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Chapter One
Intersecting Paths

Jay walked Lisa from his car to her front door. He was on a high, full of good will and not a little bit horny. On her front porch, he took her hand, leaned in and gave her a tender kiss. Looking into her eyes, he smiled and said, “I had a wonderful time tonight Lisa.”

She smiled in return and said softly, “I did too Jay. And I don't want the evening to end yet. Want to come in for a bit?”

Jay's stomach trembled and his crotch stirred. This was their third date, and the first time that Lisa had invited him into her home. He took in a deep breath, smelling the jasmine blooming in the yard, and said, “I'd love to.”

It was a warm spring evening in San Antonio with a full moon shining over the Lone Star State. If that in itself wasn't romantic enough, they had eaten dinner at the Little Rhein restaurant downtown—much to the detriment of his wallet—and walked along the River Walk. They capped off the evening with a ride on one of the little cruise boats down the river, laughing at all of their guide's corny jokes and kissing every time the boat passed under a bridge. All in all, it had been a perfect evening, and now it seemed that it was going to become even better. He was interested to see if one could improve on perfection!

Jay followed Lisa into the living room and took a seat on the couch while she retrieved two cans of Coke from the kitchen. He stared after the beautiful redhead, thrilled by the prospect of becoming intimate with her. He felt a momentary pang of insecurity though; she was six years older than he. At twenty-two years of age, he had gotten to third base with perhaps a dozen girls, but had only managed homeruns with six females and he was a little worried that Lisa would be more experienced and expect the same from him. He felt like a kid from a hick town in backwater Texas—which he was—while Lisa was a sophisticated, mature woman. He sighed as she sat beside him on the couch.

Before they could take a sip of their sodas, she drew him into a deep kiss that soon became passionate. His tongue probed deeply into her mouth. It tasted sweet and clean. Her hands began to roam his chest and his manhood rose to the occasion. “Oh God,” he thought, “this is it,” and moaned.

Encouraged by her bold caresses, he began to explore her breasts, discovering that she wasn't wearing a bra. Then it was Lisa's turn to moan. Her fingers frantically unbuttoned his shirt. They broke their kiss long enough to remove their shirts, and she leaned back on the couch, opening herself to him. He leaned down and removed her shoes, then unbuttoned her slacks. His fingers snaked under her panties and found her pubic mound.

His tongue explored her breasts for a few minutes while his delft fingers worked her vagina, eliciting a series of moans from her. “God,” he thought, “I've got to see her naked.” He removed her slacks and panties in one movement and stared in awe. Her body was perfectly proportioned. Her large firm breasts were a delight to behold. His gaze drifted down to her crotch where her tan line framed her pubic mound. The hair there was neatly trimmed, revealing her already swollen vagina. He lowered his mouth and tasted it; it was sweet, like her breath. Why had he expected anything else? She was perfect. Smiling, he returned to her lips while his fingers caressed and probed her magnificent mound of glory.

Suddenly, his crotch tingled and he felt that telltale sign of impending orgasm. He took a deep breath and lay back on the couch. Lisa chuckled as she patted his crotch and purred, “I think we had better give someone some room to breath.” She slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his slacks. Her fingers burrowed their way into the fly of his boxers and wrapped themselves around his erection. As she brought it out into the open air, Jay shut his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth to stave off his explosion.

Realizing he was close, Lisa released him and busied herself removing his shoes, slacks and underwear, giving him time to calm down. As she knelt between his legs, it was her turn to admire his naked masculine beauty. Even though he was only several inches taller than her 5' 6” frame, his body was perfectly proportioned, belying his small stature. Only his uncircumcised penis and heavy testicles seemed out-sized. Her eyes raked his muscular legs, narrow hips, flat stomach and barrel chest crowned by two brown nipples standing at attention. His head of thick brown hair framed a handsome face distinguished by deep brown eyes and full lips that begged to be kissed.

Jay's eyes were lust filled at the moment, as were hers. She placed her hands on his knees and began to kiss her way up the inside of his thighs, giving equal attention to each leg. Her lips brushed his tight ball sack, then his erection, throbbing in time to the pounding of his heart. She inhaled his fresh, clean masculine musk. As she continued to kiss her way up his body, her silky red hair caressed his already sensitive genitals, sending messages of lust along every nerve fiber in his body. He closed his eyes and shivered with unmitigated delight.

He opened them again in time to see Lisa's tongue lave one of his nipples. Before his brain could register that moment of blessed stimulation, her lips engulfed the sweet brown button and she began to suckle gently.

