Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ellen and Me

The plane had been dropping in altitude for the last
hour as the right wing dipped the plane turned to make
its final approach into Sydney airport. I could see
the coastline and Sydney harbour as we closed in
toward it.

I'd been to other cities in Australia but this was my
first time to Sydney. If I'd had any concerns about
the place and its people. I need not have worried. I'd
always found the Aussies friendly and hospitable.
Sydney did not let them down. It had its own
individuality and character a great place to visit.

Another half hour or so and we'd be on the ground. It
had been an uneventful flight and I settled back in
the seat, my thoughts going over the reason Ellen and
I were taking the trip.
We were to meet a friend, Tony Springer, a friend who
we had not seen for a few years. I first met Tony when
he like me had become an apprentice. He was a couple
of months behind me but we had become firm friends
from then on. I'd known Ellen a little longer and
together with other young people had formed a
friendship group that seemed inseparable. We went
every where together. All for one, one for all, as it

My thoughts drifted back in time. I wondered if Tony
had or was giving any thought to what he and I did
together prior to our completing our apprenticeship
and going to sea.

I'd had a pretty good idea very early on as to my
position in regard to my sexual preferences. I had
thoughts and fantasies when I was a child. That big
bad witch who would turn me into a girl and the men
who would take great delight in inserting their
penises inside me. I was easy prey for any male
wanting the services of a young male. A teacher at one
of my schools recognised this and grabbed the
opportunity to educate me and enhance my feelings in
the field of homosexuality telling me I was to see
myself as being privileged that I had been selected to
service the men of the world who indulged in that sort
of lifestyle.
Like most young males I'd experimented with my
feelings. Mostly with a friend by the name of Norman.
It was Norman that I would stay with when my parents
went away. In those early days we would play and
fondle each others cocks. I think I got more enjoyment
from our encounters than he did. I would suck him off,
which he would not reciprocate and I tried hard to get
him to fuck me, but he refused to do so in the early
days. As we grew our experimenting became more
intense. At fourteen or fifteen I managed to persuade
him that he should give it a go. (My own experiences
with men had been quite considerable by this time).
He found the experience to his liking, but was unsure
whether he wanted to carry on doing it as he thought
it was for queers and that he had made me a poofta by
having fucked me. Our relationship started to dwindle
from then on and he made a career in the air-force
whilst I went to an apprenticeship for marine
engineering, thus meeting up with Tony.
I had to wonder if working in a shipyard was my cup
of tea. The workers were rough and tough, but on the
whole good people. Like all walks of life there were
men who were very partial to a nice piece of ass, who
would hotly deny they were or that they had any
connection to being queer. The receiver of cock was
the queer, the poofta, not the doer.
They were only doing what any true blooded male was
entitled to do and that was fuck
There was within, a network that knew each other, knew
their likes and preferences and once in the network
you were "marked" I became "marked"

So this is a very much abridged version of where I was
sexually when I started work and when for the first
time Tony came into my life.

Like all apprentices before us we started in the
stores, becoming accustomed to the nuts and bolts of
the industry. The building was old, very old I would
think it had been built late eighteen hundreds to
early nineteen hundreds and added to over the years.
It was cold and dank in winter and not much better in
summer. The smell of shipping permeated the building.
A mixture of oil, tallow, grease and leather plus
other goods that had been stored there over the period
of time was ingrained into its very depths. It was
like a dudgeon with dark hidden away corners. light
came from low wattage bulbs that cast eerie shadows.

The store boss by the name of Bobbie was in charge and
I was aware from day one that he wanted something that
I had. My ass.

