Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bus/Partner /Friend Pleasure

Pete and I had been working together for about 5 years, and had become good,
close friends. I've had close friends at work in the past that I have
associated with, but I never get too close as I don't like working with a
person all day, and socializing with them all the time.
In the past I had run into problems when I'd tried that, but this time it
was different. We found ourselves with the same interests. We were both
married, both had kids, both loved our jobs and our families, and had
similar up-bringings. Our humour was what kept us going during the boring
days at work, but what also kept us really looking forward to each other's
company. It was like improv city with the two of us - making up characters,
jokes, stories. But we also had a serious side, talked about politics,
women, men, daily strife, and even helped each other solve problems.

Our families would get together frequently to make these fabulous meals,
after which we'd chat, play games, go for walks, swims - whatever. My wife
and his also got along really well, so it was never a problem if the two
couples went off on their own to talk. We'd always spend holidays and at
least one weekend a month together. Neither of us had family living in our
city - actually they lived at the other end of the country - so we became

Pete had the look of a real country mountain man. He had dark hair,
about 6 ft, 34 years strong body, not really well-defined, but very strong
and weighed about 170. His biked to and from work every day, hiked alot,
and had really strong powerful legs. His upper body was smooth, but he had
a nice dark hair from his waist down. Always proud of his body, and never
shy about it. Really warm eyes and mouth - and I guess a pretty excellent

I am the same height, 36 years, a little heavier at 185 with a thicker
chest, but also strong legs from regular swimming. Short blond hair, and
light brown fur all over.

So we worked together at a P.R. firm, working on product promotion.

One day, we were both called in to the big guy's office - both thinking we
were going to be told off or given a warning or something because of how
much noise we made. Instead, our boss, suggested that Pete and I went on
the road for couple of weeks, visiting the regional offices of this major
client we were working with in order to get an idea of the flavour for the
various locals.

We both talked with our families and decided now was a good a time as any,
and we immediately started to make plans. When everything was set, we waved
goodbye to our families and headed off to begin our trip in California.

When we got there we found our accommodations were much more luxurious than
we expected, and we also found out that they had booked us each into our own
rooms. We were also suprised at this, but then, it was company policy to do
that, and our booking secretary wouldn't know how close Pete and I were.
Anyway, as both rooms had Queen size beds, we told reservations that we'd
only need one room. When we got inside, the room was a suite - absolutly
perfect for us. I got on the phone to our company and told them to cancel
the additional room for the up-coming reservations and that Pete and I would
be happy to share. I said we'd use the money we saved the company in
entertainment expenses.

Then Pete called his wife, and I mine and told them of our accommodation and
then we were off. We did a quick tour of the hotel and found the pool and
exercise room was really decent. Immediately, we went to our room, stripped
and got into our swim trunks and went for a great afternoon swim.

The next few days went fine, we went to two additional cities, new hotels,
and in that time, got to know a few more things about each other. I thought
I knew this guy really well, but then out came more stuff about life before
marriage, life during marriage, sexual experimentation with guys and girls
before marriage, comparing notes.
We really got a long so well.

Well, about the 5th day, it was about 10 at night and we were both in our
underwear on our respective beds watching television. The phone rang and it
was Pete's wife. Obviously she missed him, and wanted to talk to him -
privately. He asked me if I would leave the room for a bit which kind of
suprised me, but I went to the living room and shut the door. I couldn't
hear much of anything, but it seemed that I was kept out of the bedroom long
enough. I knocked on the door asking if I could come in and there was no
answer. I opened the door, and there was Pete on the bed with his underwear
down by his knees, and as I walked closer, saw that semen was all over his
stomach. He had jerked off - I wonder with Sharon (his wife) or on his
own..and had then fallen asleep.

What should I do? Ignore it? Nah. I thought it was kind of funny. So, I
went to the washroom, got some kleenex, strolled over to him, and asked
myself if I should clean him up, or let him do it when he wakes up. I
wasn't sure what he'd think if he woke up with me holding his penis, so I
just put the kleenex on top of the semen, lifted his soft cock just a little
so I could tuck the kleenex underneath, and put the blanket over him.

