Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doug's Girls

I was the Controller for a mid-sized bank, in a suburb of one of the major
cities in the Southwest. While not the best physical specimen, I do run
15-20 miles a week and work out occasionally. This story is about two of
the women who worked in the bank, and who became not only my, but also
their own respective close friends.

I have always had my eye on Laura. She was the receptionist in the Bank
President's suite. A young, cute, short blond, she also is a runner, so
her figure stays in pretty good condition. A divorced mother of one, she
had turned her back on dating seriously, and poured herself into buying a
home and taking care of her son. She and I had dabbled once in the past,
but she would never let me go past anything but moderate petting.

The President's Administrative Assistant, Judith, was a slightly older
woman, with a better than average figure. Very attractive and personable,
she and I had hit it off right from the start. Once divorced, and
subsequently re-married, Judith worked only long enough at the Bank to
qualify for an early retirement, and then left to live with her husband,
who had retired from his job several years earlier.

I left the bank after several years to work for an investment firm we had
been doing work with, but kepter hips, where a slight pooch of her tummy
kept it off her well-trimmed pubic mound. She turned to allow me to see
her backside, which, while starting to exhibit some sag, still retained a

As she turned back to me, she could see I approved, as I could not hide my
state of arousal. As she walked toward me, I stood and we embraced and
kissed a kiss that had been waiting years to occur. We smothered each
other, sharing our tongues and probing each other's mouth. As she leaned
her head back, I kissed the nape of her neck and her earlobes, tracing my
way around her throat from one side to another, the breath from my mouth
and nostrils spilling down onto the tops of her breasts. As I pulled back
to admire her once again, I could see her nipples shared my state of
arousal, and that her eyes were beginning to smolder with a passion that
obviously had been pent up for longer than necessary. She looked me in the
eyes and said: "I want you to be the first, please take me!" I took
her offered hand and followed her to a bedroom, lit with candles and bathed
in soft music. I could tell that she had been planning this since I had
called, and that if I had turned her down, our long term friendship would
probably have ended.

She slid into the king-size bed, and disappeared under the silk sheets and
satin comforter. I walked to the other side of the room and began to
remove my shirt and slacks. Her head re-appeared to view my impromptu
strip tease, and she nodded approvingly as I removed my socks and shorts
and walked toward her.

Her perfume permeated the bed clothes, and as I lifted the covers, it mixed
with the musky scent of a woman in deep desire. I moved closer to her and
we became a tangle of arms and legs, each trying to capture a moment and
hold onto it forever.

My lips found her again, and I retraced my previous path, along her neck,
around her ears, and finally down to the crest of her cleavage. The slight
ribbon that held the neck of her gown closed must have been reading my
thoughts, as it almost automatically released to give me access to the
first of what would prove to be many treasures. My warm breath preceded me
into the valley between her heaving breasts, as her moans encouraged me

I encircled her globes with my mouth, stopping to kiss and nip, nip and
lick, lick and kiss my way around first one, then the other. I purposely
avoided her nipples, which I could tell were now rock solid, in order to
enhance her anticipation. She would have to become used to this technique,
as I intended to linger at each body part, enjoying myself and heightening
her pleasures.

After I had thorough knowledge of her breast flesh, including the soft and
supple areas under her arms, I advanced my charge up the hill and feasted
on two of the most tasty nipples I have ever experienced.

As I sucked first one, then the other into my mouth, savoring each upon my
lips, drawing it across my teeth, and tonguing it, she began to gently
thrash her legs back and forth across the sheets, creating a current of air
that whisped her scent upward.

I bid my two new friends "Adieu," and proceeded on my quest. The area
below her breasts, clearly scented on my behalf, provided a temporary pause
to my exciting her erogenous zones, although it too received the same lick,
kiss, and nip treatment that I had employed earlier. As I felt my chin
begin to graze the tip of her pubic hair, I employed one of my favorite
diversionary tactics: Divide and Conquer.

Working my way across the smooth expanse of her tummy, I feigned downward
and then moved right to begin a trek of discovery along her outer leg,
stopping at her knee to find the moisture hidden behind it, and then lower
to find her ankle and toes.

Each toe received its own treatment, as I sucked them like her still turgid
nipples, running my tongue in between each one. I then moved to the left,
beginning the slow climb up this limb, again along the outside, lingering
to feel the freshly shaved leg skin against my cheek and lips.

As I returned to her hips, to begin my final assault, her anticipation was
growing to a point of no return. As I worked my lips across to nibble at
the top of her protective turf, I licked my way down the crease between her
hip and leg, just touching the flat of her stomach that blended into her
awaiting pussy.

Raising her butt cheeks with my hand, I proceeded to lick, nip, and kiss
along the bottom of each ass globe, purposely staying away from the place
she wanted me the most.

As my nose just barely flipped her longer pubic hairs, the aroma became
almost too much to pass over, but my mission was not quite complete. I
drew my tongue up the crease between her left hip and thigh, and headed for
my (and her) final reward.

The buildup of moisture on the lips of her treasury told me that I had
succeeded in my mission. As I split her labia with the tip of my tongue,
and just touched her swollen clit, she shuddered and came, unleashing a
torrent of sweet fluid for me to taste.

Wave after wave of energy flowed out of her body in the way of a liquid
feast, spilling out onto the sheets, drenching my face. Each touch of my
tongue produced an additional reaction, which I gladly consumed, until she
shuddered one last time and collapsed, spent.

I moved up to hold her in my arms, and kissed her lips, with the taste of
herself still lingering. She pecked, then kissed, then smothered my mouth
with her own kisses, seeming to enjoy the flavors that I had brought with

As she regained her composure, she looked at me through her lust laden eyes
and asked me to enter her. As she rolled to her back and spread her legs,
I rose to my knees and moved between them. The wetness I had tasted was
now a puddle under the crack of her ass, creating a dark target area in the
subdued light of the room.

As I moved forward, I touched her clit with the tip of my dick, and she
shuddered, and came, once more. Her senses were at a fine tuned pitch, and
the slightest contact moved her over the edge. As I slid my member down
the canal leading to her pussy, it collected the residual moisture left
from my previous ministrations.

By now she was gaping large and ready, and I slid in without the slightest
hesitation. As she felt me enter, a gasp of pleasure took all the breath
out of her body, and she stiffened to meet me.

I plunged to the hilt, then retreated back to where only the tip of my
circumcised dick remained inside. I then repeated, again and again, each
time withdrawing to just the point. I increased the tempo of these plunges
as I felt her start to respond. The increasing wetness surrounding my
charger told me that another orgasm was pending and I began to prepare
myself to meet it with my own.

Her breathing became shallow and raspy, her muscles began to tense and
contract, as if her body was an ocean, about to unleash one final wave. I
felt myself begin to throb, and my dick to enlarge as I prepared my own
reinforcements for the onslaught. As she lifted her back off the bed, and
slammed back down, I sensed the warm gush of her final orgasm, and released
my own, filling her pussy with a load that had been growing for the last
hour's worth of lovemaking.

Our combined juices sprayed outward with each thrust, forming a puddle that
would be the memorial to our efforts. As we bucked together in an ever
decreasing rhythm, we slowed shifted our bodies to accommodate each other's

As the final throws of our mutual orgasms subsided, I found her in my arms,
in the same tangle we had begun in, although now we were both spent and
fully relaxed. She drifted off to a sleep she had not enjoyed in many
years, and I held her close, not wanting her to worry about every having to
endure that type of solitude again.

