Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ryan II

Since I run my consulting practice from my home office, I often get to play
the role of house husband to my wife Randi, getting her out of bed,
dressed, breakfasted and out the door whenever she's home. With her
position at her company, that is not as frequent as both of us would like.
And, with her newfound friends (which I'm sure some of you know about!),
it's less often now.

No resentments, though. If anything, it's tremendously enhanced our
relationship, both personal and sexual. As a matter of fact, it has opened
my eyes to my own, recently found need for occasional male companionship.

Like this morning, for instance. I called the service for Randi and loaded
her and her luggage into the limo. She was off to a full day at the office
and, then, a Red Eye flight to Dallas, which meant that I would be alone
again for about three days.

Okay. Back to work, I said to myself. After a quick breakfast, I took an
extra cup of coffee back to my office and settled in. Checking my email
first, I found 26 messages. That usually means that there's been a problem
somewhere, damn it. Scrolling through them, I began to get the feeling
that it was going to be a long day with my field consultants.

Then, a message that sent my heart racing came into view:

" Hi, Mr. H! Watched you putting Mrs. H into a limo this AM while
walking the dog.
Does that mean you're a bachelor for a few days?????

No practice after school so if my email tells me to, I can stop
over about 4PM.


PS. I could bring a friend, too, if you wouldn't mind...?

I felt my blood begin to churn through my groin as I read Jerry's message.
God, I've already got a hard on. How am I supposed to work now? I can't
even reach my computer.

I began to shuffle through the papers on my desk and downloaded several of
the email messages from my people. Well, it will have to be non stop from
here on in today. But . . .

"Hi, Jerry. Beer's in the ice box. See you at 4PM."

For the next six hours, it truly was non-stop work. I had to settle for
warming up a leftover chicken breast in the microwave, washed down with
coffee and bottled water to keep the steam up. More than one of my
consultants asked what the rush was to work through lunch. I really had to
dig down for an excuse for that one.

Finally, 3PM arrived and, for all intents and purposes, the work was
finished, crisis avoided.

I checked my email again for any last minute items, set all fax and comm
software and equipment on automatic and headed for a quick shower. After
dressing in a Rugby shirt, jeans and running shoes, I began to comb my
hair. Looking in the mirror, I gave myself an impartial appraisal

At 6 '3" and 215 pounds, my martial arts training has kept me in pretty
damn good shape, I thought. Some streaks of gray in my thick dark brown
hair and two distinct gray streaks in the front of my trimmed beard, I look
pretty damn good for 51. Not half bad for an old goat, I thought.

I visited the kitchen to put up another pot of coffee, change the cats'
water dish and put out a dry food snack for them. In the family room, I
turned on the television and searched through my videotapes for something
to keep me interested for the next half-hour or so. I settled on a tape my
brother-in-law had given me that Randi knew nothing about. Slipping it
into the VCR, I poured myself a scotch over crushed ice, settled back with
the remote and clicked.

I watched as two very attractive women chatted in a very expensive living
room setting. The older of the two women, seemingly in her mid to late
40s, finally got around to caressing the bare arm of a much younger woman
of no more than 20. It was very erotic because, unlike most of the porn
tapes I'd seen, this tape had at least some production values to claim.
Attractive women, beautiful clothes, surroundings, soft toned sound track.
I could feel Uncle Woody wake from his slumber as I watched the

By the time the film had reached a point past which I had never had time to
go, both women were naked and arranged in a beautiful 69 position, faces
buried in pussies, their passion seemingly real and not faked. Either they
were damn good actresses or they were really into each other. Naturally, I
preferred the latter. The slurping sounds were getting louder and, mixed
with the passionate groans, the room seemed to be getting somewhat steamy.
My hand was now squeezing my cock through my jeans in a regular rythym as I
watched these two soft, smooth, unmarked bodies writhe in passion.

Suddenly, a shadow was thrown over the two vibrating women and, I was
surprised to see, a very tall, fairly well built man enter the room. The
two women acknowledged his presence with their eyes only, never missed a
beat, bless their horny little hearts. The gushing sound of their juices
and tongues continued unabated. Watching these two perform was making me
more and more curious about what it would be like to join Randi sometime to
watch it in person. Hmmmm. A thought.

