Friday, April 17, 2009

Campers 4

I hadn't intended for this to be a series, but due to popular demand, it
seems to have become one, thanks for all the kind words.

After another wild night of fucking and sucking we all slept fairly late
the next day. Michelle and Tracy wanted to go swimming after breakfast,
Bill and I really wanted to get some more fishing in, but decided that we
could do that later. We all changed into our suits, and I must say that
Bill and I escorted two very sexy ladies down to the beach. Both were
wearing bikinis that were about as skimpy as bikinis can get.
When we got to the beach, I couldn't help but notice that about every
head turned to see these two sexy ladies. Every guy young and old just
stared. I even noticed that quite a few of the women and girls that were
there took the time to check them over as well.
Bill and I spent more time in the water than our ladies did; they seemed
more intent on working on their tans. A few times while splashing around in
the water, Bill snuck a good feel of my cock. That made me a little nervous
considering how many people were around, but since there really wasn't much
chance of anyone seeing what he was doing, I wasn't going to stop him. Only
problem was, every time he did this, I had to stay in the water long enough
to let my hard-on subside.
As I was spending some time cooling down my shaft, I happened to notice
that the lifeguard was being replaced and I was pleasantly surprised to see
who the new lifeguard was. It was the girl I'd seen fucking and sucking in
the woods the day before. I couldn't wait to get out of the water and point
her out to the others, but it took awhile before I could, if you get my
When I was finally able to join the others on the beach, I told them to
check out the lifeguard. They all agreed that she was really hot and then I
told them who she was. They all agreed that they could see why I had gotten
so excited and Michelle and Tracy decided they wanted a closer look.
I figured that they were just going to walk past her and check her out;
but they went right up to her and started chatting with her. They chatted
for quite some time and Bill and I kept pondering what they could possibly
be discussing. I was pretty taken back when they returned and told us that
her name is Jennifer and she was going to drop by our campsite for a visit
this evening.
We swam and tanned ourselves for quite some time, then headed back to
our campsite and had some dinner. Bill and I kept asking the girls what
they had discussed with Jennifer but we never really got much of an
answer. All we found out was she lived nearby and was going to college in
the fall. As we kept discussing her, the memory of her fucking and sucking
that stud in the woods kept crossing my mind.
Around 8:00 she finally arrived. She was wearing a bikini top and a pair
of shorts that were short enough to call a belt. She also had that kid that
she fucked in the woods with her. I couldn't help thinking that this could
get very interesting.
Jennifer introduced us to the young man; his name is Josh. We all
introduced ourselves and invited them to take seats. Josh plopped down in a
chair that was next to Tracy and Jennifer sat on his lap. After a few
minutes of small talk Jennifer just came right out and said it! "I thought
I was going to get to see your husbands suck Josh's cock!" I almost choked
on my beer! At least now I knew what the girls had discussed with her.
Before either of us guys could say a word, Tracy got up and headed for
the tent, with Michelle in hot pursuit. They just told us all to follow
them and we'll all have some fun. Of course they didn't have to wait, we
were all in the tent in seconds. I was a little nervous though because I
wasn't sure if Josh's family had seen him come over to our site, if they
did, they were bound to be curious as to why we went inside the tent.
Once inside the tent, everyone began stripping. Jennifer told Josh to
hurry up; she was dying to see this. He seemed just a little bit reluctant,
but Jennifer wasn't taking no for an answer; she smacked him on the ass and
told him to get the clothes off. He just laughed and said, "ok baby!
Anything you want, just like I promised!" I realized then that Josh was
pussy whipped, but then if you think about it, most of us guys are. We'll
do just about anything for pussy.
Bill wasn't shy; he went right up to Josh and kissed him right on the
lips. Their mouths were open and you could see them trading tongues. As
they kissed you could see both of their cocks coming to attention as they
rubbed together. I kind of felt left out so I joined them in a three-way
kiss. My cock was hard in an instant. I could hear all three girls telling
us how hot this was and they more they encouraged us, the more of a show I
wanted to put on for them.
As if our minds were somehow connected, Bill and I dropped to our knees
in front of this kid at the same time. Bill told me that I was right; he's
hung like a horse and took that beautiful cock into his mouth. There was
plenty of cock for both of us, I liked the shaft and his balls, Josh were
groaning like an accident victim already.
Bill wasn't greedy at all; he was more than glad o share with me. We
took turns on the cock. Whenever one of us was sucking cock, the other was
licking his balls or his shaft. The here girls were going wild, they kept
telling us how hot this was and how good of cocksuckers we were. I was
sucking the cock when Bill decided to try something else; he got behind
Josh and started licking his ass while I sucked the cock. Josh was going
absolutely crazy. I'm not entirely sure how long we did this, but I do know
it seemed like a long time.
The three girls must have all decided they needed in on the action;
suddenly I felt a mouth envelope my cock. I looked down to see Jennifer
devour me like a pop cycle. As she began giving me head, Tracy and Michelle
joined me in sucking on Josh's cock. Mouths were on bodies all over the
tent. It was one huge oral orgy. Cock was being sucked, pussy was being
licked, ass was being tongued, it just couldn't get much better than this.
It wasn't really discussed but we more or less broke off into two
separate threesomes. Bill and I were fucking Jennifer. Tracy and Michelle
were enjoying Josh. Two three-ways; side-by-side. The smell of cock and
pussy filled the air. It seemed like something out of a porn video; but I
wasn't watching it, I was living it.
I can't really tell you all that Josh was doing with my wife and Tracy;
I was too busy fucking and sucking with Bill and Jennifer. She was a
complete animal. She started off by sucking both of us at the same time. I
love how it feels with the head of bill's and my cock both in the same hot
wet mouth. We'd kiss while she did this and that drove her wild! The more
we kissed the harder and faster she'd suck.
She took total control of us and made bill lie down and she mounted
him. He groaned so loud as she slid her pussy down his rock hard tool. I
went to feed her my cock and she told me no! She wanted me in her ass! I
was more than willing to oblige. She spread her ass cheeks for me and I
slowly slid my cock into that tight ass. It felt so incredible. It was so
fucking tight and I could feel Bill's cock through the wall that separates
the ass from the pussy. We fucked like that for what seemed like forever.
The tightness of her ass and the feeling of my balls slapping Bill's
were taking me to the edge. Bill was about to climax as well. Just as the
two of us exploded inside of her, Jennifer had a mind shattering
orgasm. She was thrashing about and screaming. I was a little worried that
someone would hear, but it was too late to quiet her. The three of us came
and collapsed into an exhausted heap.
When I could focus my eyes I could see that my wife and her playmates
were all coming in and on each other. Michelle was on her hands and knees
with her face buried in Tracy's hot pussy while Josh was fucking her
insanely from behind. They all had what appeared to be awesome orgasms. As
they collapsed together Jennifer quickly darted between Michelle's legs and
proceeded to clean Josh's load out of her pussy.
While Jennifer ate the cum from Michelle's pussy, Josh proceeded to eat
the cum from Jennifer's ass and pussy. Both girls had yet another mind
blowing climax. We gave them the chance to catch their breath and we all
began kissing and hugging. Didn't matter who you were with, it was like we
were six people somehow locked into one body.
We all fell asleep that way. Locked in a six-person embrace. When we
awoke in the morning, Jennifer and Josh were gone. This was to be our last
full day at the campground and I figured our fun was about over; my sister
and her husband were supposed to show up this evening and stay with us for
the last night. Oh well, it's been fun.

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