Saturday, April 4, 2009

Winter Fishing Weekend

I had moved to this city about a year ago, and luckily, it was into a good
neighbourhood. The place was full of families, mostly around my age - in
their 30s and 40s, and it was a pleasant enough place to be. After about 6
weeks of living here, the neighbourhood had a picnic at the local park,
where we had a chance to mingle and meet friends, find out what they did,
where they worked - all that stuff. My wife and kids, seemed to find a few
people to hit it off with right away with a few people, and I found a couple
of guys to chum with.

As I roamed around the park, introducing myself, there was this group of 3
guys who seemed to be enjoying themselves alot more than anyone else - well
that's where the laughter was coming from I found
myself strolling over to their group, and introduced myself. It was one of
those situations where one immediately feels they've trespassed into
forbidden territory. The moment I broke into the group, they were suddenly
silent and a little abrupt. Their conversation turned to light pleasantries,
and I quickly moved on.

What I didn't know, was that 2 of these guy's wives had struck up a
friendly relationship with my wife, and after the picnic was over,
we had been invited over to one of their houses for drink and a sit
around the open-pit fire in their backyard. Feeling a little
uncomfortable,I hesitatingly agreed and went to their house.

Things changed pretty quickly. One of the guys - Tim - quickly came over
and shook my hand. He apologized, and told me that the three guys had been
friends for a long time, and were just talking about some personal
husband-wife stuff, and I kind of came in at the wrong time. But, he was
glad to have me in the neighbourhood and we quickly started talking about
our lives - our hobbies etc. It was great!

By the time the evening was over, all 4 couples were having a great time
sitting around the fire, chatting about everything, and making great jokes
and conversation. It was nice to break into a group of close friends so
easily.So, we continued to meet regularly - at least once a week over the

But it seemed that Tim and I were really hitting it off which didn't seem to
bother the other guys. He was an early riser - as was I, and sometimes,we
would meet early in the morning to walk our dogs.

Now, Tim is a tall blonde guy, about 6'2, fairly lean body, and huge
strong legs. He runs a fair bit, and bikes alot as well. His face
was one of those masculine structured faces - a little rugged, but
strong - European look. The other two guys, Wayne, and Ian, were
average size. Ian was a hairy beast, with jet black hair, and Paul
was a lightly hairy guy, dirty blond hair, and - well he actually looked
alot like me. None of us are overly muscular, but we're in pretty good

The first time we went swimming together with our kids, we did a quick
body check, and all of us caught the other looking. So I just stood up and
said - Okay, I'm the new guy - take a good look - then let's swim. There was
a moment of silent, the we all stood up, and had a good laugh. Slipped on
our swim suits, and spent a good day at the pool. Paul and Ian had come
together, and Tim and I had come together, so we both went our separate
ways, and bid farewell til next time. Tim asked if I wanted to go to his
house for dinner - our wives were going to a movie, so we went over and hung
out. We hadn't bothered removing our swimsuits and I wanted to change, so
we yelled to the kids we'd be right down and went up to his bedroom. I had
an old loose pair of jogging shorts to put on, and when I stripped down and
started to slip on the shorts, "Ah - hah" he said - you like it hanging
loose too I see."

"Anytime I can", I said.

With that, he slipped out of his swim-suit, walked over to his dresser
and pulled out his jogging short - that were obviously well-used.

"Julie (his wife) hates it when I wear these, but they're just so
..he whispered with snicker - and they feel great on my penis"!

"I know what you mean man - I've jerked off in these things more than
you know."

He opened his mouth in a frozen suprised laugh. "Man I can't believe you
said that - I jerk off in these all the time too".

"What can I say, we're too guys who think alike"!

With that, we went downstairs, and continued making burgers and fries for us
and the kids. They were all over the place having a great time, so he and I
went out on his enclosed front porch.

We chose two big heft old chairs with lots of room, sitting across from each
other, with a small wooden table in between us. We both had lots of food,
and couple of frothy ones, and a wonderful warm evening.

