Saturday, April 4, 2009

A, Russ and Me

This is a true story which took place in 1985. It was not my first
threesome, but A -- my girlfriend -- was simply gorgeous. Just short of six
foot, very slim, blonde hair and blue eyes, with small breasts, an enticing
patch of pubic hair and a very experimental frame of mind. She was twenty
when this happened, I was five years older. I write this now to fix one of
the most marvellous sexual experiences of my life in my mind, and also so
that others can vicariously enjoy it.
We had gone out to supper at the Hard Rock Cafe in London one hot
summer evening with my best friend, Russ, and then made our way back to A's
house in Clapham, which she shared with her brother and his wife. They were
having a dinner party downstairs so the three of us went up to A's room on
the first floor. As it was getting late we pulled out a sleeping bag so
Russ could kip on the floor, and got ready for bed.
A was wearing a teeshirt and knickers, and I was just wearing boxer
shorts, and we snuggled up under the covers once the light was out. I
slipped my hand onto her breast, and she turned and kissed me and brushed
her hand against my penis. After several minutes I pulled off her teeshirt,
and then pulled down her knickers so I could finger her cunt which was wet
by this stage. She in turn pulled down my boxers, and ran her fingers
lightly over my cock and balls.
We could tell Russ was awake, and I asked him if he was okay. He
answered that he was hot, and A switched on the light, and holding the
sheet up to her chin, pointed to a drawer where Russ could find a sheet to
sleep under.
He fetched it, wearing just a pair of Y-fronts, and then settled
down on the floor again. I straightened the covers on our bed, lifting them
high so if Russ had looked over he could have seen A lying there, but he
didn't. I glanced down at A and she just grinned up at me. A shut the light
off and then -- heightening the sexual charge that hung in the room --
"What shall we do now?"
I replied: "Well, we could tickle Russ."
In an instant she had slipped out of bed and was kneeling naked on
the floor in the semi darkness beside him. The thought that raced through
my head and caused all my nerves to jangle was: "It's happening!" He placed
his hands on her ribs, then moved them up to her breasts, while she reached
under his sheet.
I pulled the sheet back, and slid his Y-fronts down, giving his
circumcised penis a gentle twitch as I did so.
Things suddenly happened very fast. Russ knelt up, and A lay on the
floor and wrapped her lips around his erection. I could only watch and
marvel at the gorgeously erotic sight of my beautiful girlfriend sucking my
best friend's cock.
After a few moments I positioned myself sitting up against the
bedside cabinet, and directed A's head to my cock. She knelt on all fours
to suck me, while I masturbated myself, and as she did so Russ moved round
so he could enter her from behind, which he did after giving her cunt a
couple of long luscious licks. He had been living with the same boring
girlfriend for quite some time, and being "unfaithful" to her (he said
later) made our threesome doubly exciting.
For me, this was a sexual experience whose idea I had long
relished, ever since seeing a book of erotic art with a picture of just
such a sexual "tripling" -- a beautiful girl sucking one boy and being
fucked by another from behind.
It didn't take Russ long to come, which he did shuddering against
A's buttocks with his face screwed up with pleasure. I came at about the
same time, spurting over A's face. She had still not come, so turning her
over on her back, I entered her, revelling in the thought that Russ' sperm
was inside her. As I thrust into her as fast as I could, her legs started
to go backwards and forwards like pistons and a loud moan -- so loud I had
to cover her mouth for fear of her brother hearing us downstairs -- came up
out of her throat as she reached orgasm.
A and I got back into bed and slept. Russ had to leave early in the
morning. He told me later he woke up in the night and felt A's cunt, but
she pulled away from him. We never had another threesome, although both
Russ and I were keen one day when A came to visit me at my house. She said:
"He's not going to get a fuck every time he sees me", adding that she
didn't really fancy Russ that much and our threesome had just happened as
we were all randy and in the same room together. And so that was that. But
just that one sex session was enormously exciting, partly because it was
"taboo" and also because it made Russ and I closer.
Some background: A had previously planned to fuck me with a
girlfriend of hers, but they chickened out, dammit, although A and I did
fuck quietly while the other girl slept on the floor a few feet away; and
Russ and I had fucked his girlfriend together about a year before. One of
A's friends had had group sex and told her about it, so A -- inquisitive as
ever -- had been keen to see what it was like. I would have preferred more
time to enjoy it: a double bed, all day to experiment with mutual
masturbation and triangles and simultaneous virginal and anal sex, but
sometimes it seems these things are best left to the imagination.
A and I broke up a while after that. I got married, although I did
see her a couple of times afterwards. We snogged and groped and even slept
in the same bed one night, but never had full sex again. She was my best
ever girlfriend, and I still smile to myself whenever I think of her. She
went off around the world, had a lot more boys as far as I can gather,
nearly got married to her childhood sweetheart, and when I last heard of
her was in London again.
Russ got married too, and he and I have shared photos of our wives
in the nude, but never managed to persuade either of them to join us in
bed. He and I quite often give each other a blow job, and both love talking
about sex. And of course, the subject of that hot summer night in London
often comes up. I'd be very interested to hear of other, similarly genuine

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