Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My girlfriend Diane had just turned 21 so we decided to head down to
one of the bars in town. We had been there for nearly an hour when one
of our good friends, Steve, whom we hadn't seen in months walked in. We
waved him over, and he sat with us and we started catching up on old
times and celebrating Diane's birthday.
We had been there for several hours, having a great time and drinking
more than our fair share of alcohol when the bartender announced the
last call. I asked Steve if he would like to walk up to our place, have
a few more drinks, and maybe smoke some weed. He thought that was a
great idea and agreed to come with us.
Once we got to our apartment we turned on the stereo and started
passing around the water pipe. I had already drank more than I can
usually handle and the weed really topped it off. Diane and Steve went
into the kitchen to find some food and I laid down on the couch hoping
to stop the room from spinning. I could hear the two of them in the
kitchen talking and laughing, and figuring that they were doing fine
without me I drifted off to sleep.

I didn't know how long I had been asleep when I finally came to, but I
assumed that Steve had gone home because the apartment was quiet and
dark. I quickly realized that there was a hand on my crotch, rubbing my
cock through my jeans, and someone was sitting on the edge of the couch
next to me. I immediately got excited at the prospect of celebrating
Diane's birthday in yet another way and started imagining all the fun me
and Diane would soon be having. The thought of utilizing our "toy
chest" crossed my mind.
That quickly changed when I heard Diane's sexy voice say "God this is
such a turn-on!" as the lights clicked on. I looked up to see that it
was Steve who was sitting next to me on the couch! With a wicked smile
on his face he said "You feeling better buddy?"
I looked back to see Diane standing right behind me, also sporting a
wicked and very excited grin. She leaned down to my ear and whispered
"You can handle this can't you baby?" Diane is bisexual, and we had had
threesomes in the past, but I had always thought that she wasn't
interested in having a three-way with another guy, much less a guy that
wanted me as well as her.
I didn't know what to say or do, but Steve rubbing my cock and Diane's
obvious excitement of what was about to happen was getting me as hard as
I had ever been. I found myself wanting this very much!
Diane and I both shave all of our pubic hair, it's one of the "special"
things we do together. I even shave in my ass because I like the way it
feels when Diane plays with my smooth asshole. When Steve got my jeans
open I noticed the shocked smile on his face. I don't think he had ever
seen a guy who was completely shaved before (I know I hadn't) and it
seemed to make him more eager because he immediately pulled my jeans
down past my ass and gave my cock a gentle squeeze.
I never thought I would find myself in this situation, but I realized
that I wanted nothing more than for him to take me into his mouth. We
both looked at Diane, as if to get her final approval. She had seated
herself in an easychair next to the couch where she could get a good
view. She was watching eagerly while pulling on her nipples and rubbing
her crotch. Steve looked up into my eyes as he took the head of my cock
between his lips.
It was strange having my dick in the mouth of one of my good friends,
but he began giving me a fantastic blowjob, and my fears quickly
evaporated. He had obviously sucked dick before, because he took me all
the way down his throat easily and slowly dragged his lips along my
shaft before bobbing his head up and down on my cock like a pro,
pressing his tongue against the underside and keeping his lips wrapped
tight around me.
I heard Diane moan, and looked up to see that she had slipped out of
her clothes and was eagerly rubbing her clit. She has a beautiful body,
with perfectly round tits, and an ass to die for. Our eyes locked and I
could see that she was enjoying this as much or more than I was.
Seeing her beautiful body and how much she was enjoying the show put me
to the brink of orgasm. Steve must have felt my cock start to throb in
his mouth because he raised his head before I could come. He turned me
so that my feet were on the floor and pulled my jeans the rest of the
way off. He situated himself between my legs and seemed to be taking in
the sight of my clean shaven pubic area. He looked like he couldn't
decide where he should continue .
He took my cock in his hand and began stroking me slowly as he ran his
tongue from above the base of my penis where my pubic patch once was,
down the side along my balls to my perineum and up my sack between my
testicles. Every spot he touched with his tongue seemed to resonate
with an incredibly pleasurable electric shock.
I heard Diane say "Suck on his balls, he loves it when you suck on his
balls." I was a bit taken aback by her assertiveness, but I began to
moan as he followed her orders and took each of my testicles into his
mouth, swirling his tongue around them.
Steve looked up at me, still stroking my cock, and said "I love the
feel of you, I've never had a shaved guy before." He then looked at
Diane and asked "Can I have his come now?"