The visitor now unbuckled his jeans and slowly pulled his zipper down. He
skinned his jeans down his hips and bent over to pull them free. He pulled
off his shorts and approached the bed, causing my cock to begin to
jingle-jangle like a sleigh bell. His cock began somewhat small, hanging
down about 4-5 inches. But, it was as thick as a baseball bat.
Circumcised, his cock was as dark as his Mediterranean skin, hanging
directly between two enormous balls. I felt that pool of saliva in the
rear corner of my mouth begin to juice up staring at that cock. You know
that feeling when your hungry and you look directly at something that would
be delicious to eat.

As the dark man approach the girls, he began to slowly pump his cock up and
down. As it began to grow hard, its length grew to match its girth,
stretching out to at least 8 inches. The older of the two woman sat up on
her haunches, squatting over the mouth of the younger girl and reached out
to grab his cock, pulling him closer. Her hand slid down the length of the
cock to his balls, squeezing them, using them to pull him closer still
until her tongue could reach him. The tip of her tongue then dipped into
his hole, a string of come stretching from his cock to her tongue.

I unzipped my jeans and reached inside to straighten my now-engorged cock,
holding it and slowly stroking as the woman on the screen opened her mouth
wide, her lips surrounding his thick, heavily veined cock. At first, only
the head of his cock penetrated her hot mouth as her tongue surely was
dancing over the smooth cockhead. Slowly, her lips slid down the shaft,
her lips straining wide to take in its great size.

I felt his cock in my mouth, my tongue running over its roughness, feeling
every crease, every vein, the huge come tube beneath the cock, the super
sensitive area where the head meets the rest of his cock. In my mind, my
hands were reaching behind him, cupping his muscular ass cheeks, slowly
spreading them wide, then closed. I could feel my lips swallowing more and
more of his giant cock, my nose already touching his pubic hair, my hands
manipulating his huge, hairy balls. I could . . .

The sound of the doorbell broke my reverie and I quickly jumped up. I
tucked my rock hard cock back into my jeans and zipped up. Taking the
remote, I pushed Pause and went to the door. Glancing out through the
glass panels beside the door, I saw Jerry leaning against the porch railing
and caught only a glimpse of a leg belonging to someone else. I opened the

"Hi, Mr. H!" Jerry said, a smile breaking his handsome face. He reached a
hand to a shoulder on the other side of the door and pulled his friend in
close to him. "This is James."

Standing beside Jerry was a shocker. Not quite as tall as Jerry, but every
bit as muscular, his black face was smiling a somewhat shy smile. "Hello,
Mr. Hilliard. I'm Jaimie, not James. Pleased to meet you," he said,
holding out his hand for mine.

Obviously, Jaimie was nervous, even expecting rejection. I looked directly
into his dark, eyes and smiled. "Jaimie, a pleasure to meet you. Why
don't you guys come on in," I said, stepping back to provide them entrance,
still holding onto Jaimie's hand.

Once inside the door, Jerry wasted no time. He grabbed my face in two
strong hands and kissed me on the lips, his tongue immediately probing,
trying to gain entrance to my mouth. Gladly, my lips opened to his probing
tongue, battling for supremacy with my own. Throughout the kiss, I
continued to hold onto Jaimie's hand, refusing to let him get too far away
from me. Finally, Jerry had sucked all of the saliva from my mouth and our
lips parted. Smiling at each other, we turned to look at Jaimie who stared
back at us in shock.

"Wow!" was all he was able to say.

I laughed and threw my arm around his shoulders, walking him through the
foyer to the family room, Jerry close behind.

"Anyone for a drink?" I asked, opening the small fridge behind the bar and
taking out a beer for myself.

"Hey, yeah. I'll have a beer," Jerry hollered from the CD rack.

"Yeah, right. You'll both have Pepsi," I said, hypocrite to the end. I
took two cans of soda from the fridge and tossed one to each of the young
men. As I walked around the bar, the VCR delay released its hold and the
tape I'd been watching began to run again. Oh, shit, I thought as that one
and the same cock came back on in living color.

"Oh, wow," Jerry breathed, nudging Jaimie with his elbow as they both sank
down onto the couch. Jaimie's eyes opened wide as he watched the dark cock
sliding in and out of the woman's mouth, her pussy still covering the face
of the smaller, younger woman.

I dropped to the floor before the two boys, my back against the couch, to
watch with them. Legs on either side of me, I watched the blow job with a
lot of mixed feelings.

"My brother-in-law gave me this video. First time I've watched it. I
thought it was going to be strictly girl-girl. This was an unexpected
bonus," I added. I put my arms behind the four legs dangling along either
side of me and wrapped round them tightly. I lost track of whose was
whose, slowly stroking them outside the trousers. When one twitched
slightly at my touch, I reasoned that I had discovered Jaimie.

