Friday, April 17, 2009

Campers 2

I hadn't intended for this to be a series, but due to popular demand, it
seems to have become one, thanks for all the kind words.

We woke up kind of late the next morning, not really a surprise there,
we were up pretty late the night before. I can tell you this for sure, if
anybody had seen us that morning, they sure would have gotten an
eyeful. Our arms and legs were so entangled, that I bet we looked like a
four headed monster.
Not much was said about the previous night, I guess we were all a little
unsure of where things should go from there. We ate our breakfast and
headed to the other side of the lake. I had made arrangements to rent a
pontoon boat and we were going to spend the day on the lake fishing,
drinking beer, swimming, and cooking out on the grill.
Melissa and Tracy both looked mighty fine in their bikinis. Every time
another boat came anywhere near us, it was easy to see that many people
thought so. They were definitely attracting a lot of attention. Bill and I
encouraged them to go topless, but neither of them was willing until we
found a spot with some privacy.
We ventured down a small arm of the lake that seemed fairly private, and
found that the fish were actually hungry. Bill and I were much more
interested in fishing than our ladies were, so we settled in on one end of
the boat and cast our lines. The girls meanwhile, had decided to dare it
and go topless and sunbathe on the other end.
Bill and I were quietly fishing and just enjoying the day. Bill
whispered to me, "Wasn't that pretty wild last night?" I told him that it
was the wildest thing we'd ever done. He told me that they had done a
threesome once with another girl, but that didn't come close. He asked me
if I'd ever done that with a guy before, and I told him honestly that I'd
never even thought about it before. I asked him the same question and he
told me that he had fooled around with his roommate in college a few
times. When he told me this, it really turned me on, and I could tell that
remembering turned him on as well, his swim trunks had a rather obvious
bulge forming at the front.
When I saw that bulge, I just knew I had to have that cock again. I put
my hand on his thigh and said, "I think I know what fish I want to catch!"
Bill didn't need to be told twice, he leaned over to me and we kissed. I
felt his tongue push its' way into my mouth, and I gladly excepted it. As
we probed each other's mouths I let my hand slide over his bulge, and loved
how hard his cock felt.
I helped Bill out of his swim trunks and freed that cock that I was
craving. It was fully erect and I couldn't wait to taste it once again. I
didn't want to rush though, so I started kissing and licking his nipples,
working my way down his stomach and slowly but surely reaching my
goal. Just as I was about to take his cock into my mouth, Bill told me to
check out the girls, and when I peeked, they were locked in the sixty-nine
position. As hot as that looked, right now I wanted Bill's cock, and I was
not to be denied. I licked and sucked that cock like I needed it to
survive. I knew I was doing a good job; bill was moaning and groaning like
crazy. The more he moaned the more I wanted to taste his load. When he
finally came, he spewed so much that I couldn't swallow all of it. I didn't
want to be stingy with it though, so I kept some in my mouth and gave Bill
a big kiss. He willingly let me pass his own cum into his mouth and he
greedily swallowed it.
Bill looked me right in the eye and said, "Steve, I'm going to suck your
cock till it's as hard as a rock and then I want you to fuck me with it!" I
promise you he didn't need to ask me twice. He didn't have to suck me very
long to get me hard; I was already stiff as a tree. Bill handed me a tube
of KY jelly that he had gotten out of Tracy's purse and I got his hole and
my cock ready. I slowly eased it in and as I did so, I realized our wives
had finished eating one another and were now intently watching us.
I loved having an audience. Especially the way they were watching us,
telling me to fuck him good, and rubbing their pussies as they watched
us. I fucked his tight ass for as long as I could and when I couldn't stand
it any longer, I pulled out and came all over his back. Tracy and Michelle
wasted no time in coming over and licking us both clean.
As we all sat there catching our breath, it dawned on me; we still had
four more days left before we had to head home. I could hardly imagine what
might happen next. All I knew was that I couldn't wait to find out.

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