eagerly to meet his swollen cock. Straddling me, he bent
down over me, pressing his cock between my thighs, sliding it forward and
back between my moist lips. Moaning, I pressed down upon him, feeling his
warmth and the firmness of his shaft temptingly caressing my most sensitive
nerve endings. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, I reached down to
him and guided his moist cock into me, raising my hips to him as he slid
down to me, filling me with his fullness. Moaning with the pleasure of the
sensations he was causing me, we moved together as one. Faster we went, up
and down, until I neared my climax and I could feel him swelling to his.
Pressing myself toward him, moving faster, we came together, the sensations
overwhelming me, pulsing through me . . . and waking me up.

The next thing I knew I was in my own bed, full of desire from the
dream, and sleeping not with a handsome Josh Hartnett look-alike, but two
rather put-out Siamese cats. Not quite the same thing, I'd say. I looked
at the clock - 3 a.m. After getting up to use the bathroom and get a drink
of water, I slid back into bed, trying not to disturb the cats by gently
lifting the covers and placing my feet in under them. They stirred a
little but soon enough we were all in comfortable positions again.
Yawning, I closed my eyes. Next thing I knew, it was morning. No more
exciting dreams, I frowned as I opened my eyes to the morning sun, but, on
the other hand, today is the Yule Ball!

I spent the morning helping the Fellowship Committee decorate the
Student Lounge where the dance would be held that evening. It was fun
hanging blue, green, gold, and silver tinsel and shiny metal balls all over
the room, but a little annoying testing year-old Christmas lights and
finding that one burnt out bulb that kept the whole string from blinking.
Jess and Drew are on the fellowship committee so much of my time was spent
handing them something or other as they stood on the ladders ready to
attach it to the ceiling. We joked about the dinner last night and the
respective cute men with which we had enjoyed our meal. I could tell Jess
was smitten by Michael, and of course we already knew that Drew was
beginning to adore Evan. I really enjoyed Alex's company, but was scared
to let myself think on it further, even with the dream that I had just
experienced last night. I mentioned to Drew that I had dreamed about him,
Alex, and Evan, and should have kept my mouth shut, for I blushed in the
telling of all but the gushy parts.

We finished the decorating then all met up with Julia for lunch.
We joked about our favorite dances and hoped Priscilla, who was DJ'ing
tonight, would play songs appropriate. Then Drew picked on Jess about how
she had literally thrown herself at Mark (or at least, been thrown by
Austin) and how he had landed on top of her. She laughed and said sure, we
could do the same with Michael, but he had to cushion her fall this time.
Mark gave her too many bruises. Drew gushed about Evan and Julia smiled,
taking it all in. I think she was a little sad that she was going stag
tonight. Drew promised her a dance and we assured her that our men would
gladly dance with her too, but we also knew that many a fellow would offer
to glide around the dance floor with her tonight.

Later that night, about an hour before we were all scheduled to go
to dinner at The Baker's Crust, a local restaurant where they bake their
own bread and have fabulous pasta and desserts, I went to Jess's and she
helped me do my hair and makeup. Being a gal who just likes to get up and
go in the morning, I don't even own makeup, so every year Jess and I have
had this rendezvous before the Yule Ball. Jess was already all prettied up
and in her purple satin and velour dress with a French braid and one lone
curl dangling down over her forehead. I wished I could look as attractive
as Jess sometimes, and have her presence. She and Priscilla had their way
with the guys, it seemed, always flirting and being flirted with.
Priscilla insisted it was confidence, which I definitely don't have around
men. Snapping back out of my reverie, I witnessed Jess's transformation of
me in the mirror before us. She pulled my hair up over my head, curling
the ends, then covered all my blemishes with her magical make-over touch.
Soon enough, I was dressed and in the most painful shoes ever. What a girl
will do for an inch gained in high heels. I knew I'd be out of those shoes
not too long after the dance started.

