Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Son's Father

I quietly opened the door to my sons' bedroom. The
light from the passage casting a beam of light on his
bed. He was sleeping peacefully; as I watched him I
thought how much he was like his father. God has it
been two years since he was conceived. I turned left
the room leaving the door ajar. As I descended the
stairs Stephen was just coming out of the downstairs
bedroom, tucking in his shirt, and then checking out
his appearance in the hall mirror before running a
comb through his hair.
"Ok Dave it'll be the same time next week" He said
"Yeh fine mate...every thing to your satisfaction" I
"Oh god yeah just peachy couldn't be better as always"
He replied.
My wife Ellen came from the room Stephen had just left
moments before, pulling up the zip on her skirt and
adjusting it.
"Goodnight Stephen...give my regards to your wife" She
"Like bloody hell" He replied with a wide grin on his
face and left closing the door behind him.
I followed Ellen to the large spacious lounge that was
part of our early century villa. I watched as she
moved one of the pictures on the wall and her fingers
deftly twirled the knurled knob on the safe as she
searched for the combination. The hundred dollars she
held in her hand was placed inside along with the
other three one hundred-dollar deposits we had made
previously in the evening.
"Would you like a coffee my love" I asked
"Yeah I could murder one darling" She replied. I
turned and headed for the kitchen

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. Ellen turned
to me smiled and said. "That's for you darling I'll
leave you to it. Old man Smithies is right on time
again as usual it must be love". The grin on her face
getting bigger--My thoughts went back a couple of years...

Ellen and I had taken time out to actually have a
holiday together, the first in a long while.
Since re-discovering my homosexuality our lovemaking
had not been the same. My sexual interests had turned
more and more toward the male species.

When I'd met Ellen I thought she was so marvellous in
fact she still is, it was I who was at fault not her.
I had forgotten how beautiful and desirable a woman
she was until that afternoon over two years ago. I
married her because I was in love with her and I also
thought it would cure my homosexuality. It did...for a

Then the firm I worked for was invited to a product
launch. I always enjoyed product launches, a time to
meet up with other members of the company and in
general have a good time. It was always two to a room
and this time I was sharing with a guy who I had never
met. There was nothing sexy about him, he was perhaps
the opposite. Average height balding, bearded face and
a beer gut. I would never in a thousand years put him
down as the guy who would get me back to my addiction
to cock again.

The first day of the launch had gone well and at the
finish I had gone back to the room, followed shortly
by my room mate.

"Whew thank goodness that's over...I need to take a
shower" He said

He did not go to the bathroom to disrobe he merely
started to undress there and then in front of me,
peeling off each piece of garment and discarding them
on the bed.
His body was not that of a Greek god, it was his cock
that caught my eye. It had been quite some time since
I'd been this close to a real live one. I tried hard
not to be seen looking at it but what I saw did excite
me a little in fact quite a lot.
I watched until his fat backside and big belly had
entered the bathroom. He did not close the door or
draw the shower curtain and from where I sat I had a
good clear view as he turned on the shower and let the
water cascade over his body. He sang and hummed softly
to himself as he lathered on the soap. His body was
pink and flabby and surprisingly devoid of hair just
the bushy pubic hair from whence grew the piece of
flesh that interested me. It seemed a little larger
than when he had stood before me as his soaped hand
fondled it.
I quickly looked away when he glanced up and caught me
gazing at him.

When I heard the shower turn off I made sure my
concentration was well and truly on the magazine I had
picked up to read. He did not wrap the towel around
himself instead he marched past me towel in hand and
proceeded to dry himself when standing by his bed. A
quick glance at his wet body, and at his wet cock,
water still dripping down the slightly hard shaft.

"I think I'll have a shower myself" I said, starting
to disrobe. I was going to test this guy. I had a
feeling he was sending out a message and was keen to
see if I was reading him right.
When I was completely naked I lingered a little then
dropped my watch on the floor, getting down on all
fours to retrieve it. I pointed my hind end
deliberately toward him letting him have a full view.
Nothing was said and like him I proceeded to the
shower leaving door and shower curtain open for
further viewing, again when I'd finished I walked
naked back to the room and picked up a towel drying
myself off in front of him, keeping my hind end toward
him for his further viewing. If I thought I was going
to be jumped on and ravaged I was disappointed. In
fact I thought I'd misread him completely. He merely
dressed and said he was going to the bar for a drink.
Obviously my arse had no attraction to him and
likewise I dressed and went to the bar where I stayed
along with a few others until bedtime, returning to an
empty room and climbing into bed and sleep.

The morning light was streaming in through the drawn
curtains when I awoke. My room mate must have returned
at whatever hour and gone to bed. I lay there
contemplating the ceiling and feeling very
disappointed that what I'd thought about had not
I heard him groan then his voice "Shit is it morning

"Yeah sure must have got what you wanted last
night" I said
"Naw not at all" He said

"If you don't mind I might grab the shower first off"
I said.

