Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Truth Or Dare

I'd just gotten off from work - another Saturday morning spent in the
office, away from my girlfriend, Lisa. I'd been going with her for
6 months and she was the love of my life. Everything - physically,
emotionally, spiritually - she satisfied me. Lisa was 30, good-looking
enough to turn heads, and basically wonderful in general.

Lisa's sister, Laurie, was another story. She was 19, halfway through her
second year of college. I'd only been introduced to her a month ago,
given that she way away at school.

Laurie is a truly beautiful young woman, I thought, as I said hello and was
introduced. About 5'5", brunette, maybe 130 lbs., nice legs, a nice 36D chest
that wasn't exactly unnoticeable. Maybe an extra 5 pounds around the middle,
if that. Great legs. But you'd have to nit-pick to say she didn't have a
great body.

Over that past month, the fascination was there on my part. I always
wondered whether it was there on her side. More than a few times I'd
catch looks at her breasts - once, as she leaned over right toward me,
wearing a loose fitting sweater and no bra, then caught me sneaking a direct
look! I'd have died on the spot if it weren't for the impish smile she gave
back and the pause she made when she saw me looking.

Thing about her was (other than apparently to tease me), she seemed to cover
herself up all the time - physically and personality-wise. Lots of baggy
sweaters and pants, and a very quiet, easy-going attitude - not the extrovert
you'd expect with looks like those.

Anyway, back to the story. I made my way down to Lisa's house. Her parents
were off on vacation, so instead of her spending the weekend at my place,
I'd figured we would cozy up at her place instead.

I pulled into the driveway, and noticed Lisa's car was gone. Odd, I
thought. She said she'd be here. Hmmm. I noticed her Laurie's car in the
driveway. Wonder if anyone's around, I thought. She might have run to
the mall with Laurie or something.

I knocked on the front door, and then opened it, yelling "hello" to anyone
within earshot. I heard music coming from the back of the house - where
Laurie's room was. Loud music. Little Feat - not a bad choice, I thought. And
Just the slightest tinge of marijuana filled the air.

Hmmm. I thought. Sounds like a party. I had to grin. Then I figured I
could at least knock on the bedroom door and ask where Lisa was.
Worth rattling Laurie's chains. So up the stairs I went, and knocked
medium loudly on the door.

The music stopped abruptly. "Who's there?"

"Hey it's Steven, just wondering where Lisa is", I replied.

The door opened. Laurie was at the door. "Oh shit, I thought you were Mom
and Dad. You scared the shit out of me. Come in, and shut the door".

"Lisa had to run into work - they had a fire, and they're going through all
the disaster recovery plans and stuff. She said she'd call sometime around
dinner to see what's up", Laurie reported to me.

I then walked into Laurie's room, complete with a nice residue of pot smoke
floating through the air, and a barely-cracked-open 30-pack of Bud sitting
alongside Laurie's bed. And, not to be left out, there was Laurie's best
friend, Heidi.

Heidi was about 5'3", a kind of chunky, long curly bright red hair with
freckles. Very granola-looking and acting. About a 36-C chest, judging
her against Laurie's size. Seems like a very nice person, very down-to-earth,
based on the limited number of times I'd met her. According to Lisa and
Laurie, Heidi always had boyfriends in her arsenal, but never seemed to get
tied down for very long.

"Hey, Heidi", I said. "Good to see you. How's school?"

"Fine," she replied, "ready to get it overwith and move on. Better things
to do, you know?"

"Yup... been doing those 'better' things for a few years now. Trust me,
you're better off where you are!" I replied.

Laurie offered me a beer, and I figured, what the hell, I wasn't going
anywhere. So I accepted. We shot the breeze for a while. Laurie and
Heidi of course needled me about Lisa. I needled them because, well,
they were in college, so of course they were derelicts!

We'd reached mid-afternoon and had 3 or 4 beers apiece. We talked and laughed
and shared secrets, horror stories about the opposite sex, and other stuff.
Finally at one point, Heidi and Laurie stole off to the side and huddled up.
Laurie came back and said, "We're going to start smoking again. I know you
smelled it on the way in. Would you like to smoke with us? If not, not a
big deal. But I just want to make sure you're OK with it. You're not going
to rat us out, are you?."

What was I going to say? "OK by me", I said, "as long as you include me".

OK. Now I had done it. Partying with college kids.

