Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aspiring Director - Part III

Watching Paula and Jerry in their uninhibited and ardently passionate love
making had left my own cock rock hard and pounding feverishly, begging to
be free of its confinement. I had tried to act professionally and with
composure during the filmmaking, so I refused to free my cock from its
confines and pleasure myself even though my cock was so hard it was
painful. Early on in the film making I had adjusted my cock in my
underwear. My cock had created a huge tent in my pants, and was awkwardly
and painfully bent against my underwear. I had surreptitiously reached
into my pants and adjusted my prick so that it could stand straight up by
trapping the swollen head behind the waist band of my boxers.

As I filmed Paula and Jerry I would occasionally drag a knuckle over my
rock hard shaft. The pleasure often forced me to audibly moan and even
momentarily lose focus of my filming. I realized that that was
unprofessional and I did my best to refrain from touching myself. I
thought about completely removing my pants, thinking that at least that
would relieve some of the unyielding pressure, and that since Paula and
Jerry were uninhibitedly fucking in front of me they might not mind. But I
thought better of that. They had wanted me to film them, not walk around
their bedroom with a giant hard on wagging and bouncing in front of me like
a staff. Summoning all the discipline I could, I did my best to ignore my
raging hard on and the pre-cum that was leaking from my cock like a broken

I knew that the next time I came, which in all likelihood would be the
second I got home; I would cum like I never had before. I suspected I
would cum like a fire hydrant, shooting hot cum all over the place. I had
once gone over a week without cumming because I was living in a communal
dorm and was unable to get any privacy. When I finally masturbated I
squirted so much cum over my hand and onto my stomach that it took about
three big sheets of paper towel to clean up all my sticky goo. But even
then I was not nearly as aroused as I was after having watched Jerry and
Paula fuck like porn stars. They were extraordinary and beautiful and lewd
and on full display.

After I had finished filming, I left Jerry and Paula collapsed on their
It was already quite late and I had a long drive home. I removed the
tape from the camera and left it next to the bed and their sexually drained
bodies. I took the camera with me, but left the lights behind. For one,
my cock was so ragingly hard that it would have been uncomfortable for me
to carry bulky equipment and Jerry was in no shape to help me. Secondly, I
wanted an excuse to come back to their home because I secretly wanted to
see them again. I desperately hoped that maybe next time we were together
they would let me join them in their sexual exploits.

I walked out of their home with my camera in one hand and my other hand
rubbing my cock through my pants. I was so aroused that I was afraid I
would cum in my pants, and I did not have anything to clean the buckets I
expected. My balls were sagging they were so full of cum and my cock head
was already red and swollen.

I drove home as fast as I could, occasionally rubbing my erection through
my pants. I thought about taking my pants off in the car, but I was afraid
of what would happen if I had an accident or was pulled over by a

The second I walked into my apartment I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.
I stumbled out of my shoes and slithered my pants and underwear down to my
ankles and then completely off my legs. My cock bounced free like a
javelin hurled by an Olympic athlete. I gasped in relief as my prick
breathed free for the first time that night, and was allowed to expand to
full width and length without the restriction of my pants. Pre-cum spilled
from my cock like an overflowing tea kettle.

I next unbuttoned my shirt and cast it aside. Standing fully naked, I
could plainly see how unbelievably aroused and hard I was. Normally a dick
does not get completely aroused until it has been pleasured for at least a
little while. But my cock was standing at its full six and half inches.
It was covered in pre-cum and was so hard that it was already a shade of
reddish purple. My closely cropped pubic hair made my cock look even
bigger. My prick is cut, and like Jerry's, is perfectly smooth and vein
free. I have gotten many compliments on the beauty of it and took great
pride in knowing that so many people had praised its appearance.

(Now that we've getting so personal, it might be a good time to briefly but
more completely describe myself. I am about six feet tall, with short
brown hair and hazel eyes that people really seem to like. I take my
physical conditioning seriously, but I am not a fitness freak. I work out
about three times a week, so I am trim and well toned. My chest and abs
are firm, and there is definition in my arms and thighs, but no one would
mistake me for a body builder. Basically, I look fit and athletic. Also,
I recently had my teeth whitened, which I really like. My interests are
typical: I like all sports, especially baseball, and my spare time is spent
reading, cooking and, of course, watching all kinds of movies. Back to the

I thought about lying on the couch and watching a porno while I brought
myself to orgasm. I did not need any additional stimulation though. My
thoughts were filled with the images of Jerry and Paula pleasuring and
fucking each other. When Paula shoved two fingers up her twat while
holding her pussy lips open, I almost came right on the spot without even
touching myself. I had never seen anything so sexy. She was so gorgeous
and yet so unrestrained and animalistic in her love making. When she was
blowing Jerry and simultaneously twisting her head like a corkscrew while
she sucked his full length into her mouth, I had to physically restrain
myself from grabbing my cock I was so excited. Her gasping and moaning
while she sucked his cock was also unbearably erotic. She fucked like a
professional, but had you seen her walking down the street she could have
been mistaken for a lingerie model. She was physically perfect.

With my hand delicately holding my cock so I would not cum too soon, I
grabbed some hand lotion from the bathroom and a whole role of paper towels
from the kitchen. I knew I was going to have to clean up more cum than in
a half-dozen pornos.

Before I lay down on my bed to finally pleasure myself, I looked at my
naked body and especially my rigid cock in a full length mirror. My cock
had simply never been this large or this hard. Normally six and half
inches, the blood had filled my shaft and cock head with so much pent up
fury that it was at least a half inch longer. The shaft was so filled with
passion that it bowed out at the top like a balloon.

