Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bisex Buddies

Frank was so turned on he was almost besides himself. In the back seat of
his car his friend Johnny was fucking his girlfriend. Frank could not
believe that they were doing it right here, in front of him. Enough
moonlight streamed through the windows to enable him to see everything
clearly. He could see Johnny's thick cock slicing into Helen's pussy while
his fat balls danced below.

Frank was shocked to find that he was just as turned on by the sight of
Johnny's nads as he was by the sight of Helen's naked body. Delicious
slurpy sounds escaped her pussy as Johnny fucked her. The sounds of their
groans and sighs rose over this. Frank's cock was so hard it hurt.

Without thinking he reached back and stroked Helen's silky soft butt. She
didn't protest so he carried on stroking. He unzipped his pants and took
out his throbbing dick. He smeared his oozing precum all around his cock
head and sensitive underside. He grew bolder and slid his hands down to
Helen's asshole. He delighted in the texture and feel of it. And then he
slipped his fingers lower, onto her pussy lips. He could now feel Johnny's
hard member slicing into her.

He waiting for Johnny to protest, but he said nothing. So Frank grew bolder
yet and started stroking Helen's pussy in such a way that his hand
occasionally brushed against Johnny's cock. Each time Frank's fingers
touched that hard, warm shaft of skin it was if a bolt of electricity had
shot through him. After five minutes of this he decided it was time to
throw in the towel. He grabbed hold of Johnny's fat nuts and rolled them
around in his hand.

Johnny let out a loud groan. Frank wasn't sure if it was because of
anything that he was doing, but he felt encouraged. He slid a finger into
Johnny's sweaty butt crack and soon found his hot hole. He could not
believe he was actually touching his buddy's asshole. And soon he was doing
more than that. His finger slid into Johnny's steamy hot hole.

Frank leaned down and started licking Helen's asshole. She let out a little
yelp of pleasure. And then he carried on licking south, onto Johnny's meat
stick and down to his smooth balls. He could feel Johnny's assring tighten
around his finger. And then Johnny let out a loud groan and bucked so hard
that his cock came clean out of Helen's cunt. A thick wad of cock juice
blasted up her back. Frank greedily lapped it up before cleaning up his
buddy's cock.

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