I grabbed another round of beers as Laurie went to her desk pulled our her
stash, and rolled a couple joints.

The next hour consisted of quite a bit of smoking and drinking. Laurie and
Heidi mostly recounted some of their high school and college partying
escapades, ex-boyfriends, and so on. I just sort of played along, catching
a really good buzz along the way.

Finally we got to the point of basically looking at each other, wondering
what to do next. Laurie broke the silence. "Why don't we be completely
juvenile and play Truth Or Dare?", she asked.

Laughter ensued. This ranked up there with Spin The Bottle. But what
the hell, it was fun. "Sure, I'm in," I replied. Heidi agreed, too.

"OK, but we need to make rules," Laurie said. "Once we set the rules,
nothing changes, agreed?".

"OK by me," I said. "I think each of us should get one rule to put in
force. We'll each write a rule down on paper, then turn the papers
over, and those are the rules we'll live by. Agreed?"

"Agreed," said Laurie. "In their turn, the person asks a Truth or Dare
question to the person on their left, then on their right. It goes
around the room from there. Sound good?"

"OK", Heidi and I said simultaneously.

"Then let's write our rules down."

I thought for a while, watching Heidi and Laurie for any hints to what
they might be thinking. Then I made my choice.

"OK, times up," Laurie announced. "Turn your rules over". We did. And
how interesting the results were.

"OK. We have the following rules," Laurie announced:

"1. Nothing that happens here leaves this room.
2. No one can refuse a dare unless it involves
potential physical harm.
3. No dares involving money can take place."

"Heidi, you get the first turn. We'll go clockwise, so I'll go last,"
said Laurie. "Batter up!".

Heidi grinned. "OK, Truth or Dare", as she pointed at me.

"Truth", I offered. Gotta start out conservative when you're on the
other team's turf, I say.

Heidi grinned even more. "Have you ever deeply fantasized about
another woman over the past year or two, even while you were with Lisa?"

Hmmm, let's get uncomfortable right off the top, I thought. It was painfully
obvious what Heidi was hoping for. But I couldn't lie, even though my
feelings rested elsewhere in the room. "Yes, I have. I'd be lying if I
said I didn't."

Heidi and Laurie both laughed, but complimented me on my honesty.
Would've figured you were dead, if you didn't answer that the right
way," chuckled Heidi.

Once the laughing died down, the first shock of the afternoon came.
"OK Laurie," said Heidi, "same question. Or a dare."

Heidi was actually asking Laurie if she'd ever been attracted to
a woman! Laurie paused at first, then laughed, which of course
made us all laugh. Then she collected herself. "Well, not..
directly," she said. "I mean, every girl must have a thought or
two. But no, I've never been attracted to a woman."

Heidi seemed satified with the answer. The pause had been perceptible
in Laurie's answer. File that one away for safekeeping, I thought.

Now it was my turn, starting with Laurie. Laurie had a seemingly unending
number of male friends, so I figured I'd have to ask about that. "Truth
or dare, what'll it be," I asked.

"Truth," said Laurie. "Give me your best shot," she giggled.

"OK. Have you slept with more or less than 5 of your male friends over
the past year?" I named off a bunch of her friends that I knew she'd
been out partying with, even while she dated her current boyfriend.

Heidi was hysterical. She knew what the answer would be. Laurie blushed
a deep red. "Uh... more," she said, quietly. Then we all broke out laughing
again. Talk about striking a chord, though. I couldn't have hit a more
sensitive spot, seemingly.

I continued on with Heidi, and we went around the room two or three more
times. Each person offered up another truth - usually centering around
past relationships and such.

Then it came around to me. It was Heidi's turn to ask me, and I figured
I'd be the first to break the ice, and see where it took us. "Dare," I
replied. "Someone has to be the first!".

Heidi paused a minute and thought. Finally, came the dare. "I dare you
to open your pants and shorts, show us 'what you got', and leave it out for
the rest of the game."

Laurie was taken aback that Heidi would ask that. I was pretty much taken
aback as well, but I figured if I showed that I'd go this far, who knew
what could happen. It was a game of trust, right? So off came the pants
and shorts. Laurie and Heidi seemed somewhat surprised that I went through
with it. But rules are rules.

Laurie and Heidi both stared at me - I was pretty erect at this point. I'm
not enormous, somewhere around 7 inches. Well, I thought, I guess we crossed
that line safely.

