Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bisexual Friends And Neighbours

When Abe opened his local contact magazine and saw a picture of his next
door neighbours he got a shock, to say the least.

Mark and Cindy seemed pretty straight laced and yet here they were posing
butt naked and looking for partners. Their ad just about blew his socks
off. They were looking for a man to join them in a threesome and stated
that a bisexual man would be a bonus. Abe couldn't take that in. Mark was
big and burly, and seemed to Abe to be the last man on earth that would be
into man on man sex. Abe read and reread the ad many times and then whipped
out his cock and stroked off to a mind blowing orgasm.

He knew he had to get it on with Mark and Cindy. Mark had a handsome face
with a solid build that Abe found irresistible; he was not quite chunky but
he was definitely beyond gym bunny. Cindy was blonde and cover girl pretty
with legs up to her armpits and tits as firm and shapely as any you could
wish to find. He had always been attracted to both of them but knew that if
he sent in a reply they might be too embarrassed to reply. Some people
might not want to swing with people they already knew, even if was just to
nod hello to. So he tried to think up a way to get to know them better and
realized that he would have to do it the hard way.

He invited the pair round for a meal and a few weeks later they returned
the favour. Slowly, over a period of months, he got to know them
better. Invites to meals came more frequently and he was spending a fair
amount of time with them, but so far talk had never turned sexual. Until
the night of Cindy's birthday.

It had been a successful evening with about thirty people enjoying Mark and
Cindy's hospitality. Abe had never seen the couple like this before; they
were all abuzz with excitement and seemed flushed and even more beautiful,
if that was possible. When the first few couples left the party there was a
sudden change in atmosphere. The talk turned sexual, very sexual and Abe
felt so incredibly turned on he could hardly breathe. Something was
happening here and he wondered if he would be allowed to be a part of it.

A sexy red headed guy was the first to strip off. He just stood up and
unzipped and dropped trou, revealing a big fat, pink cock that was uncut
and had a puckered foreskin that made his cock look extra long.

'Hey John, how the hell does that thing work?' one of the other men
asked. 'Does the skin go back when you get hard?'

'Why don't you suck it and see.' John, the red head, replied.

Abe's eyes were out on stalks as the heavyset man got down on his knees and
wrapped his fist around John's already lengthening cock and then took it
into his mouth.

'You're not freaked out, are you?' Mark, who was standing next to him,
asked as he caressed Cindy.

'No. I think it's really hot.' Abe replied.

'Really?' Mark seemed a little surprised. He turned and whispered something
to Cindy.

'Wanna come upstairs with us?' Mark asked.

'Love to.' Abe croaked.

He stole a last glance at the party people in the room who were all
starting to strip off and pair off an then followed his friends
upstairs. He loved the way Mark's firm, beefy butt jiggled about underneath
his linen trousers. He couldn't believe he was about to see that ass in all
it's glory, so big and round and firm. And Cindy's tits too would be his
for the viewing. His cock was already rock hard in his pants thinking about
her spreading those long, sun-tanned legs of hers.

After they entered the room Mark locked the door.

'As it's our first time we don't want to share you with anyone.' he told
Abe, who felt flattered.

Cindy moved in close to Abe and he could feel her firm tits jutting into
his chest. Her perfume filled his nostrils and her hands were stroking up
and down his back. He put an arm around her and when Mark moved in close
wrapped his other arm around him. This was pure ecstasy to Abe, something
he had always dreamed about, being with a man and a woman at the same
time. And when Mark started nuzzling on his neck Abe let out a happy little
sigh and dropped his hand down to Mark's fuckable man mound.

Mark and Cindy took turns kissing Abe, stealing what little breath he was
able to get. His face was flushed and he could feel his heart pounding in
his chest. His cock was leaking so much precum that it was getting stuck to
his underpants. He wanted this beautiful moment to last forever but he was
also desperate to get naked. It was Cindy who started tugging on his fly
button. She unzipped his trousers and stroked his cock through his
underpants. Darn, that felt good! Mark tugged on Abe's trousers and they
dropped to his knees. The big man now started kneading Abe's buttcheeks
through the soft cotton causing Abe to groan out loud.

This couple really knew how to sex a man up. Cindy's kisses were as sweet
as honey, and her experienced hands and nails teased Abe's cock while
Mark's strong hands had started stroking the tops of his thighs, where he
was most sensitive. Every now and then a finger would slip under the
elastic of his underpants and prod the area behind his balls. Now and again
Mark rubbed his big thick erection against Abe's underpants clad cheeks,
driving him totally crazy. It all got too much for him.

'Please...' he begged 'let's get naked.

He watched as Cindy started to strip. Mark put some music on and she really
took her time. It was easily the best strip tease Abe had ever seen and
when at last she was totally naked she invited him to join her on the
bed. Mark tugged on Abe's precum wet undies and pulled them off allowing
his eight inch throbber to spring free. The sight of that big juicy cock
was more than Mark could resist; his mouth had soon closed around that
juicy cockhead as he lapped up all the tangy excitement juices that oozed
out of the eye.