Almost immediately Drew was banging on her door. We walked out to
his car, full of handsome men, and Jess got into her car as there were too
many of us to fit into one vehicle. Michael got out of Drew's car, and I
took his seat, next to Alex in the back. We drove to Cary Town and the
Baker's Crust and took our reserved table. We ordered our drinks, Drew and
I taking a Merlot and Jess taking a Gew�rztraminer, Alex and Evan each
ordered a Chardonnay, and Michael abstained for the evening. We split
appetizers of calamari and foccacia with sun-dried tomatoes and basil
vinaigrette dip. For our main course Jess Pacific salmon with a side of
herb potatoes, Drew ordered cheese tortellini in alfredo sauce with a side
of mixed vegetables, Alex ordered a porterhouse steak with a baked potato,
Evan dined on salmon, taking Jess's suggestion (and gaining her further
approval) but with a Caesar salad on the side instead of the potatoes,
Michael had chicken parmesan with a side of herb pasta, and I dined on
fresh rainbow trout with almond green beans on the side. With such a
delicious dinner before us, we barely had room for dessert. But, we did
have just a little. Jess treated us all to cr�me brule and hot chocolate
for our finishing course. I wondered how in the world we were going to
have energy to dance while digesting all this marvelous food. Well,
however we were going to manage, it was time to find out. We all left
happy and full, and piled into our respective vehicular modes of

Soon we found ourselves back on campus at the now-decorated student
center. We could hear the music booming out into the cold, snowy street as
we walked gingerly up the slightly icy, but salted sidewalk. I nearly
slipped, and Alex took my elbow gingerly. I noticed Michael was guiding
Jess in a similar manner. Drew and Evan were elbow in elbow, oh how cute
and happy they looked together. When we reached the door, it opened into a
lit paradise of Christmas colors and carols, shiny happy people spinning
around the dance floor or standing around the well-endowed snack table
munching and chatting happily. We all meandered to the coat rooms, putting
away our wraps, and returned to check out the food. Soon enough we had
split off to dance, snack, or chat. I made sure to greet Julia, giving her
a huge hug, and introduced her to Alex. I noticed later Drew introducing
her to Evan, and Jess to Michael. Soon a slow song was playing and I found
myself in Alex's arms, being swept around the dance floor gracefully. I
looked up into his eyes and smiled happily. We glided past Jess and
Michael, and Drew and Evan, but the latter two did not even notice it
seemed, absorbed in each other's eyes. The night flowed on this way, and
we all exchanged dances. I enjoyed my dance with Michael. It is hard to
talk when you are that close to someone so much taller than you. As it is,
it is difficult enough looking straight up at them in order to dance
properly with them. I find myself more often watching their feet to make
sure I follow their moves properly. Then Drew whipped me around the floor
and we sillily hopped and skipped and cavorted around on a fast song,
spinning each other wildly. We also did a few spins around Jess, making
her dizzy as is our favorite thing to do. Then, it was my turn with Evan,
and I smiled up at him as he tried to help me with some swing moves. I
kinda got them, but we did trip up a time or two. Eventually the night
grew late and it was time to close out. We all stuck around, helping to
clean up, and ended up leaving about midnight. Julia was long gone, as
were most of the other guests. We were all still somewhat energized, so we
agreed to change into more comfortable clothes and meet back at Drew's.

We were all sitting around chatting gaily when there was a knock at
the door. Who in hell would be knocking at 12:30 a.m.? Drew and Evan had
slipped out back for a bit to see the newly fallen snow, so I got up to
answer the door, not thinking. Unable to look through the peep-hole, I
pulled it open and there standing before me was Matt.

"Diana," he began.

"Matt, you are back early?" I questioned, shocked and surprised to
see him standing there.

"Yes, I am sorry I missed the dance. I need to talk to you. We
need to talk about this . ."

"Matt, now is not the time. I don't want to talk to you right now.
We need space. Then we can talk about it."

"Diana, I . . . I want to talk now!" he said, pushing his way past

Smelling the alcohol on his breath, I told him, "Matt, you are
drunk. You cannot come in here, you are not wanted here right now."

Suddenly, Jess was there. She must have heard the altercation.
"What's wrong? Matt, get out!" she glared at him.