We always found ways to talk about everything and anything, and it seemed
the more we saw of each other, the more personal we became. On this
particular night, we got talking about sex -- explicitly -- what we liked,
what we didn't like, and we got very graphic. On our third beer, we were
pretty explicit. This time, when Tim sat down across from me, he put his
leg up on the table, with his knee bent. The leg of his shorts was open
enough so I could get a good look at his hairy bag. I decided to join him,
and spread my legs a little, hoping I would expose myself a little as well.
The more we talked about sex, the hornier I got, and started to get hard,
and unfortunately, couldn't hide it.

Tim slid down in his chair, opening his legs even further so that his dick
fell out from the leg of his shorts. I looked at his cock and said, "Hey
Tim, it looks like we have another visitor here tonight" nodding down to his
crotch. He immediately replied that at least I showed his dick some respect
by standing at attention when his dick etered the room.

I looked down and pulled my shorts aside, grabbing the base of my
now-very-hard dick, talking as a Private, "Good day sir! I'm horny sir! You
look good today sir"! After that he grabbed his dick (which was now almost
as hard as mine) and said wagging it at me --

"You look good today you were...I said as you were". I let go of my
dick and we both watched my dick as if it would answer on its own.

"Hmmmm, looks like he doesn't listen very well" that moment, my son ran
in the room, followed by Tim's son, and we quickly our dicks back in our
shorts. Something had happened in the other room that we had to take care
of, and that startle on its own made my hardon start to shrink.

We got up and tended to the family thing, and then decided to tidy up a bit.

Neither of us had talked about what had happened, but while at the
dishwasher, Tim bent over to put a plate in and suddenly let out this huge
fart. Without thinking, I pushed my cock against his ass and said, "plug it
up plug it up...I don't want any more of that out here". Then I jumped back.
There was that very awkward few seconds of silence, and then he stood up
turned around...we looked at each other and just burst out laughing, gave each
other a quick hug touching our chest, stomach, dicks and legs. It was quick
but very symbolic of our closeness.

We continued to hang out together, along with the other guys every once in
awhile, and soon it was hockey season. I was't a great player, but I was
competent. The other guys had played together for the last few years, and
invited me to join in. This wasn't a official team, only a bunch of guys
playing for fun twice a week. It was always late when we played, and after
the game, we were all a little punchy. Usually, one of us would drive the
other 3 guys, and as we only played for 45 minutes, there was always time to
go out for a bite to eat or a drink after playing. These guys were always
pretty funny, and were always quite comfortable walking around naked I the
dressing room for awhile after the game. Lots of guys wear towels after
they get out of the showers, but Ian especially seemed to like to sit down
on the bench, and talk and tell jokes while everyone else was getting
dressed. He had a great body -- nice and hairy, and a good sized soft dick.

In November, Ian asked me to join the group on their annual ice fishing
weekend. Ian had a summer cabin, and once a year, the other guys went up
for a weekend, to shovel snow off the roof, check things out, and do a
little ice-fishing. This was an annual event. The guys went away for the
weekend, while the women looked after the kids, and in the summer, the wives
went up while the husbands looked after the kids.

After checking with my wife, we thought it would be a great idea. Only a
few weeks away, I thought this would be a great weekend. As I'd never been
ice-fishing, I was getting kind-of-excited about the whole idea. After the
next game, I asked if there was anything special I needed to bring -- any
special clothes. Well, all three guys looked at each other and snickered a

Listen, we better be straight with you so you're not surprised when you're
there. We've been going up there together for about 4 years now. We bring
good warm winter clothes,
and one or two sets of clothes, but we kind of use this weekend to be --
natural. If we want to be nude, we are, or wear our underwear, or clothes.
Whatever we want to do or however we want to be -- we just do. Listen, after
the last 2 years especially, we've become pretty good buddies up there, and
now you can join us if you want.

"Hmmmm, is there something you're not telling me" I asked.

"Really, it's just a long weekend, that we get to just be -- let it hang out,
play cards, maybe play a little hockey, fish a little -- and -- uh -- whatever
comes naturally"

The day came to leave, and we all piled Ian's car. Stopped at a grocery
story, got enough food for the weekend, some beer and wine, and we were off.
Talking, telling jokes, singing with tunes on the radio, we were well on
our way to a great weekend.