Now, even as both women eyed me, Heidi still had to ask Laurie. "Truth,"
Laurie quickly responded. And, as I figured, Heidi had a doozy in store.
"OK. Have you ever masturbated yourself to an orgasm?"

Laurie didn't even blink. An hour ago, she might have been laughing
hysterically at the question. "No, I haven't. I've never done that."
Laurie half stared, half glared at Heidi for almost a full minute
after she answered. Heidi seemed to have an agenda here.

My turn, I thought. Gotta keep things moving. Time to shift into
high gear.

"OK, Laurie. Truth or dare?", I asked.

"Dare," she replied, half-smiling, taking slug of beer. Clearly,
the ice had been broken at this point.

I paused for a second to hope that my next statement wouldn't end the whole
proceeding. Then I figured, let's do it. "Laurie, I dare you to show your
breasts for the remainder of the game," I stated, looking her directly
in the eyes the whole time I asked.

She hesitated. "This is getting out of hand guys...", she started.

Heidi jumped right in. "If you say no, the game's over. C'mon. Steven's
gone that far. Don't you trust us? We have rules here, you know?"

Laurie thought for a second, then muttered, "OK....". She slid her sweater
up in back and unhooked her bra, then slid the sweater and bra up to her
shoulders, exposing her chest.

I think Heidi and I BOTH seemed amazed. I thought to myself, why did
she always seem to keep herself covered up?

Laurie seemed quite uncomfortable with the attention she was getting. "OK,
are you happy? I did it. Let's keep going. I want my turn. Payback is
a bitch, you know!" She grinned.

OK, I thought, another test passed. Now, for a real test. Let's see
if what I was thinking was really true.

"Your turn, Heidi", I said. "Truth or dare."

"Dare", she smiled. "Seems like I have some catching up to do." We
all broke out into laughter.

"OK", I said collecting myself. This was an even bigger risk. Take it,
I thought. "OK... Heidi. I dare you to see how excited you can get
Laurie by working on her breasts."

Laurie was too shocked to say anything; she just stared at me with her
mouth open. Heidi replied, "What do you mean, 'work on'?".

"Do whatever you think might excite her. Use your imagination," I said.

"This is getting really weird, guys," said Laurie. "I mean, really..."

"But this is a game of trust. You trust us, don't you?", said Heidi,
moving over closer to Laurie. "It's just another way to make yourself
feel wonderful...why not just enjoy yourself?", she said.

Heidi moved over sitting right next to Laurie, who was leaning back against
the side of her bed. Laurie had a look on her face of someone who was about
to get a tetanus shot.

"Hey, look...", said Heidi, "just relax. Relax, close your eyes, and
let the feelings flow..."

Heidi's voice trailed off as Laurie closed her eyes. Slowly, Heidi
brought her left hand up to Laurie's left breast, lightly brushing the
underside, then up across the nipple and back down. Slowly, she moved
her hand over to Laurie's right breast, moving under and across it, then
slowly cupping her hand around it.

Laurie's eyes were closed, and her forehead wrinkled in thought. I couldn't
imagine what was running through Laurie's mind, with all these feelings
starting to ripple through her body - at the hands of another woman!

Slowly the uncomfortableness ebbed out of Laurie's facial expression,
she leaned back, eyes closed. Heidi looked back at me, and we smiled
knowingly at each other. We both knew that we'd started a conversion
process in Laurie's mind - bringing her to a new way of looking at herself
and her sexuality.

Heidi moved her hand back under Laurie's left breast, caressing her, then
slowly lowering her head and taking Laurie's nipple into her mouth.

Laurie's eyes opened wide, as she looked down at her friend, who was kissing
and suckling at her breast. A mix of fear, excitement and nerves showed
on Laurie's face. Laurie looked at me briefly, then back at Heidi. It
was obvious Laurie was totally into what was happening - even if she couldn't
yet come to grips with the feelings that Heidi had awoken in her.

Heidi alternated from one breast to the other, kissing Laurie's mounds,
taking her nipples into her mouth. While one breast got the attention
of her mouth, Heidi cupped the other, sometimes rolling the nipple
between her fingers.

