Friday, April 17, 2009

Nichol's Surprise

Nichol gripped the wheel until her knuckles were white. She was on her
way home, having to leave work early because her coworker Misty had
screwed up the computers. She was so mad. Misty was always screwing
things up at the office and this was gonna cause her to have to work late
tomorrow to catch up. Even though the time off would give her time to
spend with her husband she dreaded the fact that she would have to work
late into the night to fix the mess.
Nichol turned onto her road and smiled when she saw her husband's
convertible Mustang parked in the driveway. God she loved that car. The
power she felt when she sped down the road. The roar of the engine, the
wind caressing her face as she sped down the road. Her husband, Allen,
said driving that car was almost like having sex. She laughed when he
said it but the first time she drove it she had to agree. There was
something to his analogy.
She parked the car in front of the house and started toward the
door. Maybe they could get it some action before the kids got out of
school. They had a few hours or so before the school bus arrived. She
walked in the door and immediately noticed porn on the television. Not
the regular guy on girl porn but man on man porn. She liked watching man
on man porn while she was masturbating. It had always been a fantasy of
hers to watch it in real life but had never had the chance. It was
probably the one secret she had kept from her husband Allen.
Evidently he has stumbled upon her stash. Well, he was an
understanding man, she doubted he would be upset. Just the opposite he
probably left in playing to give her a hint that he was upstairs waiting
for her.
She slipped off her shoes, disrobed at the bottom of the stairs
and tiptoed toward the upstairs bedroom. When she was within earshot she
heard muffled noises. She eased closer to the door and now the muffle
voice turned to moans. She recognized the sounds immediately. It was
Allen's voice. She eased the door open and almost fainted at what she
There was Allen bent over on the bed with her hot looking next
door neighbor Tom behind him. Tom had his one hand on Allen's hip and the
other raised, open palm, in the air. Tom was asking him what he wanted.
She heard Allen yelling, "Slap my ass and fuck me harder!"
She felt the wetness grow between her legs as she heard the smack of his
hand on Allen's ass. Tom pounded his cock up her hubby's ass harder.
Her hand went straight to her pussy. She started rubbing her slit up and
down. She was soaked. She found her clit with her fingers and only rubbed
it once or twice before an orgasm snuck up on her.
Tom stopped fucking her hubby's ass and both their faces shot
looks towards her. Don't stop on my account boys. Keep going. Tom shoved
his hard 6 inch cock all the way to the hilt right back up Allen's ass.
Nichol moved toward the bed. She wanted Allen's expert tongue buried in
her wet pussy. She grabbed him by the hair and started grinding her pussy
into his face. She could feel each stroke of Tom's cock forcing her
hubby's tongue deep in her pussy.
She felt another orgasm fast approaching and knew she wanted
some cock in her pussy. She pulls away from Allen and gets on all fours
sliding backwards beneath him. She eases her pussy back towards Allen's
throbbing 7 inches. She's always loved the way his thick veiny 7 inches
felt in her pussy.
It takes a few minutes to get the rhythm right but before long
they have it down. Every time Tom pounds Allen's ass it forces Allen's
cock deep into her pussy. Tom's balls slapping against Allen's ass are
almost echoed in Allen's balls slapping against hers ass.
She hears Tom start moaning that he's going to cum. Tom
increases his assault on her hubby's ass, pistoning his cock in and out
in rapid fashion. Allen starts moaning and groaning urging Tom on. Nichol
isn't sure what's turning her on more. Knowing these two guys are fucking
or hearing Allen moaning from the assfucking he's receiving.
With a grunting noise Tom shoots his load deep in Allen's ass.
The force of him driving all the way forces Allen's cock to reach a depth
in her pussy that she's never felt reached. With Tom moaning in the
throes of his orgasm she feels Allen's cockhead swell. As Allen's cock
starts to unload into her pussy her orgasm sweeps over her as well. It's
the strongest one she's ever felt. She becomes light headed and feels
like she might faint.
As she slowly recovers she looks back to see Tom dressing. Nichol
asks him where he thinks he's going? Hey I have to get home, my wife
we'll be there in a few minutes. I have to go home and tell her how I won
our bet. See I bet that I could fuck Allen's ass before she could eat
your pussy and I guess I won.
Nichol smiled at Tom. Don't tell her Tom. Bring her back over and
show her. I think I might like to have my pussy licked while I watch you
boys fuck again. Only this time, I want to see you take Allen's cock in
your ass. Tom laughed as he left, I think I'm gonna like that too.
There's nothing better than good neighbors who share.

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