We got up to the cabin in the early evening, it was dark, but we managed to
make our way through the snow to the cabin door. We brought in all the
food, clothes and stuff, and once inside, I found that it was FREEZING COLD.

There was no furnace, the cabin would be heated by wood fireplace only.
Each of us were assigned a day to keep the fire going, and as I was the new
guy, I got the first day.

I took a look around, and found that there were really only 3 rooms. A
large family room with 2 couches, an old arberite kitchen table and chairs,
a large bar/kitchen, one large bedroom off the sitting area that held 2
double beds, and one bunk bed -- obviously for kids. Then -- a bathroom.
Someone in the community had already turned on the water and electricity
earlier that day, so at least the toilet and shower were working.

There was a woodshed just off the main entrance, but enough dry wood had
been left inside for at least this night, so I got busy getting the fire
going. While I did that, the other guys unpacked and got the groceries into
the fridge.

It took me awhile to get a blazing fire going, so I was kid of unawares of
what was going on behind me. When I was finally pleased with the fire, I
turned around, and there was Ian, already naked -- I guess I expected it.
But the other guys were still dressed. Nobody seemed to mind, and I guess I
didn't care either.

I got up, took a beer and sat down. Ian sat down beside me and said thanks
for the fire. The he said, "You're okay with this, right?"

"Ian, I sat back comfortably, this has been a fantasy weekend of mine for a
long time. As soon as it warms up a bit, I'm going to join you."

We all just sat there for a bit, and then I went to the bedroom to check
things out. Tim followed me in there, and informed me that he and I would
sleep together if that was okay. "Of course", I replied.

"Well, I guess if I don't do it now, I won't have the guts to do it", and I
started to strip down. Tim also started to strip down, but kept on his
t-shirt and socks. I have to admit he looked pretty sexy with his white
t-shirt on, his big wooly socks, and his nice blonde hairy legs, and of
course, his nice white dick and balls hanging there freely.

I looked at his cock, looked at this face and told him how great it was to
be able to do this. We both walked out in the sitting room and there we
were, all in different forms of undress, but it was all okay.

We sat and joked and just sat quietly getting used to the fire and to each
other's bodies.After about 30 minutes, the fire was dying down, and I padded
over to the fireplace to get things moving again. While I was on my knees
throwing wood in the fire, Tim came over and asked how things were going,
when I turned my head, my eyes were about a foot from his dick. When I
answered him, I couldn't take my eyes off his penis.

He said, "nice work", stepped forward and brushed his penis against my face,
then walked back to the couch. My cock sprang to life, and I wondered what
the hell had just happened.

I waited until my cock had gone down, and then went back over to the couch,
and sat down beside Tim. We started talking about ice fishing and as we
talked, Tim turned so that his one leg was up on the couch, and the other on
the floor. Of course for me, that meant, I had a full view of his crotch and
I would take every opportunity to look at Tim's crotch throughout the

After an hour, I offered to whip up something to eat for everyone, and Tim
said he would help me. Ian pulled him aside and whispered something to him
and then came over to the kitchen area. Ian and Wayne continued talking,
and Tim came over. "What's going on I said".

"Look this is a completely free weekend. We walk around naked if we want,
we jerk off if we want, and if we want to touch each other -- if the other
guy's okay with it. So just be open and honest with us, and we'll be the
same with you."
"Cool, okay" I said, a little nervous.

We started to fry up some ground beef for making tacos, and started to goof
around and stuff, doing a takeoff on The Big Chill, when everyone's dancing
around the kitchen. The exception here was that I was naked, ad he was half
naked. Then it happened.

I accidentally dropped the knife on the floor, and dropped to the floor to
pick it up.

Beside me again was Tim. My face was inches from his crotch. I looked up
at his face,
and he said -- it's okay -- go ahead if you want -- or don't. He smiled down
at me and stepped forward. I breathed in the aroma of his crotch, and just
pressed my face into into
his penis and scrotum. He just moved back and forth slightly letting me
take it all in.