I moved back against the wall. He had pushed his way into the foyer, but
Jess was blocking him from going any further. "Matt, please go home," I
continued to try to encourage him to leave. "We have nothing to talk about
right now." I noticed the two boys walking towards us from the living
room. Matt must have noticed them too.

"Diana, I see you have more friends over," he chuckled evilly. "Do these
boys here know your checkered past? Does your friend here, who thinks she's
all that trying to keep me from going in," he gestured toward Jess, taking
a step towards her threateningly, "know what a two-timing lesbian bitch you

"Matt, please . . . don't, we can talk about this tomorrow," I tried to
assuage him, tried to direct him away from his current track. Jess,
Michael, and Alex had no idea about Julia and I, and I wasn't ready for
them to know about it.

"No, no, dear, I think now is as good a time as any. Tell me, have you
fucked with that girl Julia anymore since I left? I bet you two have been
having a royally good time screwing around since I've not been around to
meet your needs."

Jess looked at me questioningly, with the look of "We'll talk about this
later," as I tried to disappear. Alex looked confused, but Michael looked
irate. Just then Drew and Evan came in from the back and stumbled upon our
confrontation. When Matt saw Drew, he lunged forward, and the next thing
we knew, Jess had him on the ground flat on his back, with the heel of her
palm at his throat. We all gasped in fear and amazement, not knowing Jess
had these abilities hidden within her. As it was, she soon had him
escorted out the door. Just as she had him at the threshold, he turned,
pinning her quickly against the outer brick wall. Almost as quickly, she
had a knee to his groin and he was rolling on the ground in pain. We shut
the door, locking it behind her, and all retired back to the living room.
Drew called the police and we chatted while awaiting their arrival.

"I think this ends it between us," I said, shaking. Drew sat beside me on
the couch, holding me close, and Jess was on my other side, arms around me
as well. "I can't believe he . . ." I couldn't finish and bent over,
tearing up but trying to hold back. Jess stroked me on the back, telling
me to let it go, to let it all out. "I can't believe he, he, oh God, I
didn't want to tell you all yet about Julia." I sobbed through my tears. "I
am not a lesbian, really, ugh I don't see how you can stand me now."

"Hush, Diana, it's alright. They'll be alright. There's nothing wrong
with you." Drew shushed me consolingly.

"If you want to tell me more about it later, you can," Jess said,
emphasizing the "later". "Right now, just let it go. We still love you, no
matter what you've been up to in your spare time." I could hear the smile
in her voice.

I looked up at Alex and Evan, sitting across from us, and they had very
concerned and caring looks on their faces. Evan gave me a very sweet
smile, reaching out to pat me on the knee reassuringly. Trying to smile
back at him through my puffy face and eyes, sniffling I reached out and
took the tissues Alex was offering. What did he think of me now? I was
just beginning to get attached to the guy, and now this . . .

Just then the police arrived. We heard the sirens and Drew walked them in.
Jess was telling them about the altercation, when suddenly, she collapsed,
falling out in a dead faint on the living room floor.

The female cop bent over her, searching her quickly with her
hands. Immediately she was on her police radio, "Emergency assistance
needed ASAP," she broke in, giving Drew's address. We looked at her
curiously, nervous as to what had happened to Jess. Then she turned to us,
asking, "Did he have a knife?"

"We didn't see one," Drew responded first, I was too shocked. Did Matt
stab Jess? If the police didn't get him, I was going to kill him! "But
then, he did pin her outside," he continued, telling the rest of the story
as he knew it. As he finished, the ambulance pulled up and the EMT's
rushed in with a stretcher. They took over stopping the blood flow from
the police officer and soon she was out in the ambulance. We all looked at
each other, trying to decide who was going to ride in the ambulance with
her. Drew jumped in with her, and we piled into Alex and Evan's car, and
Michael drove Jess's car so we could get everyone home again. Momentarily,
as we rode to the hospital, I was excited by the fact that I was riding in
a car with Ontario plates.

When we arrived, we asked after Jess and were ushered into the waiting
room, where Drew was sitting nervously. "They took her back to get x-rayed
and stitched up. The doctor said she'd get back to us when she knew
something. Jess did wake up a little in the ambulance, moaning in pain,
but immediately passed out again. It was so hard seeing her like that."