"Yeh go for it mate" He replied.

This time I did the same as last night I threw back
the covers revealing my naked body (No night attire)
and slowly walked to the shower, again leaving door
and shower curtain open. I took a sly glance in his
direction he was laying on his back hands behind his
head and he was watching me as I showered. I made sure
that he received a good long view of my rear end. Then
shutting off the shower I walked back to the room
picked up the towel and slowly started to dry myself.
He was quite open as he watched me towelling off his
eyes running up and down my body.

"I'll have my shower now" He said as he rose and like
me had slept naked.

I continued to dry myself as I watched him in the
shower twisting and turning under the cascading water.
I openly watched as he soaped and washed himself.
I wrapped a towel around my waist and sat in the chair
until he finished washing. It was the same as last
night he made his way to his bed and started to dry
himself off. My eyes were fixed on his cock when his
voice broke my trance.

"Here would you like to touch it?" He asked.

Suddenly caught out I stammered "Oh no...I "

"No go on you can have a play with him...I know you want
to" He said

"Oh look sorry I..."

He took a few steps toward me, now standing right next
to me. "Go on put it in your hand feel how good it is"
He said invitingly.
Oh god I wanted to so much it was now or never. Once I
did I knew I was lost forever. Like an alcoholic with
that forbidden drink, if I touched it now it was all
over for me.

"Go on I've seen you drooling over it, just reach out
and touch it"

It felt soft and clammy in my hand as I squeezed and
fondled it, but it was not going to stay that way for
long, each moment I held it, each squeeze and fondle
made it larger and larger, until it was full grown.
Oh god I was done for, a wonderful wanting feeling
flowed through my body, and suddenly I was a
homosexual again. It had been quite some time since
feeling my last rock hard cock in the palm of my hand
an it excited me no end to have one once again. They
were beautiful objects when all hard. Skin stretched
so tight around the hard shaft. That bulbous end and
the Cyclops eye looking at me inviting me to kiss it.

"Mmmmm" It felt so good in my mouth as my tongue
explored hungrily over the surface.

"Oh shit I should have woke you last night" He said

"Mmmmmm" was all I could say, trying to nod at the
same time in agreement

His hands held my head firmly against his fat wet
belly as I sucked eagerly like a man dying of thirst
at the tap of life.
Up and down the hard shaft, hand, mouth and tongue
creating havoc with our emotions. Then the great gasp
from my partner "Ahhhhhh!" as the warm wet sticky
fluid spread over my tongue and down my throat forcing
me to gag as I fought to swallow it.

"I wasn't sure about you last night" He said "I wanted
to fuck you when I came back...I wasn't too sure whether
you did or didn't'?" He said

"Did or didn't do what?" I asked knowing full well
what he meant

"Fuck" He said

"Well I guess we know what we will be doing tonight
don't we" I replied

"Yes...that arse of yours is going to be mine" He said.

It was around ten that night when he eventually
entered me. His arse rose and fell on mine sending his
cock in and out his balls banging against my bum. His
fat belly slapped down on top of me, his weight
pushing me into the mattress as he arse rose and fell,
his cock, the first cock in a quite some time giving
me a long overdue fuck.
It was good to feel a mans hot breath on my neck, hear
his heavy excited breathing and grunting with each
stroke and thrust. "Uh...uh...uh..." Thrust, thrust, thrust.
That was it. I'd had the forbidden fruit. I was a
homosexual again eager to make up for lost time, which
I did; any male seaming to have a sexual interest in
me was encouraged. Sexual interest in Ellen starting
to wane.

Thus it was as I walked the beech that hot sunny
summer morning, the warm golden sand beneath my feet.
I'd left Ellen at the rented beach house to read and
sunbathe; unaware of what was going to take place a
couple or so hours later.
I liked to search for good quiet sunbathing areas
where I could strip naked, feel the warm zephyr like
breeze move gently and sensually over my body. There
was something about being naked that I liked. The
place I was heading for was a spot I'd found a couple
of days ago and it gave me a great opportunity to work
on an all over tan. As I walked further and further
down the beach away from the populated popular area. I
could hear the sea gulls screeching and scattering as
I approached. The gentle lapping of the surf. There
was little of it today; it certainly wasn't a surfer's
paradise at present. I waded part way in feeling the
cool salt water around my feet and ankles.
"Ah here we are my own little place" I thought to
myself. Up the rising sand dunes with their grassy
tussock, if I kept walking I would come to bush and
pine trees, but today I just wanted to strip naked and
catch the summer suns rays on naked body.
I dropped into the sandy hollow, throwing my knapsack
to the ground. One last look around. To the north
where I'd come from nothing, not even a speck. To the
south a tiny dot someone out walking but not hear
enough to worry about.