Then I grabbed the knife, and stood up. " "Thanks" I said. I've
always wanted to do that".

"Cliff, if you want to suck it, or just smell it, or look at it, or hug me --
or whatever, we'll do it this weekend. My penis is part of me, and you
kow...guys aren't allowed to get to
know that part of us -- but we all decided a few years ago, that it was
alright -- at least for us, as long as we keep it amongst ourselves"

With that, he stepped forward, and we hugged, this time touching our naked
dicks together, and we stayed that way for awhile. Breaking us from our hug,
was Wayne, who came over congratulating us on getting to know each other.

We went back to the stove, and continued making our tacos. We'd already
become closer, and it was only the beginning of the weekend. We ate, played
cards and drank .

When it was time to go to bed, I made sure there was enough wood on the
fire, and Tim and I snuggled into bed, me behind him with my dick nestled in
the crack of his ass.

Tim whispered, "I really don't feel comfortable with fucking".

"Don't worry", I said, "I had no plans to do it, but my cock feels good just
resting on your ass if that's okay".

With that, we went to sleep and woke up the next morning after a wonderful,
restful sleep. I noticed that Wayne and Ian were not there and I presumed
had gone into the other room to get the fire going.

It was great not to have to worry about slipping on my clothes, and I walked
over to the washroom. The fire was blazing, and the washroom door was open.
The two guys were in the shower together, and they yelled "good morning"
to me, as I yelled back the same and started to piss in the toilet.

The next thing I know, Tim is beside me also pissing in the toilet. We shook
our dicks, and went back to the other room. It was Tim's turn to get the
fire going, and as he was on his knees putting wood into the fire, I walked
over and stood beside him. He looked up at me and smiled, leaned in and
kissed my penis -- "soon" he said.

Wayne and Ian came out of the washroom, and said they wanted to head out to
the lake to begin fishing , did we want to come? We looked at each other
and with a knowing look, said no, maybe tomorrow.

We had our breakfast and chatted about the weather and stuff.

When Wayne and Ian had left the cabin, I looked at Tim, and he motioned me
over to the couch. "So, what do you want to do"? I sat back, slid down on
the couch, and was quiet for a minute. Look, it might sound weird, but last
night, when you rubbed your dick on my face -- well, I've been thinking about
that all night. What would it be like to suck -- I mean really suck another
guy's dick. I didn't want to do it with the other guys here, but yesterday,
you said we could do whatever we wanted -- I mean -- if the other guy wanted
it to -- so, I was wondering if I could suck your cock for awhile.

Cliff, I did it for the first time a few years ago, and I think it's great
to help your friend out. We've become best friends and heh -- if you want to
suck a cock for the first time -- I'd be happy to give you mine.

So, he laid sideways on the couch, and said, anytime you want to suck me
this weekend, you can. Really. Take your time. So he spread his legs a
little and I leaned in to start sucking him. I just rubbed my face all over
his dick, and all over his balls and just savoured the aroma. Just as I was
about to swallow his cock, he looked over at the fire, and said, "Shit,
sorry buddy, but I have to beef up the fire". He lifted my head off his
penis, and told me he'd be right back.

I watched as he walked over to the fire, his hard cock bouncing along the
way. He built up the fire, turned around and bounced back to me, this time
standing in front of me, and inviting me in to suck his cock. He grabbed
the back of my head, and with both of his hands on my head, he slowly pulled
me on and off of his hard penis. He had a nice big head, and a long shaft --
a great bush -- and he just let me slurp away.

"Its great isn't it? he asked".

"I always wondered what it was like on the other end, and I'll tell you from
the first time I saw your dick peeking out of those shorts of yours, I've
wondered about this".

"Listen, I think I'd like to do this all day". Well, I can last for
awhile...if you want to really take your time, lets go into the bedroom, and
I'll read a book while you experiment.

With that, we moved into the bedroom, he grabbed his book, lay down on the
bed, and spread his legs. He looked great, still in his t-shirt and socks
and again said, "just take your time -- we have all day".