I was getting excited, more because I was watching Laurie than because of
what Heidi was doing. Laurie's eyes had closed again. She was leaning
back, arching her back slightly, and she'd taken her sweater and bra
completely off. Her breathing was even, and slightly accelerated, with
an occasional, barely-perceptible "mmmm..." being uttered. Laurie was
definitely getting excited.

Heidi started lightly rubbing Laurie's stomach with her free hand, lightly
making circles across Laurie's middle. Even as she continued her work on
Laurie's chest, slowly she circled her hand further and further down Laurie's
belly, below her navel. Heidi tucked her hand an inch or two inside
the top of Laurie's jeans, maybe to where the top of Laurie's panties would
be. Not far enough to touch Laurie, but far enough to send a message.

Laurie reacted to Heidi's touch, maybe even unknowingly, by arching her
hips and middle upward, maybe only an inch or less. Signal received,
I thought. Laurie was excited, and then some.

Heidi must have found out what she wanted, as she moved her hand back
up to Laurie's belly, and began to finger Laurie's navel. Laurie started
giggling, as she was obviously ticklish.

"Hey...", Laurie giggled, opening her eyes. "Stop tickling! That wasn't
part of the dare!".

Heidi released Laurie's nipple from her mouth, and looked at Laurie, smiling.
Then she kissed Laurie on the lips. Not too deeply, but lovingly enough.
Laurie seemed to return the kiss without a thought.

Heidi sat back. "You were out there, weren't you," she asked Laurie. "I
guess I succeeded."

Laurie half-smiled. "Yeah," she said, "That was nice. Different, but nice."
She paused, then looked at me and said in mock anger, "I bet you liked
that, didn't you?".

I looked right back at her and said, "Yeah, I guess I did. I liked
thinking about what you were feeling and thinking. You've always been
a turn-on, but I got much more of a rush watching you do something like
that, beyond your limits."

Laurie paused, slightly flushed in the cheeks. She didn't know what to
say back to me. She still had a slightly dreamy look in her eyes, partly
because of the alcohol and pot intake, but mostly because of what she'd
just been through.

"OK," Laurie said. "Now it's my turn. I'll ask you both at once,"
said Laurie, with a pause. "Truth or dare?"

Heidi and I looked at each other. As if there was a decision to be made.
I pointed back at Heidi, for her to make the call.

"Dare," said Heidi, giggling. "I guess it's payback time. Should we
duck?" Heidi and I giggled, as Laurie smiled.

"OK," Laurie said. "We're still following our initial rules, right?"

"Right. Nothing leaves the room, no money, and no pain", I said.

"OK then." Laurie paused. "I dare you both to make love to me. I dare
you both to be with me."

Heidi paused and looked at Laurie. "I never thought you'd feel this way.
I always wondered, but I never thought you'd..."

Laurie interrupted. "I do. I'm ready now, we're here... and I know you're
both attracted to me. And we're all excited. So why not?".

Laurie moved over toward me. "I know you've been hot for me for a long
time. I've seen you looking at me. I've even looked back. What do
you want to do? What do you think about doing with me?" she asked.

Laurie reached down, and took my cock in her hand. "I know what I think
about doing with you." Laurie started milking my cock with her hand, and
moved down and took the head into her mouth.

I nudged her away after about 10 seconds. I was too close too fast.
"Wait," I said. I have better ideas... Move back over there, lie you
were before."

As Laurie moved back over to the side of the bed, we both looked up.
Heidi, unknown to both of us, had taken every last shred of her clothing
off, and was watching with an amused look on her face. "Jeez," she said,
"I was wondering if you guys would notice me!"

We noticed. Heidi indeed looked about as I would have figured. Fairly
large breasts, a little chunky, but more-than-decent looking.

"We haven't forgotten you," I said. "Just hang on a couple seconds." I
looked back at Laurie. "Just lie back like before, enjoy the ride. You're
very very beautiful - and we just want to make you feel as beautiful as
you look, OK?"

Laurie smiled, and closed her eyes. I moved forward, and took her left
nipple into my mouth, as Heidi had only a few minutes before. Laurie
immediately arched her back, still excited.

I glanced over to Heidi, who had moved closer, and was touching herself,
obviously excited. Then she moved forward, and took Laurie's other nipple
into her mouth.

Laurie was going crazy, arching her back and hips, putting her hands behind
each of our heads, moaning and getting more and more excited.