As I left her that evening, having accepted her offer of a shower to clean
myself up, she declared that as long as I was available, that she would not
share herself with any other man. Taking that compliment as indication of
my successful completion of my task, I got into my car and drove toward

On my cellular telephone, I punched up Laura's number on my instant dial
register and heard her soft sexy voice answer. I told her that I had just
visited with Judith and that I found her to be somewhat more relaxed, but
felt that she still needed a woman's companionship. She said that she
would call the next day and go see her.

I received a call at my office about a week later, from Judith, telling me
that she and Laura had such a wonderful visit, thanking me for putting them
in touch and asking when I would see her next. We made a date to met at
her house. She said that she was still not up to going out and having to
confront people about her recent loss, so she would like to entertain me
there. I agreed.


When I got to her door, Judith ushered me in without a public display of
affection. She was wearing a different, but equally stylish ensemble as
she had worn the first time I had been over. As we walked to her study,
thoughts of how she looked (and felt) the time before began to fill my mind
and my senses began to become aroused.

She motioned to an overstuffed pit unit in one corner. With the indirect
lighting and fire in the fireplace, the room took on the glow of romance.
She mentioned that she wanted to freshen up, and excused herself.

Whether it was my imagination, or anticipation, I could swear that I heard
the voice of another woman, engaged in an anticipatory banter in one of the
back rooms. When Judith returned, she had a bottle of champagne and three
glasses on a tray. She offered the bottle, and set the tray down on a
coffee table in front of the pit. As I removed the wrapping and the cork,
I could not help wondering if what I heard previously was accurate, but I
hesitated to ask about the third stem.

As I opened and poured, Judith began telling me about her visit from Laura
and how exciting it was to have company again. She commented that she had
not seen Laura in quite some time and how attractive she still was. She
went on the describe the visit, including how she told Laura about our
love-making session. I felt dejected. I had hoped that someday Laura
would agree to spend some time with me, but now if she knew I was sleeping
with Judith, my chances were probably shot.

I asked Judith why she had confided in Laura, and she said it was because
Laura had mentioned our petting sessions and that she had always wanted to
sleep with me, but due to her friendship with me, didn't want to jeopardize
it. I told Judith that I guessed now there would be almost no opportunity
for me with Laura now, regardless of her previous interests.

What I heard next was enough to almost put me away. Judith said that as
she described our session to Laura, that Laura had become extremely aroused
and volunteered that if Judith didn't stop she would have to excuse herself
to the bathroom for relief.

At this point, Judith looked me in the eye and said: "You know, I don't
know what came over me, but she was sitting there, looking just radiant,
and I told her: `You don't have to do that, let me show you how he did
it to me'".

Obviously the look on my face was one of incredulous shock. She continued:
"I had never in my life thought about making love to another woman, but
after the way you made me feel, I knew I needed to share it with someone

"I took her in my arms, and we kissed, and, well, let me have Laura tell
you how I did." At that point, Laura appeared from the shadows of a
hallway leading to the study. She was dressed in a similar style robe to

My mouth was agape in disbelief. Laura walked over to where I was sitting,
leaned over to kiss me, and said: "I should have believed you when you
told me how good you were, and I had to get it second hand."

I couldn't think of what to say. As I stumbled for words, Laura offered:
"Aren't you going to pour me a drink, you had to know that's what the
third glass was for." After I poured her first drink, and my second, she
moved over and sat immediately beside Judith and kissed her on the lips.
"Isn't she the sweetest" they said almost in unison.

"I've asked Laura to move in with me, along with her son. I have so
much room here, and I know we'll get along just fine." Having finally
regained my composure, I asked if that meant that I had been too successful
in my endeavor. I had hoped to pick up a lover and retain a friendship, it
appeared that I might not have either now.

"Oh no, just the opposite, we want you to take care of both of us.
Would you join us tonight?" They stood, taking each other by the hand,
and headed toward Judith's bedroom.

I followed dutifully, champagne bottle in hand. As we reached the room,
they jettisoned their robes in unison and entered the bed, one from each
side. Again, the straggler, I began to undress, since they weren't going
to wait.

Laura immediately moved to Judith, kissing her fully on the mouth and
exhibiting the excited antics of a young child. Her hands were all over
Judith's breasts, plying and kneading them. She rose only briefly, to
remove her own gown, and then, removing Judith's, began to kiss a lingering
trail, in a fashion quite familiar to me, downward toward Judith's
obviously awaiting pussy.

With the covers pulled back, I had a perfect view of Laura's fine backside,
each ass cheek firmed by her runner's regimen. My anticipation was too
much. Fully erect as I reached the bed, I approached Laura from the rear
and entered her steamy notch. She accepted me without hesitation,
continuing her feasting on Judith.

As I slowly pumped in and out of Laura, Judith caught my eye. She asked if
she might have a closer view of the action. Laura stopped her activity,
and as she shifted her position, I slipped out of her pussy. Moving to a
sixty-nine, Laura positioned her wet box over Judith's mouth and squatted
to give her access, simultaneously returning to her previous activity.

Judith tongued Laura's pussy with long sweeping licks, probing the depths
occasionally for more of the nectar that was being produced deep inside.
Departing from her endeavors only temporarily, Judith motioned me toward
her. Placing her hands either side of Laura's slit, she spread the lips
apart to expose the hole that I had only recently felt, but having never

I positioned myself above Judith's face, my balls just touching her nose,
and entered Laura again. This time, Laura shuddered as I plunged, and the
warmth of an orgasm welcomed my return. I began another rhythmic assault
on her, rocking back and forth, matching her licking motions on Judith's

Judith, approaching complete arousal, began to lick my dick as it moved in
and out of Laura's pussy. This additional sensory input was more than a
mortal man could handle, and I felt myself starting to enlarge toward an
orgasm. Laura must have felt it too, as she raised her hips and began to
grind her pussy into me with a greater sense of urgency, trying to match my
arousal, seeking mutual climax.

My strokes became slower and more deliberate as I felt the come stored deep
within the balls that had become the target of Judith's affection begin to
emerge. I plunged deep within Laura one last time and unleashed the
torrent. My come met hers deep within her pussy, mixing into a musky soup
that spilled out with every thrust, dripping down my now relieved testicles
toward Judith's awaiting mouth.

Judith continued to lick me, feasting on and consuming the product of
Laura's and my orgasm. As I become limp, Judith's licks dislodged my dick
from its previous home, and her tongue became, apparently, an able
substitute. Diving deep within Laura's pussy, she proceeded to clean all
the come and musk from the cavity, stopping occasionally to swallow. Laura
came one more time while Judith tended to her, and then rolled over,
collapsing on the bed.

Judith turned to meet her face to face, sharing the remnants of come from
her face, lips, and tongue with Laura as they embraced and kissed. Laura
was exhausted from the multiple orgasms she had experienced, and drifted
off to sleep. Judith held her close, but looked over to me, nodding her

"I've never tasted a man's come before," she whispered. "Neither
of my husbands expected it, and I'd always thought it would taste nasty. I
guess I don't know what I was missing. You mixed with Laura's sweetness
are some kind of treat. Do you mind if I lick the rest off of you as

I was kneeling on the bed, slightly to her side, my limp member hanging
between my legs. I moved to position myself for her attention. She rolled
away from the sleeping Laura and toward me.

With her pussy shifted within my easy access, she looked up and said: "I
didn't come while Laura was working on me, I was distracted by the view of
your cock inside her pussy. Would you eat me again?" , as she slid my
flaccid penis into her mouth to complete her cleaning task.