I stumbled on to my bed and grabbed a full handful of lotion. I audibly
gasped and enjoyed a white light sensation when I wrapped my hand around my
shaft and finally stroked my full length. I barely touched myself, but I
was so sensitive and hard that just this delicate touch brought shivers of
pleasure along my cock and through out my whole body. I didn't want to cum
so soon, but I knew that no matter what I did I could not refrain from
climaxing for very long.

I ran just one finger up my shaft and grimaced in delight. It was as if
every nerve ending in my shaft was on fire. I gently touched my cock head
and winced the sensitivity was so great. I tentatively rubbed my cum
filled balls. They were so heavy and full of cum that I wandered if they
were in any danger. How much cum can two testicles hold?

I closed my eyes before gripping my full shaft. My toes curled with
pleasure and tiny tremors flooded my body. My nipples stood on my chest
like tiny pebbles, and when I fondled them more electricity flowed through
me. My nipples have never been a real source of pleasure for me, but in my
astoundingly aroused state, every inch of my body had become a source of
sexual pleasure and promise.

I gripped my shaft and gently stroked myself. Already I could feel my cum
boiling, and I released my grip on my shaft to delay my orgasm as long as
possible. I decided instead to focus on my balls and nipples and other
body parts for a while. I gently cupped my balls and rolled and massaged
them in my right hand while my left hand massaged my chest and hard
nipples. My balls had never been this sensitive and I wandered if I would
cum without even touching my shaft.

I rolled and kneaded my balls, first delicately and then with more
I ran a knuckle up the side of my shaft, and wished with all my might
that it was Paula's mouth and talented tongue pleasuring my cock instead of
my hand. It didn't really matter though. Some of my very best orgasms
were the result of my hand, and I was just interested in having the best
orgasm I possibly could. I wanted an orgasm so great that I would black out
from the all consuming pleasure.

I again ran one knuckle up and down my shaft while my left hand still
cupped my balls. I brought a second knuckle against my cock and heaved
with delight. Slowly I stimulated my shaft. With a great sigh of
pleasure, I wrapped my hand around my shaft and stroked its full length. I
froze for a moment, absorbing the sensation, before stroking myself again.
I released my hand and very quickly ran my palm over my already ultra
sensitive cock head. The sensation was so great I squirmed and
instinctively bucked my hips in the air. The sensation was too exquisite
for my ultra aroused state, and my breathing had become labored and ragged.

Unbelievably my cock was still getting harder. I thought it would explode
from internal pressure. I removed my hand and looked at myself in the
mirror. My cock was almost bright red, and it was glistening from the
lotion and the steady stream of pre-cum that was flowing from my slit. I
put just one finger on the very tip of my cock and held it straight up from
my body so that I could admire its full length and hardness. It sprouted
from my body like an oak tree - tall and strong and ready.

I returned to stroking myself. Very gingerly at first, I gradually
increased the pressure and pace of my hand on my shaft. My hips were
instinctively bucking, and I was now beyond the point of controlling them.
I was going to cum whether I wanted to or not. My cock was in total
control of my body and mind, and I was just determined to enjoy the
mounting volcano within me.

I gripped my shaft with both hands. My right hand rotated and twisted the
top half of my shaft while my left hand twisted the bottom half of my cock
in the opposite direction my right was going. My bucking hips increased
their pace and my eyes were tightly closed. I would not open them again
until after I exploded with sexual fury. I gritted my teeth to help myself
deal with the super sensitive ripples that emanated from my cock and flowed
over my entire body.

I cupped my balls with my left hand and increased the rhythm of my right
hand on my shaft. I stroked the full length of my shaft from the very tip
of my slit to the base of my shaft just above my balls and then repeated
the process. I thrashed on the bed in pre- orgasmic passion. It was time
to cum. No, it was time to explode!

My hand increased the pace on my shaft and twisted it and rubbed it. My
toes were curled in anticipation and my hips were bucking and thrashing
like a bronco.
My balls tightened into my body as a river of cum started to boil toward
freedom. The sensation was so overwhelming that if I had been hit by a bat
at that moment I would not have felt it. I could see, hear and feel
absolutely nothing except for the sexual trembling that was racing
throughout my cock and entire body.

With a mighty and high pitched scream my cum boiled over and flew from my
cock in the most intense and all consuming sensation imaginable. My whole
body violently convulsed as my white and pearly grey cum jetted past my
head and landed on the head board behind me. My second ropy string was no
less powerful and landed on my neck. Another silvery squirt landed on my
chest, but I was not done cumming.

My cum was as hot as lava as the running stream coated my entire hand. The
fluid oozed over the crown of my cock and down my turgid and pulsating
shaft, dribbling down to my heaving balls. Just when I thought I was
finally finished, my body and cock miraculously convulsed a final time and
sprayed another stream of hot cum onto my stomach, which now looked like it
had been lathered with liquid soap. I could not believe how much I had
cum. My hand looked like I had dunked it in a bucket of sugared syrup. My
whole body was trembling with every nerve ending stimulated, and I just lay
in bed with my eyes tightly closed and my body and hand covered in my
piping hot and sticky love juice.

After laying in orgasmic delight with my penis still tingling and twitching
for at least fifteen minutes, I finally summoned the strength to clean
myself off. I dragged myself to the bathroom, and with my last bit of
energy showered. As I climbed into bed the phone rang. It was Paula. She
thanked me for taping them in such a professional manner, and apologized
for having collapsed on the bed before they were able to help me load my
lighting equipment in to the car.

She told me they had already watched some of the tape and were completely
satisfied and impressed with what they saw. To my absolute delight, she
told me that I should come by their house tomorrow to retrieve my
equipment, and that they really wanted me to watch the film with them.
They thought it was only fair that the filmmaker got to see the final
product. I drifted off to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow and wondering
if watching the film with them would lead to anything wonderful happening.
I hoped that it would. To be continued...

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