Saturday, April 4, 2009

Supermarket Sex 2

As part one of the story ended, I had just learned from the two gay
lovers, in whose home I sought refuge from the raging blizzard, that one
of our co-workers had accused me of being his former lover. At first I
found the accusation hilarious, denied it vehemently, and then ....

"If I was gonna go gay," I insisted, "he'd have to be one hot

"Like Ray." Bert had made the statement which silenced me instantly.
The atmosphere within these four walls suddenly turned as frigid as the
howling wind outside on this cold winter's night. Two pairs of eyes
were upon me and, for a change, I was speechless.

Ray was within arm's length of me, squatting on his haunches, long arms
crossed over the knees of his blue sweat pants, looking up at me with
those sultry eyes whch had started all this trouble. There was no
denying he had stirred conflicting emotions within me over the past few
months. Not drop dead gorgeous like a GQ cover model, he was handsome
in his own carefree way. During intercourse with my girlfriend, I had
often visualized him under my thrusting body, those sensual hazel eyes
staring up into mine. When Tina had given me head, I had closed my eyes
and seen Ray there with my fat cock buried between his thin wet lips. I
had reached orgasm wanting desperately to call out his name. How could
I honestly sit here and deny that he was the hot motherfucker I wanted
to break my cherry.

Seemingly in slow motion, Ray moved upwards towards me from his
uncomfortable position on the floor. Hands resting on my strong upper
thighs he tilted his head slightly and suddenly, without warning, his
lips were on mine! I started to protest at this Unexpected Persuasion,
unwittingly providing him with the opportunity to slide his tongue into
the hollows of my mouth. I responded almost instantly. My wet tongue
intertwined with his to do an erotic dance as we probed each other's
hungry mouths. My right hand came up to grasp the back of his head,
fingers clutching at his silken hair, drawing him closer to me while my
left hand traced the length of his masculine spine. The Young
Stimulator was wrapped in my masculine arms, and I was enjoying it!
Never had I felt such an overwhelming lust and the fact that another man
was taking me to this plateau only increased the eroticism.

Realizing I was Going Too Far, but unable to stop myself, I ran my hand
down the base of his spine, slid it under the elastic of his sweats, and
copped a feel of his tight smooth ass cheeks. As he sucked on my tongue
like it was a tiny cock, Ray brought his hands up to my bulging pecs and
teased my protruding nipples through the thin material of the tank top.
Taking each nub between the thumb and forefinger he twisted and pulled
on my sensitive nips, driving me mad with desire. Both my hands were
now busy in the back of his pants, pulling apart his sweaty crack and
toying with the moist hole which I desperately wanted to fuck. Our
breathing was heavy, lips smacking together, saliva oozing from the
corners of mouths, tongues battling a raunchy duel, bodies pressed
together, he attempting to dominate me, me wanting Every Inch of Him.

Hands were tugging on my slacks and I lifted my buttocks to allow them
to be pulled down my thighs, followed by my briefs. Fingers toyed with
my hairy nuts, grazed against my throbbing meat and embedded themselves
in the mass of my lustrous pubic patch. A single finger traveled up the
vein of my seven inches and circled the blood-engorged head, urging a
drop of pre-cum to ooze from the piss-slit. Bert bent down to take the
droplet onto his greedy tongue, all the while watching me watching him.
Seeing there was no protest he went to work licking the length of my
pecker, sucking the head into his mouth, lapping my now-abundant pre-cum
and devouring it like honey.

As Bert gave me an expert tongue bath, Ray broke our kiss, pulled the
tank top over my head and went to work chewing on my hardened nipples.
He was an excellent tit man, swirling his tongue around the erect nub
and alternately rubbing the day's growth stubble of beard against it.
Biting down on it, he pulled my nipp away from my body until I winced
and nearly cried out in pain before returning to a fevered sucking on
the tortured flesh. The sensations he gave my tits caused my cock to
spasm uncontrollably, prompting Bert to take my entire Drive Shaft down
his gullet and deep throat me into oblivion.

"Stop!" I moaned unconvincingly, but some Guys Just Can't Stop and these
two were no exception. Bert began deep throating me with wild abandon,
slamming my cock in and out of his tunnel of lust. For fear of shooting
my load too soon I closed my eyes and leaned back against the blue wall
behind me. As if sensing that I was about to unload, Bert eased off my
cock and began playful little flicks with his sloppy tongue down the
length of my shaft and into my sweat-covered balls. Soon I felt another
mouth on me and looked down to see three quarters of my equipment buried
in Ray's handsome face.

