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Chapter Two
The Morning After

It was the morning sunlight knifing its way through the window blinds that tugged Jay back to wakefulness, and into momentary panic. He was lying on his side cuddled next to a warm hard body that was decidedly NOT female. And they were both naked. Furthermore, his left leg and arm were thrown over the guy's thigh and chest respectively.

Without opening his eyes, he took a deep breath, preparing to ease himself out of bed and out of a potentially embarrassing situation. But then, he relaxed; memory came flooding back when he recognized Jerry's scent. His head lay in the hollow of his friend's shoulder and Jerry's arm was around his shoulders. Odd as this situation was to him, he was extremely comfortable. Letting his mind wander where it would, he snuggled closer to Jerry—if that was possible—and allowed his fingers to roam through the curly hair of his buddy's chest.

A few minutes later, Jerry stirred. He stretched as his mind rose to conscious consciousness. He smiled, feeling Jay's warm presence and and hugged the boy closer. The fingers that had been caressing his chest froze. He looked over and gently brushed the hair away from Jay's eyes. His dark lashes rested contentedly on his smooth cheeks. His full lips posed in a permanent pout that invited kisses. “God,” he thought, “he's so handsome.”

With a finger, he lightly tickled the tip of Jay's nose. “I know you're awake Dude. Why are you playing possum?”

Jay only moved his lips to respond in a small unsure voice. “I was afraid you'd make me move, and I'm too comfortable to do that.”

“I'm comfortable too Jay. We don't have to move.”

“Good.” His fingers resumed their exploration of Jerry's chest and stomach. “I've been laying here thinking.”

“About what?”

“What happened last night, and waking up next to you this morning.”

Jerry held his breath and murmured, “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did Jay.”

“Yeah, I did. But, it was so different from what we used to do in high school.”

“Well . . . ” Jerry began.

“Jer, do you realize that we had sex all the way through high school and never saw each other completely naked? We never spent the night together. And, we sucked each other for years and never came in each other's mouths.” He raised up on one elbow and looked down at Jerry, thoroughly confused. “Last night we did, in one night, all the things we never did for four years. How come?”

Jay's hair had fallen down into his eyes again and Jerry brushed it aside. He smiled up at his friend's questioning expression. “Think about how we were raised Jay. We were taught that sex of any kind is evil. And that was ALL we were taught about sex. So, we were ignorant about true intimacy; we grew up thinking sex was a guilty pleasure, or just a necessary biological function. So, everything we learned about sex we learned from other guys our own age. Boy, talk about the blind leading the blind!”

He laughed. “Together, we accidentally discovered that we could masturbate each other. Then, we discovered that we could suck each other.” He paused to take a breath and collect his thoughts. “We instinctively knew that we could do more, but we were afraid to try.” He chuckled at his next thought. “Hell, if we had spent the night with each other and gotten caught, we'd have been beaten to within an inch of our lives.”

He looked deeply into Jay's eyes “Last night and this,” he tightened his arm around his friend's waist fiercely, “is what we always wanted, but were afraid to act on.” He relaxed and gave Jay a dazzling smile. “We can't change the past, but we can enjoy the present. There are no parents sneaking around trying to catch us doing something naughty now. And, we've learned that what we are doing isn't naughty. Right?”

Jay returned Jerry's smile. “You're right. It's what I always wanted with you. I'm glad we did it.”

“Good. I hate to break this up, but I have to pee.”

“Me too.”

The boys moved to the bathroom. While they were playing their streams into the toilet, Jerry suggested, “Let's take a shower and then get something to eat. I'm starved.”

“Great idea.” Jay pulled back the shower curtain and started the water. “You go first.”

With a wicked grin, Jerry said, “Let's shower together. South Texas is in the middle of a drought. Don't you think we should conserve water?”

Grinning, Jay replied, “You just want to get your hands on me to molest me some more, you horn dog.”

Rising to the tease, Jerry quipped, “Not so. I just want to feel the firm muscles of your cute body while I wash you.”

“I rest my case,” Jay said laughing. He stepped into the shower, pulling Jerry in after him.