First I discarded my shirt, and then stepped out of my
shorts and undies. The hot sun and breeze moving over
my body. Oh god it felt so good, so sensual first a
breeze then the warm sun caressing my buttocks Oh god
I'd love to be fucked right now. I thought
I reached into the knapsack and took out the beach
towel, spreading it on the warm sand, then the suntan
lotion, spreading it liberally over my body. Now lying
on my back, eyes closed as I daydreamed, daydreams
about some nice hunk that would join me in a little
bit of cock fun.

Time to turn over on my stomach; let the sun at my
back and bare buttocks. I lay with head resting on my
arms as I returned to my fantasies. They were suddenly
shattered by the sound of a voice.

"Hi there buddy, mind if I join you, you got yourself
a real good pozzy there"Oh god I felt so embarrassed
at being caught out.

"Oh er, yes, yes I guess so" I stammered, at the same
time looking for something to cover my nakedness with.

He must have read my mind as he said "No don't bother
covering up I'll join you, I doubt if anyone else will
be along to join us...or disturb us" It was the way he
said disturb us that got my mind working. Hey this
could be the guy I'd been fantasying about all
afternoon, after all who would join a naked bloke on
the beach.

He threw his own knapsack down next to mine removing a
beach towel and spreading it close to my towel.

"Hey that back of yours is going to get red raw, you
got any lotion on it" He asked

"Er no I couldn't reach there" I replied.

"Well I think I should spread some on for you...better
be safe"

I rested my head on my arms again, letting him rummage
in his bag for some lotion.
"Ohhhh" I said as the cool liquid hit my body. Firm
hands followed massaging the fluid into my skin.
"Mmmmm! That feels real good" I said as his hands
worked their magic. Around my neck down to the small
of my back and up again, over and over.

"You like that" He asked

"Mmmmm it makes me feel real good" I replied. I was
starting to get that feeling in my loins

"Yeh I thought it would" He said
A cool squirt hit my buttocks, followed by warm firm
hands squeezing and massaging them. Adrenalin started
pumping through my veins. I was filled with sudden

"How about that then" He asked
"Oh god yes, that's great" I replied.

His firm hands and fingers squeezing and caressing.
The next squirt hit the crevice between my buttocks
and started to trickle between my legs and thighs. A
finger followed searching for my love tunnel entrance,
then thrusting inward.

"Ohhh, ahhhh" I gasped, at the same time letting my
legs part a little and thrusting upward onto the
inserted finger.

"Now what about that, how does that feel my fiend" He

"Oh god that is fantastic" I eagerly replied, letting
my pelvis and hips work in time with his finger

"I've got something even better for you" He said

"Oh what's that?" I replied and at the same time
turning my head toward him for the first time.

"OH MY GOD" I exclaimed as my eyes fell upon the
biggest cock I'd ever had the privilege to see, and Id
seen quite a few big cocks in my time.
He must have read panic in my eyes as he flung himself
on top of me pinning me to the deck.

"Hey, hey take it easy...just relax it's going to be ok,
it'll go in me" He said as my heart
pounded in my chest.
I could feel the warm contour of his enlarged penis
against my skin, hard and throbbing. His pelvis moved
back and forth, his cock pressed firmly against my

"Now just image that inside you buddy...would you like
that?" He asked

My mouth was dry. I could only croak "Oh god yes

"Then just relax and between us we'll get it in"

He wasn't going to let me change my mind as he lay on
top of me. He reached for the sun lotion and first one
finger then two fingers he slowly with and enlarged my
entrance, making sure I had a liberal amount of

"Now some on my shaft and we are in business" He said

"You ready for it pal" He asked

"Yeh, yeh...go for it" I said at the same time reaching
for the cheeks of my ass and pulling them apart.

"Ok...just relax, completely relax" He said as I felt
the large bulbous end caress the entrance, he pressed

"Ohhh, ahhhh" I was saying

"Just relax buddy it's going in" He said
Another deep breath, relax, relax
My love tunnel slowly opened and enlarged as he
pressed inward.
Oh god I think I can feel it partly inside. I thought
to myself

"It's going in old buddy, I've got the head in" He

Yes he was right I could feel it, it was in. His hips
and pelvis twisted and pushed and inch by inch I felt
myself being enlarged. There was no doubt he was going
to get it in. I could now boast that this was the
biggest cock I'd ever had.

