Friday, April 17, 2009

Yacht fun

We had known each other for awhile. Joan and Rob knew me from the local
bar. We had partied together on several occasions. When He asked me if I
had ever been with a man and woman at the same time, I knew we were in
for a fun ride. I had never been with a husband and wife, but I had
certainly had my fair share of threesomes. They invited me for a cruise
out to sea on their yacht.

"Gina, why don't you go get into your bikini?" Joan asked.

" I was just thinking the same thing, it is beautiful out here," I

I went downstairs and got my bikini on. I might as well have not been
wearing anything. But I knew that Rob liked a scantily clad girl. I
walked back upstairs and was shocked that Joan had her clothes off.

"I want you suck my clit," she said.

I got down between her legs and slowly started to lick her clit. It was
sweet and dripping wet. She laid down on the deck and I shoved a finger
in her clit. She started to move her pussy against my hand. I licked on
her nipple and kept running my finger up and down her wet slit. She came
writhing her body.

"Yes, suck my pussy... Ahhh....!" she cried as I sucked her pussy as she

I finished her off and sat back. I could feel a hand around my nipple. It
was Rob. He had his big cock out of his shorts and was rubbin it wildly.
Joan got up and started sucking on it. I was rubbin and squeezing his
tight ass. I got behind him and started lickin his asshole. I was lickin
up and down and then I shoved my tongue in his ass. He started to moan
and came in Joans mouth. She got up and kissed me, she didn't swallow
all of his cum and let it pour into my mouth.

"Mmmm...." I mumbled.

She reached around me and laid me on my side. She ordered Rob to fuck me
laying down. He shoved his big cock in my pussy and started sliding it in
and out. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute. Joan bent down and
started lickin my clit. Then she started suckin on it like a straw. Rob
began to pound my pussy with his cock. I felt a finger go in my asshole.
It was Joan, she started fuckin my ass with her hand and suckin my clit

" I'm gonna cum" I screamed.

They fucked and sucked me while I came all over Rob's big cock. We
fucked all night long on that yacht. Just taking turns. I even let Rob
pound my ass. It was wild fun.

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