Friday, April 17, 2009

The Trio of Extraordinary Sluts

Okay, the legal stuff. You know this is a work of fiction and all made up
so get off of my case and instead get out of your clothes and start
fingering your cunts and stroking your pricks.

Hottie Girl, She is 35 years old. She has 36D bought and paid for breasts
with large thick kindergarten pencil sized nipples. A long thick main of
flaming red hair draped from her head reaching to her waist, courtesy of god
and Clairol. She is 5'2" and 115 pounds of shaved big lipped fucking slutty
pussy. My man Sam stayed home for this adventure but you might meet him in
some future fucking fun story. Okay that takes care of me, now my friends.

Janice, she is 56 but doesn't look a day over 40. She is a personal trainer
so she is in exceptional shape herself. Her natural breasts are a sexy 36D
also and she weighs 125 pounds. She is also shaved and is a natural blonde.
I met her sometime back when she came over to borrow a hoe to use in her
Mothers garden that used to live across the street from me. I was sunbathing
out by my pool in the buff as I always do. I have an eight-foot fence around
my back yard. Anyway she kept staring at my big shaved pussy as we talked
and one thing led to another and she asked me to shave hers for her. Come on
now how could I refuse to get that close to this hot sexy blondes pussy. By
the time I was done I had shaved her, eaten her, fucked her with a strap-on
and taught her how to eat pussy like a pro. Janice's husband Jack is in a
wheel chair and they met when she worked as a caregiver. They fell in love
and have been married for 28 years. He is unable to perform as a man so they
had a special table made which he can lick her pussy from. It isn't enough
though so they agreed she could go outside their marriage. Little does he
know just what a slut she really is.

Linda, she is the newest to our little pussy posse. I met her online in one
of my favorite chat rooms and we became fast friends. We agreed to meet for
coffee one day for our first face to face meeting. Her 130-pound, 5'7" 38DD
slammin' sexy body and her thick hanging lipped panty-less cunt stunned me.
We were so struck with each other that we wound up in a hotel room and
licked, sucked, and fucked for several hours. Her husband Larry stayed at
home that time but all three of us have gotten together several times. In
fact on his last birthday I brought Janice over as his present from me.
Imagine his joy having three pussies, three asses, three mouths and lets not
forget six big tits to play with.

Here we were three fabulous looking sluts together at this little out of
the way resort on a small piece of private Jamaican beach. It does not
advertise with anything other than word of mouth. You have to apply with a
photo application and go through an approval process. As you can guess the
clientele is pretty exclusive as you generally need to be fairly well off to
afford it too. Our room was running us $650 a night but it is all-inclusive.
Unlike other resorts of its type at this one even the staff participate in
the clothing prohibited rule. We had a one room flat with two royal king
beds. Where as some other resorts advertise you can be wicked for a week,
this place pretty much you are guaranteed it. In the lobby while we were
checking in we saw two couples going at it. One couple the guy was on top
and ramming his cock into her cunt. While the other was a couple of girls
and one was sitting in a chair while the other was sitting in her lap with
both of her tits in her hands and her tongue down her throat. I knew right
away we were gonna love this place.

A fine young Hispanic looking boy who seemed to be about 19 helped us with
our bags to our room. He informed us that his name was Rafael and from now
on he was our personal assistant and was there to serve us in any way
needed. His little dick was now semi-erect from watching us undress and now
didn't seem so little. Taking the initiative I said we all had just had a
long flight and were going to get into the in room Jacuzzi and he was to
bath us all. "As you wish", was his response as he went to a small closet
and removed towels and a variety of bath oils and lotions then poured a mix
of oils into the hot bubbling water. He stood by the tub and helped each of
us in then picked up a natural sponge and climbed into the tub with us.

It seemed so natural as my hand found his now large and fully erect member
while he scrubbed my body with the sponge. I looked towards Linda and kissed
her while she began to squeeze my breasts and nipples. Rafael had moved the
sponge on to her body by then. Linda came around in front of me and pushed
me out of the tub up onto the edge. I spread my legs as she licked down my
legs on her way to my shaved pot of golden nectar. I glanced over and saw as
Rafael and Janice were getting more aquatinted. His cock was buried down her
throat and I could see she was licking his hairless balls. I was a little
jealous of her only because Rafael a fabulous looking cock. Shaved balls
with a small patch of light brown fur at the top and a good length. In fact
if it were not so dark it would have looked a lot like Larry's cock. Linda
got lucky with that one. I looked down at Linda and knew what she wanted as
I lifted my clit and spread my lips allowing my golden nectar to flow onto
her face. Neither of us were really into drinking it but it sure turned us
the hell on when we peed on eachother. I love how her pussy tastes right
after pissing. As the flow slowed to a drip she buried her face in my cunt.
I glanced over at Janice again and saw Rafael smacking her face with his
cock making her chase the drop of pre-cum sparkling on the tip of it. This
kid was good. Linda bit my clit and brought my attention back to her. I put
my hands under her arms and stood her up then I turned and lay back on the
tub's deck.