They began to cleanse each other, slowly and sensually, discovering every erogenous zone. Naturally, their bodies reacted in a most delightful way. Jerry shampooed his own hair while Jay smoothed soap onto every other part of his body. In turn, Jerry washed Jay's back, running his fingers along the curve of every muscle from his neck to his feet. Turning him around, he performed the same ablutions on Jay's front, paying particular attention to his hard cock and heavy hanging balls.

“Let me wash your hair Jay,” Jerry said softly. At his buddy's questioning look, Jerry pushed Jay to his knees, coincidentally bringing his face within inches of Jerry's very erect penis.

Jay smiled up at him. “This could be interesting.”

Assessing the situation, Jerry agreed. He smiled down at his friend. “Hold it in your mouth while I wash your hair. It'll give you something to do.”

Jay obliged. He closed his eyes and took the head of Jerry's cock into his mouth while Jerry slowly began to work shampoo into the brunette's thick head of hair. As Jerry's fingers worked the lather, Jay's tongue began to circle the head of his cock.

The tactile sensations coursed through Jerry's body, the soft feeling of Jay's lush tresses, and the soft feeling of Jay's dexterous tongue. As the sensations built, he settled into a rhythm, gently thrusting his hips in time with the play of his fingers through Jay's hair.

When the tingling began in his testicles, Jerry closed his eyes and threw his head back, enjoying the feeling. But, he did not alter the pace of his gentle thrust into Jay's mouth, nor the gentle massage of his hair. Sensing Jerry's impending orgasm, Jay placed his hands on Jerry's thighs and stroked them, giving his friend even more pleasure. At the ultimate moment, Jerry froze in place and quietly filled Jay's mouth with his essence. Jay froze in place also, only moving to swallow his buddy' sweet gift.

Minutes later, when they could move once more, Jay continued to hold the limp cock in his mouth while Jerry rinsed his hair with the hand-held shower head.

Suddenly, both boys screamed in shock! The shower had turned icy cold as the hot water supply ran out. They stumbled out of the tub, laughing hysterically. Jerry grabbed a huge fluffy towel and began drying the goosebumps on Jay's body. Jay bent over and placed his hands on Jerry's hips while his friend dried his sparkling clean hair.

“I wish I could have my hair washed that way every day,” Jay opined. Jerry chuckled. “By the way, I'm enjoying a great view down here,” he added, staring at Jerry's swaying cock.

Jerry reached over and smacked his buddy on the butt. “How about performing the same service for me then. Handing the towel to Jay, he bent over, grabbed Jay's hips and stared at his friend's cock, noticing that it had not gone completely soft. Jay chuckled and proceeded to towel Jerry's hair.

Clean and dry, Jerry led Jay back into the bedroom. After he had positioned his buddy on his back in the center of the bed, he smiled broadly. “Now I want to do something that I've wanted to do since high school.”

With that, he reclined on his side across the bed and lay his head on Jay's stomach. His lips touching the tip of Jay's erection, he took it into his mouth. Then, he brought his right hand up and and began to slowly masturbate the hard spike while his lips and tongue played a dance on its head. Jay moaned with delight at the delicious feelings Jerry was creating for him. He allowed his left hand to stroke Jerry's hair while his right hand caressed every part of Jerry's body it could reach.

Jerry never varied the speed of his ministrations. His hand slowly and gently manipulated about an inch of shaft while his tongue languidly explored the head. The pace was just fast enough to give Jay's reproductive system a slow-but-thorough build up. When Jay's penis swelled and his nut sack constricted in anticipation of an orgasm, Jerry stopped, held perfectly still and caressed and tickled his buddy's tight, tight nut sack for several minutes. Then, he started the routine all over again.

After about ten more minutes, Jay grabbed a handful of Jerry's hair and screamed, “Jer, I can't stand it anymore! Let me cum!”

Smiling, Jerry removed his lips from the throbbing shaft just long enough to croon, “Your wish is my command.” Whereupon, he crawled between Jay's legs, grabbed his cock and began to pump it rapidly while his tongue lapped furiously at the underside of its head. Sixty seconds later, Jay bellowed loudly, bucking his hips a foot off the bed he emptied his nuts into Jerry's sucking mouth.

A full minute later, Jay gushed, “Oh, God damn fucking shit!”

Laughing, Jerry crawled up into Jay's waiting arms and was crushed in a furious embrace. “Now, I think a simple 'thank you' would have been sufficient.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jerry snuggled into a comfortable position and replied, “That's more like it. You're very welcome.”

