Friday, April 17, 2009


Boy was I tired, putting up the tent and getting the rest of the
campsite ready in this heat was a killer. We've been looking Forward to
this camping trip for weeks, but perhaps I should tell you who "we"
are. I'm Steve, I'm 32, I stay fit, and at least According to my wife, I'm
considered fairly good-looking. My wife of 6 years, Melissa 31, is very
good-looking, blonde with green Eyes that just sparkle, built like a brick
shithouse, as I make a point of telling her, she's da bomb.
Now that camp was set up, there's was nothing to do but wait for our
friends, Bill and Tracy to arrive, they are a couple we Recently befriended
and they were to join us for a few days of roughing it out here at our
favorite campground. They were due at Anytime, so I took a quick shower to
cool off and get rid of all the sweat. They are a great couple. Both have a
great sense Of humor, both would be considered very attractive, and they
are just both so nice, we've really enjoyed becoming such good Friends
these last few months.
Well, they finally arrived after a few wrong turns and we showed them
around the campground. By the time we had given them a tour of the area,
and then had a bite to eat, it as already getting dark, amazing how time
can fly.
We spent the evening playing cards at the picnic table and downing a few
beers. As time passed and all the jokes we could think of were either
laughed at hysterically or sneered at, the conversation took it's
inevitable turn towards sexual things. Seems like it never failed to end up
there, though we never had gotten too intimate. Tracy must have had one too
many beers because out of nowhere she confessed that she always wanted Bill
to go down on her after cumming in her but he just wouldn't do it. Then
Melissa had to go and open her big mouth and tell her that I've done that
to her several times, and she knows I was doing it to make her happy, which
of course it did.
When it had gotten very late and we were just too tired to keep talking,
we all decided to head to bed. It was still very hot that night, so we all
lay on top of our sleeping bags. Both of us guys were stripped down to our
boxers. Melissa was in a tee shirt and panties, and Tracy wore just her bra
and panties. I don't mind confessing that I snuck a good peek at Tracy and
she looked fine in that matching bra and panty set.
As is not unusual in these situations, no sooner had we lain down, when
the conversation just seemed to start up all over again. We were all
laughing our Asses off and trying not to be too loud, in that it was late
and we didn't want to disturb any other campers. There was more than enough
light coming into the tent from the campground lights to enable us to see,
though it wasn't bad enough to be a bother. It had finally gotten quiet in
the tent, and I decided to sneak another look at Tracy, no need to tell you
that I was very surprised to see her and Bill were kissing and she had her
hand down inside the front of his boxers.
I propped myself up on my elbow and quietly nudged Melissa, whispering
for her to take a look. We both just starred. We had confessed to one
another in the past that it would be really neat to watch someone doing it,
much nicer than just watching a porno, but I never really thought it would
Tracy didn't seem the least bit concerned that we were there; she tugged
down Bill's shorts and started stroking what I must tell you, was an
impressive cock. I never thought of Bill as a stud, or any other guy for
that matter, but he was built, it must have been at least 8 inches and hard
as a rock. She obviously adored that cock, and without a bit of hesitation,
took it into her mouth and started sucking. There was no doubt that Bill
loved it, he arched his back and put his hands on the sides of her head and
helped her get a good rhythm going.
She sucked him for several erotic minutes and Melissa and I were just
frozen there watching them. Neither of us seemed to have the ability to
move, or the ability to stop watching. Melissa certainly knew how excited I
was though, my ragging boner was pressing tightly against her panty-clad
ass. Tracy finally released that cock from her mouth and started removing
her bra and her panties. Let me tell you, she looked real good, stripper
good if you know what I mean. A body just made for fucking.
Bill seemed to make an effort to roll over on top of her, but she pushed
him down and straddled his waist and slowly guided his cock into her pretty
pussy. I was amazed how quiet they were being and honestly wondered if the
knew we were watching. I slid my arm into Melissa's tee shirt and started
to fondle her tits, which are very sensitive. She in turn was reaching
behind her and was fondling my cock through my boxers, as best as she
could, considering our position.
They fucked for what seemed like a long time. I really don't know if it
was or not, time seemed to have stopped. It was like being hypnotized. By
the time it was obvious that Bill was going to cum, Tracy had obviously cum
twice already. They hadn't made much noise, but what noises they did make
were unmistakable. As he was cumming deep inside of her, I slipped my hand
into my wife's panties, and wasn't a bit surprised by how wet she was. I
was hoping that she would let us take a turn and give them a show because I
was by this time so horny I'd have fucked no matter who was watching.
Melissa was thinking the same thing; she was even a step ahead of
me. She took control and pushed me down so I was flat on my back, pulled
off her panties and tee shirt, pulled off my boxers, and proceeded to mount
me. She was really into this, she even mounted me facing our friends, I
thought that was so cool. The only thing about this that I didn't like was
it was now difficult for me to see Bill and Tracy. That seemed like a small
price to pay in order to have my cock buried inside my lovely wife.
I closed my eyes and just let myself enjoy the sensations my cock was
feeling. I heard movement but didn't give it much thought, till I open my
eyes just in time to see Tracy coming over and straddling my face, I
watched as that sweet looking pussy just came right down onto my face and I
heard her say " Come on Steve, suck the cum out of my hot pussy!" I about
freaked, but since Melissa just kept riding my cock, I figured what the
hell, I wasn't too keen on the idea of licking up somebody else's load, but
Tracy was such a hotty, I was willing.
Tracy was sitting on my face and facing Melissa and I was even more
surprised when she started touching Melissa's tits, and I could feel her
hand rubbing my balls as my cock pumped in and out of my wife. This was
wilder than anything I'd ever imagined. I knew I wouldn't last much longer;
I was just so turned on. I'm not sure what turned me on most, her touching
my wife or me licking her cum filled pussy, I actually found myself
enjoying it, even though it was another man's load.
My cock was on fire and I exploded inside my wife, I came so hard I
thought I might pass out. As I finished exploding, Tracy pushed Melissa
down and crawled right between her legs and started licking her
pussy. Melissa had told me she was curious about other women, but didn't
think she'd ever want to try it, but she was trying it now, and she was
loving every second of it. I had never seen two women going at it before so
I was loving every second of it. I looked at Bill and obviously he was too,
he was stroking that big dick of his and looked to have a hell of a big
smile on his face.
Tracy spun around and lowered her snatch onto Melissa's face. I was so
turned on seeing the love of my life respond by pulling her in as close as
she could get her. Bill and I were both right next to them trying to get a
good view, touching and caressing them, but not interfering. Bill turned
towards me and asked me, "Do you want some right out of the tap?" and shook
his dick at me. I don't know what took control of me, but all I knew was
that his cock looked so hot and I didn't even hesitate, I bent right over
and licked the tip, then opened wide and swallowed as much of it as I
could. I had never so much as thought about cock before, but right then I
couldn't think of anything else. It tasted so fucking good.
I must have sucked cock pretty well for a beginner; Bill came in no time
at all. As his wonderful cock began to shrink, I let it slip from my mouth
and looked up to see Melissa smiling at me. Tracy let her up, and she
scooted over far enough to kiss me. For the first time ever, I shared the
taste of another woman's pussy and another man's cock with my wife. It was
the first time, but the week was just beginning, so it certainly wasn't the

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