I crawled into bed, laughing a little to myself but also thinking that I
just touched my best friend's cock. I wished I would have taken the time to
examine it a little more.

The next morning, Pete was awake before me, and was in the washroom when I
woke up. He came out with a sheepish grin on his face, and both apologized
for his embarassment and thanked me for giving him kleenex. Then he asked me
how much cum there was. As he was standing naked beside me, I touched him
as I pointed and said it was all over from here (above his navel) to here (I
touched his bag). "Shit" it was a good one he said. Touching his bag, I
realized I suddenly got hard, and having his soft cock hanging by my face, I
started feeling kind of strange. This guy had a great bod, and I had touched
his cock and he didn't mind. Hmmm - where was this going to lead.

I had to wait for a few minutes before I got out of bed, so my hard-on would
go down, but it was still semi-hard. We never shut the washroom doors
while we were in there, and today was no different - except that I was
thinking about Pete's cock and balls, while I was getting into the shower,
and immediately started to get hard at the same time Pete came back in to
get something. He noticed my hard cock - jumped over - grabbed it - looked
it in the eye and said in a baby voice "are you all full of cum that needs
to shoot out too"?. We both laughed and I continued with my shower.

As I showered, he told me that he and Sharon had got off together on the
phone, and he must of just zonked out after he came. I told him I hadn't
done it before, but maybe I should try with Sherri (my wife).

Suprise, suprise, that night, Sherri called, and was talking to me about how
horny she was. SHe told me she wanted me to take my cock out and start
stroking it even if Pete was there. I told her it was embarassing, but
while I was telling her that I was stroking my cock through my boxers. Pete
got the hint and left the room. Sherri and I continued talking - well, she
continued talking me off, and I shot a great load too, but mind with a great
earthy sound, that sent Pete into the room, wanting to see what had

There I was holding the phone with one hand, while holding my still hard,
wet cock with the other. Pete went to the washroom and brought out a towel
which he threw at my cock, then mouthed "good one", and went back to his
bed. I said good-night to Sherri, and hung up. THere was silence for
minute then both of us burst out laughing. I cleaned myself up with the
towel and strolled into the washroom to wash my hands. When I came out,
Pete was on his bed nude, dialing up his wife again. "My turn this time",
he said. He patted the bed next to where he was lying, and I sat beside him.
The T.V. was still on, and I decided if were into phone sex, we may as
well have the adult channel on. So I clicked on the adult channel, clicked
YES, and voom - there was this chick sucking this guy's dick. He and I had
never watched the adult channel , and as I laid down beside him on the bed,
he was stroking his cock. He started talking to his wife, telling her what
he was watching on the television, and every once in awhile he'd lift the
receiver away from his ear so I could hear what she was saying. Then I
heard her ask if I was in the room, and he lied saying I had gone down for a
late supper. With that he flicked his cock at me, gave me a wink, motioning
me to go down on him.

I looked at him with shock, laughter, humour. I even grabbed his cock and
mouthed to him - "way to big - it won't fit in my mouth". He laughed
silently and mouth to me - "go ahead - I'd love you to - I'll do you later".
He reached over and gave my now-really-hard cock a tug. Then he looked at
me and mouthed "holy shit - you're huge".

With that comment, I jumped up, straddled his chest with my "huge" cock in
his face, and mimed the tarzan yell - beating my chest. He started to laugh
silently because there he was with his wife, the phone, and my cock in
between them . He grabbed my cock, swallowed it all the way down to my
pubes, at which time I looked at him in amazement. Then he said to his
wife, "excuse me honey, I've got something in my mouth". THen he whispered
that my cock tasted great, but asked if I would suck him while he was
getting off with his wife.
"For you - anything" I answered and as he got back on the phone with his
wife, I slapped his lips and nose with my cock for a few seconds with him
laughing and slapping it out of the way.