Cindy got between Abe and the headboard and started tweaking his nipples
while her husband gave him the best blow of his life. Abe was tempted to
completely surrender to it but knew that if he did that he would be
blasting off within two minutes. When the danger of creaming off grew too
great he pushed gently against Mark and told him that he wanted to see him
naked. Mark stripped off his shirt revealing a firm chest covered in dark,
sexy fur. His nipples were two tiny little red nubs in a tangle of dark
hair and Abe couldn't wait to suck them. But when Mark stepped out of his
linen trousers Abe forgot all about his nipples. He wasn't wearing any
underpants and growing out of the biggest, blackest bush Abe had ever seen
was this super thick club of a cock. It was only about five inches long but
more than made up in girth what it lacked in length. It was beautifully
circumcized with a flared knob that was simply made for sex.

The moment Mark lay down on the bed Abe was all over him, kissing his way
up his big, firm hairy thighs and onto his stomach and chest, carefully
leaving his cock to last. Cindy kissed her husband and caressed his arms
and chest. She loved seeing him so turned on and hoped that Abe would
become a regular part of their lives. Abe was lost in a world on man lust
as he greedily sucked her husband's thick cock. She slid a hand down and
fondled Mark's huge nuts, that he kept silky smooth, just the way she liked
them. If necessary she was prepared to take a backseat and let the two men
get it on but Abe was a very attractive young man and she sure wouldn't
have minded getting it on with him too.

It was Mark who directed their next move. He told Abe he wanted to watch
the younger man eat his wife's pussy. Abe had been so turned on by Mark's
beercan thick cock and monster nuts that he had neglected Cindy. But as he
parted her sweet lips now and gently tongued into her he knew that she was
a prize fuck on her own. She was surprised at how tender and gentle he was
and how good he was at giving head. She was soon so worked up she knew that
she had to have more than his hot tongue in her and started tugging on his

He got the message and moved up her body before sinking his ramrod into her
juicy wet cunt. She was so turned on that she wrapped her legs around his
butt and started raking her nails down his back. She had completely
forgotten about her husband but when she felt him gently moved her legs
away from Abe's ass and on to the bed she knew that he wanted his share of
the action. Abe fucked slowly and gently and it was turning her on so much
she almost wished she didn't have to share him.

Mark took a moment or two to admire Abe's pale, smooth little rump. His
asscheeks were just enough for a handful in Mark's meaty paws. There was
not a single pimple or hair or blemish on that creamy white ass. It was one
of the most beautiful asses Mark had seen on a man and when he parted Abe's
cheeks and saw his little pink pucker that looked all innocent and virginal
he decided this simply was the best ass it had ever been his pleasure to
get to know. He gently bit on Abe's cheeks before licking up and down the
small of his back. Abe was all aquiver with expectation and desire when at
last Mark's tongue licked up his buttcrack and made contact with his hot
little hole.

He stifled a cry as the man's expert tongue rimmed his ass. It was like he
had a mini cock drilling in to him, exciting each and every nerve that he
possessed. And it did wonders for his cock too as it gently stroked into
Cindy's wet pussy. Abe was unable to stifle a groan when Mark's finger
pressed into him, making his cock and ass seem like an interconnected,
electrified pleasure zone. A dollop of cold jelly was applied to his red
hot ass and the magic finger gently worked him loose.

Mark's own cock was desperate for release when he positioned himself behind
Abe. He let the younger man buck back and forth against his mushroom cap
while he gently tugged on his balls. Abe's hole relaxed so completely that
soon he was starting to siphon Mark's cockhead into his ass. Both men
grunted in surprise and delight as Abe's ass worked its way up and down
Mark's thick shaft that was now so incredibly sensitive. The feeling of
that thick cock in Abe's ass did something wonderful to his own cock and
each stroke now became an effort in holding back. It was as if his very
cockhead was tingling with sensation and he fought so hard to keep back the

Both Cindy and Mark could sense Abe's excitement and she whispered
encouragement in his ear while Mark started stroking off inside his ass. He
really pounded into Abe, the way Abe had begged him to, and his cock was
now so sensitive inside that warm slippery asschute that he knew the party
was almost over. That meaty cock in his ass, thrusting away so powerfully,
was too much for Abe. His body stiffened as he let out a loud groan and the
floodgates opened, shooting out volley after volley of his steaming fuck

The sound of another man in the throes of orgasm was music to Mark's
ears. He grabbed hold of Abe's slender hips, partially pulling him out of
Cindy's spunked up cunt and gave one last, savage thrust. His orgasmic
cries drowned out the soft music as he blasted off inside Abe's spent and
happy ass.

Mark stroked his spent cock in and out of Abe's slippery cute for another
minute before he withdrew and lay down on the bed. He wrapped his arms
around Abe and soon the two men were snoring soundly while Cindy snuck off
to see how the other guest were doing.

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