A hand, I assumed Jerry's, touched the back of my head and wandered to my
neck, slowly caressing. As the woman in the video began to pump the dark
cock faster in her mouth, the hand became more active, squeezing the
muscles in my neck. I reached back to take the hand and brought it around
to my lips. Black?

I turned and looked up to see that Jaimie had stopped looking at the video
and was staring directly into my eyes. After a few moments, I gently
tugged on his hand, bring Jaimie down to sit beside me on the floor. I
glanced at Jerry and saw that he had loosened his belt and unzipped his
jeans, his hand down between his legs stroking his hard cock. Turning back
to the screen, I put my arm around Jaimie's shoulder and pulled him into my
arms, holding him gently as we continued watching the scene unfold on the
screen. His scent was getting to me. A musky after shave lotion added to
his hard muscular body was devastating, my passions rising.

"Have you ever been with a man?" I whispered, my head leaning in to touch
his, our eyes still bound to the screen

"N. . no, sir. I never even thought � well, yeah, I have thought about
� oh, shit! Well, when Jerry - Well, he told me that he - tried
something new," he whispered as if someone might have been watching us.

"Yeah, it was new for the both of us, so don�t feel so nervous. And,
that was also the only time I tried it, too. So, what made you come here
with him?" I asked, letting our heads rest against each other, enjoying the
feel of him touching me, my fingers lightly stroking the back of his hand.

Jaimie turned toward me and looked me in the eyes. "Because I've seen you
before. I come over to see Jerry a lot and when he told me, somehow I knew
it was you. I asked him if you were the guy and he would only say I'd have
to ask you myself."

I looked at this great looking kid. Hard muscles, a fellow football team
member, Jaimie was shorter than Jerry, about 5"10", maybe 220 pounds with
broad, muscular shoulders, large hands. He had large, very dark eyes, no
facial hair, a thick, well-kept Afro and a broad nose above thick, soft

"Are you sorry you've come?" I said, a little afraid of what his answer
would be.

He looked again at me, harder this time, appraising me, thinking hard. He
leaned toward me and placed his lips against mine, just a light touching of
four very, very warm lips.

"No. I'm not," he said, pulling back from my lips. He started to say
something, then leaned back again to my lips. This time, the kiss was
harder, his great soft lips pressing against mine, his hand coming up to
hold my cheek.

I opened my lips and thrust my tongue against his lips, causing him to
jump. My hand came up to hold his face with mine as I probed harder. At
length, his lips parted and my tongue dived into his mouth, searching for,
and finding, his thick, slick tongue. Our tongues began a battle for
supremacy, first me winning, then Jaimie. As we kissed, my hand slid down
to his broad shoulders, squeezing the muscle mass there. His hands were
now on my shoulders, too, massaging me, matching me stroke for stroke.

I squirmed around in front of Jaimie, still locked to his lips. My hands
were now pressing down to his chest, feeling his firm muscles under my
hands, squeezing his tit flesh, pinching his hard nipples through his
sweater. I pulled back from his kiss and glanced at Jerry. His eyes had
rolled somewhat back in his head, his hand now buried in his jeans,
stroking his cock. I reached for Jaimie and pulled his sweater loose from
his jeans. Quickly, I skinned the top over his up- stretched arms.

Jaimie�s deep, dark brown skin glistened in the sunlight still streaming
in through the French doors. Tight black curls covered the upper section
of his chest, less as it traveled down to his stomach. A football
player�s body, muscles twitched as he moved. His nipples stood out hard
and black. I threw his sweater across the room and reached out to touch
his soft, smooth, firm skin. It felt so good under my fingers as I moved
my hands over his chest, stopping to squeeze his nipples between my thumbs
and forefingers. Jaimie moaned, low, gutteral sounds, his eyes heavily
lidded. He reached out and pulled my shirt free of my jeans and quickly
pulled it over my head. His eyes studied my hairy chest, his black hands
contrasting so beautifully as they tentatively touched me. For my age, I
still have a very muscular body, honed over the years by my martial arts
training. Lots of chest hair, curly with gray well mixed with the black.
Jaimie�s fingers were twining in the hair as though fascinated by it.
His fingers had found my nipples, now, pinching them between his fingers as
I was doing his.