Jay wiped sweat from his forehead and sighed, “If you had done that eight years ago, I would have never let you out of my sight.”

Jerry chuckled and smoothed the hair on Jay's chest. “Sorry, it wouldn't have worked out. But I'm glad I could do it now.”

“Ooooooo, yes! My nerves are still going 'boing, boing, boing'.”

Both boys laughed heartily. Jerry commented, “When you feel up to it, how about going to get some lunch? We've both had our protein for the day, now we need some carbohydrates.” They laughed again.

They chatted while they devoured the lunch special at a nearby coffee shop. Jay paused and cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable with what he was about to ask. “Jer, your sexual technique is really great. Uh, seems like you've had lots of practice. Uh, well, what I mean to ask is, are you gay?”

Jerry looked at him shrewdly. “I don't have the foggiest idea.” Jay gave him a blank look and Jerry went on. “I've lived a gay lifestyle for the past four years.” He grinned. “I guess that's where I developed my technique, as you call it. When I moved to Dallas, a gay guy lived next door to me and introduced me to the local gay crowd. With my looks and youth, they welcomed me with open arms, literally and figuratively.” He looked down at his plate and pushed his food around with his fork, thinking. “I thoroughly enjoyed it, being welcomed into a crowd. It was certainly a new experience for me.”

He looked up sadly at Jay. “You remember what it was like for me in high school; I was a social outcast, because everyone thought I was dumb and that I was a sissy because I couldn't play sports. Well, I wasn't dumb and I wasn't a sissy; I was so nearsighted I couldn't read the blackboard in the classroom and I couldn't see the ball on the playing field." He sighed. "I finally got glasses—you remember those Coke bottle bottoms I used to wear--but by that time I was so far behind in school work that I could barely keep up. And I still couldn't play sports because I couldn't wear glasses on the field.”

He cleared his throat and continued, more upbeat. “Well, several years ago I got contact lenses and now I can do anything. I joined a gym to build my body up; I rode a bicycle to increase my stamina; and I bought a target pistol and learned to be a sharpshooter. I took night classes in Dallas in order to advance in the bank. And here I am,” he said expansively, spreading his arms wide.

Then more seriously, he said, “To answer your original question, I don't have any experience with girls. Socially, I've accomplished a lot in the last four years. I've made up for a lifetime of being an outcast, but I'm still shy about women. So far, I'm not attracted to them sexually. I don't think I could make love to one. Does that disgust you?”

“Of course not! You've always been my friend and you always will be Jer.”

Jay ached with the memory of his friend's torment in high school. Jerry's story brought back memories of his own time in social hell. “I remember the names they used to call you Jer. You probably remember the names they called me too. I never fit in with the larger crowd in school either. They resented me because my family was so poor.”

He smiled fondly at Jerry. “One of the reasons I liked being your friend was because you treated me like I was a real person.”

“I always appreciated your treating me with respect too Jay. What about you? Do you consider yourself gay?”

Jay frowned briefly. “Well, when you compare our sexual history together in high school and my experience in the service, it's hard to say. The first place I was stationed in the Air Force was some backwater hole in Idaho. Let's just say that the good ole' boys there were definitely not my type. On the other hand, the girls were attractive, especially one of the civilian employees about my age at the base. We became friends and she introduced me to her social crowd. As you say, it was great to be accepted into a group purely on my own merits. I enjoyed it. One thing led to another between the girl and me, and she taught me how to have sex with a woman.”

He grinned up a Jerry. “It was a delightful experience. I imagine much the same as the first night you spent making uninhibited love to a guy.” Jerry nodded in agreement. “Well, as I was transferred from base to base, it was easy to fall into the straight crowd. And that's whose side I've been playing on ever since.”

“You never had sex with another guy after me?” Jerry asked.

“Nope. You're the only one Kemo Sabe.”

“But, but then why did you ever have sex with me?” Jerry asked, thoroughly confused.

Jay gave Jerry a gentle, kindly look. “Jer, I would be overjoyed if I could answer that question. It's been four years since I've even thought about having sex with a guy. Yet, when I first looked at you yesterday at the bank, my dick twitched in my pants.”

