Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag - Chapter 15

After lunch, I went out for a brisk walk in the snow to clear my
head before leaving for the police station. It was almost 1 p.m. and I
needed to leave by 1:45 to meet everyone on time. The walking track was
deserted and my feet crunched on the newly fallen snow. I left footprints
on the previously virgin snow and soon had a double, then triple row as I
lapped the track. About 15 minutes after I started, I heard footsteps
behind me and looked around to see a bundled-up Julia quickly outpacing me.
Soon, she was up beside me, her breath coming out of her mouth in steamy
puffs, and she slowed down to meet my pace.

"Is everything alright, Diana?" She asked, concern in her voice, "I
heard a rumor of an awful altercation last night, is it true that Matt shot

"Yeah, I'm alright. He didn't shoot anyone, but he did stab Jess,"
I corrected. "You should have seen her take him down though, I never knew
she had it in her."

"Didn't you know her dad was a cop? He made sure that his daughter
grew up able to defend herself. At least, that's what she's always told me
when we've been walking late at night."

"Oh, right. I do remember now. That's why she walks with her keys
ready to stab someone's eye out if need be," I smiled.

We walked a few more laps and I told her about the events with
Matt. As I finished, she must have felt quite relieved, for she suddenly
grabbed my hand and giddily said, "Come on!" and trotted away, leading me
towards a small shelter the kids used to wait for the bus.

"What? I can't stay much longer . . ." I began, looking down at my
watch and seeing it was 1:30.

"This won't take long," she smiled, pulling me into the shadowy
enclosure. "I wanted to show you what I did this morning." The next thing
I knew, she had her coat unzipped and her sweater unbuttoned and was
sliding her left breast out of its bra cup. Not exactly sure at first what
she was doing, for it was damn cold out for anything she might be
suggesting, I suddenly noticed that she had gotten a tattoo. I knew that
hadn't been there before, I'd personally been acquainted with said breast
on more than one occasion now, and couldn't help but reach out and try to
touch the design. It looked like a Celtic circle of some-sort, and was on
the inside of the breast. She gently slapped my hand away, saying, "It's
still tender, no touching," and I smiled back at her.

"Can I kiss it?" She smiled as I reached forward and traced my lips
very softly over her warm skin. Shivering at what must be a chilly touch,
I traced my lips gently up to her collarbone. She zipped her coat shut
again, and then cupped my chin in her hands.

"You like it?" She asked.

"It's different, but I do like it, yes." I said, a little
breathlessly. I didn't realize I still was quite worked up from my morning
experience, and her revealing moment had awakened some of that again.

She slid her gloves off and pulled my face up to hers, meeting my cold lips
with her surprisingly warm ones. Her tongue pressed against my teeth and I
opened my mouth to her, then gasped as she slid her hot hands down under my
pants and cupped my ass, pulling me towards her. I wrapped my tongue
around hers, as she pressed into my mouth, her hot breath filling my
senses, the steam we were breathing mixing and dissipating around us. I
could feel my body reacting to her touch, but all I could think about was
that morning moment with Alex. The two of us pressing our thickly clothed
bodies together, the sensation of Julia's touch filling my senses, all I
could think about was how I longed for more of the touch of that man. That
sensuous, delicious, well-sculpted and well-endowed man.

Suddenly Julia pulled back. "What was that?" She asked curiously. "You
were really into it, but at the same time, I lost you," she frowned a
little. "Are you okay?"

"I'm sorry," I blushed. "I should get going. I have to meet everyone at
the police station about Matt."

"Wait, I do have another surprise for you," Julia jumped in before I could
leave. "Can you come by later?"

"I'll try, can I call you?" I tried to not make a commitment. Half of me
hoped Alex would fill the rest of my schedule . . . the rest of me knew I
had work to do, school started again tomorrow, though I didn't have class
until Tuesday. "No promises, as I do have work to do at some point, but
I'll at least try to call."

Smiling, she hugged me goodbye and I dashed back to the car. It was 1:50,
and I'd be late as always if I didn't hurry.

I caught all the lights just right for once and arrived at the
station right at 2. Alex and Evan hadn't arrived yet, but Drew and Jess,
having ridden together, and Michael, were already there. I noticed Jess
standing quite close to Michael, and that Drew was fidgeting just about as
much as I was. The twins pulled up a few minutes later and the two of us
greeted them a little more effusively than normal. I think all six of us
blushed. We definitely grouped according to evenings spent together,
though no one seemed comfortable with PDA (public displays of affection)
just yet. We did walk closely with our respective companions though, and I
noticed many sidelong glances being exchanged.

The policeman at the front desk took our names and walked back to
get the policewoman from the evening before. Officer Gallant, her name
badge read, I'd not noticed so much the night before, led us back to a
small meeting room and explained what we would be doing. She lined out
that we'd stand on one side of a one-way mirror and look at a row of men.
They would all turn and show us whatever sides of them we requested, then
we'd state what number we recognized as the assailant from the previous
evening. We'd fill out some paperwork and that would be it. The police
station would notify us about the next step.