It was very subtle at first, just probing as to
whether I would or wouldn't be a starter for his
Making sure he brushed past me very close slowly
pressing himself against my hind end.
The hand that gently brushed my buttocks with "Oh
sorry Dave".
As time went by he brushed past slower, and slower.
Pushing harder and harder each time.
The hand dwelt a little while longer each time his
hand brushed my bum, eventually the apologising
stopped coming, until the day he decided that what he
was doing was not meeting with any resistance and he
was prepared to put it to the test.
"Bring a clipboard and paper with you; we're going to
count the bolts in the number four lockers." He said.
I should have realised when he said number four
lockers that I'd been targeted for other things. It
was dimly lit and out of the way of prying eyes.
We managed the first locker without incident. Then I
felt the softest of touches on my left buttock. I took
no notice of it at first. The next touch was more
definite in its application. When it met with no
resistance his hand then ran with more meaning in it.
Squeezing, delving. There was no accident in what he
was doing. I took a sideways glance at him, but he was
taking no notice just whistling and humming quietly to
himself, whilst his hand squeezed and massaged my
eager and willing buttock.
I heard the quiet purr of the zip on his jeans and
glanced down to see him take out his hardened penis.
His hand continuing to stroke and squeeze my hind end.
Staring nonchalantly straight ahead counting the
bolts, leaving his hard erection to protrude from his
trousers. I just stood and gawked at it mouth open. It
was just standing there, upright, looking big and
inviting. Mind you compared to mine every cock was
big. There never seemed to be any the same size or
smaller, I guess all men's cocks started from my size
and went up accordingly. I'd been told many times that
as a man I would be any use to a woman. Over the years
I'd come to accept what my teacher had said. That fate
had given me the privilege to service my male
counterparts. Whenever a man made a pass at me I had
always complied with his wishes.

"You will find David that the enjoyment and pleasure
he gets from will receive enjoyment and
pleasure from's a two way thing" He said. So
far he had been correct. I loved bending over and
receiving their warm throbbing penises.

I could resist no longer, my hand reached down; my
palm closed around the hard clammy shaft and started
jerking up and down. His whistling stopped he sucked
air through clenched teeth and murmured. "Ohhh fuck
that feels soooo good!"
We stood there facing the lockers my hand jerking him
off him sighing and telling me how good it felt. His
hand squeezing my ass and buttocks harder.

"Ohhh, ohhhh...would you like me to fuck you" He

My mouth was dry, parched. I nodded my voice barely
audible. "Yes, yes please"

Tucking his cock back in his jeans he said "Let's go
where we won't be disturbed"
I knew where he meant. I'd been down the back before
and seen the place he must have set up for such an
occasion. Cotton waist bales had been stacked high,
forming a wall. Two other separate bales. I'd worked
out what they were for. A bed.

"Go on...down the back...I'm right behind you" He pushed
me forward following close behind.
As we went, we had to pass Tony, as we passed I
blushed, the way he looked it was as if he knew where
we were going and what we were going to do. I felt so
guilty; I didn't want him to know. Head down I headed
for the back of the store room.

We squeezed behind the wall of waste bales; I stood
facing him as I awaited instructions.
"Hoooo! Boy you're going to enjoy this" He said. His
hands eagerly undoing the buttons on my overalls and
shirt. I started to tremble not with the cold but with
excitement as I felt his eager hand and fingers
working urgently to get me undressed
Those fingers were now undoing my belt. I could feel
them trembling with equal excitement as they undid the
zip on my trousers.
My overalls were being removed first then my shirt
revealing my naked torso. Eager hungry hands tore at
my rousers pulling them down around my ankles. I stood
before him eager and trembling, pulse racing adrenalin
pumping waiting for the next instructions.
He placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me
around to face the square bale of waste cotton. I hear
the purr of the zip as he unfastens the fly on his
trousers unleashing his hard erection. He presses
close. I feel the hard contour of his cock rubbing
against my bare ass. Hot breath on my neck kissing it.
Hands now grasping my breast, fingers squeeze my
nipples. Oh god it's more than I can stand. Now his
ass and hips twist and gyrate exciting me even more,
filling me with keen anticipation.

More kisses on my neck and ear.
The whispered command. "Bend over the waste bale boy"
My knees bend I stretch out reaching for the other
side, fingers digging into the soft bale.