They broke into fits of giggles, Jerry spraying a mouthful of coffee all over his side of the table. When he could speak again, Jay admitted, “I don't know why you turn me on Jer. You just do.”

Jerry decided not to pursue that train of thought. “You want to go to a movie or something?”

Jay looked at his watch and shook his head. “Sorry. I can't. I have to go to work at four o'clock.”

“Okay. We better head back to your place then.”

While Jay changed into his uniform, Jerry packed his gym bag and retrieved his business suit from the closet. “Since we belong to the same gym, wanna be my workout partner?”

Jay responded eagerly. “I'd love to. But, being low man on the totem pole at the department, my work schedule is pretty crazy. I'll work out with you every time we can connect though.”

They were able to coordinate their gym workouts two days the following week; although, they met at the gym and parted company after their workouts, without another sexual encounter.

The following Sunday, Jay bought a used mountain bike from a cop buddy and joined Jerry for a ride in the hill country north of the city. They had a most enjoyable time; but, Jay could hardly move after the ride.

“Damn, I feel like I've been riding a horse for a week.”

Jerry chuckled. “That's understandable. The problem is the same: you've angered the soft tissue on the inside of your thighs.

“Well, ya could have warned me,” he growled.

“If I'd warned ya, you wouldn't have come along. I feel your pain Buddy. But, I'm sorry, there's no way to avoid it. You'll just have to toughen up your butt with more rides. Then, you won't feel it no matter how far you ride.”

Jay waddled his bike back to the rack on the back of Jerry's car. “How long am I going to walk like Cowboy Bob?”

“You'll be okay by the time we get home. I've got some lotion that will sooth your muscles.”

At Jerry's apartment, they took another joint shower; however, they each washed their own hair this time. Jay protested that he couldn't kneel because his butt hurt. Nevertheless, Jay's sore butt notwithstanding, they managed to arouse each other.

Dry and sparkling clean, Jerry, armed with a large bottle of lotion, positioned Jay on his back in the middle of the bed. Spreading Jay's legs wide, he said, “Now, let Doctor Jerry take a look at your injury. I believe in holistic medicine. Instead of using lotion, perhaps I can kiss it and make it well.”

Grinning, Jay drawled, “You're the doctor, do whatever you think best.”

Grinning back at Jay, Jerry said in his most professional voice, “The first thing necessary is to locate the exact point of the injury.” He crawled between Jay's legs and looked closely at his hard cock and large balls. “Perhaps here.” And he kissed and licked Jay's balls from the root all the way up to the tip of his erection, nipping the foreskin with his teeth.”

Jay gave a sharp intake of breath. “The treatment feels wonderful doctor, but that isn't the spot.”

Jerry replied, “Ah, perhaps it's located lower then.”

He took Jay's hand and wrapped his fist around his cock. “Here, hold on to this for support while I continue the examination.”

Jerry took Jay's leg in his hands and—beginning at his ankle—kissed and licked his way up the inside to the thigh while lightly raking the skin with his fingernails. Jay made some approving sounds and began to squeeze his cock. When Jerry came to a place next to the ball sack, Jay let out a low moan.

“Ah, we've found one of the sore spots,” Jerry exclaimed and began kissing and licking the offended tissue. The combination of pleasure and pain thrilled Jay.

Emboldened by success, Jerry performed the same service on the other leg. After Jerry found the second sore spot, he had to stop his friend from frantically jacking himself. When Jay could stand no more stimulation of the bruised tissue, Jerry withdrew his mouth and lightly massaged the soothing lotion into the sore muscles.

Jerry noticed that during the procedure, Jay lay back smiling, eyes closed. Grinning to himself, Jerry widened the massage area to include the crack of Jay's butt. His lubricated fingers worked their way into the sensitive crevice sending shivers of sensation through Jay's body. His eyes flew open and he stared open-mouthed at Jerry.

Still grinning, Jerry rubbed his finger around and around Jay's rectum. Jay shuddered and said, “Wow! That feels awesome.”

“Well Jay, let me finish off the treatment then.” While his fingers continued to pleasure Jay's butt, Jerry took his buddy's balls into his mouth and began to suck gently. Jay's high pitched keening could be heard in the next apartment. Abandoning his balls before the neighbors arrived, Jerry licked his way up Jay's hard shaft. He took the head into his mouth and began to suck vigorously.