After all of us agreed that we understood Officer Gallant's
instructions, she called on the phone to some other section of the station
to get the men ready. A few minutes later she led us out the door to the
room she had described. We saw on the other side of what looked like a
plate-glass window, and what must have been the one-way mirror, a group of
similar-looking men. I immediately recognized Matt. How did he get
himself into this?

"Do you need them to turn?" Officer Gallant asked, after giving us
a few minutes. We all knew which one was Matt, so we all shook our heads
"No." "Do you want any of them to do anything specific that might help you
remember the actions from last night?" I thought, besides allowing Jess to
take him out again, and get him good in the balls one more time, that there
wasn't anything that would make me more sure which one was the man that I
had foolishly given myself too. We all shook our heads "No" again. "Are
you ready to state which man is the culprit, then?" Officer Gallant asked,
and we all agreed. She spoke into a microphone, "Thank you Officer
Stephens. You can take them away now."

We sat down at a table in the room as the men filed out and she
handed us each a form that outlined what we had to declare. Mostly it was
filling out names and addresses and which person we recognized, how we
recognized them and how we were able to tell it wasn't the others, and our
signature at the bottom swearing it to be a truthful document. About
halfway through, it hit me again how much I had trusted Matt, and I stopped
and put my head down, shaking. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up
to see Officer Gallant standing there, and another hand that I could tell
from the touch and direction probably belonged to Alex. Everyone else had
finished so I quickly gathered my wits together and finished the form,
signing it quickly, and with no flourishes.

Officer Gallant thanked us for our time and reminded us that we
would receive further communication as things progressed. She escorted us
back to the front lobby, shook all our hands, and we thanked her for her
help. Pulling on our coats we braved the chill outside again. We
discussed going for coffee, but everyone decided that they had things to
do, so we all parted ways. I drove slowly back to the house, ruminating
still on how foolish I had been to trust Matt, and how horribly everything
had turned out. Thank God I had started taking birth control about a month
ago, so no worries there, but still, what if something went wrong there? I
couldn't help going down that road.

I parked at the house and bent over the steering wheel. Suddenly
the tears flowed and I began sobbing. I needed to let it all out, so it was
a relief, but still, it isn't always fun to let the emotions go. As I was
pulling myself back together, I heard a light tapping at the car window and
I looked up to see Alex smiling concernedly in at me. I sighed as the
feelings that I was quickly developing for this man flooded me, along with
the fears that I had due to my recent experiences with Matt.

I got out of the car. That was the first step.

"I forgot my toothbrush," Alex smiled at me.

"Oh," I frowned. I thought . . .

"No, seriously," he continued, "I was worried about you. You
looked strung out when we left the station, so I came by to check on you.
Is that okay? I hope you don't mind?"

I smiled, he truly did care. He hadn't just forgotten something and
come back for it. "Yes, it is okay. Come on in."

We walked up to the door and I opened it to two yowling and
happy-to-see-us Siamese. Alex immediately greeted both, and I smiled. He
knew what was most important in my house. "Let me grab my toothbrush," he
smiled at me and headed for the bathroom.

"Would you like some hot chocolate? I can add some peppermint
schnapps if you'd like."

"Yes," I heard him returning from the bathroom, "That would be
great. Can I get the fire going again?"

"Please, make yourself at home," I called back over my shoulder as
I walked into the kitchen to heat the drinks.

"Oh, really? Can I, can I?" he called back coyly.

Laughing, I picked up the phone and called Julia while I waited for
the drinks to heat. "Hey, Julia, sorry to not catch you at home, but I
can't come by this afternoon. I'll call you soon and we can get together,
okay? Take care. Bye." I did wonder what else she had as a surprise

I carried the hot drinks carefully back to the living room and
found Alex sprawled in front of the fire, lounging on two of the throw
pillows, petting a cat with each hand. Unfortunately, he was still fully
clothed. Ah well, it's probably for the best. I sat down next to him and
he pulled me close while we sipped the hot drinks. We chatted about this
and that and I eventually told him how hard the visit to the station had
been. Nodding and listening, he let me air out my feelings and fears,
holding me close to him all the while. As the room heated up, we pulled
off sweaters and socks, and were soon sitting bare-footed, toes wiggling
towards the fire, in our thin t-shirts. The alcohol in the hot chocolate
made me both giddy and sleepy at the same time, so I lay down beside Alex,
facing the fire and watching the flames dance over the logs.

