Saturday, April 4, 2009

Night Of Endless Orgasms

It just turned 5pm and the work day was done. The pressure of yelling
people was just really to much today. I knew then why I didn't wear my
silk panties that day. Mary my co-worker asked if I would be interested
in a after hour drink and where the men were as hot as my pussy during
those fuck seccions with Julio. I knew then I was in for the time of my
life. We arrived around 6pm and the place was already steaming with guys
that gave one an orgasm that could fill ones cocktail glass full and
even over flow. Mary and I are great friends so well that we have fucked
around with each other. After being with Mary I knew then why guys loved
huge hot titts. And her pussy was fat and pink, colors of a untouched
baby. Her lips were full and filled with hot blood that one could feel
while french kissing or while she ate the hell out of ones pussy. She
had a wonderful feeling while she would eat me before pressing her
tounge inside me as I would grasp for air. Julio would get upset because
he wished he could of done better. My walls of my clit would just burn
with passion as she went inside of me.
As I was dreaming of the night Mary ate me I spilled my drink on my
skirt and before I knew it a guy named John rushed over and wiped the
wet drink off of my leg and slipped with his hand inside my skirt with
his fingers touching my pussy. I became so excited I pushed myself
towards his hand with his fingers inside me. His face turned red and he
quickly fell to the floor under the table where he took me with his hot
mouth and just played with my clit and tight ass hole. His hot breath
was burning me with moans of being tortured with hot coals. As he
tongued me over and over the table began to shake hard. I lost control
and screamed Oh Baby eat my pussy! I began to cum like the water flowing
down a rivers stream. He began to slurp like sounds of old ladies
slurping there tea at noon. His fingers offered no mercy but only pain
of being spread open like never before. I could feel his teeth as he
would bite the walls of my cunt and my ass hole. Oh shit I couldn't stop
cuming. His face was wet not from his sweat but from my hot and wet love
juices. He licked me dry like a mother cat would dry her young. His
mustache was wet and sticky from the rubbing against my clit. He quickly
stood up and asked me and Mary to join him. I did even better and asked
if Julio could join as well. John thought it was great because he was
bisexual and was hoping to get fucked himself. I told him Julio had a
tool of 12 inches and round as a bottom of a pop bottle.. WOW! Just what
I need a good fuck by a nice long and wide tool. Mary joined us and we
drove off to the house. Julio was in the kitchen and was surprised to
see me bring some people over. He was hoping to have some hot sex once I
arrived home. I introduced John to him, he already knew Mary. Told Julio
what was going on and he became very excited to begin. We began to take
our clothes off when John about died when he saw Marys huge delicious
tits. Her nipples were hard and large like a nipple on a babys bottle.
Julio was so hot his cock was hard as the steel post outside. He began
to lick my neck and my ear with passion and love. I began to moan with
delight squirming like a worm being put on a hook. Julio is a great
kisser his tongue is like a snake that moves about the ground. His
fingers touched my breast and would pull on my nipples to where the pain
brought me to scream, MORE oh YES..One thing about Julio his fore play
was the best. I never had to worry about cuming or faking it. John was
really into Mary and she was into him as well. As she was sucking him
she would look up to him like a child looks up to the mother with love.
She licked his shaft till it brought John to give up some pre cum. She
ate his balls like as if they were candy. Then she began to move below
his balls and licked his hole like there was no tomorrow. As she was
doing that Julio began to eat my hot pussy with walls of fire from
watching Mary and John. He began to finger my ass and all I could see
were stars. I pulled Julio up to me to suck on his mouth and went down
on him. I sucked his fucking huge tool as if I was having a huge lolly
pop. His mushroom head turned me on because I could feel it when he went
inside my pussy. I went wild and began to bite on it and choked while
trying to take him all the way. 12 inches is alot but my man deserved
the best and nothing less. His balls were like jumbo size and I would
just smother my face in them. Mary moved over and began to chew on my
already wet inner pussy walls and just sucked them dry just to get
another load from my pussy. John moved over to Julio and let him suck on
his tool while John had my tits in his mouth. The sounds in the room
were hot and wild and the smell of sex was every where. You could hear
hard breathing and sucking sounds. Julio took me in the ass and rode me
hard. It was harder then he has ever done to me before. My hole was in
pain but I needed more and began to push backwards wanting all of it and
even his balls. Oh baby your fucking tool is inside of my hot ass oh..
Oh cum baby. I want you, oh I need you, oh yes Julio, oh Julio please,
oh please yes...He screamed, you like that baby? You like that huge
fucking cock inside you? Fuck yes I screamed oh......He began to pound
harder and harder and he began to howl like a wild wolf in the night. Oh
baby I'm cuming and I push backwards to get him all the way in before he
dumped his love juice inside me. Oh yes I could feel his hot stream as
he buckled and gave me his juice. But the pain I felt was no longer pain
but love of his manhood he had given me.

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