Linda settled her cunt down to my face while I pulled her clit to my lips.
Linda has a huge clit it is like a mini dick. You can actually give her a
mini blowjob on it and when she cums she squirts from her pussy. Here we are
in the first hour at the resort and we are already fucking and sucking. I
felt Linda's tongue enter my pussy again. MMMMM that feels so good. I run my
tongue all the way from her clit to her asshole and back again. The muffled
sounds coming from Janice I could tell Raf was fucking her really good. I
pulled Linda down tight and shoved my pointed tongue into her asshole. I
knew this would put her over the edge soon since her ass is ultra sensitive.
Linda added a couple of fingers to my pussy and started fucking my cunt hard
with them, while all the time sucking my clit. I knew I was doomed and
quickened my pace on her ass. Within minutes we were both cumming in
eachother's mouths. As we came down we could still hear Janice and Raf going
at it. We rolled off eachother and took up position on either side of her. I
took one breast and Linda took the other. Raf leaned back and lifted Jan by
the hips so only her head and shoulders were touching the deck. I slid my
fingers down to her clit and was stunned to be able to slide them into her
cunt without obstruction. It was only then that I noticed that he was
fucking her in the ass. Letting Jan down he pulled out his cock and pointed
it towards her tits and our faces just as the first long thick ropes of cum
came our way. He must have been saving up 'cause he shot five of those heavy
loads of cum before he was done. Fuckin' A, this was his second load I
realized as I saw cum dripping from Jan's cunt. This boy had stamina. I
immediately dove into her cunt to get as much of his cum as I could as Linda
cleaned off her tits. A couple minutes later I was rewarded, as Janice
pulled my face to her cunt and pushed the rest of Raf's tasty cum into my
mouth as she came yet again. I knew she hadn't tasted it yet so I crawled up
her sexy body and kissed her hard on the lips and let some of Raf's sweet
cum into her mouth. As we stood Raf said his quarters were just across the
hall if we needed anything. He added that the only place on site where
clothing was needed was the in the dining hall where topless was allowed
however you were to wear genitalia coverings. Then he left.

We had all brought some clothes so getting into our bags I found a sheer
white 8-inch micro mini skirt and Linda and Jan both put on shear g-strings.
As we entered the dining hall I realized that the screening process was
indeed aesthetically based, as there was not a single person here that I
thought I wouldn't want to fuck. We sat and had a really nice lunch
including fresh seafood and many exotic fruits. While sitting there we were
scanning the room looking for potential targets. Janice spotted a young
couple that seemed to be checking her out as well and she went over to sit
with them. They seemed to be in their early twenties. Linda caught the eye
of a slim man who I would guess was in his sixties. She motioned him over to
us and as he approached we could see from the bulge in his thong he was
packing a monster. Just what Linda loves. He walked up behind Linda and put
his hands on her shoulders. Then he slid them down her chest and under her
breasts hefting the 38DDs in his hands and whispered in her ear something I
could not hear. Linda stood and looked at me saying she would see me later.
I stopped her and asked what he had said. Oh, she said, he told me they were
the perfect size to wrap around an 11-inch cock. There I was sitting alone
when another lady about my age came over to my table and said, "Hey sexy
want to go hit the Jacuzzi?" "Sure I told her." I stood and followed her. I
was totally mesmerized by the sway of her slim waist and generous hips. I
loved the way the string from her rhinestone g-string slipped down and
disappeared into a place on her light ebony body I had every intention of
exploring very soon. She had the color of Halle Berry with the body of
Pamela Anderson and the beauty of both. She led me to a path that led away
from the rest of the resort. "Where are we going?" I asked her. She said we
were going to her private bungalow. Her breasts were perfectly shaped with
large hard pointy nipples adorning them. They were also pierced with small
gold hoops hanging from them. The gold hoops had rhinestone strings dangling
from them that were connected to eachother with a string that ran down and
was attached to her g-string front. I gotto get one of those