"Spread your legs lad" I try as best I can but
trousers and overalls cause some restriction.
"Just relax ...won't be long now" He tells me. Reaching
into the grease bin near by he coats a finger
liberally with the substance.

"Ohhh! Ahhhh!" I exclaim as I feel his finger inserted
into my rectum. The grease feels cold but soon warms
inside my love tunnel. Another dollop of grease this
time two fingers working opening my anal, preparing it
for the main event.

"Patience lad, patience almost there" I hear him
saying as he spreads his hard shaft with grease, and
then turning his attention back to me. I feel it's
warmth as it touches my anal entrance. "Relax lad just
relax" As I feel him pushing inward.

My ass is being forced open. The bulbous end being
driven inside. My anus slowly opening to accommodate
his large throbbing erection. Oh god it feels good as
inch by inch my ass slowly devours his large hard
penis. I feel the warmth of his thighs pressed hard
against my buttocks as now my anus completely encases
the throbbing monster. His balls heavy with sperm hang
beneath the torpedo that is now embedded inside me.

I feel his hips start to sway his cock withdraws but
only for a moment before the foreword stroke drives it
back inside.
"Oh my god that feels so good boy...such a nice tight
little ass" The pace picking up as his cock flashes
back and forth. Thrust, thrust, and thrust. One after

"Would you like to be a "bum boy" David" He asks.

My fingers dig into the hessian covering the waist.
The warmth of his body on top of mine, the pounding of
his ass against mine, right then it's all I wanted "Oh
yes, yes please, very much so Mr Wilkes" I stammer and
moan excitedly.

"How would you like to be my personal "bum boy David"
He said

"Oh yes, yes Mr Wilkes I'd love to be your "bum boy"

I hear his satisfied laugh. "Then it's agreed from now
on you're my bum boy" His arse continuing to slam back
and forth, his body pressed tight to mine. Fingers
were squeezing my nipples. Thrust, thrust, thrust,
goes his ass back a forth. I can hear the grease in my
love tunnel squelching with each exciting stroke of
his shaft, but time is running out. The feel of my
perfectly rounded soft buttocks against his thighs
with every inward stroke is getting him more and more
excited. He can feel his semen starting to percolate
deep inside, each excited stroke making it worse. His
breath is coming in shorter breaths panting hotly on
the back of my neck
"Uh, uh, uh, uh" With every inward thrust.
Again and again and again until I hear him shout

"Ohhh, ahhhhhh!" as his sperm comes to full boiling
and erupts up the hard shaft spewing deep inside my

He collapses on top of me. His hips and ass at a
complete standstill. His warm sticky fluid pumping the
last few drops.

"Oh god that was good my boy...I'm sure you're going to
enjoy being my bum boy...just you wait and see" His
hardness inside me losing its intensity, finally fades
altogether and slides free.

Pulling up my trousers I wait until he makes his way
back to the front of the store. I hear him whistling
and humming to himself as he goes, now happy that one;
he has just fucked me and two; I have conceded to be
his bum boy.

Now I will be introduced to other men that Bob knows
enjoy fucking young males like myself. I take my time
as I ponder and view my surroundings. This is the
place I will be brought to; the bail of waist will be
the bail I will be asked to bend over as my partners
with excited throbbing cocks insert them into my anal
a sudden thrill runs through my body at the thought of

On my own return to the store front I try to avert
Tony's eyes as I pass him. At the last moment I take a
sideways glance, his look tells me he knows what went
on down the back of the store. I say nothing and
continue as if nothing had happened.