I bent over her, in a male-superior sixty-nine, and placing my hands under
her hips, spread her pussy lips apart and began my appointed task. Long,
slow licks of my tongue were soon met with a slow undulation of her hips,
and an increasing sensation of moisture and musk.

Judith's ministrations to my previously spent charger were also taking
their toll on my senses. Although I don't know how it could occur, I began
to develop an erection and desire similar in nature to that which I had
discharged into the sleeping Laura's pussy only minutes before.

As she slowly licked and sucked on my dick and balls, trying to find every
last ounce of the collective come from my union with Laura, I felt the
early throws of an orgasm beginning to develop deep within. My actions
were not going unnoticed, either. Judith's pussy was starting to flow, and
her clit was becoming more sensitive to the touch of my lips, teeth, and

As my erection grew, our relative positions became uncomfortable, as we
each tried to reach the optimum. As I felt her coming closer to the edge,
I moved my hips away from her, breaking the bond between her mouth and my

The look of hurt on her face told me that I had broken her concentration,
but I reassured her that she could return, but that my highest priority at
this time was to taste her sweet pussy fluids.

She lay back, with a pillow behind her back and head, and watched as I
returned to the process of licking and sucking. I slowly inserted first
one, then two, then ultimately three fingers into her pussy, trying to
simulate the feel of a dick, supported by the lapping of my tongue on her
clit. She ground her hips into my hand and face, indicating to me that
this technique had met with her approval.

As her juices flowed, they began to approach her ass crack, and lubricate
her bung hole. I have always been fascinated by anal sex, but it is
difficult to find women who share in the pleasure. I withdrew my fingers,
and replaced them with my thumb, then wetting my middle finger, I began to
trace the area around her anal passage.

Surprising to me, she responded by attempting to position her ass hole on
my finger. Not being one to miss an opportunity when it presents itself, I
fully lubricated my finger and began to gently insert it into her ass hole.
As I moved my finger deeper, slowly advancing and then withdrawing to
re-lube, I kept up my tongue and thumb attention to her pussy.

Working toward my goal, with a sense of anticipation on my part, and I am
sure apprehension on hers, I finally buried my finger in her ass. As she
tensed and then relaxed to accept it, the undulations of her hips took on a
new tempo.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that you can feel your
thumb and middle finger, when you are in this position, and rub them
together to set up an internal rhythm, and accompanied by your tongue, a
woman's climax fuse is shorted considerably.

Judith was no exception. I began to probe each of her holes, rocking my
hand back and forth, to first emphasize thumb, then middle finger. With
her hip rotations matching my tempo, I knew it would not be long before she
arrived at her desired destination. She tensed to an almost fully rigid
state, and then released a torrent of come which flooded over my thumb,
onto my awaiting tongue, into my mouth, across my chin, and down into her

I kept up the motions, of both mouth and hand, until her orgasmic motions
subsided, and then slowly withdrew from her, gently taking my finger out of
her ass hole, and giving her entire valley, from pussy to ass, one final
lick of my tongue.

I moved up to her face, now covered with the radiant glow of orgasmic
satisfaction that a well-taken care of woman exhibits, and kissed her lips,
sharing some of the flavors with her, as we shared tongues. I lay beside
her, with my now, again soft cock against her outer thigh.

"How can you make me feel that good? No one has ever taken me to the
heights you have. The sensations are like nothing I have ever felt. Can I
do anything to make you feel the same?" I mentioned that her previous
project, having been temporarily halted to allow me to meet her needs, was
still available.

"As I told you earlier, I'd never tasted a man's come until today, I
don't know if I have what it takes to make a man come with my mouth, but
I'm willing to try." I motioned to her to lie on her left side, as I
rose to my knees.

Positioning myself in front of her face, my soft dick dangling in front of
her mouth, I lifted it with my right hand and offered it to her. She
willingly opened her mouth and accepted my meat. The sensation of her warm
lips and wet tongue, as well as my own anticipation had me beginning to get

I began to pump in and out of her mouth, as if it were a pussy. She
responded by allowing my dick to penetrate deep, to the base of her tongue.
I slowed my rhythm and told her to take it up. She began to slide her lips
up and down my dick, wetting its entire length. Her tentativeness told me
that more coaching would be required.

As I took her left hand and began to place it between my legs, to massage
by balls, I felt another hand come in from the back and begin the same
motion. Kneeling behind me, pressing her marvelously firm breasts into my
back, was Laura, refreshed from her nap, ready to play some more. She
whispered in my ear, "I'll take care of this, you just enjoy!"

She told Judith to keep her jaws slack, to not clench her teeth, and to
make sure that I was wet all the time. With Laura's left hand cupping my
balls, and her right hand running up and down my shaft, she began jacking
me off into Judith's awaiting mouth.

Taking the moisture from Judith's spit and drool, she kept me lubricated.
Her left hand lifted and rubbed my balls as if they were precious jewels,
weighing first one, then the other.

Laura obviously had some experience with this, as she kneaded my testicles
to my utmost satisfaction. Her right hand deftly moved up and down,
pausing occasionally on the tip to briefly remove it from Judith's mouth
and finger the pee hole, then reinsert following this casual inspection.

Removing her left hand for only a moment, she returned it, only in a
slightly different manner. Laura had spit into her own hand, and now began
to rub the spit over my ass hole, mixing it with some of Judith's that
spilled down around the base of my cock.

With the middle finger of her left hand, ever so gently, she began to
finger fuck me in the ass, deeper and deeper until she was to the hilt.
With her fore and ring fingers, she formed a loose clamp around my nut
sack. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy anal sex, and the fact that a woman
had her finger up my ass put my mind into motion.

As Laura jacked my off with her right hand, fingered my ass with her left
middle finger, and massaged my scrotum with her other fingers, I felt that
uncontrollable feeling of orgasm well up from my well-attended balls.
Judith's left hand had joined Laura, and the sensation of two women's
hands, kneaded and massaging, finally made me give in.

A load of come burst from my dick, surprising Judith and filling her mouth
to overflow. Laura yelled: "Swallow and suck, swallow and suck, don't
waste any of it!"

Judith did her best, but my come began to leak out of her mouth and down
her chin. Laura, obviously eager to not see any of it go to waste, quickly
worked her way around in front of me, and began to gobble and lick up the
remnants. First, she licked Judith's face, and then turned her attention
to my still pulsing cock. "There's still more in there, isn't
there?" she asked, and then began to suck my dick for the answer.

Very experienced lips moved up and down my shaft, squeezing out the last
drops of fluid. Gentle hands massaged my balls, searching for the last
evidence of my pleasure. A willing tongue sought out the drips and
splashes that smeared my balls and inner thighs.

After she satisfied herself, and obviously me, that there was nothing left,
she turned back to the somewhat stunned Judith and began to tongue-bathe
her face, licking off every last trace of my orgasm, and occasionally
sharing it with her partner, through deep tongue-exchanging French kisses.

As our excitement died down and our hearts returned to a normal rhythm, we
all lay back on the sheets of the king size bed and let out a collective

A full bottle of champagne lingered in an ice bucket, with three glasses, a
perfect toast to three friends, and collective lovers, in a relationship
which would bring many more pleasures in the future.


About a week later, following an out-of-town trip, I checked my home
answering machine and found a message from Laura, inviting me over. I lost
no time in responding positively. A couple of days later, I found myself
at their door, full of expectation.