As we walked out into a clearing from the jungle I saw a huge beautiful
plantation style mansion in front of us. We climbed the steps to the porch
then turned left and followed the porch to another set of stairs which took
us to the second floor balcony. On the balcony was a large private Jacuzzi
that was flush mounted in the floor. It must have been 10 feet across. We
stepped down into the hot water and I asked if she was going to take off her
g-string and she replied that that would be my job later. As we talked I
found out that the mansion actually belonged to the resort however she was
the resorts owner. You see she is from the U.S. originally but that this
plantation had been in her family for generations. The ground would no
longer grow coffee and was switched over to a sugar farm. Then her
grandfather willed it to her. It was 2600 acres of jungle and farmland.
Having no desire to be a farmer she put her business degree and love of sex
to work and built the kind of resort she always wanted to stay at but didn't
exists. Her name was Nadina, but she told me to call her Dina (Pronounced
Deena). By leasing out the 2000 acres of farmland to a sugar farmer it paid
for her to build the resort on the remaining 600 acres. With its own landing
strip and heli-pad plus being completely fenced in by a twelve foot high
completely camouflaged fence, it offered its clients the ultimate in
privacy. "So what do you think Hottie?" "Uh what, I said" I had been staring
at her tits floating in the water and had apparently wandered into a
daydream. "I asked what you thought of the resort/" "I love it I think. In
fact if there ever was a place I could move to and live happily ever after I
think this place is it.' With a grin she said, "We'll discuss that later,
but first there is a matter of my g-string and your skirt."

Dropping down into the water I crossed the tub to her and without a word I
took her head and we shared a fantastic kiss. Our hands were roaming
eachother's bodies as we kissed. As we broke the kiss she took my hand and
led me inside. Once there she rang a bell and moment's later two very young
very naked Jamaican girls came over and dried us off. They couldn't be over
fifteen but they certainly could be twins. Both were about 5'4" tall with
nicely developing breasts about 34B-C I'd say and big hard looking nipples.
They paid close attention to our tits, pussies and asses as they dried us
off. I was dripping wet from all of the attention I was getting. Dina pushed
me onto the bed on my stomach and lifted my hips. The two girls strapped a
harness for a strap-on dildo onto her hips. A moment later I felt Dina not
so gently thrust her 8-inch cock into my wet cunt. Grabbing my hips she
quickly began to slam my cunt harder and faster. I started pushing back
willing her to fuck me even harder. It was odd for me to not be the one in
control, but I also realized that with this woman I loved it. I felt
movement on the bed and one of the girls had climbed on and slid her pussy
down in front of me. I leaned down and dug my tongue into her pussy. It was
like milk chocolate on the outside and strawberries on the inside with a
slightly tangy flavor and I loved every lick of it. She was nearly shaved
with just a tiny patch of fine black hair about 1 � inch tall and 1 inch
wide at the top and tapering to a point at the bottom. For a moment the
motion of the cock in my pussy stopped but then I felt the tip of the cock
at the entrance to my asshole. MMMM life is good, you see I love anal sex,
especially from a sexy slut like this one. Thankfully Dina was a little
gentler with my ass than she was my cunt. She slid the dildo deep into my
ass until I felt her fake balls hit my pussy. In response to this I slid my
tongue down to the ass of the little girl in front of me. Come on I knew the
girl in front of me was underage but when you are getting fucked in the ass
and a sexy wet pussy is put in front of your face you just don't think about
asking for I.D. You know what I mean?

I sensed more movement on the bed as the second girl who, feeling left out
I guess, climbed on the bed and settled down on the face of the girl whose
asshole and pussy I was licking. Now with four of us on the bed getting
stimulated the screams and moans that filled the room was amazing. After
what seemed like hours but really like ten minutes I felt the big one
cumming on. You see Dina had switched out the attachment on the harness with
a double dick dildo and was spearing both my cunt and ass simultaneously. My
little playmate in front of me was shaking and bucking through her orgasm as
was the one sitting on her face. That was when mine hit, I stiffened up like
a log as every nerve in my body felt the incredible wave of pleasure sweep
over my body. As I came down from my orgasm I went limp and rolled over on
my back. The two girls curled up on one side of me and Dina crawled over me
and kissed me on the lips. I have never cum like that nor been that
satisfied. Dina lay beside me stroking my face, fondling my breasts and
tweaking my nipples. As we lay there Dina lay next to me on her back and
pulled her legs up so her heels were against her ass cheeks and told me to
do the same. When I did she snapped her fingers and pointed as the two girls
with us jumped up and quickly crawled between our legs and dug into our
pussies with their tongues. I didn't think I could cum again, I was wrong. I
came two more times at the experienced tongue of these hot little tramps. I
don't know how many times Dina came but I now know she is a screamer.

