Friday, April 17, 2009

Coffee and Comfort

My husband is an advocate practicing at the Supreme Court, New Delhi. We
stay in a posh colony near Safdarjung Airport. My husband is horny man, but
due to heavy practice he is not getting time to screw me as he wish. We
made up this by quickies, which we play just before lunch when my husband
drops in from his heavy schedule. Sometimes he will knock when I had just
started bathing. He will beg to soap me and finally end up we hugging,
kissing and fucking under the shower. I too loved such quickies, as they
are unexpected and exciting. Since we live alone in an apartment it is very
easy and convenient to do such naughty things. The nuclear families have
such virtue, but we have soon got an intruder.

She is my neighbour's daughter, a 19-year-old, college student named
Reema. She is pretty Punjabi buxom girl, with sharp features and
curves. She lives in the flat just opposite to ours. One day she knocked at
our door and shyly asked which was the dish I prepared. I had just made a
south Indian Sambar spicy and fragrant, but I did not know how she guessed
it. Then she said the fragrance reached her room and she would like to
taste it if I allow. I considered her as a very friendly girl and since I
had few friends at Delhi, I invited her and served some chappathis with a
generous amount of sambar. Soon we got acquainted well, she used to address
me 'sister' (may be, because of the age difference) and my hubby as

Reema used to come to my flat quite frequently in some context or
other. She used to taste the dishes, especially the South Indian, and
compliment me; in exchange, she brought, many times, the delicious sweet
items prepared by her mom. No wonder why her mommy is such a fat lady with
a gigantic bosom. Reema also was not small in the department, but when her
mother was around her tits looked ordinary. She used to compliment me on my
appearance and often would boldly tell my hubby that he is very lucky to
have me as his wife. I liked this girl because of her spontaneity and open
mind. But she had the habit of invading to our privacy. My husband has a
study which he never like others to enter including me, it looks like a
bachelor's rooms full of books, journals, some half open, scattered. Reema
used to browse there and my husband did not like it. Sometimes she would
come when I am at bath and my hubby toying with the idea of a shower
quickie. Reema would then knock at the main door and enter with some book
for which she wanted to clear doubts. I was an MSc Maths, so she often
sought my help to solve her assignments. My husband would allow her to
enter our flat and retire to his study. She would come to our bedroom and
when I came out half nude expecting only husband Reema would be lying on
the bed, to clear her doubts. I found it irritating on such occasions, but
the girl was so innocent and finally we both considered her as an
occupational hazard.

She would ask many personnel questions like my menstruation cycle, the
birth control techniques we adopt, my sexual encounters with husband
etc. Most of the time I would try to skip, but she would beg me to tell, as
she want to be sexually aware. Her family like any other Indian family is
conservative in such matters. It's from neighbours or friends Indians get
sexual education, often exaggerated and mystified.

It was a very hot evening in May. I was alone, doing household chores
leisurely at home expecting the arrival of my hubby. We had plans to go for
shopping and a late night dinner in a cosy restaurant. I had almost
finished everything and proceeded to the bathroom for a refreshing
bath. Had a nice bath and dabbed perfume to entice my hubby.expecting to
have a quickie before going out. (He usually falls into the trap). I
pulled out a transparent nightgown and changed into it. I was humming a
popular song when I heard the doorbell.

When I peeped through the peephole, Reema was standing at the
door. Expecting some sort of such an encounter with her, I let her in and
asked what she wanted. Entering in, immediately she let out a hissing sound
and inhaled heavily the perfume lingering in the air and said with a wink,
'Wow! Didi, you look so gorgeous in this nightgown. Is Uncle in? Have I
disturbed u both? If I had, I'm sorry and I'll come after some time."
Hearing this, I blushed and held her hands and pinched her cheeks and said,
"You naughty girl, your uncle is not yet home. We have planned to go out
shopping and for dinner. I am dressing up for the event." She looked a bit
disappointed. She told me that she expected that I would be available for
the evening and as she had to prepare for her examination and needed my
help in to solve a problem. I apologised to her about my non-availability
and asked her if she would like to have some coffee as I planned to have a
cup then, she said she would join me for a cup of nice hot coffee. She
added that even the coffee that I prepared tasted something
extraordinary. I used my mother's recipe with coffee powder specially
brought from Coorg.

I went to the kitchen to make coffee, more than that to hide my
embarrassment because of her praises. She was more interested about my silk
nightgown, the perfume I used, whether I like my armpits shaved or not etc.
She followed to me to the kitchen without stopping even for a while
praising me about my looks, my walking style, the way my hips sway when I
walk, the firmness of my butts, etc. Taking the cups of coffee, we
proceeded to the living room and sat down on the couch. She was wearing a
short skirt and a loose tops which revealed that she was not wearing
anything underneath her low cut tops. It was extremely hot in May
especially in Delhi. Most of the ladies would prefer not to wear any under
wears. Her tits were well formed and the nipples, sharp and thick, are
quite visible through her tops. Sipping the coffee, I asked her if the
lessons to be completed could wait till the next morning, so that I could
help her the next day. She told me that the exams are around the corner and
she had already prepared well for it; only a few topics that are somewhat
difficult needed my assistance.