"Ooooooooooohhhhh yeaaaaaahhhhhhh!" I moaned. What a fucking sight it
was! Both Boys From New Jersey down between my hairy thighs, one
face-fucking my manmeat while his lover chewed on my hefty balls. Ray
raised those long lashes to cast his puppydog eyes up at me and I'm
certain the reaction he saw pleased him. His velvety slick mouth
devoured my pole, his nose nestled itself in my coarse pubes and then
slowly he pulled back as inch after inch of cock came from the depths of
his throat into his oral cavity and then past his hot sensuous lips.
Holding the base of my shaft in one hand he stroked the length of my
hardness with the other while his tongue bathed my fat cockhead with
saliva. Riding around the ridge of my bulbous knob with the tip of his
tongue, he dipped it momentarily into my thick piss slit, and then went
down on me again.

Big Bert busied himself toying with my cum-packed nuts, alternately
sucking them into his hot mouth. Circling the base of my sac between
his thumb and forefinger Bert pulled the balls away from my body,
sending my stiffer even deeper into Ray's loving throat.

As Ray came up off my cock and gave the sinister purple head a
deliberate tongue-lashing, Bert tore himself away from my tight scrotum
and licked his way up the underside of my shaft. They battled for
control of the swollen helmet and the valuable nectar which now streamed
steadily out of it. Tongues intertwined around my cockhead, dancing
erotically over the stretched flesh, sending my body into convulsions of
lust. The Wild Guys were giving me the best blow job of my life!

Licking my lips and running a hand through my damp hair, I realized the
heat of the moment had overtaken us and we were all profusely
perspiring. There was a sheen of sweat over Ray's handsome face as his
lips locked around my swollen shaft, allowing Bert fo feast on the
leaking knob. Both were equally adept at making love to another man,
equipped with their individual unique oral ministrations which they
practiced on my accepting masculinity. The realization that Men Matter
Most banished any doubts about gay sex from my mind.

Pumping my pelvis upwards, I fucked Bert's mustache. His carefully
manicured hairs tickled the upper side of my log as his tongue slid down
the thick vein and his mouth sucked like a milking-machine. He wanted a
full load and I was more than happy to oblige. Any moment he would be
drinking my thick cream.

Knowing I was close, both men backed off my pulsating pecker, yet a
hugry look remained in their lusty eyes. Bert's hand seductively
caressed my thighs and then he was lifting my legs upwards so that my
winking asshole was exposed to him. Before I could utter a cry of
protest, both mouths were on my shithole. The dual tongues did a quick
lap of the hairy crack and then began poking at my raisin. The hard
points of their tongues stabbed at my tightened pucker and probed at
this most private part of another man's body. Hands pulled at bubble
butt cheeks, stretching the crack open wider. Gasping at the beauty of
these two men devouring ass caused my hole to loosen. Bert took instant
advtange of the opportunity and wriggled his tongue inside of the virgin
hole. Stars exploded in front of me as his tongue snaked its way along
the insides of my poop-shute, stretched as far into me as he could
possibly go. His face was buried in my crack; the mustache tickling at
that errogenous spot between asshole and balls.

While his boyfriend joyously ate ass, Ray gave my throbbing cock the
attention it desperately required. The idea of two hot men working on
both cock and ass was driving me into serious heat. Groaning wildly, I
ground my ass into Bert's face and thrust my cock farther up into Ray's
gullet. Rolling my head from side to side on the soft cushions I took
hold of both their heads and tried to force them deeper onto me. Every
hair on my gym-toned body was standing on mouth went suddenly
dry....breathing came in labored gasps...every nerve ending tightened
into a head came up off the floor as I panted and sighed.....
and suddenly my nuts burst and load after steaming load shot up and into
the slurping mouth of sex-pig Ray. He greedily gulped down man=cum, all
the while continuing to fuck his face with my out-of-control dickstick.
My asshole had clamped down on Bert's feasting tongue as he continued to
wriggle it deep within me, causing me to blast more manspunk into Ray's
overflowing mouth.

They continued to feast on my body long after I had shot my last round
of jizz but, by this point, I was their totally spent, willing slave.
So involved had I been with my own pleasure that I failed to notice both
men had shucked their clothing and had been busily fisting their cocks
throughout the encounter. Bert broke away from his ass-munching to gaze
into my satiated eyes. A glazed look came over his face as he came up
off the floor and moved over to stand beside me, big dick in hand. Soon
Ray tore himself away from my meat and came to stand on the other side,
stroking his dick only inches from my face.