I carefully lifted my legs and put them around Jaimie�s waist and he
slid across the floor until our chests were touching. He wrapped his arms
around my body, letting his hands run over the muscles of my back. I
pulled his head down to my chest, just holding him in place, enjoying the
feel of his powerful body against mine, his face buried in the curly hairs
of my chest. At length, I put my hands on the sides of his face and lifted
it, pulling him towards me, kissing him intensely. Our tongues were more
urgent this time around, searching out every corner of our mouths, first
deep inside his, then back into mine.

I pulled back from him and took his hand in mine and stood. He stood up
and we stared into each others' eyes. Breathing heavily now, Jaimie's
broad brown shoulders heaved. Recognizing my reluctance, he looked at me
curiously, and said "What�s wrong?"

I smiled and placed one hand on his shoulder. �I just want to be sure
that this is what you really want, Jaimie. Are you sure? Really sure?"

Jaimie smiled, his hand on my hand, now. I had my answer. Glancing at
Jerry, I saw that he was in no need of us at the moment, his cock having
escaped its confinement and lying restfully in his stroking hand. The
movie was his friend for the time being. I took Jaimie�s hand and led
him down the hallway to the guest bedroom, where I pulled him inside and
closed the door. Turning to look at the handsome young man before me, the
enormity of it all hit me. Sensing my nervousness, Jaimie reached out a
hand to my bearded cheek.

�Look, I know you�re nervous about this. But, do you know how many
men have been after me for years? Christ, all my coaches, fathers, all of
them wanted to fuck the black kid. For a while, I thought it was some kind
of disease. Then, I talked to Jerry. He knew. I mean, I�ve always had
a kind of thing for guys as well as girls, but where I come from, you
don�t� do anything about it.

�And, then Jerry brought me here and I knew that this was the time, the
place � and you�re the man that I want to experiment with. All the
others, trying to grab, coerce, everything. But, you actually made me
reach out to you! You�re � different. You�re different. I mean,
here I am practically throwing myself at you and you�re acting

Jaimie tenderly caressed my cheek with his right hand, his left behind my
head pulling me toward his soft, juicy lips. His tongue preceded his lips,
stabbing at my mouth to open it for his. With a groan, I threw all doubts
and worries over my shoulder and reached around his young, strong body,
pulling him tight, feeling the hot muscular chest, his hard nipples against
my own. Our lips met in heated contact, teeth touching before my tongue
pushed deep into his hot mouth. My hands slid down, holding his slim
waist, then further down to cup and squeeze his fabulous tight ass cheeks.

Jaimie�s hands were everywhere that he could find naked flesh. Fingers
traced the muscles of my back, down to the waist of my jeans and back up to
my shoulders. He slid his hands around under my armpits, fingering the
tender skin there. His hands continued around between us, his hands
cupping my tit flesh as he would a woman's. Copying him, my hands moved
around to his hard, firm stomach, stopping to press a finger into his
navel. As my fingers traced his firm, black skin further up to cup his
breasts, I felt a hard twinge at the head of my cock, signaling that I had
begun to leak precum. His nipples were hard before my fingers found them,
twisting and pulling on them. I sat down on the edge of the bed, gently
pulling Jaimie between my legs. While my lips and tongue kissed and licked
the broad expanse of black stomach flesh before my eyes, I opened his belt
and the top button of his jeans and slowly began to pull down the zipper.
Very slowly, his white briefs came into view, bulging with the greatness of
his cock. When I finally had the zipper all the way down, I reached behind
him and pulled the jeans down over his hips and down his legs to a puddle
around his feet.

Jaimie's legs were enormous. Thickly muscled, they were darker than his
chest, even darker where they disappeared into his white briefs. I let my
hands slip behind those wonderful legs, caressing the smoothness of skin,
feeling the hairs tickle my fingers as I moved them from his knees to the
beginning of his ass. I leaned forward and placed my lips over his
brief-covered cock, pressing my mouth against him, enjoying the smell of
his cock and balls. His hands came up to hold my face against him.

"Oh, Fuck! That is so good," he whispered, his head thrown back as he
enjoyed the feel of my hands and lips against him. His hands were now
caressing my hair, his groin pushing against my face. I ran the tips of my
fingers up the sides of his thighs and around in front, then down the tops
of his wonderful legs. He moved ever so slightly, his legs spreading

I slowly moved my hands back up Jaime's legs to his briefs, running them
around to his ass. I squeezed his ass cheeks through the briefs, rolling
them around in their protective sheath, pulling them apart and back.

"Oh, man, please don't stop doin' that," he whimpered as my fingers slid up
beneath his briefs to touch his ass flesh. "Oh, shit, that is so good."