Instantly, Jay began to thrash about, making small animal noises and sending the bed covers into disarray. Sixty seconds later, the head of Jay's dick expanded and delivered a wad of cum into Jerry's mouth.

Jay managed a series of grunts as he descended from his orgasmic high. Jerry released his dick and kissed his way up Jay's body until he was lying full length on top of his friend.

“And, how does the patient feel now?”

“I feel fully healed doctor. How much do I owe you?”

“It's all settled. You just paid your bill,” he explained, licking his lips.

Jerry rolled off his friend and got out of bed. Jay said, “Whoa. Where are you going? The bill is only half paid.” He sat on the edge of the bed and studied Jerry's erection. “I'd like to use some of that technique on you.” He spread Jerry's legs and began to suck on his dick. Then, he began to tickle, stroke and squeeze Jerry's nuts with one hand, while the other stroked the inside of Jerry's legs.

Jay was becoming adept at sucking his friend. He used his lips, tongue and throat muscles to great advantage, for soon Jerry's legs began to tremble and his cock swelled. Jay tugged on his ball sack and plunged all the way down on his dick. That sent the ultimate signal and Jerry's cock erupted, rewarding Jay with the payoff he so desired.

As they dressed Jerry said, “Seriously, I highly recommend that two days from now you start taking short bike rides every day to toughen your muscles. Then, you can ride in comfort.”

Jay answered with a wicked grin, “Why, when I enjoy your medical treatment so much?”

“Asshole,” Jerry smirked.

Over the next few weeks, the friends managed to work in several trips to the gym, a long bike ride, and a swim in the pool at Jerry's apartment house. They also took their pistols to a shooting range, and Jay was able to confirm that Jerry was indeed a sharpshooter. He immediately began a subtle campaign to have Jerry join the police reserve.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their companionship. Along with their various activities, they laughed and joked and talked incessantly. They were never bored together, even during the quiet times.

Jay called Jerry to make a date to do something special on Jerry's birthday. The following Sunday they racked their bikes and drove deep into the hill country, then rode to the top of a bluff overlooking a large, sparkling blue lake. They dismounted on a grassy slope and paused, taking in the view.

“It's breathtaking,” Jerry exclaimed.

Placing a hand on Jerry's shoulder, Jay agreed, “It's just as beautiful as I knew it would be.” Pointing across the lake, he continued, “My favorite place is over there on the far shore. It's accessible by car; I drive there when I want to think. But, I always knew this would be the best spot, and it is.”

They smiled at each other in agreement, their eyes sparkling. Jay motioned for Jerry to sit on the grass while he fished a small box out of his bike bag. He handed the wrapped package to Jerry saying, “Happy birthday.”

Jerry tore apart the paper and opened the box to find a fine gold chain. “Thanks,” he breathed and swept Jay into a crushing embrace.

Jay pulled back, smiling, and took the box. “Here, let me put it on you.” Jerry turned his back and Jay fastened the chain around his neck. “It's a perfect fit. I was hoping it would be.”

He turned Jerry toward the lake and motioned for him to sit between his legs. “Let's just enjoy the view for a while.” He placed his arms around his friend and held him close. He rested his chin on Jerry's shoulder to take in the view of the lake; but Jerry's clean male scent mixed with sweat began to intoxicate him. He kissed Jerry's neck, savoring the salt from his skin. His lips traveled higher, finding an earlobe and nibbling at it. His hands began to explore the muscles of Jerry's chest under the tight bike shirt. He could feel his own cock hardening, and he found Jerry in the same condition as he stroked the large mound in his bike shorts.

“Jer, I want to see you naked, here, in this beautiful place,” Jay whispered.

Jerry tensed. “Do you think we should, out here in the open?”

“It's okay. We're miles away from anyone. And, even if they had binoculars, they couldn't tell who we were. Let's do it.” Hastily, they stripped. Standing naked, each admired the other. Simultaneously, they reached out and began caressing the other's body.

Gradually, they sank to the ground, sitting face to face. They wrapped their legs around each other until their balls were touching. Jay placed his arms around Jerry's neck to hold them close. They looked down, between their bodies to see their hard dicks throbbing against each other. Jerry wrapped his hands around their cocks, squeezing them together and began to jack them slowly.