The sight of these two dudes jerking their meat to either side of me was
overwhelming and, flexing my arms, I reached out in an overhand grasp
and took hold of their cocks. They felt hot and, despite their
hardness, smooth to my touch. Bert had the bigger of the two, fat and
long with a proud giant head, while Ray's was long but slim and curving
slightly downwards. Running my hands down to the base of their pricks,
i reached under to cup their sweat-covered sacs and gently squeeze the
cum-sacs. Investigating another guy's joint for the first time was
awesome. Squeezing upwards, I watched as a drop of pre-cum forced its
way out of each prick. Running my hands over their cockheads, i used
the pre-cum as lubrication for my next downward stroke. Toying with
their cocks slowly, I was enjoying each moment of my experimentation.
Looking up into their faces revealed their enjoyment at a
former-straight stud milking their gay cocks. I felt a formidable sense
of power over the two and decided to test my new-found skills further.
On a Raw Impulse, I leaned over and took the head of Bert's big boy
between my lips and flicked my tongue lightly under the hood. Bert
gasped audibly and tried to buck his monster into my mouth but I firmly
held him back. My first time out I wasn't about to choke on man meat.
Licking around the swollen rim of his purple helmet, I had my first
taste of another man and found it totally erotic. My own dick was
bouncing wildly as I tasted Bert's member.

Next to me the neglected Ray was piston-fucking his dick in my hand
wildly. Taking momentary leave of the older Bert, I leaned into Ray and
allowed him to slide his prick into my mouth. Being that he was not
nearly as thick as Bert, Ray's cock slid easily down into my throat and
soon my nose was sniffing the pungent scent of his pubic patch. The
younger man began a slowly and methodical fucking of my face, backing
his dick out until just the rim of his cockhead rested on my lips, and
then pushing it slowly but forcefully back into my mouth and down my
open throat. Several times I felt like gagging but remembered Tina
taking a deep breath when I penetrated her throat, so I practiced the
same practical maneuver. Very soon the handsome Ray was easily fucking
my mouth and I was taking it like a seasoned cocksucker!

Confident that I had mastered Ray's fuckstick, I turned my attentions
over to Bert's bigger dick. That one-eyed monster glared at me angrily,
daring me to broaden my horizons. Spreading my jaws as widely as
possible, I took about half of his length into my saliva-filled mouth
and sucked on it wildly. Big Bert was going into convulsions next to
me. For a pro-cocksucker you'd have thought he never had a blow job
before. He ground his hips and fed me more and more of that big
man-dick. The fat head touched the back of my throat and I
instinctively swallowed hard. Before long I was swallowing all of
Bert's eight inches. Once he knew I was comfortable, Bert became the
man and started to fuck my mouth with quick, deep, urgent strokes. I
was determined to keep up with him and prove myself worthy of his lust.

Bert and Ray alternated fucked my virgin mouth for what seemed like
hours. It could have gone on all night as far as I was concerned. I
was totally captivated by my first attempt at sucking cock. When a
glob of pre-cum mixed with my saliva I lavished it with my taste buds,
not certain I found the taste enjoyable but nonethless eager to
experience more. My mouth was used like a whore's pussy by theses two
guys who only hours ago had been practically strangers to me. Looking
up past their gorgeous cocks I saw them locked in an embrace, their
mouths feasting on each others---the eternal lovers.

As I was hungrily sucking on Ray's slim jim, I was surprised when Bert's
big cock forced my lips wide and buried itself next to his buddy's
inside my mouth! My jaws were expanded to their maximum as the twin
cockheads twitched inside me. I ran my tongue over the oozing helmets
and sucked at their juice and then settled back while they pumped my
tonsils in unison. Never since have I been so cock-stuffed!

Bert was the first to lose control. With a deep guttural moan, he
pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth and began to pump it furiously.
As his body jerked in lust-laden spasms, he shot a load from his
exploding cockhead. The first shot fell across my chest, the second hit
the side of my face, and the third fell right on my lips. Flicking out
my tongue I licked the goo off my lips and had my first taste of
man-spunk. Swishing the thick fluid around, I coated the inside of my
mouth with the essence of Bert and then swallowed it down.

And then Ray was coming! His first shot arced over my head to splat on
Bert's hairy chest. Reflexively I shot forward and placed my lips
around his bulging cock and let him fill my face with his love juice. I
swallowed load after load from his juicy cock, driving Ray to the edge
of oblivion and back again. Greedily, I continued to suck from him long
after he'd finished shooting.

We fell to the floor together in one exhausted heap: a mass of naked,
sweaty, clutching limbs. I lay on my back as did Bert, my head resting
in the crook of his sweaty pungent armpit and his hairy leg over mine.
Ray was sprawled on top of me, nibbling on an earlobe, his still-erect
penis nudging my ribcage. I reached down and took both ass cheeks in
hand, kneading the soft white flesh. Ray cooed sweet nothings into my
ear as I spread his twin melons and allowed his asterisk to breath the
air. They had exposed my Naked Truth, rendering me Addickted to male
flesh. But I was not yet finished; there remained one thing I knew I
must do.