Being the storemans bum boy will mean I now run his
messages to the local store for his paper or
cigarettes, or any little chore that he wishes, it's
all part of my job.
As my time in the store passes, true to form I visit
the little space for the purpose that it was created
for, with different men, different sizes and different
Bob had devised a system. He would whistle a certain
tune when my services were required down the back. I
would look in his direction and a sideways nod of the
head indicated I should make my way to the hideaway.
Every time I returned to the front I felt guilty when
I looked at Tony and saw that knowing look in his
He never questioned me about it, we continued to be
the very best of friends and he Ellen and I were still
the firmest of friends in the group.
Eventually my time in the store room came to an end
and it was time to move onward and upward. Whilst I
was not Bobs' personal bum boy anymore (that would
fall to some other young lad but not for another 10
months) I was still marked as a bum boy and was hit on
from time to time not least of all by Bob, he always
walked away whistling and humming.
Tony and I were growing and maturing as the months
passed. It was always the three of us who hung around
with each other most in the group. Ellen and I got on
real well and I took every opportunity to take her
home. Whilst I'd had plenty of experience with men I
still wanted to see what it would be like to be with a
woman. I'd heard the men at work talk about it often
and wondered if it was as good as they described it.

It was Tony who wanted to fuck her the most; he never
stopped talking about it. He kept asking me "Have you
fucked her yet, you lucky bastard"

"No not yet. I keep trying but never succeeding" I
told him. Which was true, I'd managed to play with her
breast which in itself was a big success, but when I
tried for the warm moist entrance, my hand would get
under the elastic around the waist, edge slowly down
toward the golden target, I'd feel the coarse pubic
hair almost get to feel the slit when her hand would
pull mine away. That was as far as I could go.
"Oh god I'd love to fuck her" He would moan.

At first she never seemed to go for him; always
turning him down it was only when she and I had a
falling out that she went out with him for a while
until we made it up and got back together again, our
romance was like that though on, off.
During the off period I had pleasurable sexual
experiences with other men. I won't take the story
down that track at this stage. I will keep those
experiences for other times

The next phase came some time later in our
apprenticeship and friendship. He'd continued to
badger me regard's had I fucked her yet and how much
he wanted her.

One weekend his parents were going away taking his
sister with them. The house was his to look after.

"Hey why don't you stay at our place whilst they are
away, get some booze in and get some chicks for a
party, maybe invite Ellen"

"Ok...sounds good to me" I replied

The Friday night we had not organised anything and it
was just the two of us and a few cans of beer.

After we had consumed the beer and the pizza and I'd
heard all there was to hear about Ellen and his
thoughts on what he had in mind for her in the future
we retired to bed.
The bed was his bed and it was not a full size one,
probably more in keeping for a single person rather
than two. We both just had our under wear on, mine
very revealing and little of them. We lay close
together and I could feel the warmth of his body close
to mine. There was a stirring in my loins and sexual
thoughts in my mind. The curtains held out some of the
light coming from the street lighting leaving the room
in semi darkness and shadows.
As we lay there in the darkened room his conversation
was once again about Ellen. "Just image putting your
hand....da de da de da" He went on and on into great
detail how he would get to fuck her. I now had a real
stiff erection.

Suddenly a warm hand slid down my thigh and slowly
crabbed across, then under the top of my underwear
grabbing my stiff cock.

"Ohhh" I murmured as his hand slowly started to jerk
me off. I was taken by complete surprise but wallowed
in the sheer pleasure it was giving me.
There was no conversation, just his hand firm around
my stiff shaft moving up and down.
My own hand slid over to his stomach and moved down
toward his cock. I was shocked when I made contact
with it. He was enormous. It was well clear of the top
of his underwear and the girth was far greater than
mine, every thing about it was far greater than mine.
I'd yet to meet any bloke with a cock the same as or
less than mine.
I broke the silence that had been between us.

"Oh Tony man your huge" I said as my fingers curled
around the hard shaft.

"Mmm you like that Dave?" He asked.

"Oh god yes it's just magnificent" My hand slowly
working the firm shaft.

"Do you think Ellen would like that" He asked.

"Yes...yes I think she would" I jealously replied. I was
sure Ellen would like it between those beautiful
thighs of hers.