They watched with lust filled eyes as their foreskins slid up and down, first revealing, then hiding their cock heads. Jerry leaned forward and licked the soft skin under Jay's ear, working his way up to nurse gently on the boy's earlobe. Jay shivered and murmured his approval. Jerry nipped the lobe with his teeth and continued to lave the salty skin, first under his chin, then across his Adam's apple, and up to the other earlobe.

Meanwhile, their cocks began to swell with anticipation. The skin of their ball sacks writhed together. Jerry's lips and teeth worked their way down to one of Jay's nipples, which he nursed and teased with his teeth. Jay groaned with pleasure. Dipping his head, he found Jerry's lips and licked them.

He placed a hand on the back of Jerry's head, drawing the boy into a passionate kiss. Their first kiss! Their tongues dueled, fighting to explore the other's mouth.

Jay pulled back from Jerry's bruised lips; their mouths hung open, unable to speak; their breaths huffed in short gasps; and their cocks erupted into fountains of cum, coating their chests, falling back onto Jerry's hands. Staring, eye to eye, they shouted their pleasure over and over as their cocks spewed shot after shot of creamy liquid.

Breathless, they looked down at their dicks. Jerry gently removed his cum covered hands from their super sensitive erections. He brought one hand to his own mouth and the other hand to Jay's lips. Staring intently at each other, they lapped up the sweet boy nectar. When Jerry's hands were clean, they stretched out side by side and each took turns cleaning his partner's body of every drop of cum.

Finally, Jay took Jerry into an embrace and whispered into his ear, “Jer, I love you very much.”

Jerry hugged Jay fiercely. “Oh God Jay, I'm so glad to hear you say that. I've loved you for so long.”

They didn't talk much on the way back to town. Drunk with love, they only managed rather goofy looking smiles at each other. However, they kissed when Jerry dropped Jay and his bike off, promising to talk the next day.

When he got home from work the following afternoon, the message light on his answering machine was blinking. He pressed the button and heard Jay's musical voice. “Hi Jer. I'm at work tonight, but I just wanted to tell you that I love you. Bye. I'll talk to you tomorrow.”

But, three days passed and Jerry didn't hear from Jay. Worried, he finally called his lover only to hear that he was entangled in a mixed up work schedule. A week passed. Jerry called him again and received the same excuse. Worried, he demanded a meeting with Jay and Jay agreed.

Jerry knocked on his door fifteen minutes later to find his lover looking drawn and nervous.

Alarmed, Jerry said, “Jay, what's wrong? Are you sick?”

“No, I've just had a lot on my mind. Sit down, I need to talk to you.” As Jerry sat on the sofa, Jay chose a chair on the opposite side of the room. “Jer, I told you that I love you, and that's the truth.”

Jerry visibly relaxed. “Thanks Jay, I was getting worried that you didn't mean it.”

Jay groaned as if his job had been made more difficult. “No Jer, I did and I do mean it. I love you deeply. But what I haven't told you is that I'm also in love with someone else.”

Jerry sputtered, “What?”

Jay pleaded, “I love you and I love her at the same time.”

“Her?” Jerry said in a small hollow voice.

“Yes. Her name is Lisa. We've been dating for almost a year. And we fell in love.” He massaged his hands in his lap as if they were cold. “Then, you and I got back together, and we fell in love.” He cast about looking for the right words. “I love both of you equally, and I just didn't know how to tell you.”

“Jay, we had sex. Do you have sex with her?” Jerry's voice rose in pitch.

“Yes, we have a good sexual relationship.”

Jerry shot up out of the chair. “You two-timing asshole!” he screamed. “You had sex with me and told me you loved me while you were screwing some poor woman and telling her the same thing?!” His face was a vivid shade of red and tears poured out of his eyes.

“Jer, please! Let's sit down and talk about this.”

“There's nothing to talk about," Jerry shouted. "You can't love her and me at the same time. It's not possible." He gestured wildly. "You're truly fucked up Jay. Take a good look at what you're after and you'll find that you just want as many ways to get your rocks off as you can." He headed for the front door. "I can't handle a relationship with someone like that. I won't be seeing you around!” He marched out the door, slamming it behind him, determined to walk out of Jay's life forever.

To be continued. Chapter three, Broken Hearts and Pieces, will be posted shortly.

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