My turn.

I worked my way down his body starting at his chest, always looking up at
him to see if what I was doing was okay. He'd laugh and wink at me. For a
brief moment, our cocks touched and we quickly pressed our bodies together
really hard for a moment. I looked up at him and he just mouthed "oh fuck
fuck". Then down I went, and finally got his cock. He spread his legs and
started rubbing the back of my head, while I licked his bag, his long cock,
and blew cool air around his cock and through his pubes. He went nuts. What
we were doing suddenly seemed natural and fun. We knew each other really
well, and now - well, we were getting to know that last intimate part of
each other.
Both of our cocks were cut. I had to move back up to compare our cocks, so
I slid up his body until our cocks were together again.
He looked down from the phone, and I looked between us. They were almost
identical in size and thickness. He had lots of dark pubes around his dick,
and my hair was lighter brown. The main vein on my cock stood out a little
more than his, and I guess he was a little thicker than me. Our balls - same
- we'd both had vascetomies, so our balls were bigger. I looked back at
him, and he mouthed "get down there and suck".

I went right down between his legs so that my nose was at his balls, and his
cock was above my face. I licked, I stroked, I savoured every inch of his
cock, I dove down on his dick and kept his cock in my mouth for as long as I
could while he fucked my face, with a huge smile on his face the whole time.
Then the time came. He started to get all trembly and started to say
"okay baby - you're doin' it - you're doin it - oh I love you - ya ya.....
then vooom - a huge glob of cum in my mouth. I wanted to see this stuff so
I took him out of my mouth. Glob - another one on my face - but I saw it
close up. He pushed me back down on it, and I swallowed his dick down to his
bush. (Great smell by the way), and kept it there until he went soft.

He said, "thanks baby" and hung up the phone. "Holy fuck - that was
incredibe - you are incredible" With that I climbed back up his body until
our dicks were solidly together. "My god, we really do stick together like
glue" as he looked down to see our wet cocks together.

"Do you think she heard anything" I asked him.
"Well if she did she probably thought it was the movie. Now I think I owe
you something"

I stood up on the bed with my cock good and hard again, and said, I think I
want you on your knees for this. Then I pushed my cock against his face, so
he was right up against it. In his humorous voice, and sounding like a
munchkin as my balls were against his mouth said "nice bush ya got there,
can I get out of the forest for a minute"?

I jumped off the bed, sat down on the corner chair, and told him dinner was
served. "Hmm, sausage and meatballs - my fav", he started to eat. I just
spread my legs and let him feast. He really liked to deep throat, and
particularly liked to try talking to me with my cock in his mouth. I
wrapped my legs around his back, and he just enjoyed the meal. I asked him
how many cocks he had sucked and he said none since he was married, but if I
was into it, he'd suck mine any time I wanted. I told him he could only if
I could suck him when I was in the mood for a big hairy one. He jumped and
asked if his big hairy one fit the bill. I immediately clamped my mouth on
his cock again, and the two of us fell on the bed and began to sixty-nine
each other for a few hours. I came shortly after we started, but just kept
on going. It was like we were re-finding a part of ourselves.

We sucked, kissed, layed our cocks on our faces, sniffed, watched our cocks
caress each other, slowly masturbated as we talked about our lives, and then
- looked at the clock. It was 5 in the morning. We had been up all night
finding out about each other's bodies and having a great time doing it. We
fell asleep in the 69 position, and when our wake-up call came at 7, we were
both hard again. We sucked each other until we came, laid back on the bed,
and said - at the same time - we're cancelling our appointment today.

Pete crawled on top of me, our cocks together, "I think - yah - I think -
you're my best friend-business partner-cock sucker". I replied - "Oh ya - I
bet you can't say that with your mouth full of nuts".

He dove down between my legs, took both of my nuts in his mouth- and tried
to talk - and so our day went -

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