“Ahhhh,” Jay moaned, “Lisa, my God, I'm . . . ”

Lisa quickly relinquished her hold on his nipple, and dove for his penis. She took the throbbing morstle into her mouth, her lips savoring the sweet nectar of his passion. She retracted the foreskin with her fingers and swirled her tongue around the head. Jay's hips bucked twice as his body spasmed in orgasm and ejaculated thick streams into her mouth.

Neither of them moved a muscle until his breathing returned to some semblance of normal.

Lisa removed her lips from his member, looked up at Jay and smiled. She climbed onto the couch, straddling his hips, and rewarded him with a deep kiss. He tasted his own semen as their tongues explored. Then, he felt her hand guide his still-erect penis into her body.

As she settled herself onto him, he could feel every fold and crease of her vagina. Lisa felt every vein and ridge of Jay's cock as well. Both of them moaned in satisfaction.

When she was fully settled onto him, she pulled back from the kiss and rested her head on his shoulder. Jay inhaled deeply; her hair smelled of her shampoo. He took a few strands between his lips and savored the taste.

Her arms encircled his waist tightly and she began to flex her vaginal muscles. Jay groaned and bit her shoulder. Her body undulated against his, grinding her clitoris against his pubic bone. Their nipples rubbed together, sending riots of sensation coursing through their bodies.

Unable to control himself, Jay began to flex his hips in time with hers. Both of them closed their eyes and concentrated on the messages their sex organs were sending. Second by second their passion mounted; their breathing grew shallow; their hearts beat faster. The heat from their loins spread through their bodies; sweat formed and began to run in rivulets.

Abruptly, Lisa placed her hands on Jay's shoulders, arched her back at an impossible angle and cried out as her first orgasm hit. She fell back onto Jay and bit his shoulder while a series of orgasms wracked her, body and soul.

The spasms of Lisa's vaginal muscles were too much for Jay. He cried out as his second orgasm overtook him. He bucked his hips and ejaculated time after time into her. Silent cries escaped their lips as—helpless to stop—their body movements carried their orgasms to impossible extremes.

Finally able to stand the sensations no longer, Jay lay them down on their sides and withdrew a bit from her and her super sensitive clitoris.

Minutes later, they still lay there, clinging to each other. Gradually, their heart rates slowed and they could think once more. Jay reveled in the afterglow of the physical and soul emotions he had just experienced. He kissed her sweetly and murmured, “Oh Lisa, that was beyond words!”

Eyes still closed, Lisa breathed, “You're telling me? That was beyond wonderful. I've never felt anything like that before.”

Jay suddenly panicked. “Oh shit. I came in you without a condom!”

Lisa chuckled and kissed him softly. “Don't worry; I'm on the pill. I wouldn't let either you or me do anything foolish.”

She pulled back and looked into his eyes. “Would you like to stay the night?”

“That would be my choice and my pleasure, but I have to be at work at six in the morning, so I'd better go.”

Needless to say, that experience took their relationship to a new level. In the days and weeks that passed, they spent as much time together as they could. As they grew to know each other better, they grew more and more comfortable with each other, and their sexual intimacy grew more and more loving.

One night, several months later, they lay in bed recovering from their love making. They pulled away from a deep kiss and said, “I love you,” at the same time.

They chuckled quietly and Jay said, “Well Baby, this adds a new dimension to our relationship.”

Lisa smiled. “Yes it does. And I'm glad. Are you happy?”

“Very,” Jay smiled in return, “I'm very, very happy, and content.”

The following Friday, Jerry sat at his desk in the First National Bank of San Antonio finishing the final review of the balance sheets of a new client. He looked up at the clock on the wall, noticing that it was twenty minutes before closing time. He didn't want to start a new project, so he refiled the documents and began to clear his desk for the weekend. That done, he glanced across the lobby and spied the back of a San Antonio policeman seated at the New Account desk. The guy was young, had a thick head of dark brown hair and sat ramrod straight. “Cute,” Jerry thought, “and he's had military training.”

Curious, Jerry walked across the lobby and behind the New Account Representative, as if to place something on her desk. The policeman looked up at that moment and exclaimed, “Jerry!”

Jerry's eyes widened and his face lit in a wide smile. “Jay! What the hell are you doing here?”

Jay stood and shook Jerry's outstretched hand. “Well, a friend suggested that I transfer all of my millions to this bank. Otherwise, I'm keeping the peace in this here town,” he drawled with an infectious laugh. “I might ask what the heck you're doing here.”

