Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag 19

The next evening, after Drew and Jess returned from an evening
class on Reformed Theology we all joined up together at Jess's. Alex and
Evan met Drew, Jess, Michael, and I, and we popped popcorn, made hot
chocolate with peppermint Schapps, and planned to watch "Harold and Maude,"
a movie which had been mentioned the day previous at St. Christophers.
While the popcorn was doing its merry tapdance in the microwave, Drew and I
fought to tell Jess about our upcoming Canada trip. At the same time, we
noticed a coy smile on her face.

"Well, you two," she grinned back, "Sounds like you'll be off and
having international adventures with us. Just don't get yourselfs thrown
out by the Mounties," Jess joked.

"No, just once at being expelled from Canada is practice enough for
a lifetime," Drew shot back, "And this time Edit isn't going with us!"

"No way, no how, anyway, we couldn't have as much fun with Edit
along," I joked.

Edit was Jess's former roommate, she'd since gone off and gotten an
apartment of her own. She was Hungarian and known as a little "prudish."
She didn't approve of Drew's "lifestyle" and I knew she wouldn't approve of
mine either if she caught a clue. We'd taken her to Vermont with us during
fall break, and when we attempted to take a day trip to Montreal, the
Canadian border guards wouldn't let her in without a Canadian Visa. They'd
told us at the international office at school that her U.S. Student Visa
would be sufficient, so it truly wasn't her fault, but we still loved to
joke that we were notorious enough to be denied entrance to Canada.

"Well, anyway, I'm jealous," Jess continued, frowning at us. Half
the time we didn't know when she was jokingly sad or mad, or serious, and
this time she was doing a good job at confusing us.

"I'm so sorry Jess," Drew soothingly said back. "If we could, we'd
take you with us. . ."

"Why I wouldn't go with you!" She stuck her tongue out at us both.

"Why not?" I frowned back.

"I'm not getting in the middle of your soap opera lives . . . Plus,
I have plans of my own, thank you very much. But did anyone ask?" She
couldn't hold the sad and angry face anymore and suddenly started laughing.

"What! What!" Both Drew and I chimed in at once, Drew pounding her
on the shoulder in his excitment, me checking her fingers for possible
diamond-ring evidence. Nothing there. . .

"Why, I've conveniently arranged to go visit some friends back on
the reservation where I used to work, and in mentioning it to Michael, he's
kindly offered to house me while I'm there . . ." She grinned
mischieviously back at us.

"Why you little sneak!" I giggled. "You snuck into his clutches, or
should I say, you snuck into his Christmas plans, at least."

"Yep, he said he didn't want to worry about me being alone for
Christmas, so we'll have dinner at his place with his sister, brother, and
nephews and nieces. I'm so excited!" You could see she was about ready to
jump up and down. Drew did the excited hopping around instead, and the two
of us danced around the kitchen.

"What's going on in there?" We heard the boys yelling from the
other room, "Is our popcorn ready yet, we're hungry in here!"

"Just you hold your horses!" We all yelled back in unison, and
stopped the microwave just in time.

We grabbed the hot chocolate, Drew pulled the bottle of Peppermint
Schapps from Jess's fridge, and Jess carefully poured the hot popcorn into
a couple of bowls for all to share. As we walked back into her living
room, they all joked, "It's about time," and the three of us stuck our
tongues out in tandem. We could definately pass for brother and
sisters. . .

Then, it was time to sit close and cuddly with our respective loved
ones, and we popped in an intriguing movie about a young man who just wants
to die, and an old woman who just wants to keep on living. Aaah, who could
ask for anything better?

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