I knew what I wanted to do next. I reached down, unbuckled Laurie's
belt, then unbuttoned her jeans. Slowly I moved one of my hands under
Laurie's bottom, slipping her jeans off of her hips, and down, off her legs.

Heidi and I continued our oral assault on Laurie's chest, as I glanced
downward to admire Laurie's body, clad only in a pair of white cotton panties.
I moved a hand down to caress the top and inside of her smooth thighs,
which I'd admired for so long.

"Oh yeah...." Laurie whispered. "You guys feel so good." I noticed that
Laurie had taken one of her hands from behind Heidi's head and moved it
down to caress Heidi's breasts. Laurie had cupped Heidi's left breast,
and was lightly rubbing the nipple between her fingers.

I slid my hand down into the top of Laurie's panties, down further until I
found what I expected. Laurie's was completely wet with excitement. No
time to tease her, I thought. Let's move this along.

I released Laurie's nipple from my mouth, and positioned myself on my knees,
between Laurie's legs. Laurie laid on her back, still enjoying Heidi's
contact with her breasts.

I slipped Laurie's panties off, and looked in at her obviously-excited
pussy. A thick tuft of light-brown hair covered it, with a lot of wetness
showing in the hair.

As I cupped Laurie's bottom in my hands, I noticed that Heidi had moved
up to kiss Laurie, deep long kisses. Still Heidi's hands worked at Laurie's
breasts and nipples.

I settled down and started to kiss Laurie, up the inside of her thighs,
toward her more sensitive area. Nudging her things further part, and
using my tongue, I isolated her clitoris, and took it partway into her
mouth. I could feel Laurie spasm as all the muscles in her buttocks
tightened, and a ripple of excitement went through her body.

I looked up to notice that Heidi continued her deep tongue-kisses
and had captured one of Laurie's hands in her own. Heidi desperately
wanted Laurie to touch her, so she guided Laurie's hand down between her
thighs. Laurie must have started touching Heidi's clit, as I noticed
Heidi arch her back as a shiver went through her.

Time to bring Laurie home, I thought. I moved my tongue down further
until it was poised at Laurie's now-glistening opening. I plunged my
tongue in as far as it could go, savoring the way Laurie tasted.

Heidi must have known what I'd done, as she renewed her french-kisses
on Laurie with abandon. Heidi was rolled one of Laurie's nipples
between her thumb and forefinger, then switched to the other.

Laurie was getting close. Two loving tongues, pumping into her from
either end, was getting to be too much. I felt the muscles in Laurie's
bottom start to tense, then relax, over and over, as she got closer
to orgasm.

Heidi sensed where Laurie was, and started pushing her tongue as deep
into Laurie's mouth as it would go. Laurie received her kisses, putting her
hand behind Heidi's head, urging her on. Heidi and I must have
unknowingly developed a good rhythm, as Laurie rocked back and forth.

Finally, Laurie couldn't hold back. All her muscles tensed up, and she
moaned underneath Heidi's deep kisses. She arched her back tightly
as an orgasm ripped through her, and her pussy clenched around my tongue.

Once the shocks subsided, Heidi broke her kiss with Laurie, who was
breathing quite hard, recovering from her climax.

"You know," said Heidi, looking directly at Laurie, "you're amazing."

"So are you," said Laurie, returning Heidi's gaze.

I had pulled my tongue back out of Laurie, and was now savoring Laurie's
wetness. I wanted to keep her excited, so I lightly moved my tongue
back and forth, across the outside of her opening. I was still very
excited, and was doing all I could do from hopping on to Laurie and releasing
inside her.

I paused momentarily. "You OK?" I asked Laurie.

Laurie looked down at me. "Very OK.... That was amazing. You guys
are great," she smiled.

"I still have something I want you to try, and I'd think Heidi has a
trick or two up her sleeve, too. Are you ready?" I asked her.

Laurie looked at Heidi, then back at me, and smiled. "Yeah, I'm ready."

All I need to know, I thought. I buried my face back between Laurie's
thighs, sucking again on her clitoris, lightly at first, then deeper,
as the excitement began to build back.

Heidi had captured one of Laurie's hands, and had gotten Laurie to work
three of her fingers up inside her. Heidi was rocking back and
forth, getting Laurie to jerk her off. Laurie was looking directly at
Heidi, watching her expression, amazed that she was able to do this
to another woman.