"Why don't you pretend to be Ellen and let me fuck
you" He asked. The request took me aback somewhat; it
was the last thing I'd been expecting from him.

I lay next to him both our hands massaging each others

He turned on his side toward me and came closer. I
felt his warm breath on my ear.

Come on Dave be Ellen for me, let me pretend I'm
fucking's not as if you haven't done it
before...what about you and store man Bob and all the
others...that's what you used to do down the back wasn't

"Well...I..." I started to stammer. It was the first
time he'd ever mentioned it.

His lips were gently kissing my ear, then licking it.
A wave of passion ran through my body. His hand gently
working my cock up and down.
Oh god I loved it as his lips gently kissed my ear
"Come on be Ellen for me" He asked again
I pressed my body close to his and replied with
eagerness in my voice.
"Oh yes, yes please I'm Ellen"
He stopped wanking me; throwing the blanket off the
bed revealing our semi naked bodies. I could make out
the dull outline of his stiff penis showing above his
underpants. He quickly removes them letting me see his
proud cock in its entire enormity. Turning his
attention to me his fingers curl around the elastic of
my undies pulling downward, I arch my back and lift my
buttocks allowing the briefs to be pulled down and
discarded along with his. I stare at the shadowy
outline of his cock; it looks enormous in the dark. I
want it so much. His arms fully embrace me, pulling my
body close to his.

"Oh Ellen, Ellen I love you" He declared and before I
could answer his lips were on mine warm and passionate
our tongues were fighting each other for possession of
our mouths. The kiss was long full of passion in every
moment that it lasted, his hand moved over every part
of my body making me want more of him. We broke
gasping for air.

"Oh Ellen I love, I've wanted to do this for so long
my darling"

I spread my legs apart and bent my knees as he moved
on top of me; he was cradled securely between them.
His hard cock was now rubbing along side my hard cock
as he made his pelvis squirm as if he were fucking me.

His mouth was warm on my nipple as he sucked and bit
it sending me into an excited state.

The more we kissed the more our passions increased. I
could feel his hard firm shaft pressing into me as he
worked it against my stomach.

I was moaning and crying out just as Ellen surely
would have had it been her lying under Tony with her
legs spread apart.

He let the bulbous end touch and explore the crease
between my ass tracing a line along its length.
Suddenly I passionately wanted him to enter me the
shaft felt warm and desirable there and then. He
continued to tease and taunt me. His warm hands
grabbed and squeezed my buttocks as I squirmed with
desire. I tried to push myself onto the hard shaft
almost whimpering.
His warm mouth bit into my neck and I shout out as the
tingling sensation rushes through my body. The love
bight is large and there for all to see.

"Oh Tony, Tony I love you, I love you" I sighed. The
comment was not as Ellen but from me as Dave. I
suddenly realised I did love him; I wanted him more
than anything else at that stage.
He on the other hand was totally absorbed in the idea
that I was Ellen.

There is a brief moment in our love making whilst he
opens the draw next to the bed, removing a tube of

"It's time my darling...I want you to feel my warm
throbbing cock between those beautiful thighs and legs
of yours my love" He declares

The gel on his finger feels cold as he pushes inside
my anal, working it back and forth. I have a feeling
of excited anticipation knowing that in a moment or so
that monster I was staring at would be inside me. He
gently finger fucks me, first one finger then
enlarging my anal ring with two fingers. My heart
races, adrenalin pumps.

I hear someone whimpering "Oh, oh, oh Tony...I...I...I
want it so much my love" The sobbing and whimpering is
from me, unable to control it.

"That's alright my darling we'll have it in soon my
love" He says. I see in the dim light the hard shaft
and his hand spreading gel over the firm surface
giving it a glossy sheen.

Taking up his position between the vee of my wide
spread legs and supported by his outstretched arms, he
places the hard throbbing shaft at my entrance.

"Now darling just guide it in as I push"

"Oh god, oh god, oh god" I'm whimpering as my hand
guides the monster between my thighs. I feel it warm
and hard at my entrance. I hold it firmly in place as
he pushes inward.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhhhh!" I exclaim feeling my anal entrance
being enlarged.