Laughing, the New Account Representative said, “I take it you two guys know each other.”

Jay and Jerry said, “Who? Him?” pointing at each other and laughed along with her.

Jerry checked his watch and motioned for Jay to be seated. “I'll let you guys get back to your business before we close, but I'd like to catch up with you Jay. How about having a drink with me afterward?”

“I'd love to Jerry.”

“Great.” He pointed across the lobby, “Drop by my desk when you're through.”

Jay and Jerry had graduated from high school together in a small town in East Texas. They had been close friends, but had lost track of each other since then.

As they headed out of the bank for the parking lot, Jay said, “Jerry, I can't drink in public wearing my uniform. How about following me over to my place so I can change into something comfortable?”

“Well, I don't want to do any serious drinking wearing this monkey suit either,” he laughed, fingering the lapel of his business suit. “I've got some casual clothes in my gym bag in the car. I'll change with you, then we'll both be comfortable.”

When they arrived at the apartment, they commenced an animated conversation. Jerry followed Jay into his bedroom, and they began to shed their clothes.

“How long have you been in San Antonio Jay?”

“About eight months, ever since I got out of the Air Force. I was an Air Policeman there, so when I was discharged, I decided to continue as a cop and I entered the police academy here. How about you? How in the world did you wind up in San Antonio?

“After graduation, I went to work for a bank in Dallas. I specialized in lending and worked my way up to a pretty good position. When I heard about the opening here at First National, I knew it would be a promotion for me, so I applied for it and got it.”

“That's pretty good going Old Man!” Jay said with admiration. “How old are you now?”


“Not bad Jerry. I always knew I would be proud of you.”

By this time the boys were down to their underwear. Each stopped and stared at the other's body. Jerry was the first to speak. “Man Jay, you've really muscled up. Police work must agree with you.”

“You've filled out too Jer. How did you do that sitting behind a desk all day?”

Jerry looked down self-consciously. “Oh, I ride about a hundred miles a week on my bike, and I hit the gym three nights a week.”

Jay grinned. “I've got to confess that police work doesn't put muscles on you, at least not after you get out of the academy. I belong to a gym too.”

“Which one?

“Alamo Workout.”

“Jeez, this is too coincidental! We run into each other after four years; we're living in the same town; and we belong to the same gym.” They both laughed at the irony.

By this time, they were dressed in jeans, T-shirts and sneakers, so they jumped into Jay's car and retired to a nearby bar and restaurant. It was a cozy watering hole, lively enough to be interesting but quiet enough so they could talk comfortably. And comfortable they were. They took up the conversation as if they had only left off yesterday instead of four years ago.

As each well knew, neither could wait to leave his tiny home town after high school. There wasn't any work to be had there anyway. Jay had planned a career in the Air Force, but found he didn't like military life. On the other hand, he thoroughly enjoyed police work and thought that he would pursue that as a career. After graduation, Jerry had no idea what he wanted to do, but he moved to Dallas and lucked into a job at a large bank. He had stayed with an aunt until he could afford to live on his own. He liked the banking business and planned to make a career of it.

The conversation was still in high gear when their stomachs rumbled, so they continued the talk fest in the restaurant.

After a delicious dinner of simple Italian fare, they moved back to Jay's apartment where he fixed them more drinks. They sat on the couch in the living room talking, but extremely mellow with good food, drink and companionship. At one point, there was a protracted lull in the conversation while they leaned back on the sofa, sipping their drinks. Periodically, they would glance at each other and smile.

Emboldened by the liquor, Jay broke the silence. “Remember what we used to do after school at your house?” he asked softly.

Jerry turned his head and gave Jay a shy smile. “Yeah, I sure do.” Both of Jerry's parents worked, so the boys could meet in privacy at his house.

“I don't know about you, but I sure enjoyed those times. I remember them vividly, as if they happened yesterday.”

“I know what you mean Jay. I've thought about them often over the years.” He laughed self-consciously and tried to justify what he had just said. “We were horny teenagers then. I think they call it 'exploring sexuality'.”

Jay stared straight ahead for a few seconds, then turned to Jerry. “Yeah, we were horny all right. But, at the same time, it was more than that. Seeing you here tonight brought it all back for me.” He looked down at his crotch. “And it's making me horny all over again,” he said grinning wickedly.

Jerry looked down at the bulge in his own pants and blushed. But, he had drunk just enough liquor to be uninhibited. “Me too. Wanna?” he said, giving a smirk in Jay's direction.