When I was about to give her a reply, the telephone rang. I knew it was
from my hubby. I picked up the receiver and I immediately blushed because
it was from my hubby saying "Darling , let me kiss you". He immediately
kissed me over the telephone and first apologised for not keeping up the
appointment. Then he told me that as he had to meet a client from abroad
who had just turned in and because of the meeting, which may extend for
about more than three hours, we have to postpone the shopping to the next
evening. He suggested me that I need not wait for him for dinner. I was too
disappointed but I told him that's alright with me. I returned the kiss to
him and replaced the receiver on the cradle.

When I returned to the couch, Reema seemed to be very happy. She told me
that she happened to overhear that the program was postponed (only the
replies given by me). Since the appointment has been cancelled, she asked
me whether it would be possible for me to help her out. I told her since my
hubby is expected around 11.00 p.m. it will not be a problem for me and I
gave a positive response. I invited her to have the dinner with me. She
went out to tell her mom that she would be with me for a while preparing
for her exams and she would have dinner at my place. By the time she came
back within fifteen minutes, I had made some sandwiches and kept in the
freeze the milkshake for dessert.

She came in and sat by the table. When I left the couch to reach the
wardrobe to change into a formal sary, she asked me to remain the nightgown
and said with an evil grin that she wanted to see me in that attire. She
told me that I need not feel embarrassed and again told in a husky tone
that my hubby is quite lucky to feast on such an angel. I told to stop the
crap and went to the table to assist her in her lessons. She moved by my
side and drooled down to point out the lessons in which she had some
trouble. Lo! When she stooped down, I got a clear view of her bouncing tits
with the pointed nipples and the titillating cleavage. The nipples were
piercing out through the knitted shirt she was wearing. The Panjabi girls
have jutting nipples unlike the south Indians were breasts used to sag
after thirtees. The valley and the mountains did excite me and an urge to
touch it started erupting and my heartbeat and pulse rate went rapid.

I was in a horny mood and was frustrated because of my husband's
absence. If Reema was not present, I would have gone to bed and masturbate
watching some porno video CDs my husband keeps. Reema's breasts and
cleavages were exciting me in some strange passion. Her book and pen was
dropper on the floor since my hands were not steady. She saw me and tried
to take the book. In order to hide my feelings, I too bent down to floor to
pick up the book and the pen. Then I got a nice view of her nice legs and
well shaped thighs. To my shock, she wore no panties, and her bushy pussy
was clearly visible. I was lost in some deep dense forest. She was telling
something about her lesson which I could not grasp. My mind was somewhere
else. Reema then shook me by my shoulders and asked me what was ailing
me.She told me that she could smell something wrong with me and asked me
what the matter was. I hid all my feelings and told her nothing. But my
hands were shaking and I was a bit nervous.

"Didi,you look over sweating, are you feverish, let me put some balm on
your forehead", before I could answer she had me lying on the coach and
took some Vicks Vaporub and started applying a tiny dose to my
forehead. She held my hands for a while, coming too close to me. I felt her
tits brush against my cheeks and could not control myself. Her tits were so
close to my face and I could inhale a musky smell of her feminity. I
closed my eyes and bit my lips to gain some inner strength to clear evil
thoughts. Her touching was so comforting and I could feel her fresh breath
on my cheeks. The breath too was hot. She put the Vicks away and started
caressing my cheeks and neck tracing her fingers to my lips. Her fingers
lingered on my lips and she tried to part my lips and inserted her finger
tip between them. I started to stop any further advances from her side.

She put her hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them over my silk
gown. The silk gown was short-sleeved one. She was cuddling my fleshy hands
and in the process her finger went slightly inside and it touched my
armpits. I had done waxing two weeks before but the stubbles had appeared
in my armpits. She began to search the stubbles casually with her thumb
finger while she was soothing my both arms. "Didi, do you shave your
armpits or wax them?". I told them I waxed it. "Why its very expensive no,
I don't like the itching when waxed. Also I don't like spending money on
waxing, so I shave it", she showed me her neat pits through her loose

"Do you wax your legs?", came her next question.

I was embarrassed. It was one department I did not expect anyone to
question. I have lot of hair on my legs. It was my ailing problem at my
school days. I used long soxes to conceal them. I had some curly hairs on
my feet fingers too which I plucked while cutting the nails. "I don't do it
there, why do you ask such questions?".