Laura answered the door this time, dressed as before, and ushered me into
the study. The obligatory bottle of champagne was in its place, along with
the three matching flutes. I opened and poured three glasses, and, at
Laura's invitation, sat beside her on the love seat. I asked where Judith
was, and Laura said that she was just freshening up, and left it at that.

As Laura traced an undefined pattern on my thigh, we made small talk, about
work, although I could tell that something was on her mind. At my direct
inquiry, Laura said that she and Judith had a favor to ask of me, and that
they were afraid that I'd be put off by it. I told her that I loved both
of them deeply, and would do anything they asked, short of murder or

Laura said that Judith had been obsessed with her first initiation into
anal sex. All that she would ask Laura to do, during their own sexual
activity, was to finger her ass and eat her pussy. Laura said that she
didn't mind, but that Judith's requests were going beyond one finger, and
now she was demanding more.

I asked what I might do to help, and Laura said: "Fuck her in the ass
for me!" I was awe struck. Laura continued, "I think the only thing
that's going to satisfy her is to feel your dick in her ass hole, and for
you to shoot a full load of come inside her."

"Are you sure she's ready for it?" I asked. "I thought when I
fingered her, that was her first time?" "It was, and she can't forget
it, and she's driving me crazy." "Well what are you going to do while
I'm fucking her?" "I'm going to eat her pussy, lick your balls, and
make both of you come like you've never came before!" "Follow me,"
as Laura took my hand a lead me toward the "Queen's" chamber.

Judith was already in the king-size bed when we entered the master bedroom.
She had obviously been pleasing herself, as we watched her licking her
fingers as we came into the room. Laura took off her robe and gown and
climbed into bed. I began to undress, as before, and watched the
preliminaries. Laura kissed Judith, who returned it with some hesitation.
I could hear her ask: "What did he say?" "He's here, isn't he!"

As I joined them under the covers, Laura was already working on Judith's
pussy, licking the full length of her slot, as Judith toyed with her own
breasts with one hand and guided Laura's head with the other. I kissed
Judith's mouth, and she immediately shared her tongue with me. "Will
you take care of me?" "I always have, haven't I?"

I moved my head down her neck to her breasts, and she fed one to me,
positioning the breast to ensure that I visited not only the nipple, but
all the breast flesh, above and below. My lips trailed down her stomach to
join Laura in a shared feast of pussy juice. Laura's right middle finger
was already buried in Judith's ass hole, as she lapped at the fluids which
dripped from Judith's slot.

Laura moved away, and let me have a taste of Judith's out flow. I could
feel Judith beginning a rhythm, and pulled back to see Laura bury another
finger into Judith's ass, withdrawing them only temporarily to lick and
tongue Judith's pleading bung.

Laura looked up at me, and kissed me, burying her tongue into my mouth.
Following the kiss, she asked: "She's ready, are you?" Taking her hand,
I placed it on my raging erection. "Let's do it" came out of our
mouths in unison.

Judith had rolled onto her side, as Laura reached up onto the headboard of
the bed and brought down some scented lubricant. With her face between
Judith's legs, Laura began to lather up Judith's ass hole, fingering with
one, then two, and eventually three fingers penetrating the tightness,
mixing this with deliberate licks of Judith's clit, keeping her aroused.

I positioned myself behind Judith, and offered my dick for Laura's
attention. She took my cock into her mouth and encouraged my erection to a
greater extent. Following this demonstration of her skills, she applied
the lubricant to me, in a slow, jacking motion, raising my arousal even

I moved in closer to Judith, as Laura positioned my dick at Judith's back
door. Laura placed the point of my dick at Judith's ass hole and I gently
pushed. The head of my dick penetrated easily, with little resistant, but
as I attempted to go deeper, Judith tensed slightly. Laura left her
attention of me, and returned to eating Judith's pussy, and flicking her
clit with her tongue, talking soothingly to Judith, telling her how
wonderful this was going to feel.

I felt Judith relax and reintroduced my pressure, trying to be gentle, but
knowing that I would have to apply a little in order to by pass her ass
hole's natural resistance. Laura's hand, covered with more lubricant,
found my dick and, again, with a jacking motion, moved me in and out,
without losing the position I had already established.

I took up the rhythm, making minute thrusts, but each time feeling a little
more progress. Judith began to relax, and get into the rhythm herself, and
suddenly, much to three collective surprises, I found myself fully buried
in Judith's ass hole.

Judith let out a sigh of relief, came again, and relaxed even more, and I
began to pump in and out with considerable ease, being careful not to
retreat too far, in fear of losing what we had. Since she had engineered
success, Laura proceeded to do as she had promised, kissing Judith's pussy
and licking my balls.

Laura changed positions briefly to sit back and view her handiwork.
"I've never seen anything like this!" "It is simply
magnificent!" "His dick is in your ass!" "I can't believe
it!" Judith, so involved in the sensation that she couldn't answer,
simply moaned, stiffened, and came. Laura returned to her supervisory
position, licking first Judith's clit, then my balls and shaft as it pulled
out of Judith's ass hole.

Once again, the sensations of two women, one licking my genitals, the other
accepting my dick up her ass, began to take their toll on my senses. I
began to pump more deliberately, trying to more evenly match Judith. The
sensation was too much, and the combination of inputs and imagination
brought my balls to the boiling point, and I tensed for my final onslaught
on Judith's ass.

Laura, totally involved in the process, noticed my state: "Oh, Judith, he's
going to shoot his come into your ass!" "I'm so jealous, I'm going to
eat any of it that leaks out!" That was it, all I could take, and come
shot out of my dick into Judith's ass, like foam out of a hot bottle of
champagne. Judith moaned loud and low as she felt my warm load fill her

Laura, ever the opportunist, moved into position, licking Judith's clit and
pussy, as my orgasm, and the effect on Judith's arousal, brought on another
orgasm. As Judith bucked, and I plunged in and out, I eventually became
dislodged and rolled away.

Laura immediately took my place, tonguing Judith's ass hole, searching for
traces of my come, licking long strokes from ass hole to clit, pausing to
savor, until finally, satisfied that no more rewards were available, moved
up to hold Judith in her arms and kiss and tongue her mouth with the tastes
and flavors she carried with her.

I awakened to the warmth of a towel, wiping off my limp cock, followed by a
pair of lips, attempting to dry. As Laura finished, she moved to my side,
kissing my lips, and holding me tight.

Judith came around behind me, and moved in, holding me as well. "Thank
you for releasing me!" "Once again, you can't imagine how I feel."
"The feeling of your come in my ass is something I can never
describe." Looking past my head to Laura's face, Judith said: "Laura,
I guess next time it's your turn!"


Judith met me at her door and ushered me straight back to the master suite.
As we got closer to the door, I could hear the muffled sounds of some form
of activity within. As she opened the door, I could see, through the
knowledge I had of her backside, that Laura was on her knees, between the
legs of yet another woman.

I recognized this new woman as Martha, another former employee of the
branch we had all worked at. She had received a promotion and transferred
to another location, but I knew that she and Judith had kept in touch.
Martha was about the same age as Judith, a little taller, and heavier, but
not at all unattractive.

Martha's breasts, by my current observation, were larger than either
Judith's or Laura's, and she was kneading them, one at a time, fingering
her own nipples, and holding the back of Laura's head to her pussy,
although there appeared to be no resistance from Laura to her task.