Good? I thought? You have no idea what good is unless you touch a guy like
this. His skin was warm, almost hot as I felt the smooth, hairless ass
cheeks under my hands. I moved my hands around to Jaimie's sides and
grasped the edges of his briefs and slowly, very, very slowly, began to
pull them down.

At first, I pulled the briefs down in back over his wonderful ass. Then, I
pulled them far out in front of him and released his cock. I pulled the
briefs down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. Then, I sat back up
and stared.

Wow! Jaimie was truly awesome, his exquisite nude body a masterpiece at
work. His sculptured muscularity was almost as amazing as was what pointed
straight at me. His cock was truly amazing, a thing of beauty. Long and
as thick as my wrist, his cock was at least 8 inches long. Circumcised,
the head was a deep purple, with a hole that oozed white pre cum from its
opening. His cock was almost coal black with many, many veins and absolute

Beneath his beautiful cock were huge, egg shaped balls laying in a sea of
jet black curls.

I reached my hands down to Jaimie's inner thighs and gently pressed, urging
him to spread his legs a little. When he did, my hands slowly slid up the
thighs and touched his huge hanging balls. Jaimie jumped, a loud gasp
escaping his mouth at the touch of my fingers on him. I cupped both balls
in one hand, the other caressing them tenderly. Jaimie's legs began to
shake as I lightly squeezed the balls. Hefting them in my hand, rolling
them gently.

I left my one hand holding his balls and used the other one to caress his
thrusting, magnificent cock. I squeezed it gently, running my fingertips
up and down the shaft, feeling the bulging veins, around underneath to run
a finger along the cum tube. His cock was so hot, my fingers seemed to
catch fire, caressing it gently, fingers running up to the tip and back
down. Slowly, I lowered my head to the top of his cock and reached out my
tongue to lick the fluid from the tip of cock. A stream of fluid ran from
my tongue to Jaimie's cock now as I savored the flavor of him.

"Oh, God, you . . .you're. .Oh, God!" Jaime whimpered as my lips
approached the head of his cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could,
placing my lips over the head of his cock. Slowly, gently, I dropped my
mouth down over his huge cock, taking the head and another inch into my

"Oh, God, yes. You're sucking my cock! I can feel your mouth on my cock!
Oh, god, it is so good," he cried, his hands now surrounding my face, his
fingers tracing the side of my mouth at the point where the cock had
entered my mouth.

My tongue licked the smooth surface of Jaimie's cock head, teasing over the
expanse of dark flesh, tasting at the leaking hole. All the while, my one
hand continued to hold and squeeze his mammoth balls, first one then the
other, feeling the heat of the come that was accumulating there.

I left Jaimie's balls and ran my hands around his hips to cup the soft,
smooth, muscular cheeks of his fabulous ass. Slowly, I pulled his ass
toward me as I opened my throat to accept more of his cock. 4, 5, 6 inches
of soft, hot cock meat slid into my mouth and down my throat as Jaimie
continued to groan and call out my name.

I pulled back now until only the head remained in my mouth, then pushed
harder, plunging even more of his massive pole into my mouth. I was
determined to get all of it into my mouth and squeezed Jaimie's ass harder,
pulling him against me. Back out again and back down that delicious cock,
my mouth was stretched beyond what I thought could be done.

I slid one finger into my mouth alongside Jaimie's cock and moved that wet
finger between his delicious asscheeks. My finger moved into the hot press
of Jaimie�s ass cheeks, searching for that puckered entrance into his
ass. Finding it, I placed my finger over his sphincter muscle, eliciting
an extraordinary whining sound from Jaime.

"Oh, God, you're going to fuck me. . . You're going to fuck my asshole!"
Jaimie screamed as my finger pushed into his asshole to the second knuckle.
His ass muscles squeezed at my finger, holding me in place in his rectum.
My mouth continued to slowly work on his long, black cock, out to include
only the head and back down, engulfing most of him.

I pulled Jaimie's cock from my mouth and my finger from his asshole, both
with loud plopping sounds. I led the shaking, weak-kneed teen to the bed
and laid him down. Backing up, I slowly unbuckled my belt and drew my
zipper down. I let my jeans slide down my legs to the floor and kicked
them away. Jaimie's eyes were locked on me now, still shaking. I hooked my
fingers into my shorts and slowly drew them down, letting my 8 1/2 inches
of hard white cock escape into the open, to the wide-eyes shock of my
favorite black teenager.

"Oh, man. You're beautiful," Jaimie breathed.