"Didi, you know one thing, I am fascinated by your legs, because of that
hair, you look very sexy to me", Reema said.

"Oh! My husband used to call me a bear because of that".

"Bear!!, ha ha, didi will you allow me to look at your legs closer", before
I could jump up from the coach and push her away, she had lifted my gown
and started weaving her fingers through the dark soft hairs on my legs. I
tried to kick my legs away, but she kneeled at the coach and sat on the
floor and began to kiss my legs, taking the hairs in her mouth.

"No! Reema, go away from me, I feel so ticklish", I jerked in the
coach. But Reema was kissing my legs alternately and she moved the gown
upwards revealing my thighs. "How come your thighs are so smooth and no
hair, didi, only your calves have hair", Reema was one hand pressing my
thighs. She joined me on the coach at the next instant she was kissing my
knee caps and at the same time extended her hands above my knees and began
massaging my thighs. I giggled on the coach.

I felt something soft rubbing on calves and my leg hairs were rousing. When
I looked down I saw Reema had lifted her knit shirt and was rubbing her
well-rounded breasts on my hairy calves. She was kissing my knees and the
folds behind it. My gown was around my waistline and my panties were
getting wet without me knowing. Reema moved higher and now her tits began
to rub my thighs. Her nipples were like two black chalks and was drawing
figures on my milky thighs as if a while board. The wetness from my pussy
was spreading and my soft cotton panties were getting drenched with my
sweat and cunt juice. Reema's hands reached to my panties and began
entering into it through the sides. As it was an old one and big, she did
not feel any hindrance and I saw her hands appearing out of the panties at
its waistband and she was tracing small tiny hairs which started just below
from my navel. The hairs down navel was only millimetre length but when
they collected at my pussy it was a dense forest. I could inhale the musky
aroma of my heated pussy, "Didi, why do you wear panties in home?, let me
take them away" Reema said and they were gone in seconds.

In the next instant she buried her face into my dark haired pussy. She was
pressed to me like a calf drinking milk from its mother. She was deeply
inhaling the muskiness of my pussy. Her soft cheeks when touched my pelvis,
thighs, and her lips traced my navel, I was surrendering to her. I lost my
self-control and extended my hands to her to hold. She came very close and
gently pecked a kiss on my cheeks and traced her tender fingers on my sweet
lips. I did not resist any more. I was also in a fire of passion. I
responded to her gentle kiss on my lips and returned the kiss. She thanked
me for being so responsive and hugged me close to her.

The clocked chimed. The time was 8.00 p.m. She held me too close and was
hugging me with more strength. Her hands were moving freely behind my back
tracing their way from the nape to the hips. Then they started travelling
all over my back. She whispered in my ears to be nice to her and love
her. She said that her long pending dreams have come true. I was becoming
bolder. I too, having become so hot and horny, started caressing her cheeks
and shoulders. My hands started roaming here and there all over her body,
feeling the curves and mounds.

"Didi, I have been waiting for this day to happen, now shall we both
undress and feel each other?", Reema asked. We started passionately
kissing each other on the lips, cheeks, neck, and bosom. I did not gather
enough courage at first. But Reema stood up and removed her shirt in a
swift move over her head. Her well rounded breats were free. She displayed
them proudly for an instant. She hiked her hands and showed me her hairless
armpits. They were neatly shaved showing a green shadow of soft mat of
hairs. After shedding her clothes, she came forward to remove the nightie
from my person. We both became stark naked at the next instant. Our eyes
began to feast on each other's body.

Generally, when my hubby and I have sex, invariably, I would be the
aggressive one and my hubby used to relax a lot. He liked me to take
control and I would often sit on his lap and insert her penis into me and
start fucking and he enjoyed the role of being a passive lover. But, with
Reema, I let her to be the active one and I remained very much passive. She
laid me on the bed and let her tongue travel from my neck to my bosom
leaving a trail of saliva. I wanted her to kiss me and to taste her sweet
mouth.I pulled her above me and kissed her vigorously on her mouth, pushing
my tongue deep in her mouth, licking and biting her lips, savouring her
sweet lips. She pushed her tongue into mine, entangling and kissed me hard
on my mouth.

I somehow gathered enough courage and let my hands freely wander all over
her body, sliding down her back to clutch her buttocks, feeling the soft,
warm, fleshy mounds, caressing her thighs, all the while kissing and
licking her lips and whole face. Reema was caressing my fleshy breasts and
pinching my pointed nipples. Our hips ground against each other trying to
smash the other and occasionally, the clits came into contact, making the
pussies wet and slippery. She rolled on top of me and began to hit my cunt
mount with her smaller pussy. She had shaved her pussy and I could see that
it was a puffy bun like pussy.