Judith dropped to her knees in front of me and began to undress me. As she
unbuckled my belt and dropped my slacks, the state of my arousal was
obvious. She took my dick out of my boxer shorts and began to caress and
suck it, licking up and down, tonguing the pee hole, and slurping at my
balls. I removed my shirt, kicked my shoes and pants off my feet and
watched in awe as Laura continued to eat Martha's pussy.

Judith rose and kissed me on my lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth.
As she moved away, and my gaze re-focused on Laura's ass, I noticed that
she was wearing some form of a leather garter or g-string.

Judith, watching the changing expression on my face, began to explain:
"Laura has really taken to our lifestyle, not a day goes by when she
won't simply come up to me, kneel in front of me if I'm standing, pull down
whatever pants or panties I have on, and begin to eat me." "She just
doesn't seem to be able to get enough, although her energy level far
exceeds what I can accommodate, so I thought about Martha."

Martha had been divorced for quite some time, and had sacrificed a personal
life for her career. Judith said that in their conversations over the
years, that Martha had dated a number of men, but could never find one that
she felt comfortable with. When Judith had called her and told her about
the living (and loving) arrangement she had with Laura, Martha expressed a
cautious interest. It was obvious, now, that any concerns Martha had
previously, were now gone.

"Well, has Laura lost all desire for a man?", I asked. "No, but I
do know that she likes to take the male role in our lovemaking, to the
point that she has purchased a strap-on dildo." Now that I understood
the leather garter, and her changing behavior, I now could better
comprehend Laura's current posture. "Is there anything for me to do
here, now, or have I arranged my own obsolescence?"

"The one thing that Laura can't do, and that I know that she wants, is
to feel a cock in her ass, especially being ass fucked while she is dildo
fucking another woman. In the background, Martha had just achieved an
orgasm, as she squirmed her hips around in the overstuffed chair that held
her captive to Laura's actions.

Laura rose, and with a very purposeful intent, moved between Martha's legs.
As she adjusted her posture, I could see the dildo, jutting from her own

Judith told me that Laura had spent weeks trying to find the right device.
In addition to the external facsimile cock, the leather garter also held
another cock which Laura could insert into her own pussy, therefore, as she
fucked another woman, she was being fucked as well. I asked if she had the
second cock in place now, and Judith confirmed that she did.

Laura placed the tip of the dildo at the door of Martha's steaming pussy,
and easily entered. She began a hunching movement, similar to that of a
man, with the slight exception that her position was obviously designed to
be pleasuring herself, as well. "Do you think I should try to fuck her
in the ass now?" "That's what you are here for, she's been waiting
for you."

Laura's ass was positioned perfectly for me to achieve her goal. As I
walked toward her, Judith moved toward Martha, and with a kiss, motioned
toward me, and Martha acknowledged my presence. Laura, fully engaged in
her own activity, continued to pump in and out of Martha's pussy, pausing
only so often to let her own self-induced orgasms pass.

Judith unsnapped the g-string that held the second dildo in Laura's pussy,
filled her hands with a lubricant and moved back to where I was positioned
behind Laura. With one hand, she began to jack me off, running the
lubricant up and down my cock, and increasing my erection by her actions.
With her other hand, she pulled the g-string down and began to spread the
lubricant over Laura's ass crack, stopping to finger her ass hole, with
first one, then two fingers.

Laura turned her head to review Judith's actions, and looked me straight in
the eye: "I want you to bury that dick in my ass!" Fuck my ass hard
and fast, and shoot your come in my ass hole!"

The level of intense desire she had achieved was obviously effecting her
mannerisms, as I had never heard Laura talk that way, but the meaning was
clear. Laura turned back to her dildo fucking of Martha, and Judith guided
my cock to Laura's back door.

Judith fingered Laura's ass hole one more time, making sure that she was
lubricated and relaxed. With three fingers deeply inserted into Laura's
ass, she assured me that there would be little resistance to my cock, even
with the second dildo stuffed firmly in Laura's steaming pussy. As I
stepped and leaned closer to Laura, Judith placed the tip of my dick
directly at Laura's ass hole, and guided me in.

Judith was right, the first third of my length penetrated Laura with no
hesitation. Since I had achieved penetration, Judith moved behind me to
begin massaging by balls, and preparing me for my own orgasm. As I slowly
pumped in and out of Laura, each stroke taking me deeper, I could feel
Laura begin to push back, encouraging me even deeper. Finally, during one
of her dildo induced orgasms, Laura pushed back and my entire length
stuffed itself into her ass.

This action, combined with her own simultaneous orgasm, took Laura's breath
away, and she stopped in her actions, and froze for a second. "Oh, you
don't know how great that feels." I've got you in my ass, I've got my
own dildo in my pussy, and I'm fucking Martha's pussy with the other."
"All I need now is to feel your hot come deep in my ass." "Fuck me
harder, now, pump that come inside me!"

This verbal encouragement, along with Judith's hands kneading my balls, was
all I needed. Even though I had not been inside Laura's ass very long, the
total of the sensations was too much, and with a groan, I shot my load.
Laura's knees buckled with the feeling of my come shot, but I stayed in her
and pumped until my balls were completely depleted of come.

Laura had pulled out of Martha's pussy, in deference to her own sensations,
and wiggled and ground her ass on my dick, as it pulsed and throbbed. You
could tell by her actions that Laura was in the throws of multiple orgasms.

As the sensations ceased, I slipped my cock out of her ass, and found
myself a seat, my actions and orgasm having sapped the strength from my own
knees. Judith appeared with a warm wash cloth and cleaned the residue from
my cock. Laura had finally had enough and she too had sat down.

Martha rose from her "throne" and moved toward Laura. On her knees
in front of Laura, she began unbuckling the leather garter from around
Laura's waist, and having removed it, began to lick and eat Laura's still
dripping pussy. Laura placed both hands behind Martha's head, held her
temporarily in position, and then gently guided her away. "Thank you,
Martha, but I think I may have had enough for now!"


Laura greeted me at the door, tentatively opening it to peek through the
crack. "Oh good, it's you," she said as she let me in. "I was
worried it would be someone else, and I'm not dressed to greet just
anyone." This was an understatement. Laura was not dressed, at all,
unless you called her dildo garter being dressed.

Following a welcome kiss, we turned toward the master suite, but half the
way down the hallway, Laura stopped, shuddered, and turned flushed. I
asked if there was anything wrong, and she responded that sometimes when
she walked with her double dildo, the sensations were so great that she
would actually reach an orgasm, and I had just experience one.

In the bedroom, Martha and Judith were engaged in a sixty-nine session on
the bed. Martha was on top, with her ass toward us as Laura and I entered
the room. Judith made eye contact with Laura, without her tongue missing a
stroke on Martha's clit and pussy.

Laura leaned down, and began to kiss Martha's ass cheeks and crack,
occasionally tonguing her ass hole, occasionally touching tongues with
Judith as their motions coincided.

It wasn't obvious how long Martha and Judith had been at it, but as Laura
and Judith tended to her, suddenly Martha shook with an orgasm that flowed
across Judith's lips and into her hungry mouth. Laura joined in with the
clean up, licking both Martha's pussy and Judith's face. Laura paused and
asked: "Do you think she's ready?"

Judith ceased her attentions temporarily, and responded: "Are you?"
"I came just walking down the hallway , so I know I'm ready, and if she
just came, she must be getting close." "I'm ready!" came a voice
from between Judith's thighs, as Martha lifted her face from Judith's
pussy. "Let's do it."