"Oh buddy I'm right in there does it feel?" He

"Oh my...just fabulous...I can't believe we did it" I
replied "It must look real good" I said
There was a pause then a reply. "It looks real
good...your arse is stretched wide's never going
to be the same again" He said. Then laughed and added
"You'll have a funny walk from now on"

I felt his hot breath on my neck as he whispered in my
ear "I'm going to fuck you now buddy" I felt the shaft
slide in and out as his arse rose and fell, rose and
fell. Thrust, thrust, thrust...easy steady motions. My
pussy ass becoming accustomed to its new size.
As he bounced up and down he could feel the contours
of my bum with each inward thrust.

"Hey what's your name pal" He said as his shaft slid
back and forth.
"David" I said

"Hey I'm Michael" He replied
I laughed and said "Very pleased to meet you Michael"
He laughed and replied "Me too"

"You got a regular boy friend David" He asked

"No I'm married" I replied

"So you have a husband" He said assuming it was a
homosexual relationship

"No a wife, female, women" I said

"Oh sorry I assumed it was another male you were with"

"No she is a real live woman" I said

"So do you fuck her on a regular basis?"

"No not really... our relationship has lessened in the
past year or so...I rarely fuck her now" I replied

"So who fucks her for you" He asked

"No one she wouldn't do that" I said

"Oh yeh she must be a cold non feeling women then" He

"No I don't think so she's very attractive" I replied.

"And no one is fucking must be very na�ve if
you think that"

"She just wouldn't do that sort of thing" I replied

"So you get yourself fucked by a bloke and you think
that your wife wouldn't do the same thing...does she
know you're a poofta" He asked

"Of course not...I keep that part secret" I said

"She is probably doing the same thing" He said

"No not Ellen" I said defiantly

"I bet I could get to fuck" He said challengingly

"I bet you couldn't" I said again more defiantly
All the time his arse was rising and falling, pumping
his hard cock back and forth. He was obviously a
talker. Some guys loved to talk as they fucked, this
was one of them.

"Ok you're on...$100 says I get to fuck her"

He was calling my bluff, there was no way he was going
to get to fuck Ellen but I was unsure of myself I

"Come on put your money where your mouth is" He said

"Oh I don't know" I said hesitating.

"Look I'll make it easy for you...if I don't get to fuck
her I pay you $100...if I do fuck her it's quits...let's
just say I get to fuck her for $ owe me
It sounded too good to be true. "Yeh, yeh you're on" I
said hesitantly.

"Oh great" He whispered closely in my ear two fucks in
one day, first the husband then the wife"
He sounded too confident; now on consideration I may
have been too hasty.
Thrust, thrust, thrust went his cock. His arse rising
and falling at a steady rate.
"Oh god isn't fucking just the best things in the
world" He said excitedly. "God yes, yes" I replied
His arse was continuing to rise and fall his shaft
piston like in its action. I would love to have a
picture of it to see what it looked like.
The motion was speeding up his arse pounding faster
and faster

"Oh I feel all excited now...I'm going to cum" He said
There was no great outburst or exclamations. Three
final thrusts, then he lay still. The monster was
pulsing and throbbing its final moments, warm sticky
sperm spewing from the hard shaft filling my own love
We remained locked together as we both felt the
afterglow of our love making. Lying there I could hear
the gulls squawking and gentle surf lapping on the
foreshore, the slurping sound as his cock withdrew,
limp and exhausted
"God if your wife is as good as you to fuck I'm going
to have a great day" He said.
Perhaps this was not a good idea. How was he going to
approach the subject? Did we just walk in an say "Hey
honey this is Michael he's a great guy he's here to
fuck you sweetheart" I could see no way he was going
to get between those lovely legs of Ellen's

"I'm for a swim" He announced and then was up and off,
out of the sand bunker and streaking down to the water
stark naked. I watched as he dived head long into the
surf, well what surf there was. Then taking a look
around the area to make sure we had no prying eyes I
followed suit. The cool salt water felt good as I
likewise plunged beneath the surface.
He continued to ask questions about Ellen what was she
like, how had we met, does she work, blond, redhead
brunette. I told him everything.
"Hmmm I like blondes" He said "Is she a real
blonde--I mean I'm going to find out" He said with a

"She's a real blonde" I replied.

"Who was it you said was fucking her" He asked

"No one fucks her" I said getting a little irritated
at his remarks

"Where she works--what about a male colleague"

"No there's no one" I replied but he'd suddenly got me
thinking. Neville--Neville Granger he's always
sniffing around--he is somewhat older but a
good-looking guy Ellen would like him. There was the
odd time I'd come home and his car was outside, but
I'd never caught them at it, we were all good friends
could it be Neville.
The more I thought about it the wilder my imagination
It would be quite easy for him to slip her a length
and without me catching them. The bedroom was at the
front of the house, if she was to pull her skirt up
and her knickers down, all he had to do was unzip his
fly remove his stiff cock and insert it into her. If
they heard my car it would take only moments for him
to pull out, her to pull up her knickers and
straighten her skirt. He on the other hand would have
his stiff member safely tucked back in his trousers
not forgetting the zip and the pair of them back in
the lounge looking the picture of pure innocents. God
yes it could be. Now I wondered if it would be easier
than I'd anticipated for Michael to slip Ellen a
length of that monster of his.