“Yeah,” Jay rasped out. “I'm about to bust a seam here.”

Locking eyes, grins plastering their faces, their hands moved to their jeans. Almost in slow motion, they unbuttoned their flies and lowered pants and underwear at the same time, revealing two very erect penises.

Their grins vanished. Each stared at the other's body in awe and said, “Wow!”

Jay added, “You've grown!”

“So have you. Your dick is just as pretty as I remember it, only bigger.”

Each boy began to finger his penis while staring at the other. A few seconds later, they simultaneously retracted their foreskins, revealing corona already damp with excitement. Jay scooted close to Jerry so their legs touched.

Jerry reached over and placed a gentle fist around Jay's boner. Jay sighed and did the same for Jerry.

Hidden memories thundered forward in their brains.

They lay back on the sofa and closed their eyes as their hands pleasured each other. Their practiced fingers explored each vein and ridge, each fold of skin, each strand of hair as their brains replayed dozens of pleasurable afternoons spent in each other's company. They moaned softly as their memories and lust mounted.

Jerry sat up with a dreamy expression on his face and squeezed Jay's dick affectionately. “You know, whenever I close my eyes and try to picture the perfect dick, I see yours.” He giggled at his own memory and leaned close to Jay's crotch. “Mmmm, your scent is exactly as I remember it.”

Jay began to tremble slightly. “Jer, I'm getting close. Let's move into the bedroom.”

Jerry nodded and they finished undressing. Jay took Jerry's hand and led him into the bedroom. He turned on a small lamp and rolled into the center of the bed, pulling Jerry after him, staring hard into his friend's eyes. He took a deep breath and whispered, “Jer, do you remember the afternoon I asked permission to put my dick in your mouth?” Jerry nodded. “And you said I could if I let you put yours in my mouth first.” Again, Jerry nodded. “Jer, of all the times we were together, that's the one I remember most often.” His words began to rush out. “I asked you that knowing what your answer would be. I really wanted YOU to do that to ME; I wanted to feel your cock in my mouth; I wanted to taste you; and feel you over me, lowering your big dick into my mouth.”

Jerry's breath came in shallow gasps as he placed his hands gently on either side of Jay's face and pressed him back onto the bed. He straddled his friend's chest and leaned forward until the tip of his engorged cock hovered just above Jay's lips.

“Like this Jay? Is this how you want it, now?”

“Yes!” Jay almost shouted.

Jerry placed a pillow under Jay's head and leaned forward, allowing the tip of his penis to brush his buddy's lips. The boy opened his mouth and Jerry flexed his hips, sending the foreskin covered head of his cock past Jay's lips.

“Oh shit,” Jerry thought as he watched his erection disappear, inch by inch, into his partner's mouth. This physical intimacy with his newly rediscovered friend brought tears to his eyes. They were no longer horny teenagers; they were men, making a conscious decision to share this bond. His penis had never felt so hard.

“Take it Jay; taste it; feel it; enjoy it,” Jerry crooned.

Suddenly, Jay's lips stripped the foreskin back and his tongue attacked, sending a jolt of sensation thundering through Jerry's loins. He bucked his hips slamming his cock against the back of Jay's throat. The feeling was incredible! Jay seemed to struggle for air, but moaned in pleasure nevertheless. Jerry withdrew and plunged in once more.

Jay's nose was buried in his buddy's pubic hair. The scent of Jerry's male musk was driving him wild. As Jerry started to withdraw, he grabbed his hips and held him in place. When the supply of oxygen in his lungs was exhausted, he eased about an inch of cock out of his mouth and breathed through his nose. Now Jerry's dick rested comfortably in his throat. Oh, the feeling of his friend's dick was sweet and right! It wasn't just a penis in his mouth, it was Jerry's penis. Somehow, it fulfilled a primal longing that had haunted him for years.

But, these thoughts were confusing, so he turned from them and concentrated on the pleasure of the act itself.

As Jay swallowed, the muscles of his throat constricted around the cock, galvanizing Jerry's nerves. He shuddered violently and began to pump Jay's mouth in earnest. Both boys moaned with joy. Jay's fingers roamed Jerry's body, feeling the taught muscles work in harmony as they carried him to orgasm.

The tingling started at the tip of Jerry's dick and spread up his shaft, telegraphing its message to his balls. Then, a hot sensation spread in his groin. His muscles seized and that overwhelming feeling overtook him.