Judith moved out from under Martha, pausing to kiss her breasts and her
mouth as she worked her way upward. Laura began a similar route, however,
she moved through the gates of Martha's wide spread legs, head first, also
stopping to kiss and fondle Martha's tits.

Judith walked over to me and kissed me "Hello", and proceeded to
begin undressing me. "What's the drill this time?", I asked.
"Well, Martha wants to join the club." "What club?" "The
`I've been fucked in the ass by Doug' club" she explained.

As I watched, Laura had worked her way up to where she and Martha were
about face to face, and was beginning to play with Martha's pussy and clit
with the tip of her dildo, while sharing French kisses with Martha.
Shortly, Laura began to slowly penetrate Martha's pussy with the head of
the dildo, and with a mutual rhythm between the two, finally buried the
full length into her. "You know, she hardly ever takes that thing

"Now what?", I asked. Judith told me that after Laura had described
how exquisite having my dick in her ass, with her self dildo in her pussy,
felt, that Martha wanted to feel herself full of cock, so Laura would fuck
Martha's pussy with the dildo from underneath while I fucked Martha's ass
hole from behind. "And what are you going to do while all of this is
happening?" "I'm going to do whatever looks interesting!"

She had finally gotten all my clothes off, and the sight of Laura's dildo
bringing Martha to her next orgasm, along with the mental images I was
conceiving had me fully erect and ready. I walked toward the bed, where
Martha's ass hole was at just the right height, and Laura's legs were
hanging over the edge, using the floor for leverage as she thrust the dildo
in and out of Martha's pussy. Judith appeared with hands full of
lubricant, and began the ritual of jacking me off with one hand, and
massaging the back door of the next "club member".

When both of us, Martha and I, were well lubed, I moved closer and slid the
tip of my cock into her opening. I could feel the pressure of Laura's
dildo, moving inside Martha's pussy, and tried to match my strokes to
Laura's movements.

Judith had moved around to sit close to Martha and Laura's faces, leaning
in to kiss first one, then the other, talking to Martha about how great it
feels to have come shot up your ass.

Martha tensed every so often as the pressure of two dicks, one penetrating
each hole would intensify, but slowly, as she relaxed, I felt myself
gradually slipping more and more of my length up her ass.

Laura commented that she could feel me starting to take up more room, and
that it was beginning to make her remember how having two dicks in her
felt. Her and Judith's encouragement, along with the obvious sensations
brought Martha to an orgasm, and as she shook, I plunged to the maximum,
burying myself in her ass hole. This sensation bought all actions to a
halt, as Martha swallowed and caught her breath, but as she relaxed, and
came again, both Laura and I found greater freedom of movement.

Judith left the bed and moved around between my legs and began to work with
Laura's dildo garter. A "g-string" ran up through Laura's ass crack,
with two chrome-plated snaps at the back, and three at the front. Judith
undid the back two, then the fronts, removed the "self-dildo" from
Laura's pussy, and began to eat her.

"Laura, you haven't shared your sweetness with me since you got this
thing, and now I'm going to eat you until you beg me to stop!", and with
that, Judith buried her face in Laura's crotch, with her hair just brushing
my balls as I pumped in and out of Martha's ass hole.

Laura and I had settled into a rhythm, rocking back and forth, in and out
of Martha, setting up a friction of our two members that was thoroughly
satisfying and focused.

I felt myself beginning to reach the early throws of my own orgasm, have
lasted as long as I could, under the circumstances, and announced my
intentions. Martha said she was ready, and Laura went crazy, excited for
the sensations that our sex partner was about to experience.

The ideas were so intense for Laura that she reached down between her and
Martha's legs and held Judith's face to her pussy as she achieved her own
multiple orgasms, shaking and shuddering and drowning Judith in an
unbelievable flow of pussy juice.

My own orgasm was next, and I paused, fully within Martha's ass, and shot a
load of come that totally drained my balls. Martha responded with an
orgasm of her own, the juices flowing past Laura's dildo, across the
garter, to mix with the results of her own last draining.

I pumped in and out of Martha's ass hole to make sure that my entire load
had been deposited, and then stepped away, fully spent. Martha disengaged
herself from Laura's dildo and rolled over onto the bed, exhausted.

Laura continued to hold Judith's head to her pussy, experiencing orgasm
after orgasm, the sensations taking her time and time again.

Finally, Judith broke away from Laura's grasp, and extricated herself,
replacing the "self-dildo," snapping the five snaps, and at the side of
the bed, sat next to me.

Looking me in the eye, she said: "Once again, everyone's taken care
of!" "And you?", I asked. "Well, no, I would like to come once
more." "Lay down and lay back," I said, and positioned my face
between her thighs.


"You know that Martha's the only one of us that hasn't had you both
ways, don't you?", came the question from Laura over the telephone.
"You've fucked all three of us in the ass, but only me and Judith have
felt you come in our pussy's. Martha's feeling left out!"

Martha answered the door, this time, looking radiant in a see-through robe.
Almost as if we were on a first date, I felt an adolescent embarrassment
come over me, although, I didn't know why, since I had recently had anal
sex with her. We kissed on the lips, for the first time, and she welcomed
me in.

She told me that Judith and Laura were in the master, and had "started
without us," but that we were to join them as soon as I arrived. As we
headed down the hallway, I stopped Martha, and held her in a re-assuring
embrace, kissing her again, and attempted to set up at least some form of a
romantic mood. She returned the kiss, and we leaned against the wall and
began a short session of petting, which lead to our hands finding each
other in some very private places. Martha was ready, I could tell as I
slipped my hand up under her robe and felt the moisture leaking from her
pussy lips. As we kissed in the hallway, I began to finger her clit and
kiss her neck. She responded by reaching between my legs to feel my
erection starting to grow. As we stood face to face, I brought her to her
first climax of the evening.

As we entered the bedroom, I could see, indeed, Laura and Judith had not
been waiting, and that Laura was fucking Judith, missionary-style,
obviously using her double-dildo garter for what it was intended. Their
passionate tongue kisses also told me that they had only recently moved
from some form of oral sex, and that they were still enjoying each other's

Since Laura and Judith were occupying the large over-stuffed chair that had
been the scene of my ass fucking of Martha, she and I headed toward the
king size bed in the middle of the room.

As Martha climbed into one side, I undressed myself, unusual as it seemed,
and climbed in the other. Meeting in the middle, we continued the heavy
petting which had occurred only moments earlier in the hallway.

Kissing Martha's neck apparently gave her some form of thrill, and as I
resumed fingering her clit, she came again. I moved my attention downward
to her huge breasts, lingering long on each, savoring the massive mounds of
breast flesh, sucking in each of the turgid nipples.

Temporarily abandoning my assault on her pussy, I put both hands to use,
massaging and kneading each breast as I simultaneously sucked, licked and
kissed. Thoroughly involved in this activity, both of us distracted by my
attention, and her apparently appreciation, we were unaware of the results
of the other coupling occurring in the room.

Continuing my attack on her breasts, I felt Martha shudder, as if she were
experiencing another orgasm, and congratulated myself on achieving this
through my manipulation of her nipples and breasts. As I moved my hand
down toward Martha's crotch, hoping to feel evidence of the results of my
handiwork, I instead found the back of a woman's head, busily performing
oral sex on her.

Laura had dislodged herself from Judith, and moved over to lick Martha's
pussy, while I has paying attention to her mountainous tits. Since
Martha's pussy was my next destination, anyway, I decided to join young
Laura in her feast. Martha's legs spread wide to accept two faces, eagerly
licking up her latest orgasm. As Laura and I took turns with our tongues,
we also exchanged come covered tongue kisses with each other.

