Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After Work Sex

A few of us were working late the other night. We worked together having a
laugh and joking about. We were all friends. The topics of conversation
seemed a bit more sexual tonight with things like fucking girls up the ass
and female ejaculation websites. lol. What do you expect, we are young a
horny as hell. There was myself (20, dark hair, pretty average build),
Anthony (18, short dark hair, thin, played a few sports, but not full
on. We was a great looking guy. One of those guys that oozes sex), Sean
(18, Maireads boyfriend, he is small for his age, maybe 5'5, but apparently
makes up for his height in other sizes, he has sex appeal too) and Mairead
(19, she is very forward and has no sexual hook-ups. She's a top class
girl) all heading home pretty late. It was dark outside and the streets
were relatively bare. I had just gotten myself a new car and loved cruising
in it. I offered the guys a lift home as they didn't have car, they were
gonna walk home saying as it was not a bad evening. It was much warmer than
it had been all week.

Anton had told me how he is taking driving lessons so I let him take us for
a spin before we went home. We were enjoying ourselves laughing at Antons
driving and shit. While Anton was driving, I was in the passenger seat
beside him keeping an eye on him in case he crashed my new car. He took us
to an area, it was kinda like a park, but it wasn't. It was deserted and
dark. We decided to get out and talk on the huge stones for a while.

The conversation went back to anal sex again, just like it had a couple
time already that night. We naturally progressed to other positions and
types of sex. We talked about blowjobs. The three guys had had blowjobs
before so we guessed that it was Mairead that had given Sean head. She
laughed and just said, "Well he says im brilliant at it cuz his last
girlfriend didn't take all of him in her mouth". Now this is when Sean
started to blush. Me and Anton started to laugh because Sean is so small in
height, we started to call him needle dick. But of course Sean denied
anything we said about his tiny dick.

The humiliation went on for a while until Sean snapped and shouted, "You
want me to prove how big I am?" We thought he was only joking but he
actually DID unzip his trousers and pull out his dick!! Me and Anton were
shocked at what happened but we couldn't help but look or maybe stare. You
know what its like, when a guy takes his shorts off or a girl takes her bra
off, you just cant help but have a sly look at the corner of your eye. Well
it was the same thing here until Anton put out his hand and tugged Seans
cock. Anton was only messing with his friend trying to freak him out.
Seans cock began to swell up and within seconds he had a full blown boner.

Now we seen what he was talking about, he really didn't have a tiny
dick. It was on par with mine in size even though he was almost half a foot
shorter than me. The moment was broken when Mairead began to giggle at us
two sitting transfixed at the sight before us. She knew what the attraction
was as she had it plenty of times. By now, I was starting to get a boner. I
could feel it pushing against my boxers, getting uncomfortable. I noticed
Anton moving his crotch area, that's when I knew that he was hard too.

Sean spoke and laughed saying "Look what you did Anton, lol, do it again
and we'll see what else happens." Anton looked surprised, hell, I was
surprised at what he said too! But after a second Anton stuck out his hand
again and started to jerk off Sean. I was so turned on by these two hot
teenagers in front of me both with raging boners, even if I could only see
one, I knew the other was there. I started to rub my dick through my
trousers, from the base to the tip. It was so strange sitting on those
rocks, rubbing my dick while watching these two guys get off.

Mairead moved over towards me cuz she noticed how turned on I was and seen
me rub my cock. She moved her hand along my face, down my stomach and over
my crotch, feeling the length of my dick. Im not ashamed of my dick. Im
actually proud of it. Its your average sized dick maybe 6-6.5 inches and
thick. That's what I like about my cock, its thickness. As Mairead rubbed
me she started to smile. I was in shock again because she was almost
jerking me off while her boyfriend was like 2 feet away. But he didnt seem
to care, he was totally into the wank he was getting from Anton.

Mairead unzipped my trousers and pulled them down a little, then pulled
down my boxers. I was so hard it was hurting. My cock and balls were
visible to her now, even in the dim light from the empty building across
the car park. She rubbed me up and down to the base. I was already wet with
precum and Mairead pointed that out to me. I don't produce a lot of precum,
unless im really turned on. But I was enjoying her jerking me off and
smiling at me. I wanted to kiss her but I though that maybe that would be
crossing the line. I think kissing is more intimate than sex so it might be
a bad idea to kiss her in front of Sean. Damn, she is sexy when she has
that grin.

When I looked over at Anton, he had leaned over on his knees and had Seans
dick in his mouth, yeah, in his fucking mouth!! Now that was hot. I think
it was the moaning from the two of them that made me look over in the first
place. They were going at it big time. I wasn't sure if Anton was sucking
Sean, or if Sean was face fucking Anton, but it was hot.

Mairead seen this and gave me that horny grin again. She moved over to
Anton and whispered something in his ear, I couldn't hear what. When she
came back to me, she grabbed hold of my cock and made me kneel up. What did
she have in mind? Then she handed me a condom. Cool, I thought, im gonna
get to fuck her! Then she told me that after all our conversations today
she really wants to see somebody taking it up the ass. Now I got the
picture, Anton was on his knees sucking Sean with his ass in the air so
Mairead had asked him if I could fuck him.

Well hell, I wasn't gonna turn it down, Anton is a hot guy. Sex is sex to
me, hes a guy, but its not like im dating him or anything, and I was so
horny, I didn't give a shit. So I put on the condom and moved behind
Anton. I pulled down his trousers and boxers over his ass to midway down
his legs. I felt his balls hang low and his cock point out infront of
him. So I moved in closer and put my cock at his ass. I stopped for a
second, then pushed until my knob went inside his ass. Anton groaned, as I
entered his ass. I slowly began to fuck his ass, quicker and longer with
each pump of my hips against his ass.

God, I was loving it. I had Mairead rubbing my stomach then down to my
pubes then back up again. I loved her touching my body as I fucked that
ass. I was pounding for maybe 3 or 4 minute when I noticed Sean was cumming
in Antons mouth. He was bucking around, his eyes closed and breathing
heavily. I knew he enjoyed that orgasm alright. He let out a huge sigh as
he withdrew his cock from Antons mouth. At that sight, I was so turned on
that I was almost cumming. Anton was now jacking his dick while still on
his knees and other hand.

I pounded Antons ass good and hard. He was moaning out loud now that he
didn't have Seans big dick in his mouth. I began to cum in his ass. The
feeling of his tight ass grabbing my cock and the great body I was holding
onto while I fucked him, just was too much to stop me from cumming. I
grunted and groaned as I unloaded into his ass. I could feel my cock
shooting load after load into his ass, and with each load, a wave of orgasm
came over me and stiffened my body. Jeees, that was one hot fuck!

I pulled my dick out of his ass and lay down on the rock to catch my
breath. I pulled the condom of off my shrinking dick and threw it into the
trees behind us. I looked over and Sean and Mairead were kissing pasionatly
while Sean fingered her. I lay back down, still with my cock hanging out. I
could hear Anton cumming as he jacked himself off , then Mairead whimpering
as she cum over Seans fingers beside me.

We all must have lay there for maybe another 10 mins before I got up and
put my dick into my boxers. I suggested that I get them all back home
before it gets too late. As I drove everyone to their homes I could
definitely still smell cum from us all, it filled the car. As they all
arrived at their homes, they got out with huge smiles on their faces and
asked about there being a next time.

I don't know it there will be a next time, cuz this time wasn't planned,
and I doubt one of us would have the balls to say to each other, "So are we
gonna have a shag tonight after work?" I wish one of us would because Im
dying for another shag, and Antons ass could do me the world of good.

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