My thick fingers moved closer to his sticky hole, pulling at the tight
flesh and causing his pucker to wink open. Finding my target, I
inserted the index finger of each hand into his sweaty asshole and then
pulled his shitter open. Ray arched upwards moaning and I raised my
head to capture his mouth with mine. We kissed hungrily, no longer
strangers but men who knew exactly what we wanted from each other.

Fingerfucking his surprisingly tight asshole, I tore my tongue from his
adoring mouth and growled:

"Ready to get fucked by a man?"

No response was needed. The look in his eyes told me all I needed to
know. With quick acrobatic movements, I quickly had him over on his
back, feet pressed firmly against my shoulders and hands tucked behind
knees, holding his legs back and apart. I spat a fat glob down onto my
throbbing prick and fisted it preparatory to invading my young hunk's
awaiting bunghole. Guiding my fat head to the Point of Entry, I rubbed
it teasingly against his puckering hole.

"Come on, Stud," he challeneged. "Fuck me like you fuck your girl."

I smiled devilishly. "Wrong, buddy. The way I'm gonna fuck you she's
never been fucked."

And before my words had registered I shot my hips forward and half my
dick rammed into his shithole. We both gasped audibly: he from the
sudden assault of my big dick and me from the awesome tightness of his
man-pussy. It felt incredibly good and he looked so damned adorable
beneath me that my cock began to pulse from deep within him, stretching
his canal wider to accomodate my onslaught. Slowly pulling it out till
just the head was stretching his ass ring, I hesitated for a beat and
then rammed my entire cock home, nuts pressed solidly against his warm
flesh. Crying out my pleasure, I spied Bert out of the corner of my eye
whacking his man-meat furiously.

Grinding my hips I let the slut feel my big meat churning about inside
of him before pumping his asshole as no man had done before. I rammed
his shitter with such force that my balls slapping against him sounded
almost brutal. Plowing his ass relentlessly, I gritted my teeth and
shouted a string of obscenities:


Speech was lost to the pretty young man, who was moaning, groaning and
panting like a bitch in heat. Droplets of sweat fell from my torso to
mix with the thick sheen on his heaving body. My knob plowed him
ruthlessly, jabbing almost cruelly into his guts. Time after time I
ripped into him, sending my meat home with each deliberate thrust. His
grasping shitchute tried to suck me back in on the outstoke but I
refused to give control up to him.

My fat cock spread his ass again and again, piledriving into my Greek
god. He looked even more handsome getting powerfucked. My dick seemed
to have taken on a mind of its own as it relentlessly hammered his
prostate, threatening to send us both over the edge. His ass ring
milked my shaft on each withdrawal and tried fruitlessly to hold me in
place when I stormed back into him. Again and again I deep-dicked my
new lover, while his old lover was in the throes of masturbatory orgasm
next to us.

Ray flexed his ass muscles like a seasoned whore, milking my budgeoning
cock for all he was worth. Furiously I flexed my hips and thrust
viciously into his manhole. Ray took it all, staring me directly in the
eye all the time, refusing to acknowledge my brutal rape of his tender
ass with any sign of discomfort. Hell, it was obvious he liked a mean,
hard fuck. His fuck tunnel was made for fucking, and I was glad I was
taking the ride.

My heart beat widly in my chest and I felt that familiar churning deep
down in my ballsac. With one final thrust, I sent my dick deep into his
bowels and unloaded volley upon volley of cum juice inside the boy.
Grunting loudly, my head shot backwards and I thought sure he had driven
me to a heart attack. The entire universe seemed to explode around me.
My balls seemed like they would never stop producing the hot cum which
filled his well-fucked hole. I was barely aware that my fevered fucking
had caused his own cock to shoot its seed without being touched by human
hand. Exhausted, and with my rod still pulsing within him, I collapsed
on top of Ray and engaged in a deep animal kiss with the hot sex stud.

It took a long while to regain our composure. Bert left to mix more
cocktails while Ray and I remained locked in embrace on the floor, hands
roaming over each other's bodies from head to calve. I confessed that I
was in love.

Sadly, as it turned out, Ray was a self-possesed beauty who thrived on
the conquest and, once he'd had his catch, was on to the next man.
Bert, on the other hand, turned out to be the real find. I confessed my
new-found sexuality to Tina and we parted company, leaving me free to
continue to explore the gay life at the hands of Big Bert. He was a
talented teacher and took me to plateaus I never knew existed. As well
as a fantastic lover, he became a good friend.

Time passed and relationships changed. I haven't seen either of the men
in quite awhile. They went on to become quite successful in the adult
entertainment industry: Bert as producer and Ray as his superstar. As
for me, I am here to live out one of my life's dreams by penning the
story you have just read and forevermore treasuring the memories of that
snowy night.

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