Friday, April 17, 2009

Campers 3

I hadn't intended for this to be a series, but due to popular demand, it
seems to have become one, thanks for all the kind words.

After our fishing trip, we were all spent. None of us had the energy to
stay up very late that night and we collapsed into a naked pile of twisted
limbs. I wish I could tell you about all the wild sex that night, but we
were just to worn out.
I woke up earlier than everybody else the next morning, and instead of
making a bunch of noise and waking them up; I decided to go for a
walk. There is a nice nature trail that starts out close to our campsite,
so I left a note to let them know where I was and took off.
It was a beautiful morning, there were birds singing, the sun was
shining, and there were chipmunks playing everywhere. The only complaint I
had was the humidity, seemed like it would never ease up. I walked for
about a mile and a half and sat down on a large rock to rest. I was just
enjoying the sounds of nature and reflecting on the events of the past
couple of days. I was about ready to trudge onward when I noticed that
someone was coming up the trail behind me.
As I sat there I could tell it was the kid from a couple of campsites
down, he was about 17 or 18 I'd guess. Hadn't really spent any time talking
to him, but could kind of tell he never seemed too thrilled to be there
camping with his family. There was a girl with him, I hadn't seen her
before, but could tell, as they got closer that she was a real doll
baby. Probability about the same age as him, blonde hair, killer body,
wearing those skimpy clothes that young girls wear these days.
Before they made it as far up the trail as I was, they veered off into
the woods, guess they hadn't noticed me and thought they had privacy. I
decided to go see what they were up to, I guess I'm a little on the nosey
side. When I got to the spot where they had turned off the path, I quietly
crept along till I spotted them.
I really wasn't very surprise to see them kissing, but I was surprised
to see that they both had their shirts off. From what I could see, she had
a gorgeous set of tits. He looked like he was in pretty good shape too for
that matter. I watched them as they kissed and I was envious of him as he
played with those beautiful firm young tits.
As I watched them, I could feel my cock getting hard and since I knew I
was far enough off of the trail that I wouldn't be seen, I slid down my
shorts and started to stroke. The girl chose that same moment to slide his
down as well, revealing a rather large cock, and she wasted to time in
dropping to her knees and swallowing it.
I couldn't believe how hot it was to watch this young couple. I actually
had to slow down my stroking to keep from cumming too quickly. By the way
she was sucking his dick, I was surprised that he hadn't blown a load down
her throat, this kid had real will power. She must have sucked him for
twenty minutes. She was able to deep throat that kid's monster too, and it
had to be eight inches.
She then got up and took off her shorts and thong. Let me tell you, she
was hot! Even from where I was I could tell she was completely shaved. She
got on her hands and knees and he entered that pretty pussy doggy style. He
fucked her like that for about fifteen minutes and I was very impressed.
As I watched them fuck, and stroked the hell out of my cock, I realized
they were watching me watch them. They didn't seem to mind, so I didn't
stop. The fact that they were watching me just made it all the hotter for
me. I couldn't take it anymore and my cock exploded in my hand. As I was
exploding, I watched him pull out of her and offer his cock to her mouth. I
watched him explode in her face and she licked up every drop. As she let
the cock pop out of her mouth she gave me a big smile, then licked the last
drop that had trickled out of the head. I licked the cum off my hand and
waved goodbye to them. They actually smiled and waved back.
I couldn't wait to tell the others about what I'd seen, but when I got
back to the tent, I had to wait, the girls were locked in a sixty-nine and
Bill was fucking my wife from behind. I didn't wait for an invitation. I
walked right up to Bill and fed him my cock, which he greedily sucked while
fucking the shit out of my wife.
They must have been at it awhile because at just that moment they all
came. They didn't just ignore me though; the three of them shared my
cock. Taking turns sucking and licking it. With three hot mouths sucking
me, it didn't take long and I blew my load all over their faces. I loved
watching them lick it off of each other. As we lay there catching our
breath; they asked me where I had been. All I could say was, "you guys
aren't going to believe this!"

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