Our swimming over I followed Michael up the beach back
to the sand dunes, the sight of his naked body tight
arse end making me excited once more. Even slack as it
was it was impressive, but what disturbed me was that
I was excited at the prospect of watching it being
inserted into Ellen. I shook my head to clear and rid
myself of such thoughts as we picked up our towels and
dried off. My eyes were never off his cock or my
thoughts on what might be later in the afternoon.
Packing our gear we walked back along the beach, each
step taking us nearer to our beachhouse and Ellen. My
responses to his questions were automatic; my mind
wasn't on them. The nearer we got, the faster was my
heart rate, my stomach in a knot, my mouth dry. Oh
jeez it was going to be all on I thought.
A question from Michael got my attention. "Do you want
to watch" He asked

"Eh--what?" I replied suddenly taken aback.

"Do you want to watch me fuck Ellen--your wife" He
asked again.
He was real sure, very confident he was already
calling her Ellen. God he's going to do it, I knew
deep down he was going to do it, what does he know
that I don't. My mind had already been playing
pictures of them together.

"Er yes, yes I'd like that" I stammered watching his
smiling face.
"Well when we get there you introduce me, offer some
refreshments then take off and leave us alone for a
while--let me go to work on her--get her confidence.
If your around she may not respond so well--you can
come back and watch--if you want" He said with a wink
and a grin on his face a mile wide.

We entered the property from the beach, walking to the
covered patio. Ellen was laying on one of the two
sunbeds. God I'd forgotten how great she looked.
People buy houses because of there views and for a
while stand and admire that view day after day, then
it becomes ho-hum and forget it's there until one day
someone who has never seen it before comes along to
remind you just how great that view is. Today was such
a day as she lay back dressed in just a bikini, skimpy
blue bottom and skimpy blue top, her sensuous sun
tanned body looked real desirous inside it. The look
on Michael's face said it all; it was beaming with
excited anticipation. His eyes exploring every inch.
The cleavage of her well-formed moulded breasts, down
and over her flat stomach, his imagination working
furiously at what lay beyond the material that was the
bottom part of her bikini. Right now there would be a
stirring in his loins, perhaps a little stiffening of
his cock.

"Ellen this is Michael; Michael this is Ellen" I said
introducing them. "I have offered Michael some liquid

Pushing her sunglasses on top of her head she smiled
one of her most charming smiles and greeted our guest.
Michael took the opportunity to grab the other sunbed
and stretched out alongside Ellen.

"Hey I'll get us some fruit juice--orange alright
with you Michael" I asked

"Whatever's going" He replied. I went to the fridge my
hands trembling, legs feeling weak as I took the jug
containing the fruit juice and three glasses back to
the patio.
The conversation seemed to be going well, mind Ellen
was a good conversationalist and I would think Michael
was also.

I poured three glasses handing one of them to Michael,
at the same time his head and eyes giving a quick nod
to the right and his lips silently wording "Fuck off"

"Hey sweetheart did we have some of those chocolate
cookies left"

"No of course not--you know darn well you finished
them last night"

"Oh shit yeah that's right--I'll just nip to the
local store--won't be long"

The silently moving lips of Michael's seemed to be
mouthing. Twenty minutes.
I took off slowly down the drive heading for the local
store, this far from the city centre it was the only
one. My thoughts were going mad, Michael alone with my
wife, just what was happening right now as step by
step I slowly made my way to purchase the cookies.
There were more people than usual there and I had to
wait my turn deep in thought. I selected the type I
liked and whilst I waited I perused the magazine
stand, the girlie mags caught my eye. On the cover of
one was the picture of a voluptuous young female
hugging herself thus forcing and accentuating of her
breasts being held in place by the black laced edge
bra. He smooth legs were encased in black nylon
stockings that were being held up by the black
suspender belt the white thighs a real turn on. The
face seemed that of Ellen as I gazed pensively at the
photo. Hands--Michael's hands were roaming, touching,
exploring her body. A voice broke into those thoughts
"Hey can I help you fellah?" It was the storeowner;
the other customers had gone it was him and me now. I
looked back at the young girls' picture. It was
nothing like Ellen