"Hey! That's my line," I whispered as I knelt on the bed. I crawled up
and lay beside him. Turning onto his side, we lay full length against each
other, the full length of our bodies touching. We were joined at the chest
and hips as I gathered him into my arms and cuddled him. For the next ten
minutes, we just stroked each other, our hands and fingers finding and
touching all of the naked flesh we could find. My hands pulled one of his
legs across my hip so that I could fondle the smooth muscularity of his
thigh, to his hip and also to his ass. His cock lay across my own as we
kissed and played with each other's bodies.

Jaimie took the initiative, sliding down my body, his lips kissing the
hairy skin of my chest, to my stomach and down to my very hairy pubic area.
His hands led the way and as his lips approached, he tenderly grasped my
cock in his hand. His strong, huge fingers encircled my cock and slowly
began to jack me off. I was in heaven at his touch, as I felt his hand
slide further down to cup my bloated, hairy balls in his hand. With one
hand holding my cock high, he slowly, tentatively brought his mouth toward
me. As he stoked my cock, it began to grow to its full length, his other
hand continuing to cup my bursting balls. I watched his large black lips
open and his tongue extend to touch the head of my cock.

"Oh, God, Jaimie. Yes. Yes, suck my cock. . ." I whispered as he lowered
his lips around the head of my cock. I watched my cock disappear into his
mouth and felt his tongue continue to swirl around the head.

I turned my head and came face to face with Jaimie's long, thick black
cock, inches from my face. Licking my lips, I slid one arm under his legs
and grasped his ass. With my other hand, I took hold of his cock and held
it for my lips to swallow. We were now side by side, locked into a classic
69 position, my cock burrowing down Jaimie's throat and his huge black
shaft starting a similar trip. With both of my hands free now, I pulled
and separated Jaime's ass cheeks and plunged my finger deep into his

I felt jaimie slip a finger into his mouth alongside my cock, wetting it.
Soon, he was mimicking me, spreading my ass cheeks apart to plunge a finger
deep into me. Oh, God, I thought! That cant be a finger, it's so huge!

I'd forgotten about the size of his great hands, though. I could feel that
thing pushing past my sphincter muscle and into my rectum. Deeper and
deeper until I could feel it touching my prostate! In answer, I slid a
second finger into his ass and began to fuck him hard.

I could feel Jaimie scream his pleasure around my cock in his mouth, his
finger working hard at my asshole at the same time. I pulled up on his
cock with my lips tight, plunging back down, all the time running my tongue
over the head of his cock. I could feel Jaimie doing the same to me as he
learned from what I was doing to him.

Suddenly, I felt Jaimie's cock begin to harden even more in my mouth and
realized he was about to come. My own cock began to get harder and harder
and I knew we were both just seconds away from spilling our mutual loads of
come into each others' mouths. I sucked harder, thrust harder with my
fingers in his ass as I felt him begin to moan and groan around my cock in
his mouth. His body began to buck, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into
my mouth, fucking my mouth and ass as I did the same to him.

Oh, God! I can feel my come moving up from my balls to my cock and flying
out of me, just as I heard Jaimie scream into my cock.
"Mnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm", he screamed in a high pitch cry just as the first
spurt of his cum left his black cock and poured down my throat. Just at
that same moment, my first splatter of cum tore out of my white cock and
poured into his waiting mouth. I was coming so hard, I felt I was melting
in his mouth now, just as he was coming into mine. I kept fucking his ass
with my fingers harder and harder, feeling his thick, wet finger plow hard
into my ass. Our mouths continued sucking and swallowing the wonderful
juice until we could no longer keep up with each other and some of the cum
slipped from the corners of our mouths.

Finally, we collapsed back to the bed, cocks still buried in each others'
mouths, fingers slowly slipping from each other's assholes. I pulled my
arm from beneath his body and brought my hand around to cup his slightly
diminished balls, holding and squeezing them. Jaimie did the same and we
continued to hold each other for a while, our hands then just running
everywhere, stroking and touching all the secret parts of each others'

Later, as my cock slid from his mouth, Jaimie sat up and turned around on
the bed, taking his wonderful black all day sucker from mine. He leaned
over me and kissed me, letting our fluids mingle in each others' mouths.
He stared into my eyes.

"I'm so glad that you were my first," he whispered, kissing me lightly on
the lips. Look for Ryan III in the near future! Please send comments and
suggestions to my hotmail address at RyanBlazer. I'm still a novice at all
of this, so be gentle. I try to answer every message.

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