Hearing that really set Diane off, and she began rubbing her clit
furiously and was coming as hard as I had ever seen her. She was so
enraptured all she could do was nod her head and sink deeper into the
Steve took me into his throat again and began bobbing his head quickly
up and down my shaft. I could feel my tip pressing into the back of his
throat, and my orgasm quickly began to build. Diane was coming down
from her orgasm as I felt one of Steve's now wet fingers probe into the
crack of my ass and easily slip into my tight asshole.
I don't know what had the most effect; the fact that this was a new
experience to me, watching Diane have an incredible orgasm, or Steve's
expert cocksucking, but I had one of the most incredible orgasms of my
life. I let out a cry as I began to shoot my semen forcefully into
Steve's throat. I could hear Diane beginning to climax again at the
sight of me coming in another man's mouth. Steve was eagerly swallowing
my come, keeping me in his mouth until I was completely drained and my
cock was limp between his lips.

When I began to regain my composure I became excited at the
implications of what had just happened. I could hardly believe that my
friend Steve had just given me a blowjob while Diane watched and played
with herself! The most incredible part was that I loved every minute of
it! I was sure that this whole thing was Diane's doing, and I wondered
why she had never mentioned that this was something she wanted. We were
always very open about our fantasies, and that has created the
opportunities to fulfill many of them.
I was completely spent and assumed that this endeavor had come to a
close, but Diane obviously had other ideas. She stood up from the chair
she had been in, still completely naked, and said in an authoritative
voice, "Bedroom" as she headed towards our room.
Steve raised himself up and surprised me with a passionate, open
mouthed kiss. I was shocked at first, but did not try to pull away. I
had never even considered kissing another man before, but the taste of
my semen in his mouth made my limp member begin to twitch.
Me and Steve walked into the bedroom to find that Diane had already
brought out the "toy chest" containing our assorted sex toys. She was
laying on the bed pushing a large vibrator in and out of her pussy and
squirming with pleasure.
I looked over at Steve to see that he was getting undressed. I watched
him out of the corner of my eye while I was removing the rest of my
clothes. He was slimmer than me, and about six feet tall with dark hair
and brown eyes. He had a nearly hairless body, except for the sparse
hairs on his scrotum and a thick curly patch above his penis. He was
quite a contrast to my hairy chest and clean shaven pubes.
We laid down on the bed on either side of Diane and began rubbing her
beautiful breasts, stiff nipples and firm thighs without interrupting
her masturbating with the vibrator. She looked into my eyes with a
loving smile and caressed my cheek. I asked her "Why didn't you ever
tell me you fantasized about seeing me get sucked off my another guy?"
She giggled and told me "That isn't my fantasy, I want to see you suck
off another guy!"
My heart immediately sank. I had assumed that I would get out of this
without having to go down on Steve. I didn't know the first thing about
sucking dick. Steve had apparently been with men before, but I was
completely in the dark. I looked over at Steve and eyed his stiff cock.
It was maybe 6 or 7 inches long, circumcised, and quite a bit thicker
than mine. I was apprehensive for a few moments, but I quickly realized
that if Diane got that hot watching Steve suck me than I was obligated
to fulfill her deepest fantasy. The idea started sounding better by the
I came around to Steve's side of the bed and as he laid on his back I
situated myself between his knees. I had never been this close to
another cock before, much less given a blowjob, but here I was getting
ready to take this thick thing into my mouth. I reached out and grabbed
it with my hand, giving a gentle squeeze to get the feel for it. It was
definitely thicker than mine, but I could still get my hand around it as
I slowly stroked his shaft.
Steve was very relaxed and savoring the moment, I think he liked the
fact that his was the first dick I would have ever sucked. Diane was
watching intently, she had even set the vibrator aside to concentrate on
this. I stroked him slowly for a moment, and found that I was enjoying
myself, I kind of liked the feeling of his cock, it was very hard, but
also smooth, and even spongy at the head. I was starting to want him
inside my mouth very much!
I looked up at Diane as I licked and tasted his head for the first
time. I was trying to show off for her and was hoping that she would
really get off on this! Steve moaned in frustrated pleasure, but Diane
wasn't impressed. She looked at me with an almost evil smile and said
"Suck it."
