Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dinner For Three

As the sun beamed through my windshield, I made the twenty-minute trek
to my office. Even though I was fairly new to the firm, I felt as if I had
adapted rather well. Jake, the man who had been assigned to show me around
the office and help familiarize me with the clients and their accounts, had
become a real buddy. We ate lunch out about three times a week and I felt
like we were developing a great friendship. I knew beyond any doubt that I
could never have adjusted as well as I did without all of his help.
As soon as I put my briefcase on the floor to hang up my overcoat, the
intercom began to buzz. "Yes", I said, into the unit sitting on my desk.
"Hey Buddy, free for lunch today?" Jake's voice was deep and resonant,
especially in the morning, and I had to smile because of the good feeling
his offer brought to me. "Sure, one o'clock all right?" I asked, "sure
thing, see you then" he answered deeply. My time in law school had been
filled with study and case research, and I had little time for building
friendships or relationships. All of my friends from high school and under
grad were long gone but knowing Jake gave me that "fraternity" type of
feeling and I sincerely hoped our friendship would last.
At lunch that day, Jake asked me if I would consider having dinner
that evening with he and his wife, Kate. He said that there was something
they would like to talk to me about. He seemed almost mysterious as he
spoke of the three of us meeting and I wondered what they might have on
their minds.
Jake was a handsome 32 years old. He actually looked like a young,
Tom Selleck. Short, curly dark hair, and forearms that showed sinewy
muscle covered by dark fur. His wife was also dark complected with
shoulder length dark hair; mysterious, dark eyes that sparkled when she
laughed, and full, pouting lips. As the time drew nearer to meet them I
began to get anxious. What could they want to discuss with me?

