Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beth, Kate and Me

This is a true story, and lead to some of the most mind-blowing toe curling
sex I've ever had the pleasure of partaking in.

Have you ever been to New Zealand? It's a lush green set of 3 islands, this
story takes place in the most populated North Island. I'm a DJ for the
local radio station in this little tourist town.

I am over 6 foot tall and blue eyed with fair hair. I must say I have had
my share of sexy interludes with babes that want to get laid by the morning
DJ, one occasion I screwed this gorgeous little blonde girl for 2 hours
whilst I was talking on the's that for public exhibition.

But the story I want to tell you was the road trip up to Auckland one
afternoon. There was me behind the wheel, my wife in the back seat, (we had
a seriously bad relationship and the sex was terrible even one the annual
fuck that we did manage)there was another lady Kate also in the back seat,
and the object of my desire a sales rep from my radio station Beth.

Now Beth was fine, really small and sweet, blonde and the cutest, perkiest
tits you could ever imagine. We had begun a love affair about 3 months
prior to this night, she had taken me out to see a client and then on the
way back to work had driven to a secluded spot by the lake and unzipped my
trousers and hauled my 7-1/2 inch circumcised cock out to greet her very
talented tongue and tonsils. She may have been small but she gave head like
nothing else, I mean her nose was buried in my pubes faster that you could
say "holy shit". And when I came...and boy did I cum!!!! I pumped a half a
cup of man juice into her throat! (well it felt like half a cup cos I think
my boxers got sucked half-way up my arse with the vacuum it created).

That was and still is one of the best memories I have...but I digress, back
to the road trip.

We left the big city heading for home, a drive of about 3 hours, it was
getting late too, about 11pm when we finally left. After about an hour of
steady cruising we had left the outskirts of the city and were in the dark
of the countryside. We had turned the stereo down and the two ladies in the
back had stopped talking about 20 minutes ago when Beth shifts in her seat
beside me and slides her warm hand onto my leg and the slowly rubs her way
up to where my cock is rapidly becoming wide awake.

I quickly check out the back seat and the two sleeping beauties back there
are snoring softly, I look over at Beth and she has this wicked sexy look
that sends this massive rush of pure lust surging through my now rock hard

Now I gotta tell you that Beth is this tiny woman, but she is just the
sexiest thing on two legs, she was wearing a short red skirt and a white
blouse and this lacy little bra that was just visable through the cloth of
her blouse...and as I was about to find out, not wearing any panties
because just at that moment she took them out of her bag and held them
under my nose to allow me to smell her sweet fresh pussy scent...damn but
that smelt good...tasted it too, cos I sucked of the wet crotch of her
panties...oh yeah.

The next thing to happen was the hand that was softly stroking my hardon
now starts to undo my belt and unzip my trousers, I lift my arse and she
helps me to pull them down a bit so she can have plenty of access. The cool
air of the car caresses the hot flesh of my cock, and Beth's little hand
almost circles my shaft, and slowly pumps it a couple of times and a pearl
of precum oozes from my cock and she now leans over and licks it softly
with her tongue. Beth is now kneeing facing me on her seat with her arse in
the air and her little skirt all rucked up and the tight little arse waving
to the dark countryside flashing past the windows. I reach down her back
and slide my fingers softly down her warm butt crack and then I hit her
soaking wet pussy, she is literally dripping with juice, I scoop some up
and suck it off my fingers like a man drinking from the well that saves his
life. Her pussy is very lightly scented, and her juice is so sweet to the
taste I am addicted to it. I slide my fingers back into her honey pot and
from this position I get to hit her G-spot too, an added bonus!

Meanwhile my little cocksucking angel has buried her face in my crotch till
her nose is deep in my pubic hair. Now I have mentioned I have a fairly
respectable sized cock at 7-1/2 inches and about 6 inches around and this
little lady is deep-throating me like Linda Lovelace would be proud to
do. Now I can tell you it's really "hard" to concentrate at the best of
times when your lover has a throat full of your cock, but to be driving at
70 mph at the same time is a thrill all on it's own. Beth starts to bob
ever so slightly on my cock and is doing this thing with her tongue on the
underside of my cock that's starting to really curl my toes...

Then I get the greatest shock of my life when another hand joins mine
inside Beths pussy!

Kate has woken up, seen the sight of Beth up to my balls in cock and me up
to my knuckles in her pussy and obviously isn't fazed by it, in fact is
very very much into it, as when I looked at her she had a lusty look on her
face and a hand full of her own soaking wet pussy, I couldn't see her pussy
but sure could taste it on the slender fingers she forced between my very
surprised lips. Beth meanwhile has realised that there is definitely
something unusual going on behind her, I whisper its fine and push her head
gently back down on my cock.

Now Kate is a very supple and inventive (bloody adventurous horny woman
too) cos she has lowered the back of Beths front seat enough for her to be
able to lean forward and replace her fingers in Beth's pussy with her very
(as it turns out) talented tongue.

Now I really am getting lusted out, here is my lover sucking my cock like
theres no tomorrow and a very luscious friend sucking her pussy like she's
been doing it all her life. Beth starts to shake, a small moan escapes from
her over packed mouth and she starts to cum, and when my Beth cums she
squirts juice like a drinking fountain, and sure enough here cums old
faithful, and Kate, the lucky girl, gets a face full, at frist she pulls
back in shock then realised what was happening and clamps her mouth over
Beth's raging pussy and sucks for all she is worth...what a sight, I can't
hold back any longer, my balls rise up, my toes curl and the cum flies out
of my cock straight into Beth's waiting throat, I look down at the speedo
and holy shit I'm doing 100 mile an hour and cuming at a 1000!

Then just to really complete the scene Kate leans in towards me grabs my
face and kissed me and at the same time spits a mouthful of Beth's warm
cunt juice into my mouth...damn that was a buzz and a half.

As a post script my wife and I split up about two weeks later, she had been
having an affair with her boss for about six months and so split up his
marriage too.

And I will write again to let you know about the threesome Beth, Kate and I
enjoyed about a month later.

Hope you liked my story, and any feed back will be most gratefully received.

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