I moved on, deeper between Laurie's thighs, down below her vaginal opening,
until my searching tongue found Laurie's asshole. I slowly moved my tongue
back and forth, flicking at Laurie's opening.

"Oh wow..." Laurie said, audibly. She opened her legs wider as I continued
rimming her.

Heidi, meanwhile, was getting close to an orgasm, as she urged Laurie to
pump her fingers in and out faster and faster. I glanced up to watch what
would happen.

When Heidi was on the verge, she looked down at Laurie, moved herself up
to put a knee on either side of Laurie's head, and said, "Oh God, Laurie,
take me in your mouth. I want to come in your mouth!"

Before Laurie could say anything, Heidi lowered herself on to Laurie's
mouth. Laurie opened her mouth wide, cupping her hands around Heidi's
bottom. Heidi came into Laurie's mouth with a force I wouldn't have
believed if I didn't see it in person.

When the final spasm left Heidi's body, she slumped over next to Laurie.
Heidi's face was beet red.

"You are so amazing," Heidi said to Laurie. "Amazing..."

Laurie was still in shock over what she'd just done, but she smiled back
at Heidi.

Meanwhile, I renewed my efforts at rimming Laurie. She was still into it,
and soon she was leaning back, eyes closed, enjoying the feelings.

Time for a test, I thought. I took one of my hands out from under
Laurie's butt. I moved my mouth back up from Laurie's anus to her clit.
Then, I took my index finger and placed it at Laurie's anal opening,
waiting for a response.

"You don't have to do that," said Laurie.

"I want to," I said. I'd gotten the response I wanted.

I slowly worked my finger up into Laurie's bottom, pumping it slowly in
and out, a fraction of an inch deeper with each movement. I continued
tonguing Laurie's clit, and Heidi, now recovered, was kissing Laurie's
neck and breasts again.

Finally, I had my entire finger up Laurie's bottom, and was pumping it
in and out at a good clip. Laurie was meeting my thrusts and definitely
getting into it.

Now it was time, I thought.

I looked up at Laurie, and asked the question. "If you like this so much,
how'd you like the real thing?"

Laurie was off in left field, so excited she must have felt almost removed
from her body. "Sure..." she replied dreamily.

I motioned to Heidi. Heidi knew what I was up to. I was getting what
I'd wanted, and now Heidi was going to get her ultimate wish.

Heidi laid down on her back, and we repositioned Laurie on her hands and
knees, so that one of Laurie's knees was on either side of Heidi's head.

I got behind Laurie. I was still as hard as a brick, and I knew I'd have to
fight the urge to cum right away. I moved up to put the head of my cock
at Laurie's anus.

"Just relax all your muscles," I said to Laurie. "Relax and enjoy this. This
is going to be the most intense experience you've ever said."

Laurie said nothing. I could have set her hair on fire at this point, and
she might not have cared. Laurie relaxed, and pushed her bottom back against
me slightly. She was ready.

I held Laurie around the waist, and slowly pushed the head of my cock up
into her bottom. She gasped a little at first, her outer muscles
tightening, then relaxing. I continued slowly pushing into her. I
watched myself filling Laurie up, and realized I was going to cum if I
kept watching. So I closed my eyes for another 60 seconds, until my
scrotum rested against Laurie's bottom.

I whispered into Laurie's ear, "Just hang on and enjoy this. We'll all
remember this for the rest of our lives."

Heidi brought her hands up around Laurie's bottom as I said this to her,
and moved Laurie down. Heidi began her oral assault on Laurie, determined
to bring Laurie to a series of orgasms that would change their lives.

I was going to hold out as long as I could. I was going to resist the
urge to pump Laurie's ass, and just hold myself as deep inside her bottom
as I could for as long as I could hold back.

Laurie must have come 10 or 15 times, I lost count. After about her
fourth orgasm, I couldn't hold back any longer, and I pumped in and
out of Laurie three or four times before I spilled all my seed up into her.
As I recovered, my reward was to watch Heidi bring Laurie further and
further across a line that she didn't ever think of crossing up until a
couple hours ago.

We all collapsed in a semi-sleep after that, especially Laurie. She was
beyond spent. Finally, after about 20 minutes, Heidi piped up.

"I guess the game's over, huh?" she asked.

Laurie's eyes opened, and she gazed back at Heidi. "Nope... it's just

A new side of Laurie had been born. I was glad to have been there to
help it along.

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