I walked over to him, hugging him at his bravery, and Evan sat closely
beside him. The rest of us sat in a cluster in the waiting room seats, and
sat down to pass the time. For a little while we all just sat quietly,
nervous and overwhelmed by the night's activities. I suddenly realized I
was exhausted. I leaned back in my chair and was about to doze off when I
felt an arm around my shoulders, pillowing my nodding head. Opening my
eyes, I noticed Alex was sitting right beside me, and he smiled

Just then, the doctor came back. She assured us that nothing vital had
been hit, but Jess had lost a large quantity of blood. The wound was under
her thick clothing, and that is why we hadn't noticed it. She also
mentioned that Jess had a concussion, not just from the fall. We wondered
if Matt had slammed her that hard against the brick wall, and that was why
she didn't realize she had been stabbed. The doctor explained that she
needed a little stitching up, which they were doing right now, and she
could go home. But, the doctor looked at us sternly, she required someone
to stay with her. I was about to offer, but Michael insisted he could,
having been trained as an EMT and able to take care of her should anything
else go wrong in the night. Assured of her care, the doctor left us and we
waited about another half hour before they rolled Jess into the waiting
room in a wheel chair.

"I am ready to get the hell out of here!" she grinned drowsily at us. "I
am exhausted."

"Let's get you home, then," Drew smiled at her, relieved to see her whole
and at least somewhat healthy.

As we stopped at Jess's, Michael driving her car with Jess in the passenger
seat, we all got out to figure out the best way to convince her someone was
staying there tonight. As the rest of us piled out of Alex and Evan's car,
we already heard her protesting to Michael, "But I'm fine, I don't need
anyone to stay here tonight, I'll be okay."

We laughed as we heard Michael trying to win his side of the argument,
"There is no arguing with me this time, young woman. If I have to sneak in
your back door after you are asleep, I am staying here tonight. I don't
care if it's on a hard cement floor, you are not sleeping alone tonight!"
There was a pause, "Um, alone in your house, that is."

We all walked up to them then, unable to hold back our giggles. Drew said,
"So, it's settled then, Michael is staying here with Jess." He took her by
the elbow and began guiding her to her door. "Then we can all go home and
get some sleep ourselves. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day."

"But wait, Diana can't go home alone. Matt's still out there," Jess
interrupted, turning back to me, and thankfully, temporarily forgetting her
own battle. "Someone needs to stay with her. Drew, can she stay at your
place again?"

Drew blushed, "Um, well . . ." he began, frowning.

I interjected, realizing he had other plans for the evening, and I didn't
really want to intrude upon them. "No, my stuff is at Julia's. I can just
go home and lock all the doors."

"No, Alex, why don't you stay with Diana. Then we'll all be safe and sound
for the night," Evan suddenly spoke up. "I think that is a plan," he
looked over to his nodding brother as I tried to continue protesting. "We
all have a place to stay for the evening then," he smiled, and I caught a
wink from him to Drew. Yeah, I wasn't staying there tonight, I smiled.

"Fine, fine," I agreed. "If you let Michael stay with you, Jess, I will
let Alex stay at my place. The cats may drive you crazy though, so I hope
you don't mind warm fuzzy creatures sleeping on your chest at night," I
tried to dissuade him.

"Not at all, I miss our parent's cats. But they aren't so cuddly, I'm

Soon enough, we had Jess and Michael settled at her place. We drove Evan
and Alex's car back to Drew's place, dropping off those two "love birds"
and I showed Alex how to get to my place. I pulled out a set of sheets and
a blanket and soon had him settled on the couch, giving him the directive
to "make yourself at home." I went back to my own room, sans cats, as they
were out inspecting Alex's new bed, and crawled exhausted under my covers.
Turning out the lights, I hollered "Good night! Sweet dreams!" in the
general direction of the living room and received a "Sleep well, good
night!" back. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell into a deep and
dreamless sleep. I must have truly been exhausted to sleep that soundly
after all of the evening's activities.

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