Saturday, April 4, 2009

cheri shows me how

My name is Diana, and I am a 29 year-old Dallas-based Flight Attendant for
a major airline. My husband suggested I post them to, one of
his, and now, my favorite erotic story sites. If you like what you read,
please send me your masturbation stories at Girls, if
you have ever masturbated, in public or for someone else, please tell me
about your experiences.

First, before you think, `ugh, 29! She's over the hill!', listen to my
story. I know most of you are drooling over hard-body, 18 year-old
nyphettes (heck, I'd take one myself - oh, the chance to be some young
girl's first sexual experience. but then I digress, and that thought is
making me wet). I grew up in a VERY strict, uptight home, where my parents
only had sex enough to have my sister and I. Mom always told us that
`good' girls don't have sex until marriage, certainly never, gasp!, touch
themselves, and always behave correctly.

Well, I married my high-school sweetheart, at 22, and believe it or not, we
were both virgins when we married. Honestly, I'm telling you, I hadn't,
except to wash, touched myself, my boyfriend, anyone else. I do have to
admit to having had just a few (literally) orgasms during college, when one
of my room-mates told me about lying under the bathtub spout and letting
the spray hit my clit. Boy, did that feel great. BUT, the guilt was so
overwhelming, that I didn't find the pleasure worth the effort. My
boyfriend, being a farmer's kid from Minnesota, was as clueless as I (so I
thought). Our wedding night was a non-event. Basically, he kissed my neck
a few times, squeezed one breast, and stuck it in. No lube, I wasn't wet,
he came, that was it.

This was the way it went for the next four years. I had no mother to talk
with about sex, my sister was younger and I THOUGHT she was naive in the
ways of the flesh (more on that in a later part). So, I believed my mom,
let my husband hump me once a month, and I rolled over and went to sleep.

About four years ago, I took a job as a flight attendant, something I'd
always wanted to do. My husband still farmed, we had no kids, and he was
okay with me going off once in a while. I went through training, met a lot
of nice (some younger, some older) girls. Of course, being flight
attendants, even though they say it isn't true, they hire a LOT based on
looks. Face it, customers don't like dealing with homely girls, or boys.
Oh yes, back to my looks. As I said, I just turned 29. I have always been
an aerobic fitness freak, and been doing Tae-Bo for nearly three years.
I'm about 5'10", 130#, nice round figure (not a hard-body), 38C's, nice
firm ass, been told I look a lot like Yasmine Bleeth (Baywatch, Nash
Bridges) or Gloria Estefan. My hair is a raven, auburn, while my bush is a
nice soft red.

So, back to the story. Went to school in Dallas, for three weeks, mostly
studied, went back to the hotel. Lots of the girls were out partying every
night, picking up guys, but hey, I was married, didn't really enjoy sex, so
why bother? Got through school, finally headed out on one of my first
trips. Got paired up with a girl I'd been in class with, her name was
Cheri. Nice girl, husband at home, but she was chasing everything that
walked (come to find out later, that meant man or woman!). We were on an
over-night in Boston, just checked into the hotel, when she asked me to
join her in the bar `to check out the action'. I told her, no, I was going
up to call my husband and hit the sack. `Phone sex?', she grinned. No
way, I thought to myself, I'd heard too many jokes to be interested in
anything like that.

She insisted and I finally agreed to meet her at the bar for one drink. It
had been quite a while since I'd had a drink, so one led to another which
let to another. After three, I told her I had to stop and head upstairs.
She asked me if I was going back to my room to `relieve the stress?' I
told her that I didn't' understand and she said that with all the large
cocks swinging in the bar, I must be horny. Surely, she said, I was going
to go upstairs and relieve myself. I told her I didn't understand. I was
half-wasted, and was still a sheltered 25 year-old. She was dumbfounded!
She asked if she could walk me to my room and she would explain on the

On the way up, she bluntly said, `surely you're going back to your room to
fuck yourself?' I was completely lost. `NO! Anyway, how would I do
that?' She said, `oh come on, cut the act. Surely you masturbate when
you're alone at night?!?!? I do, at least twice a day!'

At this point, we were at my door, and she wanted to come in, and I wanted
to hear more. She plopped down on the bed, kicked off her shoes, and said,
`what kind of marriage do you have? Are you getting laid regularly?' I
told her, no, my husband wasn't interested, I didn't enjoy it and that was
that. She was aghast and started telling me about she and her husband,
some of their sexual escapades, including group sex, anal sex, mutual
masturbation, sex in public - my head was swimming. Then, she blurted out,
`would you like to watch me masturbate?' I was TERRIFIED.