"Oh sorry lost in thought" I croaked mouth dry
limbs shaking
He seemed to want to talk I wasn't really listening to
him, my own thoughts were on the beachhouse and what
or where was Michael up to now. A customer broke up
our conversation and I left the store, with heart
pounding. My strides were a little quicker but limbs
weak; surely I'd given him enough time.
I strode up the garden path expecting to hear voices
conversing with each other. No it was quiet. When I
reached the sunbeds I knew something was on. Ellen's
blue bikini top lay on the ground. Into the house, I
moved quietly through the kitchen placing the cookies
on the bench. Nothing! I stood there head cocked to
one side listening, then a murmur from down the
passage. I followed the sound. I could hear her moans
and then there on the floor leading to the bedroom was
Ellen's bikini bottom half.
Oh no, no I don't believe it, it can't be, as I slowly
took the final step and peered around the open door.
Oh my god. The sight before me was unbelievable it
could not be happening. I pinched myself just to make
sure I wasn't dreaming it.
There was Ellen naked as, on her back knees bent,
those lovely legs wide apart. He finger was inserted
into the wet pink slit of the blond fury glen that was
nestled between her thighs a soft low moaning came
from her.

Michael was just removing his shorts and undies his
big throbbing cock was in his hand. Moving on to the
bed and kneeling between her widely spread legs. He
pointed the monster at her wet slit. It was a
magnificent beast to behold. The tapered end, the
corona, then the vine like veins winding all the way
up the shaft. It was like a giant torpedo being
prepared to be placed in the launching tube. I watched
as the bulbous end touched the moist lips.

I raised my hand in the air in protest. Screaming at
him to stop. The only trouble was nothing came out of
my mouth--not a sound. I stood there watching like some
statue in the park. He pushed onward, lips parting,
her cunt eating up the monster that was being fed into
it. Inch by inch it vanished inside her until all that
was left was the sack coating his big balls that were
dangling beside her arse.
I heard her gasp "Ahhhhh" Her back arched, buttocks
rose upward forcing herself onto the hard shaft. I
couldn't move I was frozen to the spot. Her cunt was
stretched wide open just as my own love tunnel had
been earlier in the day.
He threw his head back, eyes closed, his hands moving
down her legs feeling her warm thighs-- thighs that
had been impaled on his warm hard shaft along with her
cunt. A long intake of his breath through clenched
teeth as he relished on the feeling he was getting
from penetration.

"Oh my god that feels so gooood" He declared.

Now he covered her body with his, arms around her
hugging her tightly. His lips and mouth kissing her
neck and ear. Then in a loud whisper for me to hear he

"Now I'm going to fuck her David"

My eyes dropped to his hind end, his arse was well
formed tight with a nice contour to it. In fact his
whole body was so perfect. I watched as it rose up,
then dropped back down, rose and fell. Thrusting in to
her. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Stroke after stroke. Oh
god he was, yes he was fucking her and it was my wife
he was fucking. I should be pulling him off shouting
at him to leave her alone, but I wasn't I was enjoying
it, a feeling stirring in my loins at the sight before
me. I could only imagine the shaft now sliding back
and forth between Ellen's thighs, he sighs and moaning
was enough to tell me she was enjoying it. I could
hear the squelch and slurp as his arse end gyrated.
More screams of delight from Ellen.
For the first time I looked at her, her eyes were wide
glazed and staring at me but she wasn't seeing me, she
had no apprehension of me being there. I could have
been a million miles away. My cock was getting harder
by the minute watching Michael bounce up and down on
top of her. I started to undress.
I heard Michael say "Do you like watching a real man
fuck your wife David"
My reply was barely heard as I croaked "Yes, oh yes"
He stopped his motions then raised himself up letting
me view the scene between her thighs. "Take a look at
that David does that excite you" He asked I could only
nod in agreement at what I could see.
His hard shaft was now wet, covered with Ellen's cunt
juice. His hips moved a few times letting me see the
monster moving, sliding inside her. Then laughing he
threw himself back into the job at hand. Thump, thump,
I now stood beside the bed naked stroking my own hard
inadequate cock.
I could watch Michael fuck my wife all day, I found it
so exciting.
I heard the slurp as Michael withdrew from within.
Then turning her over and placing her on all fours, I
could see her now well fucked slit, then with hands
firmly on her hips he penetrated from behind. Again I
head her gasp "Ahhhhh!" as he entered. I loved the
sight of the shaft vanishing inside her. Now I could
see quite plainly his hard cock as it moved back and
forth, first all the way in then a glimpse as it
returned only to vanish from sight again and again and
again. He thrust into her harder and harder. She was
screaming for more "Oh yes, yes, yes" "Harder, harder,
harder". The perspiration was starting to show on
I heard the slap, slap, slap as his thighs pushed up
hard against her hind end. Her blond hair hanging down
and her firm breasts bouncing back and forth with each
powerful forward stroke. I was sexually excited
watching. Ellen's naked form was perfect, taught skin
the nice firm rounded hind end that Michael was
pounding away at, all added to the excitement. His
hands running sensually over her body touching,
exploring. Smoothly over her rounded buttocks, up over
her back and shoulders, then under, closing around her
firm breasts squeezing, massaging. Fingers caressing
the hardened nipples.
The look on Ellen's face said it all, she was enjoying
it, but not alone, Michael's hips were swaying back
and forth, the expression of sheer joy on his face
"Oh fuck yes, yes" I heard him whispering eyes closed.