* * * * *

As the wine flowed freely our inhibitions began to dissipate. During
our meal, I felt Kate's shoeless foot against my leg. At first I
thought she must not realize it was mine but as it began to move up and
down my leg I realized it was an intentional thing. I was nervous and
concerned that Jake would see her when suddenly, I felt a hand on my other
leg. My fork stopped in mid-air when I realized that the hand was from the
other side, it must belong to Jake! I looked first at Kate, then at Jake.
It was Jake's strong hand that was softly massaging my knee. I gently
laid my fork down beside my plate hoping for some kind of an explanation.
"This is what we wanted to talk to you about", whispered Jake.
"Kate and I are both bi-sexual and we would love to have the chance to
pleasure you. I promise that we would do nothing you don't want us to
do and I guarantee that you have never felt anything like being with a
woman AND a man at the same time. You're my friend and I respect
whatever decision you make but more than anything else, I hope this
won't affect our friendship." I sat motionless wondering what to say.
Kate was absolutely beautiful and if she had not been married to my best
friend I would have jumped at the chance to make love to her. Jake was now
my best friend and even though I had never thought about making it with
another guy, I thought he was extremely handsome and would do just about
anything to keep his friendship. I quickly made up my mind. "Okay, I'm
We drove quietly to their home in a beautiful, clean suburb nearby.
They took my hand and led me gently into the bedroom. Recessed lighting
above a king-sized bed gave the room a mysterious glow. Kate sat me down
on the edge of the bed and slowly unbuttoned my shirt while Jake knelt
behind me and massaged my neck and shoulders. So far, I was feeling pretty
good! Kate knelt between my legs and reached up to unfasten my belt. She
pulled my zipper down, and then pushed my dress slacks to the floor. My
white boxers held a hard piece of man flesh that was dripping precum in
anticipation of what was to come. As Kate's hands reached inside my fly
to grasp my hard cock, Jake's hands began to work on my chest and my
nipples. I let my head gently rest on his hairy chest while I basked in
his expert touch.
I felt a hot mouth on the head of my cock. A tongue licked off the
precum just before swallowing my swollen member whole. Kate worked her
tongue back and forth while her mouth slid up and down on my hard cock.
She took her time licking around my head until I began to squirm underneath
her touch. Her hands massaged my ballsac gently, pulling them down when
they began to draw up close to my body. Jake watched as his wife took care
of my dripping member. He laid me down on the bed and before I knew it,
Kate was up on the bed straddling my face. I looked up to see a honey
filled bush coming towards my face. I stuck my tongue up into her clit,
licking her hot opening. I pulled her lips apart and began to nibble
hungrily. I tasted her slit letting my tongue slide as far as I could
inside. Suddenly, I felt another hot, steamy mouth on my dick. Jake was
deep- throating my fuck tool and was he ever good! I couldn't tell him
how wonderful he was making me feel so I just grabbed his head from both
sides and began to run my fingers through his curly hair. Jake was
certainly experienced at sucking cock and he brought me close to the edge,
then would pull back and lick my balls for a while. I started to move my
hips in rhythm and fuck his mustached face while Kate sat on my face
squirming on my tongue. I felt a condom being unrolled over my dripping
cock. I was getting excited because I really wanted to fill her hole with
more than just my tongue -- oh God, what was that? So tight and warm!
Jake was slowly sliding down my erect penis moving his body in perfect
rhythm with me. He began riding my cock and grunting with every stroke, he
was like a bitch in heat. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before but
it took only a moment until I was hooked! Kate moved so I could watch him
riding me and I met every thrust. Fuck, this felt wonderful! His hairy
body was covered in sweat and the curls stuck to him, glistening as he
moved. Kate bent down and stuck her tongue deep inside my mouth while she
rubbed her hands all over my chest. I shut my eyes while we passionately
kissed. Jake stood up leaving my cock feeling naked and empty but he soon
pointed me toward Kate who was waiting for the next ride.
Kate lay down on her back and opened her shapely legs exposing her
trimmed pussy. I moved over to her cunt and filled it with my cock. I
shoved into her hole like it was the first time I had ever fucked. She
held onto my back and scratched it with her long fingernails. The
perspiration dripped off of my face and chest onto her smooth body and I
watched her boobs bounce around. I licked her nipples and bit them gently
making her squeal with pleasure. Her tits bounced up and down with every
thrust and she became breathless as I pounded her clit. Jake asked me to
lie down beside her and Kate opened her legs wide slowly letting my cock
slide into her ass. When I was completely in, she leaned back, and Jake
slid into her cunt. She was groaning with pleasure as we started a slow
rhythm. The three of us worked together, Jake and I moved as one as we
plowed both of his wife's holes. What an unbelievable experience it was
filling Kate up completely. Together, Jake and I were able to bring her to
the point of ecstasy as she screamed and reached her orgasm.
We took a moment to catch our breath, Kate spent for the evening. She
leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips after both of our cocks fell
out of her. She said, "Thank you. I'm gonna go take a shower, you
two stay here and play". When she was gone, I looked at Jake and said,
"I have never done anything like that before but it was wonderful!"
Jake looked at me and said, "I love ya buddy, and I'd like to show
you some more things if you don't mind". I looked at his handsome
face smiling back at me across the big bed and realized that I really did
want him to teach me more. I realized that he could teach me so much, and
more than anything, I wanted to be able to make him feel good too.
Slowly his face was coming toward mine and I felt his thick tongue
snaking it's way into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide to take him in
loving his rough, mustached face. His hands began to roam over my body
once again making me feel as if I was on fire! I opened my mouth and began
to lick his hairy chest. He was surprised but said, "Man, you sure are
a fast learner". I sucked his nipples until they stood firm and red,
swelling out from the fur on each side. I lifted his arms and licked until
the hair was wet on both sides. I became an animal, hungry for the love of
a sexy man. Our masculine bodies rubbed together and I grabbed a handful
of his hard cock. He was leaking pre-cum and I couldn't wait to see
what he tasted like. I opened my mouth and licked down the shaft of his
cock, high on the odor of his masculinity. I sucked him, hard, and fast.
Enjoying each taste of his juice. I pulled his balls roughly, more so than
I had intended, but he moaned and told me to pull again! I kept on going
down, spreading his legs so I could get to his hairy ass. In my wildest
dreams I never thought that I would ever be licking another guy's ass
but here I was and I Ioved every minute of it. I stuck my tongue up into
him as far as I could get it to go tasting even more of him! I sat up and
begged, "Please, Jake, I have to know what it feels like to have you
fuck my ass." He rolled me over onto all fours, he smacked my ass until
it was red and I begged him to keep it up! He slowly pushed his cock up
into me and filled me up. I felt better than I had ever felt in my life.
He began to fuck me harder and harder. I begged for it, crying out for him
to give it to me. He fucked me until I couldn't stand it any longer. I
jacked my cock until I shot my load all over Jake's bed. He pulled his
cock out and shot all over my back. We lay down on the bed, Jake on my
back. He nuzzled my neck with his tongue and said "thank you buddy".
I rolled under him so I could feel his tongue back in my mouth and said,
"the pleasure's all mine". I sure was glad we got a table for

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