His cock had gone soft, but it was still a nice size. He propped his legs
up, and laying on my stomach, I slid into his crotch. I took the head in
my mouth, and slurped in right down my throat until my lips were in his
pubic hair. He held one book in his hand, and the other was on my head while
I sucked happily on his penis. I'd lick his dick from top to bottom
savouring every inch of his cock, and then nuzzle my nose into his balls,
slowly sucking one at a time.

After about an hour, of me sucking him -- he said -- okay -- I can't take any
more. Do you want to make me cum, or should I just jerk it off.

Heh, I've done it this far, I might as well get the whole experience.

Okay -- well I'm going to fuck your face and you can either swallow it, or
I'll tell you just before I cum, and I'll cum ...wherever.

He put his book down, and started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth.
Suddenly, this slow savouring of my best friend's private parts, turned into
this complete sexual event. I looked up and saw a completely different
look in Tim's eyes, I smiled and took his entire dick down my throat. I
grabbed his balls and started to massage them while he fucked my face. Then
he pulled me off, and asked me to lie down on my back so he could really
fuck my face.

I quickly laid down on my back, and he straddled my face, smiling down at
me, and started doing pushups in and out of my mouth.

I want to say, it was absolutely incredible.

This great man smell was eminating from his crotch, and I thought I'd go
nuts with excitement. He started to buck like crazy, and screamed..." Okay
this is you want to try it or not"? I grabbed his ass, and pulled him
into my mouth. He gave about 3 more pumps then planted himself firmly in my
mouth -- down my throat, and started to cum and cum and cum. He was so far
down my throat I couldn't taste anything, but i could feel the semen, and
felt great that I'd swallowed it.

When he finished, he just laid on top of me, until his cock softened in my

"That my friend, was the best blowjob I've ever had, and you are the best
friend I've ever had".

He started to pull his soft cock out of my mouth but I wouldn't let him.
This started a fun wrestling thing, with his cock in my mouth the entire
time. Next thing you know, we're in a 69 position, he's sucking me, and I'm
sucking him again. This one was so quick, and I came buckets in his mouth,
and he had a few more squirts to put into me.

After it was over, we both lay back on the bed and fell fast asleep. When I
woke up, he was up and completely dressed putting the fire back into shape.

"Heh Cliff. So, is your curiosity cured, or do you think you're going to
want to try a little more"?

"Listen, was great and I feel closer to you now than I ever have.
What are we going to do when we get back to the city?

"I don't know . Lets just wait and see what happens".

The rest of the weekend, the four of us had a ball together. We talked
intimately, we spent most of the last day naked, and Tim and I never did get
out ice fishing. We talked a lot about our lives about our bodies, and about
sex. Never had any group action. I think the other guys knew we need some
time to get to know each other.

About a month later, we were out walking our dogs one morning that had
turned surprisingly mild. We went to a huge dog walk area where the dogs
were allowed to run off-leash. When we got to the park, there was no one
around...we let the dogs go wild, and had to jog a little to keep up. After
a few minutes, Tim said he had to take a piss, so we stopped for a sec,
while he whipped it out and started to piss. I was looking the other way,
checking out the dogs...when I heard. "Heh, have you had breakfast yet"? I
turned around, and there was Tim with his hard dick sticking out of his
jeans fly.

"Are you"?

"Believe me, it will only take a couple of minutes...only if you don't mind".
I walked over and grabbed his dick and said, "Today, I'll do you, next mild
winter day, I want to see my dick in your mouth".

"You're on". With that, I got down on my knees, grabbed his really hard
cock, and sucked him off in about 2 minutes. It was nice to have his
beautifull dick in my mouth again. He tasted great. After I finished, we
continued our walk as if nothing had happened. Back in his car though, when
he dropped me off, I thanked him, and patted his dick through his jeans, and
said, "thanks to you too".

"I don't think he heard you"....and he playfully pushed my head down into
his lap.

"Heh - next time, you're gonna swallow my big hairy one buddy".

Well, we neighbours have been hanging out together now for about 4 years.
Tim and I and our families are all quite close. Tim and I seem to find some
time together, not always for sex, but about once a month we manage to share
our dicks.

Ice fishing is coming up in about a month. I can hardly wait.

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