Jay felt the cock in his mouth swell with blood. Then, the muscles in Jerry's hips turned into bands of steel. Jerry cried out, “Jay! I'm coming!” Rather than push him away, Jay's strong hands held his buddy's hips in place, leaving about half the cock between his lips. Jerry shuddered, and Jay's sensitive tongue felt the rush of semen rise in the beautiful dick. “Aaaaa,” Jerry cried aloud, and Jay tasted the first fruits of their labor. His tongue danced against the cock head, intensifying the primal spasms of Jerry's reproductive system. Ropes of the creamy liquid poured over Jay's tongue and down his throat. For a full minute he savored the new flavors as his fingers dug into Jerry's hips, feeling the effort of his friend to produce this stream of pure male essence.

Finally, Jerry's muscles went slack and he collapsed. Jay took the whole of Jerry's cock into his mouth while his hands stroked the trembling body above him. When Jerry's breathing calmed somewhat, he rolled the boy onto his back. Slowly, he pulled off of the still hard cock and studied it. What wondrous intelligence went into the creation of something so beautiful and so pleasurable! Then, his eyes roamed the beautiful body to which it was attached. He had always considered Jerry to be handsome; but, time had been very, very kind to him. Jerry had turned into a blond-haired blue-eyed hunk with a big long dick. Jay suddenly became conscious of the pressing need of his own body.

Jerry lay across the bed with his head hanging slightly off the edge, his eyes closed and his mouth partially open. Jay stood beside the bed and touched the tip of his dick to Jerry's lips.

Jerry smiled without opening his eyes and parted his lips. Reaching out, he grasped Jay's hips, pulling him forward. Jay's eyes glazed over with lust as he saw his penis disappear into Jerry's mouth. He sank in to the hilt and sighed, closing his eyes and concentrating on the warmth that encased him . Jerry began to work his throat muscles, sending shivers of pleasure up Jay's spine. In addition, Jerry's fingers began to roam, caressing Jay's hips and butt, his balls and the inside of his thighs.

It became difficult for Jay to think, so Jerry returned his hands to Jay's hips and encouraged them to pump. Jay's eyes snapped open. He looked down, observing the wondrous sight of his erection moving in and out of his buddy. He closed his eyes once more to focus on the thrilling sensations of Jerry's tongue swirling around his dick.

All too soon, his body began to signal his impending orgasm. He huffed and began to pound Jerry's mouth. His ball sack drew taught and his prostate swelled. Blood rushed to his cock. As he pumped, he fell forward astride Jerry. His eyes stared at his buddy's cock, throbbing inches from his face. He reached out and took the head into his mouth. Jerry groaned and clenched his jaw. This brought Jay over the edge. His muscles became rigid as his body ejaculated his stuff of life. More than a minute later Jay moaned, “Oh please, no more.” Jerry stilled his talented tongue and held his friend motionless until he recovered.

Jay slowly positioned them comfortably on the bed, lying on their sides, facing each other's cocks. Using Jerry's thigh as a pillow, he lay exploring his friend's dick. It was so hard, yet the skin was so soft. It was like velvet covered steel. It's sweet, musky scent of pure sex assaulted his senses. He caressed it and petted it and licked it and, finally, took it into his mouth and began to nurse it.

Presently, he became aware that Jerry was copying his actions, with some thrilling variations. Jerry snaked his tongue under Jay's foreskin and explored there while his fingers tickled, caressed and massaged first his balls and then his perineum, that super-sensitive spot directly behind his balls. Jay eagerly followed suit.

As they nursed cocks and caressed the most sensitive parts of their bodies, their passion mounted. What began as gentle lovemaking turned frenzied. They wrapped their arms tightly around each other and and sucked faster and harder until their bodies answered the call. The boys moaned loudly and filled each other with a second load of male essence.

When they had calmed down after the sex storm, Jerry rolled onto his back in the middle of the bed, spread his arms wide and sighed heavily. Jay stirred and lay down on his side close to Jerry. Leaning in, he studied his friend's face for some sign of censure or condemnation for what they had done. Finding none, he rested his head on Jerry's shoulder. He felt Jerry's arm circle his body, drawing him close. He relaxed and allowed his fingers to lazily comb the curly hair on Jerry's chest. He felt comfortable and at peace.

“Jer,” he asked softly, “Do you have to get up early in the morning?”

“Nuh uh.”

“Wanna spend the night?”


Jay turned off the bedside lamp, pulled the duvet over them and settled back into Jerry's arms. Minutes later, they sank into deep, dreamless sleep.

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