Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer Seduction of 1981

I was 6', 200lb, brown hair, green eyes, an eighteen year old nerd when
I was introduced to bisexuality. I was working at a sci-fi bookstore. I
didn't think of myself as an attractive guy and kept to myself. It was just
before summer break when Ken and Diane came in to stock up for their
vacation. As usual, they looked great. Ken is 35, six feet tall, broad
shoulder and had muscles everywhere, just your basic hunk. Diane is 30,
five-ten, shoulder length chestnut hair, watermelon breasts with a full
figure body. They looked like the perfect couple.

I was attracted to her and later discovered, him. Every time they came
into the store I undressed Diane and looked at Ken, wishing I had a body
like his. As they picked out their books, they told me about how they were
going to a campground in their RV for their vacation. They asked me what
my plans were and I told them I nothing but another boring summer to look
forward to. They looked at each other then out of blue invited me to spend
a couple of weeks with them. I accepted and thought this summer might be
nice after all.

I got a call from them a few weeks later and they told me to pack
light because their camp was a nudist camp. My horny young mind had
visions of open-air orgies and naked sex models everywhere. I could see
myself surrounded by naked people and had a constant hard on, hoping that I
would soon loose my virginity. I was tired of feeling like the oldest

They picked me up and we started our trip. During the drive we talked
and I undressed Ken and Diane. I found myself thinking about Diane's
breasts and shapely butt. I also thought about Ken's chest and how big his
dick was. I was getting more confused all the time because my forbidden
fantasies of sex with a guy were staring me in the face and I was hard as a
rock thinking about them.

When we arrived it was early evening and still warm out. After we
found our campsite Ken and Diane started to strip and my mouth dropped
open. I was not use to being close to naked flesh before. I stared at the
bodies I want to see for such a long time. I didn't even remember where I
was my teenage mind want to start feeling every body part I saw before me.

Diane had a feast waiting for us. There was lobster, crab and many
cold salads. I was hungry and eat like a starving man. They served wine
with the meal and after two glasses I had a nice buzz. Ken suggested we
watch a movie and Diane got a tape out of a brief case. She put it in and
I found myself sitting between them.

It took only a few seconds into it to realize it was a porno. My eyes
were glues to the screen when I felt a hand on my thigh. I didn't bother
to check to see whose hand it was. It crept up my leg until it reached my
cock. I was hard as a rock and after stroking me for only a minute or two;
the hand was replaced with a mouth. I went to stroke the person's hair and
realized it was not Diane's.

My first thought was what is going on as I looked down and saw Ken
sucking my cock. I looked at Diane and she kissed me and told me to relax.
She fed me a tit and I started to suck her nipples and feel them. Ken was
a great and soon felt like I was going to cum. I filled his mouth with my
nectar and he drank it all. He cleaned me off and kissed me. I tasted my
cum and wanted to try my first blowjob.

I looked at his cock and smiled. I was cut and he had a lot of
foreskin. I played with it and he leaked. I lowered my head and tasted
his precum. He tasted great and I licked and sucked him. While I was
doing this I felt a wet finger around my asshole. Ken slowly pushed a
lubed finger in me. It was tight but I was too busy to care. He added
another and I squirmed with delight.

He pulled my mouth off this cock and lubed it. I was told to get into a
doggie style position. I did and Diane fed me her pussy while Ken slowly
pushed into me. It hurt but I buried a scream into Diane's cunt and
continued to eat my first pussy. Ken slowly fucked me until I was begging
for more. Diane sat back and watched me being fucked. With one finally
thrust Ken filled my ass with his cum.

I was exhausted and fell asleep. That summer Ken and Diane showed me
how to make love and enjoy my sexuality. I will always be grateful to them
for showing me the way to a wonderful lifestyle.

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