I slowly took him into my mouth and as soon as Steve moaned in pleasure
I realized that this was something I enjoyed doing! I was a little
clumsy, but Steve's moans told me that I was doing well. I loved the
feel of his firm cock sliding past my lips, across my tongue and into my
throat making me gag slightly.
I felt Diane move alongside me and reach under to stroke my cock, which
was once again hard as a rock, and this prompted me to suck harder and
faster. She was obviously having a good time rubbing me in all the
places she knows I love, playing with my balls and rubbing my asshole
with her finger.
Diane eventually moved away from me, and much to my surprise, planted
her pussy over Steve's mouth. He immediately began lapping at her clit
as she moaned in approval. She began giving me instructions between
moans, and by then I was so excited by this situation that I followed
them gladly. She had me lick and suck on his balls and I even spread
his legs farther and happily licked all around Steve's asshole as I
looked up into Diane's eyes and saw how incredibly charged she was.
When she had received enough of Steve's tongue she dismounted his face
and told me to lie on the bed with my head propped up by a pillow. I
wasn't sure what she had in mind until she ordered Steve, "Fuck his
Steve straddled my chest, slipped his cock into my mouth, and began
thrusting his cock deep into my open mouth. Diane started getting
really nasty, saying "Fuck him deeper, faster, harder, treat him like a
little bitch!"
Diane had talked to me like that before, but it caught me off guard.
Wouldn't you think that you would go gentle on a guy the first time he's
got a dick in his mouth? Steve was doing what Diane was encouraging him
to do, thrusting really deep into my throat, gagging me, hurting me and
making me feel like a worthless little bitch. Of course, like so many
things that night, I was loving every minute of it! When Steve was
reaching his climax, Diane grabbed me by the hair, pulled my head back
and ordered Steve "I want you to come all over his face!"
By now nothing surprised me, it actually sounded like a great idea! I
was so involved in sucking off Steve I wanted nothing more than to feel
the reward of my effort showering my face and shooting into my mouth.
After a few more quick strokes into my eager mouth Steve pulled out his
thick cock and Diane began stroking it while pointing it directly at my
face. As he began to come I opened my mouth wide hoping to get my first
taste of another mans semen. Just hours earlier I would have been
disgusted at the thought, but at that moment the only things in the
world were the cock in my face and the sex goddess aiming it at me!
The first powerful blast hit me right beneath my nose, and as it
streamed down my lip I swiped at it with my tongue. It was salty and a
little bitter, but at the time it was the best tasting thing I had ever
tasted. I think Diane actually had an orgasm just by watching Steve
shoot his load onto my face. She was yelling "Oh yes! Fuck yes!" with
every shot of his spunk. Seeing Diane so excited pulled me farther into
the depravity I was participating in. I had Steve's semen from my hair
to my chest, and as soon as he got off me and released my arms I began
scooping his come onto my tongue with my fingers. Steve leaned over and
licked a bit of his come from my cheek before grabbing me a towel.
Diane was looking at me adoringly as I cleaned up the semen left on my
face. She whispered in my ear "I love you so much, thank you for going
through that for me. That is exactly what I've always wanted to see."
I told her that I had a great time, and thanked her for starting the
whole process. She said "I knew you would like it, I know everything
that you like!"
"I know what you like too!" I responded as I grabbed her and spread
her legs so that I could get my tongue into her pussy. She began
moaning and thrashing around as I licked her button, but she lost
control when I grabbed her vibrator and began fucking her hard with it.
I had lost track of where Steve was while I had my head between Diane's
thighs, but when I heard her gasp "Oh yeah, he loves that!" I became
aware of Steve behind my ass, which was stuck in the air. When his
tongue slipped between my spread ass cheeks I let out a whimper. Diane
knew what she was talking about, we are both very into anal play. She
loves it when I fuck her in the ass, and I love for her to finger me or
fuck me with a vibrator.
I increased pressure on her clit with my tongue as Steve was giving me
an excellent rim job, and I licked even harder when he started to finger
my little asshole. I wasn't going to say anything, but I wished that
Steve hadn't just cum because I wanted that thick cock back inside me,
only now I wanted it in my ass.
Much to my delight, within minutes he was hard again and I felt him
pressing the tip against my asshole. Diane saw what was happening and
pulled herself away from me to get a better view.