Not too long after, I felt his firm hands massaging my back and I
moaned in pleasure as he hit all the right spots. He slid his hands up
under my shirt and worked his warm fingers directly on the skin,
unfastening my bra strap to work his hands more smoothly up and down my
back. I relaxed into the pillows and felt my body responding to his touch.
In order to work more effectively, he straddled my back and pressed his
hands more firmly into my muscles. He gently tugged at my shirt and I
reached up my arms so he could pull it up over my head. I slid the rest of
the way out of my bra and lay there, bare-chested, while he continued to
work on my back. As he worked his way lower, he tried to massage my ass
through my jeans, but it didn't have the same effect, so I unsnapped them
and he slid his hands under, pulling them down to my knees, but leaving my
underwear intact. I slid first one leg, then the other out of them, so all
I had on were my panties. As he rested on his knees above me, I felt his
warm legs pressing against my thighs. He sat up for a moment and I saw him
set his t-shirt down, so knew he was bare-chested above me. I wanted to
flip over, to take him then and there, but he continued working his hands
on my muscles, so I lay there passively, too relaxed to move. I heard him
unzip his own jeans, then slide out of them, and I imagined how he looked
above me, bare to the world. My body reacted accordingly, and I wanted him
so badly.

I almost flipped over at that point, but before I could, he was
down on his elbows, his bare fuzzy chest tickling my back. He lowered
himself to his knees and I felt the bulge of his erect penis pressing into
my ass. He wasn't completely naked; he still had his boxers on. This
actually was better, I thought to myself, convincing myself, as we had made
our agreement to take our time, and erotic though this was, it was still
taking it one step at a time.

He kissed the top of my head, curled up over me, and rocked up and
down gently, the hairs on his back tickling mine, and his cloth-covered
cock rubbing up against my ass, pressing tight against the fabric of his
boxers. I turned my head sideways, not sure where he was going with this,
interesting and exciting as it was, and he moved his head down and began
nibbling my ear. I pushed myself up against his warm skin, his cock
pressing down between my ass cheeks, his chest rubbing against my back. We
rocked together in the strange rhythm, losing ourselves momentarily in the
sensations of our bodies frictioning together, sparking, connecting and
releasing as we danced the slow dance.

Finally, unable to take it anymore, I turned myself under him, and
we lay there face to face. He immediately slid down to kiss me on the lips
and as we opened our mouths to each other, he wrapped an arm around me and
flipped us onto his back. I was now lying on his stomach, with him looking
directly up at me. Our tongues danced in each others' mouths a bit, and
then I pulled back and smiled a wicked smile down at him.

I slid my way down his body, tracing my way with kisses, until I
reached the constricting waistband of his boxers. I reached in and freed
his cock from its prison, then slid myself over it, pressing it to my
chest. Sliding the shaft up and down between my breasts, I pressed into
Alex as he wriggled up against me. At the same time, I worked the
sensitive tips of my fingers over the tip of his penis and the top of his
shaft. He let out little moans and grew stiffer beneath my caress. I slid
up to shower him with further kisses, and he wrapped me in his arms again,
flipping us back onto the pillows, me beneath him, and he straddling me on
his knees. He crawled up above me and I felt his cock trace up my inner
thigh. I slid my ass up to meet him and reached down, sliding my waistband
down and baring myself to him.

He rose to meet my moist lips and drew his warm cock up and down
between them, sliding back and forth between my thighs, yet not
penetrating. His penis massaged my clit and lips as he rode back and forth
and I moaned as the sensations filled my body. Rising to meet his strokes,
I finally found the orgasm I had been denied that morning. I had come so
close, and now it was here, rushing over me, spilling out of me.

He felt me come, and I could tell he was close. Evidently he did
not want penetration, so I slid myself down below him, taking him into my
hands. I pressed his cock down against my chest and slid my hands up and
down his shaft. The tip slid up and down between my breasts and my hands
warmed his already hot cock even further with their friction. Unable to
hold himself over me as the tension built, he pulled away and turned on his
side. I sat up and straddled him, sitting lightly on his hips, my heat
sliding against his quivering body, and reached down, finishing him off.
His jizz spewed forward first in a large spurt, followed by a smaller one,
and he collapsed beneath me, falling panting onto his back and pulling me
onto his chest. He pulled me up to him, kissing me passionately, filling
me with his warm tongue, and hugging me tight to his body. He ran his
fingers through my hair as he expended any leftover passion on my tongue
and mouth, then I slid down and pillowed my head on his chest. I listened
to his heart slow down as he recovered from the exertion, and reveled in
the feeling of my body rising and falling to his breathing.

After we cleaned up and dressed, we both grabbed our books from our
respective houses and met up at Starbucks (tm) to study. It had been an
event filled week, this Thanksgiving break. Some of the events had been
eye opening and had produced feelings I never knew existed. Others I wish
had never happened. Yet, all in all, when it was all summed up, I had some
of the most fabulous friends in existence. And, I had what was turning
into something, not sure exactly how far or how deep that something would
go, but nonetheless, at this point, it was one hell of a something

**Thanks for reading this far! If you have comments or suggestions, please
feel free to e-mail me. This is, after all, my first series of stories.
I'd love to know what you think! From here on out, time will skip a little
in order to further the plot. So stay tuned to see what happens over the
next few weeks! Can you believe that in 14 episodes, we've only gone 10
days? Wow. Hope it has been a worthwhile "week" for you, as it has been
for our characters thus far :-)

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