"Are you going to fuck her?", Laura asked, while we were pausing,
waiting for Martha to come one more time. "Isn't that what I'm here
for?, I asked. "Well, that, and something else." "And what might
that be?" "I want to experience something that, up until now, only
you have!" "And that is?" "I want to fuck someone in the ass,
but I want it to be you!"

"Can't you fuck Martha or Judith in the ass, they've both been willing
participants?" "I could, but I want you, do you think you can handle
it?" " If it will make you happy, I'll try anything."

What she wanted was for me to fuck Martha, dog-style, so that my ass was
exposed, as I stood next to the bed, and she would enter me standing up.
She said that Judith was going to make extra sure that I was lubricated and
relaxed, and that they would prepare me as they had each other.

From the bathroom, Judith called that she was ready, and Laura and I left
the partially spent Martha to regain her composure. The multiple orgasms,
caused by my attention to her breasts, and our double attention to her
pussy had taken their toll, and she was reclining on the bed, still

As we entered the bathroom, Judith was just finishing the connections on an
enema bottle. My first thoughts were of childhood days of solutions to
anything that ailed you, and the distasteful assaults by mothers on
unsuspecting children. "It's really in close contact with both Laura
and Judith. I always encouraged Laura to stay independent, and do things
for herself. Judith and I talked about her retirement and how the plans
she and her husband had made were working out.

Judith and Laura, while they both worked in the same area of the Bank, had
not been particularly close, but Judith had counseled Laura during her
divorce, so they had kept in touch following Judith's retirement also.

I was saddened to hear of Judith's husband's unfortunate early de not that
bad!", Judith said as she saw the expression on my face. "It's a
mixture of warm milk, honey, and some other things which will not only
clean you out, but also make you really relax.

With some reluctance, I agreed, although feeling totally embarrassed and
foolish as I let the two woman administer the potion. As they cleaned me
up, I began to become aroused by their attention, and soon put the other
thoughts behind.

Back in the bedroom, Martha was beginning to stir, and Judith joined her on
the bed, in the same posture they had used when I had fucked Laura in the
pussy the first time. Judith was on the bottom of a sixty-nine, with
Martha's ass out toward the edge of the bed.

I would be able to enter Martha's pussy with little difficulty, and Judith
would be able to lick my dick and balls as I fucked her. I was still
having second thought about Laura's desires, although they were becoming
more distant as my mind began to accept the moment.

Judith looked up from her vantage point and saw that I was fully erect,
and, with her eyes, motioned me toward Martha's pussy. "You know this
means I get to taste your delicious come once again, don't you?"

Laura came into the room, her double dildo in position, ready to assault my
virgin bung. She urged me toward Martha's pussy, her own urgency beginning
to take charge. It was obvious that this was going to be her moment, and
that my fucking Martha was simply a vehicle upon which to achieve it.

I entered Martha with ease, her pussy wet and wide from Judith's
administrations, and her own excitement. My first strokes added to the
lubrication, as she came almost immediately, a side effect which Judith
enjoyed, as she licked Martha's pussy lips as my dick slid in and out.

Laura began to rub a lotion up and down my ass crack, occasionally stopping
to place a finger tip in my ass hole. As I began to gain comfort with the
position, and the idea, she could feel me relax, and began to finger my
ass, as she had when Judith had sucked my dick many weeks before.

Slowly, Laura introduced one, then two, and finally three fingers into my
ass. The lotion she was using had a mild anesthetic effect, and I could
feel my ass hole beginning to slowly accept her attention. As I pumped in
and out of Martha, I finally felt Laura bring her dildo to my back door. I
tensed for a second, and then allowed her to slip the tip inside. I could
feel the pressure being applied, and tried to consider what it felt like
when I was doing this same act to each of these three women.

Ever so slowly, Laura pumped back and forth, each stroke gaining ground,
working past the natural resistance to such a penetration, until, finally,
she was in me. "I am fully in his ass!", she announced to the other
ladies, and began to pump in and out, occasionally dripping more lotion on
her dildo to keep it well lubricated. As I began to feel more comfortable
with Laura, I turned my attention back to Martha. I increased the
frequency of my strokes, as Laura tried to find a rhythm which matched.

As I would go forward into Martha, Laura would retreat slightly, as I
pulled out, Laura would bury the dildo to the hilt. "This is so
exciting, I can't stop coming myself!", Laura exclaimed.

I was beginning to feel the same way, knowing that the intensity of the
moment was about to catch up to me, and that my own orgasm was only seconds
away. I began to pump even more deliberately, trying to give Martha an
indication of my desires, and offering her the chance to meet my orgasm
with one of her own.

Judith had pulled away from Martha's pussy and was watching Laura's dildo
as it moved in and out of my ass hole. "Laura, I wish you had the
ability to come in his ass, like he did in ours!" "There's nothing to
compare, even when he comes in my pussy!" "I know what you mean,

Regardless of whether Laura was going to be able to come in me, I did not
have the same biological problem, and my time had arrived. I plunged one
last time into Martha's pussy and let go with a load of come, larger than I
had every shot before. Obviously the stimulation of the dildo in my ass,
and the company and attention of three women were the perfect ingredients
for a historic load of come.

My balls were totally depleted, and my come overflowed Martha's pussy and
began to drip onto Judith's face. Simultaneous to my climax, Martha had
also shuddered and stiffened with her own, and the collective juices formed
a feast for Judith's waiting tongue.

Laura, sensing that I was spent, as well as seeing the evidence as my last
strokes pumping more of the mixture out of Martha's pussy, pulled away. It
was all I could do to stand for one more moment, until I collapsed on the
floor of the bedroom, exhausted by the experience.

As I exited, Judith's mouth replaced my dick, and soon an eager Laura
joined in the feast at Martha's pussy. As I sat on the floor, Laura, every
the vigilant one, noticed that there were also remnants of the mutual
orgasm on my cock, and turned to glean what she could from my spent member.

As Laura licked and kissed my shaft and balls, Martha finally collapsed
after one more tongue induced orgasm. Judith rolled off the bed and joined
Laura and me on the floor. As Laura finished with me, and began to turn
away, Judith's pussy was positioned directly in front of her face.

"I haven't come yet!", Judith scolded Laura. "No problem!" was
Laura's reply, as Judith lay back on the thick carpet and Laura dove
between her thighs.


Laura's imagination must work at erotic overtime, as I heard the next plan.
She could not get the thought of how much of my come had been wasted when
Judith sucked me off the first time, and had not gotten her fill following
any of the various sessions. Laura wanted to suck my dick.

Martha met me at the door again, welcomed me with a kiss, and escorted me
to our destination. Judith and Laura were already in the bedroom, and when
Martha and I entered, Judith's face was firmly entrenched in Laura's
crotch. Unbeknownst to me, however, something new had been added.

As Laura finished one last orgasm, and Judith licked away the results, they
both arose. Judith turned to greet me, and as she did, I could not help
but notice the strap-on dildo jutting from her waist. She walked over and
gave me a kiss, and sheepishly looked down at her own mid section.
"Laura has so much fun with hers, I just couldn't resist, although
mine's not nearly as fancy as hers is."