As we sat at the table on her balcony Dina explained that she had read my
file and knew all about my security background. You see for the last fifteen
years I have been working in the security business and for the last ten I
have been working as an independent contractor and consultant for
individuals and private corporations. I provide Executive Security services
as well as risk assessment and risk management services. Including
consultation services to special event security staffs and training. I am a
black belt in three types of martial arts and am a certified firearms
instructor from several major firearms manufactures as well as a guest
instructor at a couple of security schools. I have also provided
body-guarding services for several high profile celebrities and have worked
as a sub-contractor for the U.S. Secret Service as well as the U.S.
Marshal's service. "Now to your statement about moving here and living
happily ever after, Dina said." "I can make that happen for you, in fact I
can make what just happened with me and my sisters happen every night also."
"Your sisters I asked?" "Yes she said. You see we couldn't have the kind of
relationship we wanted back home in Detroit so when I moved here full time I
moved them here with me so we could love eachother fully the way we were
meant to. Now about you, she said, I need a new director of security and you
would be perfect. You would live here in the house with us, have full use of
the resort. You would also be able to have your friends' visit anytime you
want for free. They can stay here at the house also. All the sex you can
handle. Plus unlike other resorts we don't prohibit fraternization between
staff and guests. We truly are a full service resort. Like your house boy
Rafael, not bad for a sixteen year old." "Sixteen? Is any of your staff over
18?" "Of course, she said. My chef is, and he is good to with a 9-inch cock
and an ass to die for. He also loves getting that tight ass fucked by dildo
or cock. Do you have a problem with my young staff Hottie?" "No not at all
Dina, I love it. We have a lot more in common than you know. Like my brother
and sister and I have been intimate for quite some time. I started fucking
both of them when they were in their teens. My little sister was always
bringing her little friends over to meet me and for me to teach them how to
eat pussy the right way. I have taken the cherries of a number of my
brothers friends. I helped my brother and some of his friends discover they
were bi-sexual. The pussy is an amazing piece of desirable equipment, as you
know. You just used yours and your sisters to hire yourself a new security
chief. I will have my things moved here from the states as soon as I get
home. By the way can you get me a concealed weapons permit here?" "Of
course, she said. I have one more thing to show you Hottie."

We sat on a plush sofa in front of her computer, it had a wireless keyboard
which was connected to a 50-inch plasma flat screen monitor on the wall. A
moment later it came to life with what was obviously a closed circuit
camera. It was none other than the chef in his office with Rafael and Raf
was giving him one hell of a blowjob. "Do want to know what Janice and Linda
are up to?" Sure I said as she typed in a code and the scene switched to
show Janice on her back with the girl from the couple sixty-nining and the
guy fucking his wife in the ass. More typing and the scene switched to Linda
catching a huge load of cum on her big jiggling tits from the older
gentleman with the 11-inch cock. The man immediately leaned down and began
licking his cum from her tits. As we watched the gentleman's houseboy came
into the picture and got down on his knees and began sucking the man's cock
clean. This was getting better all the time. I looked at Dina and said, "You
may not know this but my man at home Sam is a world class landscaper and
would be a valuable asset to your staff and I personally think you would
definitely like his ten-inch cock." "So here is my offer, Dina said,
$150,000 dollars a year, free room and board, Sam on staff at $60,000 a year
including room and board for him, free visits for your friends and family
plus full use of the resort facilities. But understand you are my bitch, you
fucking slut, so make sure Sam understands that and that you two are no
longer an item we are." "You got it now sit back I said to her," as I
straddled her lap like a lap dancer and did just that. I gave the best lap
dance I could then dropped to my knees and pushed her legs apart to get at
her cunt. She pulled her legs back and slid her ass to the edge of the sofa
cushion as I gazed upon my shaved pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. It
was truly a thing of beauty. The puffy outer lips were about three inches
long from top to bottom. The 2-� inch inner lips were long and protruded at
least two inches. Her huge clit was like a milk chocolate version of
Linda's, about �-inch diameter and 1-1 1/2 inches long. Her gorgeous rosebud
winked at me and it was obvious it was not virgin either. I pushed my tongue
into her asshole then moved it upwards until I felt her oversized hard clit
against my lips then I pulled it into my mouth and sucked it hard. Then
after about a minute of working over her clit I moved it back down through
her pussy and back to her asshole. After about another minute I moved back
up and through the pussy and back to the clit. I did this for almost 30
minutes until Dina grabbed my head and screamed out through a tremendous
orgasm. I climbed back up on her lap and we French-kissed for like five
minutes. "So tell me "Hottie Girl" what is your real name anyway?" It really
is "Hottie Girl" I said. It was just that no one online or off line could
spell it right. It is spelled HAUGHTEY GYURLE. So for the online world I
just changed the spelling." "By the way what are your sisters names?" "Oh
they are Lelinda and Melinda. But we just call them Lillie and Millie.

"Okay Dina I said I will start working for you in one month. Now I have six
more days as just another guest and there are 31 other guests I plan on
fucking as a free slut." Remember A real slut doesn't just fuck anyone, she
can fuck anyone she wants to. Bye, until next time. Hottie Girl

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