He stares down smiling, watching the delighted
expression on my face as inch by inch the shaft sinks
deeper and deeper inside.

My eyes are transfixed to the shaft as I watch it get
smaller and smaller slowly vanishing from sight. His
large sperm filled balls get nearer and nearer to my

My whimpering continues as I watch and feel it
securing itself deep inside.

"Oh my love that feels great" He says with eyes closed
savouring the moment. My anal is now expanded to meet
the diameter of his hard cock.

Now fully in he collapses on top of my body with a
sigh "Awwww fuck" His mouth makes another bight on my
neck leaving a second large mark to go with the first.
My body trembles from the effect.

His arse starts to rise and fall, rise and fall
setting up an easy steady motion. I feel the effects
as the shaft moves in and out. Oh god I'm being
fucked, it feels so good. Thrust, thrust, thrust goes
his hard throbbing cock as his hips and ass rise up
and down on top of my eager arse.

"Ohhhhh Ellen you have no idea how much I have wanted
to fuck you like this" He says as he carries out his

I grab his smooth firm round buttocks. My fingers
squeeze and pull them toward me, wanting every inch of
that wonderful cock and it slams back and forth. I
feel those big balls of his slap against my bum as he
pounds into me. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Slam, slam,
and slam. Cock and balls in perfect unison with one

"Ohhhh, mmmmm" As our mouths and lips come together
once again.
Hump, hump, hump, he continues driving his cock into
me again and again.
I'm aware of the bedsprings and the bed moving in time
with every inward thrust.
His own efforts "Uh, uh, uh, uh" as his breath escapes
at the end of every hump.

"Oh my darling I'm going to make you pregnant" He says

"Oh yes, yes, yes I want your baby" I reply wishing it
could be so.

"Mmmmmoohhhahhhh" He screams his balls unable to
contain his sperm any longer. It rushes up the hard
shaft spewing its warm sticky content deep inside, the
load is large as it throbs and squirts, throbs and
squirts time and again, until it is eventually spent.
My own cock erupting simultaneously spreading warm
sticky fluid between us.
All motion stops as he collapses on top of me both of
us completely spent.

"Oh fuck, Ellen that was marvellous" He sighs still
thinking of me as Ellen.

"Oh yes my love you can fuck me any time you wish" I

"Mmmmm I'm sure I will be fucking you regularly" He
said. "You happy to be Ellen" He asked

"Yes, yes I'd love to be" I said. What I did not
envisage was that he would continue to call me Ellen
whenever we were alone, it became a habit with him and
he would on many occasions slip up when we were with
our friends

We lay there continuing to talk, still holding each
other, he confessed to me it was the first time he'd
had a fuck and liked it. I was about to find out he
had an insatiable appetite for sex. His lips were once
again at my ear kissing, his hands starting to roam
and caress, as his passions started once more to swell
"Oh Ellen I can't help it I'm ready to fuck you again"
He announced "Turn over on your stomach"

I did as requested, pushing my buttocks upward eager
to meet and feel his once again hard throbbing shaft,
pulling my cheeks apart I felt the smooth torpedo
slide effortlessly inside.
The party we had envisaged never took place, we never
left the house. We gave up dressing and remained
naked. I recall bending over the kitchen table and
holding on to the far side one lunch time whilst
preparing a meal, once more I became Ellen.