Laura and Martha proceeded to undress me, with Martha kneeling in front of
me, kissing my cock and balls as she removed my pants and shorts. "You
better not make him come!", Laura exclaimed. "His entire load is

Judith had already entered the bed, as Laura led me by the hand. As I lay
down on my back, Laura positioned herself on her knees between my legs, and
began to play with my cock and balls. Martha moved around the bed to
Judith, and they began to kiss and play with each other, Martha
occasionally gliding her hand over Judith's dildo.

As Laura bent over to begin my blow job, Judith reached out and playfully
began to finger Laura's pussy. Martha watching between trips to Judith's
breasts for a little light feasting. As Laura began to lick and suck my
cock, playing with my balls, jacking me off with the lubrication from her
spit, Judith became more directed in her attentions to Laura's pussy.

Martha moved back around the bed, closer to where my head was resting, and
climbed on. Turning her back to Laura, she positioned her pussy directly
above my face. I more than eagerly accepted the invitation, and welcomed
the tastes of her juices. My hands moved across the expanse of her belly
and grabbed her breasts, messaging them, tweaking each nipple.

Judith climbed onto the bed behind Laura and began to finger her pussy with
even more enthusiasm. Laura's attention to me was only briefly paused as
Judith brought Laura to an orgasm with her fingers. Laura returned to
sucking me off, working her mouth up and down my shaft, dragging her teeth
occasionally, licking the entire length.

Her left hand had found home in my ass hole. Using her own spit, she had
lubricated her middle finger and had fully penetrated me. The stray
fingers of her left hand tickled my balls as she finger-fucked my ass.

My attentions to Martha's pussy had achieved a satisfactory result, as the
juices of another climax flowed over my chin. Martha could obviously see
the action behind her in the mirrored headboard, and her excitement told me
that she must have been approving.

I felt Laura pause, again, and looked up to see Judith enter her from
behind with her dildo. Laura ground her pussy onto the dildo as Judith
pushed into her, causing Judith to have to grab her hips to maintain

Martha also raised up to turn and see the penetration. As Laura leaned
back into the dildo, and Martha moved out of the way, I reached up and
began to play with Laura's marvelously firm tits.

Satisfied that she was firmly connected, Laura returned her attention to
me, drooling her spit onto my dick, and jacking me off with her right hand.
I could feel a load of come beginning to form deep within my balls, and
encouraged Laura to get ready.

As she bent back to her appointed task, Judith took advantage of her new
posture and began to dildo fuck Laura at a faster pace.

Martha left the bed and walked back around to Judith. As they kissed, a
grin crossed their collective faces, and Martha reached for the ever
present tube of lubricant on the night stand. With both hands full, she
reached over and began to massage the dildo as it worked in and out of
Laura's pussy. With her other hand, she began to finger fuck Laura's ass

Laura paused, and shuddered, as she reached another orgasm from Judith's
fucking, and leaving my attention for a third time, turned to Judith and
said: "Give it to me now, I want that plastic dick in my ass!"

Bending back to continue her sucking, Laura presented the perfect target
access to Judith, and with one plunge, Judith buried the dildo in Laura's
butt. Martha continued her attention to Judith's dildo, making sure that
it was well lubricated, kissing Judith's mouth, neck, and breasts at the
same time.

Laura looked at me, "Shoot that come into my mouth!" "I want to
swallow your entire load, you won't see a wasted drop, so give it to me
now!" Her right hand returned to jacking me off, as she lowered her
mouth to my cock. With a motion similar to fucking, she worked her lips up
and down my dick, sucking in on every up stroke. I could tell that she was
also being influenced by the attack on her ass hole, as she would shake and
shudder with each dildo-induced orgasm.

My end came quick and certain. Come shot out of my cock and into her
waiting mouth. With each stroke of her hand, she fed herself my come,
guiding it into her mouth. I could feel her swallow as she plunged her
mouth down.

I was spent, entirely drained by her attentions. As she licked the last
remnants from my shaft, she turned her head to Judith. "Give me one
more shot, and make it deep!", she said. "I'm going to come one more

With that, she ground her ass onto the dildo and froze. Looking up from my
vantage point, I saw a stream of come spill from her pussy. Laura reached
down between her own legs and covered her fingers and hand with it, and
moved her hand to her face for a taste. "My, I'm sweet!", she said.


I was given full access to the house, my own key, and garage door opener,
and there was always a space in the garage for my car.

Whenever I had a chance, I would stop by, and the experiences continued.
It was not unusual for me toath. It came as a shock to most of those who
knew him, and Judith was left with all their accumulated resources and
nothing to do. She reclused herself in their home and did not communicate
much with even her closest friends.

One day, while talking to Laura on the telephone, I mentioned to her that I
had recently talked to Judith and that she seemed to be very depressed and
I thought she needed to be cheered up somehow. I told her that I was going
to go by and visit her to see if there was anything I could do. Laura
asked me to let her know how it went.

I called and made an appointment with Judith and she seemed excited that I
would have the time to come by. When I arrived, she welcomed me at the
door, dressed in a very stylish dressing gown and robe, and invited me in.
We talked at length about what she had been through, and she confided in me
that in the last several years, her husband had not been able to perform
sexually and that she had endured the lack of attention dutifully. I
consoled her and told her that she should now make an attempt to get back
into the mainstream, that she was still attractive and that she would not
have any trouble finding a companion.

She thanked me for the compliments and asked if I would make sure that my
assessment of her desirability was accurate. I wasn't sure what she was
getting at until she stood up and dropped her robe, to reveal a very sheer
dressing gown that left little to the imagination.

Her breasts held up the top of the gown, and let it drape down to h see
one, two, or three ladies, in various stages of undress, or sexual
activity. Nudity was the catch phrase, and the full body tans of each of
my friends told me that the swimming pool was a popular destination.

I would enter the house, go by the master to see who was doing what, and if
I didn't find anyone, head toward the backyard, certain to find someone.
Along the way, I would shed my clothes, as I knew that I would be greeted
in like manner. Frequently, the dildo's were in place, there now being
three. One sunny afternoon, I witnessed Judith and Laura double fucking
Martha. As I became aroused walking toward their location, I began to jack
myself off.

Positioning myself in front of Martha, I placed my dick in her mouth, which
she eagerly accepted, and proceeded to face fuck her, while the other
ladies fucked her ass and pussy. As she reached one after another orgasm
from the stimulation to her lower region, she continued to suck and slurp
on my dick, until I finally came. My load spilled out of her mouth, and
dripped into the awaiting mouth of a most appreciative Judith, a pouting
Laura expressing her displeasure at being left out.

Other times I would come by, and only one lady would be present, or
available, the other two being either involved elsewhere, or not at home.
It seemed that Laura had taken on the role of home body.

I most frequently found her there. Of the three, she was the one I was
most attracted to, and we would take long lingering sessions of lovemaking.
She especially liked to have sex in the swimming pool or hot tub, enjoying
the freedom that the buoyancy of the water gave her.

Often I would find her, dildo in hand, fucking herself, although she never
refused when I offered a substitute. Her auto eroticism seemed to be
non-stop. Frequently when we would fuck, she would either finger her own
ass hole, or have some device stuck up it.

It was not unusual for her to suck me off, almost to a climax, climb on top
to ride me with her pussy until I came, and then dismount to suck me until
I was limp.

Martha and Judith would pair off in a more conventional manner, their
favorite position being a sixty-nine, with no apparent preference for top
or bottom.

Occasionally, even though the three of them would be home, Laura and I
would be left alone, as Judith and Martha would either spectate, or go off
on their own.

Laura and I finally married and settled down, although it was not unusual
for us to go by Judith's house every now and then, just for old times sake.

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