I whimpered slightly as he pushed into my ass, but the pain subsided as
Diane began stroking my cock and balls. I was feeling things I had
never felt before. My ass had been fucked with vibrators, dildos, butt
plugs, Diane even fucks me with a strap on occasionally, but nothing was
like having Steve fuck me. His cock felt so good in my ass, it was
thicker than anything I had ever had in there before, and it seemed to
hit all the places that push me towards the edge. Steve was an
assfucking master, he would give me several short thrusts into my rectum
before pulling almost all the way out and slamming his cock back into
me, causing me to gasp and my cock to throb uncontrollably.
Diane was loving this, she loves the look on my face when she fucks my
ass, but I was out of control then. Every thrust seemed to cause an
orgasm deep in my pelvis, and I was expecting to shoot my load all over
the bed without even touching my cock. I looked at her and told her
that I was going to fuck her better than she had ever been fucked before
in her life. She shook her head and said "No, you're going to fuck
Steve must have liked that idea, because his cock swelled even more and
began throbbing inside my ass. Steve and I both screamed in pleasure as
he flooded my ass with another load of cum. The feeling was incredible,
I had never felt anything like it in my life. I could feel his semen
shooting deep into my ass and his cock swelling and throbbing while
encircled by my asshole.
Diane looked at me and asked "Are you up for it?" I began to protest
because I hadn't even had my cock inside her, and was longing for a no
holds barred fuck. She insisted, promising to make it up to me later,
expressing her desire to see me buttfuck another guy. Reassured that I
would have my chance I positioned myself behind Steve and raised his ass
in the air. I spread his ass cheeks and gave him my best rim-job to
loosen him up. I lubed up both of us before sticking my head into his
puckered hole. Diane played with his cock while I eased into him, and
as I picked up the tempo he let out a long, low, groan.
Assfucking is something I know, and for the first time of the night I
was in familiar territory. I used some of the same techniques on him
that he used on me. I would fuck him short and fast before slamming
into his ass as hard as I could, each time he would let out a loud
"Uhhh!" and every muscle in his pelvis would contract and tighten
around my cock.
By the time my orgasm was on the way he was clutching the bedsheets and
all but screaming, I was fucking him fast and hard, inspired by Diane's
words of encouragement. She was now calling him a bitch and telling me
to give it to him like he deserves. As I was reaching my peak she
crawled under him and put his cock in her mouth, when it was my turn to
come in his ass he let out a loud wail and shot a third load, this time
into Diane's talented mouth.
We all took a cramped shower together, but we had a chance to explore
each others bodies because we lathered each other up and felt every inch
of each others bodies.
We laid naked on the bed for over an hour, playing with each other and
having a good time. We even took turns receiving oral sex from the
other two at the same time. Nothing can compare to having a talented
man suck your cock as your girlfriends licks your balls, asshole and
nipples. Diane also taught me quite a few things about cocksucking, and
I think I ended the night much more skilled than when it started.
Diane was taking turns sucking our cocks when I mentioned that she
never got fucked. I had submitted myself to her will, and I enjoyed it,
so now it was her turn.
I laid down on my back and pulled her on top of me. This is one of our
favorite positions so we made a rhythm rather quickly. She started to
protest when I motioned Steve behind her.
"What are you doing?" She asked with a whimper.
"What do you think?" I replied.
She continued to protest, I could feel her clutch her asscheeks. "That
won't work!" she insisted.
We assured her that we were experts, and she finally loosened up enough
for Steve to position himself behind her.
She bit her lip anticipating pain, but Steve slid into her ass nice and
gently, and we slowly started building tempo. It wasn't more than a
minute before she started to orgasm. I had fucked her before with a
butt-plug or vibrator in her butt, but she had never reacted like she
did that time. She was literally screaming, and she was yelling at us
to fuck her harder and deeper. Within minutes she had deteriorated to a
steady wail of ecstasy.
Steve and I were feeling good ourselves, I could feel his big dick
sliding smoothly in and out of her ass, and his presence made her pussy
incredibly tight. I couldn't hold out long, Diane's pussy was
absolutely gushing fluid, and that combined with the feel of Steve's
cock sliding adjacent to mine forced me over the edge.
When my throbbing cock emptied its load into Diane's pussy Steve's big
dick flooded Diane's ass with yet another load of come. It was an
incredible experience, all three of us, cumming together, screaming in
ecstasy, and finally collapsing into a pile on the bed. It was nearly
ten minutes before I could get coherent words out of Diane. When she
finally did speak to me the only thing she could say was "I love you
more than anything -- can we do this again sometime?"

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