The aggressive partner in me was waking up. I pushed Reema down and
straddled her, started kissing her breasts, taking one nipple at a time,
started munching and biting. Reema's hands now groped between my thighs and
rested on my pussy, caressing my pubic hairs. (U know, I and my hubby
always liked it that way) rolling my clit between two fingers and sending
electric sparks fly all over my body. I start hissing, moaning and making
all sounds, unable to control any further, I take a full turn, licking all
over the body from neck, to breasts, stomach, wetting the navel pit with my
tongue, leaving a trail of saliva, to her snatch. Then I moved on her body
and placed my pussy is just right above her mouth. Reema pulled me down to
her mouth, grinding my hips on her face, while I let my tongue slip over
the length of her cunt, upto her bunghole. Her pussy lips are vibrating. I
could see her hole became so wet and the fluids just started flowing.

Both the heads were bobbing up and down on their respective feasts,
feasting on the overflowing fluids, occasionally stopping to catch breath
and to let out ecstatic moans. The hands were busy caressing each other's
limbs, butts, and rectum. I was in a frenzy of lust and passion, cumming in
gushes,sending out streams of sweet creamy cum. Reema's face was covered
with my sweet cum. Reema too came in like a well flowing river, giving me
more than what I wanted to drink. We lay side by side having exhausted
from the fun we had. I could not see her face. I felt so shy and weak to
face her. But, she was so jubilant and slowly winked at me, letting out a
satisfying smile. I too smiled, albeit so weakly, at her. She asked me
about the experience and whether I liked it. I told her that I just loved
it. She asked my permission to let her use the loo. I too wanted to
urinate. She invited me to join the loo. When I was pissing she pissed
standing over me and her piss fell like a rain on my naked shoulders and
smooth back. Before I could finish my pee, she rolled under me and inserted
her face just below my pussy. I could not stop so I pissed on her face,
which she drank coolly. Once again we urinated on each other with gusto,
playing with amber liquid on our bodies, had a little fun there. We then
washed ourselves with soap and freshened with dabbing some perfume. Hugging
tightly and holding each other, we moved in to the bedroom once again for
some more play, which I initiated. Her tongue in my cunt was not enough for
me. I went to the fridge and removed a fresh, green, long cucumber (it was
almost one foot long and 4-5" inches thick.) washed and wiped it clean. I
brought it to her and told her that we would fuck each other with the help
of the cucumber and we did, inserting one end into her, the other end was
in my snatch, deep enough. Our clits came into contact. We started humping
and pumping, all the while brushing our tits and lips,kissing on the lips,
caressing the nips, butts, fingering the navel, massaging the firm butts,
inserting one finger in the bunghole, finger fucking the ass, exploring all
sorts of fantasies. and we CAME again violently. We slowly got up and had
our dinner (of course, without dressing up ourselves). We had the milk
shake for our dessert, kissed the other's lips having some milkshake in the
mouth, transferring the contents to the other and played with the tits. I
told Reema that its high time to get dressed and get ready to receive my
hubby as the time was nearing 10.30 p.m. I went to the living room to
retrieve my nightie and she followed suit. She just started wearing her
skirt and t-shirt when I heard door bell rang . When I peeped out of the
window lifting the screen, I was shocked to see my hubby entering in the
portico. I was scared. I motioned Reema to an utter silence and directed
her to the table. My dear, Reema rightly got the message and went to the
table and she did something which I never expected. I deliberately delayed
to open the door (if I am asleep, naturally, the delay is justified) and
went to the door as if I was walking in sleep. I opened the door to let my
hubby in. Immediately on entering the room, he hugged me, kissed me softly
on my lips, and told that he was so sorry for cancelling the appointment
and promised that he would make up the lapse the next day. He continued to
tell something and he noticed Reema, sleeping on the table on her book kept
wide open. He raised his brows and turned towards me. I replied him, "oh,
poor girl. Her exams are around the corner and she requested me to assist
her in her lessons. I helped her to solve some of her problems and she
arrived at excellent solutions for very difficult problems. I let her
continue with her studies and I had my dinner. I was reading some book and
gradually fell asleep. Ok, darling, let me wake her up and send her home."

My hubby told me not to disturb her, but Reema woke up from sleep as if
because of a nightmare. She smiled at my hubby and me and apologised for
falling asleep. My God! Reema behaved so innocent and so cool. I could not
believe my eyes she was a talented artist, I must say. She thanked my
husband and me, bade good night. My husband straight away took me to the
bed after closing the door and started making love to me. For the first
time I felt it was a boring routine of bonded love. The softness, the
togetherness, the eagerness to please other, the knowledge of the other's
requirement, the timely insertion of tongue on the specific contour, a
special lick on a amorous fold, a tickle which could trigger your sexual
nerves were absent. I acted tired and my husband came quicker than usual.

From that day I became addicted to our coffee and comfort session in the

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