Ellen's "Oha, oha, oha" Keeping in time with the
swaying hips. "Oh god she's a great fuck David" He
gasped as if short of breath. Every once in a while he
would stop, gyrate his hips a few times. Ellen
screaming out each time he did so. Her hands firmly
holding and squeezing his buttocks as she tries so
hard to pull him further inside her warm pulsating
He pushes her forward into the mattress falling on
top. His arse pounding faster and faster. His breath
coming in quick short pants "Uh, uh, uh, uh"

"Oh I can't hang on much longer I'm going to cum
inside of her" He declared.

"Oh god no, no you're not using a condom and I don't
know if she's been taking the pill' I said

"Too late Dave I'm going all the way buddy" His arse
pounding up and down in a great frenzy--Then one final
thrust and pause, I knew right then his cock was
spewing out his seed, the millions of tadpoles rushing
through her passage eager to fertilise her eggs.
Another thrust as he released a further squirt of
sperm, pauses. Then a final thrust and a final squirt
of semen, before he collapses exhausted on top of her.

I stare transfixed at the scene before me. Michael
turning toward me.
"Well you didn't get $100--but you don't have to pay
me any money either--she was worth every cent of
$100--you should get her to do it more regular" He

He removed his defunct penis, still showing signs of
her pussy juices. I hear Ellen still moaning from the
pounding she has just taken, then roll on her back
bend her knees and part her legs. The gash between her
legs was all pink and wet, like a nice ripe melon, my
eyes transfixed my mouth hungry and eager to feed on
Michael can see that hunger in my eyes.
"Hey why don't you give her a fuck David--she may be
a little slack for you but she's all opened up and
ready for it"
My mouth dry, voice weak I nod and murmur agreement.
Then slip first one leg then the other leg over my
shoulders, hands on her firm buttocks, my mouth and
lips bite into the sweat moist flesh, my tongue
delving well into her crevice licking at her love nub.
I taste a cocktail mix of sperm and pussy fluids. I
feel heady, light-headed and intoxicated with its
Her excited screams are muffled as her warm thighs
clamp my ears and head like earmuffs her hands also
holding on tightly, her back arches up pushing her
pussy onto my warm mouth and tongue. The orgasm flows
through her body

It was never going to be long and drawn out. I was
ready to cum. I quickly pulled my mouth away and
frantically pushed my hard cock into her warm moist
and inviting velvet lined cunt. I let out a great sigh
"Ohhhhhh" and with less than a dozen strokes and a
final upward thrust sperm spewed from my hard penis.
"Oh god. Oh god, oh god" Was all I could manage as I
felt myself being drained. I lay in Ellen's' arms
enjoying the afterglow of passion, removing a pubic
hair from my mouth. The first I'd enjoyed with her in
a long time. Sleep swept over both of us and it was a
while later when I awoke our arms still entwined. I
looked around the bedroom, there was no sign of
Michael, Ellen stirred opened her eyes, they were now
clear and focused.
"Ohhh, mmmmm" She purred squeezing me tight "That was
wonderful darling--we haven't made love like that for
a long time--it must be the sea air that does it"
What about Michael I thought, does he figure in this.

"Did your friend what's his name leave?" She asked

"Er yes, yes he went earlier" I replied

"Oh just as well" She giggled "We wouldn't want him
seeing what we were doing"

"Oh, er no, no that would never do" I replied.
Hell she doesn't remember what has gone on this
afternoon. I thought to myself.
"Mmmm--we must do it more often" She murmured in my

The first sign was when she missed a period. After a
visit to the doctor it was confirmed she was pregnant.
At first she blamed me for not being careful enough
with our lovemaking. Then we both became used to the
situation and looked forward to the birth. The day
arrived and we had a boy and as he grew I could see
Michaels' likeness in him. I started to feel guilty
about the whole thing and I could not let it go on.
Our lovemaking was on the decline again and I thought
I was not being fair to her by hiding my
homosexuality. I decided to come clean
One day I sat her down and blurted out the whole sorry
affair. I waited for the bomb to explode at the end,
but she just sat there looking at me quietly for what
seemed an eternity.

"Well seeing as it's the time for confessing--I've
got to tell you that Neville and I have been having an
affair for quite some time"
"Ha--I knew it I thought you were--Michael said...."