We sat on the bed and she began to tell me about her childhood, that her
mom and dad had been sexually open, and that she had found porn videos
shortly after her sixteenth birthday. She began to watch them and began to
masturbate when her parents weren't home and she could watch the movies.
Cheri told me she really enjoyed the masturbation scenes, especially those
involving any kind of toys. I told her I'd never seen anything like that,
let alone knowing what kind of toys she might be talking about.

Next thing I know, Cheri stands up and starts disrobing. "WHAT ARE YOU
DOING???", I screamed. She stated that she thought I wanted to see her
play with herself. I was torn between learning more about my body, sex,
and the guilt.

Cheri started unbuttoning her blouse, gyrating her hips, licking her lips
suggestively. She peeled her blouse off her shoulders, revealing a very
lacey, white, see-through bra, holding back a very large pair of young
breasts. She pulled the bra-straps off her shoulders and began to massage
her firm orbs through her bra. She finally unhooked the front clasp of the
bra, exposing her breasts, close to the size of mine. Cheri began to
massage her breasts, pinching each nipple, making them grow harder and

By this point, my head was swimming and my legs were getting weak. I sat
down on the bed and decided it was time to watch the show. Cheri moved in
front of me, and began rubbing her hands down her hips, running them across
her mound. After just a few strokes of her pubic-area, she began to lift
the sides of her mini-skirt. As she raised it higher, I noted she was
wearing a set of white, french-cut lace panties, appearing to match her
bra. After pulling her mini-skirt higher, her right-hand dipped into her
panties, while her left went back to pulling on a nipple.

About then, Cheri seemed to notice my wide-open mouth and asked if I wanted
to see more, or if I wanted her to stop. I was so mesmerized, I told her
to continue. My mouth was dry, my pulse was racing! She grabbed the front
of her panties, pulling the sides together, and pulled them up until they
were hidden between the lips of her pussy. I couldn't believe the
shimmering wetness of her lips and the juices dripping into her panties.
She began stroking her clitoris, panting harder and harder, all the while
emitting a low moan from her mouth. Cheri's pace began to increase and she
began to mutter, "oh my gawd, oh my gawd, ohhhhh, I'm gonna cum!!!" At
that point, she pulled her panties aside, spread her cunt lips, and started
feverishly stroking her clit, faster and faster, finally letting out one
big gasping breath, yelling, "here I go, I'm cummmminnnggggg!!!!"

I was awestruck! I suddenly noticed both my nipples were hard, and there
was a wet warmth between my legs that I had only experienced once or twice
before in my innocent, sheltered life. I was amazed! I had never seen
anything so erotic, and couldn't wait to try it myself. I really couldn't
wait to tell my husband, Rick, in hopes that maybe it would turn him on and
we could have sex like Cheri and her husband had.

About that time, Cheri moaned, rolled over, looked at me and asked if I had
enjoyed her show? "You bet", I said, pointing to my nipples sticking
through my blouse. "I can't wait to try it myself, my pussy is dripping!",
I said. I thought it kind of odd that Cheri licked her lips at that time.
"Need help?", she asked, as she stripped off her panties.

Cheri must have seen the hesitation in my eyes, as she said, "well, I see
this may be just a bit much for you. I'll tell you what, I think I've
given you plenty to think about. Why don't I leave you alone to try what I
showed you, for yourself? Maybe, tomorrow night, at the hotel in Chicago,
we can continue the lessons?"

My throat seemed to constrict at the thought of seeing her naked again, but
I also felt that stirring in my panties. "Well, let's see what tomorrow
brings, okay?", I asked. She nodded, put her top on, gave me a peck on the
cheek, and said "okay, I'll see you at breakfast. I really hope we can be
good friends. I think I could help you a lot. Good night."

Little did I notice, until she had left, that she left her bra and panties
on my bed. My head was still swimming as I picked up her panties,
intending to return them the next day. My gosh, even her bra and panties
were sensual - unlike my plain old Hanes cotton briefs and matronly bra. I
began to feel the warmth, and wetness, in her panties, and for some reason,
curious I guess, held them up to my nose. The aroma, musky, yet sweet, was
overwhelming. I felt that tingling again in my nipples, and my pussy began
to flood. The overwhelming sense of lust I felt quickly overcame any
guilty feelings I was having and I sensed that only a quick touch would
send me over the edge. I feel down on the bed, didn't even bother removing
my pants or my panties, and began to rub the heel of my hand up and down my
crotch. Just the friction of my white cotton panties was enough to
stimulate my clit. As I held Cheri's panties to my nose with one hand, I
stroked my pants and felt my pussy gush. It only took about 15 seconds of
stroking and I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I don't know if it
was stored up or what, but when I came, it was like a gusher!! Not only
were my panties soaked, but my pants showed a big wet spot and my juices
were running down my thighs.

I fell back on the bed, my head swimming, and thought about what I'd just
seen and experienced. I was nervous, excited, and couldn't wait for
tomorrow night's layover in Chicago, with Cheri.

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