"Oh you're boyfriend...and hero Michael said...are you in
love with him?" She asked

"No of course not I never was he was just a one off...I
never saw him after that day" I replied

"Tell me truthfully did you enjoy watching as he
screwed me?"

I swallowed hard and replied "Yes...yes I did" Trying to
read her reaction to my answer.

She just looked long and hard.

"I'll get some gear and move out" I said

Her answer was cool and very unexpected "No don't
bother you might as well stay here...after all we have a
son to take care of...even if he is the result of your
boyfriends seed...a hundred that what he

"A hundred dollars what?" I asked

You said Michael would pay me a hundred dollars"

I realised what she meant. "Yes that's what he said...a
hundred dollars"

Life seemed to settle remarkably well after that, more
than I'd ever dreamed it would do. It was as if
nothing had ever happened.

It was approximately three months later, life seemed
normal. We were sitting in the lounge, I'd found a
good novel and Ellen was on the computer.
I heard the door bell ring and I was about to get up
to answer it

"Leave it, it's for me" She said

I looked at her quizzically wondering how she could
know it was for her.

I heard their voices, one of them a mans, there was
talking then nothing...just quiet. I could stand it no
longer my curiosity got the better of me and I went
into the hall to see who it was. Nothing, nobody
there...I searched the down stairs rooms...nothing. Then
climbed the stairs to the bedrooms. The spare bedroom
door was closed. I tried the door knob but the door
was locked. I pressed my ear to the door. There was no
doubt about the sound that was coming from within

"Huh, huh, huh" The bed-head making knocking sound in
time. Donk, donk, donk. It was the sound of fucking.
What was going on? I would wait and ask her after they
finished. I turned and quietly made my way back
downstairs to the lounge. I couldn't really
concentrate on the book. I sat waiting watching the
clock on the mantelpiece as the time ticked away, my
mind trying not to visualise the guy upstairs fucking

At last voices, they were coming back. The guy taking
a look in the hall mirror adjusting his appearance
running a comb through his hair. It was the person who
I would get to know as of many Stephens'.

Ellen descending the stairs her fist gripping dollar
bills, one hundred of them as it turned out.

When the guy had left I looked at her the question on
my mind.

"Don't bother asking...he's a client only. I got to
thinking about your boy friend Michael saying he would
pay me a hundred dollars. So I bought a cell phone,
put an add in the paper and have built up my own
business...and seeing as you don't mind guys screwing me
you shouldn't have a problem with this" She said

I was speechless; there was nothing I could say. I'd
admitted to her that I liked watching as Michael had
fucked her but I never thought it would have gone this

"So how many clients do you have?" I asked

"Twenty regular plus the casuals'" She replied

"And all pay $100 a time" I asked

"Every one of them...on that Michael was right" She

I just stood there mouth open speechless staring at

We converted the spare room downstairs into a bedroom.
It seemed to make more sense than the upstairs
I could listen to the sounds being emitted from
within. I should really put a two way mirror in one

I suggested we should have a little brother or sister
for Jason. Maybe you should stop taking the pill and
not use condoms. One of the clients could be the

"And what if the baby turned out to be black" She

I'd forgotten that she had four black clients.
"Doesn't matter, he or she would still be welcome" I

"If I do have another it will be to Neville"

"Does he still fuck you" I asked


"But he'd never leave his wife for you would he?"

"No but that would not matter" She replied

I remember a time I stood outside listening to the
love making

"Oh no, no not there please" I heard Ellen pleading

"Come on, come on you bitch, you'll love it up there"

"Oh no, oh no I can't...oh, ah ouch! No please"

There was a pause as he struggled to get it in

"There now that's like that feel
nice and tight"

I knew where he was and what he was doing; she was
going to get an arse full of cum.

Next morning at breakfast she said

"I don't know how you could enjoy having a man put it
up your arse...I got no enjoyment from it"

"Well you've got all the right running gear...I don't I
make use with what I've got"

It got me to thinking...the result...the door bell that

"That's for you darling I'll leave you to it. Old man
Smithies is right on time again as usual it must be
love". The grin on her face getting bigger. Don't
forget I've got an all nighter to night. Trevor will
be here after he's finished with the clubs.

"Christ! How time fly's I thought it was only last
week he was here" I said. "I'll give you a call about
midday and a cuppa eh"

"That would be great darling...thanks"

An all night session was hard on her. It meant all
night. No guy wanted to pay $600, have a one off fuck
and then go to sleep with a good looking blond next to

I let old man Smithies in.

"Straight through let's get rid of those pent
up frustrations eh"

"He, he, he" He laughed through his toothless wicked
grin. His bony hand gripping my left buttock tight and
squeezing it hard.

"Yeh you sexy bastard you...first you suck then I fuck
eh!...he, he, he."

I quietly closed the door behind us.

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