It brought me closer to Tony that weekend. I thought
perhaps he and I could be an item. I was to be
disappointed. I told him that I was in love with him
thinking he may reciprocate but he told me he could
never love like that. What was between us was purely
physical. His ambition was to fuck Ellen get her
pregnant and marry her. All he and I were doing was
carrying out his fantasy.
I'm not sure if it was his continued talk about him
fucking Ellen and eventually marrying her that brought
about first long split between Ellen and I. So far I'd
had Tony to myself physically. I had not been able to
get him to love me as David; I was always Ellen to

Ellen had not shown any interest in him at this stage
even though it was quite clear he had an interest in
her, anyhow we had an argument and decided to stop
seeing each other as a couple for a while. I was
devastated, we still went out as a group but it hurt
that I was unable to take her home or be alone with
her. She herself started to date other boy friends and
I took this pretty hard.
I was vulnerable and easy prey for men at this stage
and had invitations from older men who were looking
for a young good looking male to fuck.

Bob from the stores capitalised on the situation. I
had confided in him what had happened between Ellen
and me. "Ah well that's the thing women will do to a're much better off with another bloke...just
enjoy the sex part, no involvement" He said and I
started going to his house on a regular basis.

"How would you like to earn some extra cash David" He
asked me one evening.

"How do you mean earn extra cash?" I replied

"Well the thing is what we do together... I know I could
get some guys who would pay you for the privilege" He

"You mean like prostitution"

"Well er yes I guess so...but so what, might as well get
something from it eh" He said

"Hell I don't know about that. I mean if I got caught
it could be jail for me"

"It won't happen...we have it well covered every one is
well screened before hand and we have been doing it
for some time...any how just think of all those guys in could have a great time" He said with a grin.
"Look it will be me I've talked to the others
and said I'd approach you...I know you can be trusted
and you won't say anything about our operation even if
you don't come in"

"Well what will I have to do...where will I meet them" I
"Some will come here others at their depends
on each persons circumstances"

I was deep in thought wondering if it was the thing to
do or not, he knew he had me when I asked "How much
would I get"

With a sly smile he replied "Eighteen quid a cock"

I was thinking it over when he said "Let's make it
twenty quid a cock...I'll guarantee at least four guys a
week...that's eighty quid a much do you make as
an apprentice"

God that was good money compared to my meagre wages as
an apprentice.

"Just try going with a couple of guys to see how it
pans out, we can arrange for them to come here and use
the spare bedroom...all you have to do is what we do now
and at the end of it get paid for it...I'll arrange for
someone tomorrow night here at eight...there's
nothing to worry about you'll see after your first
half dozen or so it will be old hat"

I was about to respond, he held up his hand and said
"Tomorrow at me" and so it was, after the
first few it became easier and it was great having the
extra cash.

The bump as the planes wheels made contact with the
ground brought my thoughts back to the present. We had
landed at Sydney Airport. It was busy as, a concert
was playing that night and it took what seemed a
lifetime to grab a taxi. I was glad I did not have to
drive, as we threaded our way weaving from one traffic
lane to another.

As luck would have it we arrived at the same time as
Tony and his wife Sonia. We had not met Sonia before,
an attractive female with a friendly face and smile.

Tony looked as god as ever, perhaps a little more
weight but it suited him. Our handshake was firm and
warm; it was always good to catch up with friends from
the past. I could see Ellen was pleased to see him and
the hug and kiss was extremely warm and friendly.

After an hour or so it was as if we had never been
apart as we caught up with the past. Our other friends
arrived the next day and our reunion continued over
the weekend in Sydney.
Tony had organised the rental and the itinerary and
early on the Monday morning we were on our way. I had
no idea where we were heading and I did not care, it
was just good to be together again. My thoughts kept
returning to Tony and how good his cock would look.
Ellen was still on a high at seeing him and there was
a bit of a flirtation between the two of them.

On the Tuesday morning an opportunity presented
itself. Tony and I took the van and went into the city
to tank up and to do some searching for parts that he
was looking for in his model making. We never got

The gas station was on the outskirts of the city. Near
by was a park and reserve containing toilets "Hey I
could do with a piss" I said to Tony "Pull over to the
toilets for a mo"
Mo was going to be a little longer in fact quite a bit

"Yeh I'll join you" He said.

The toilets were like most outer city toilets, nothing
flash, obviously got their cleaning and repairs as and
when. Graffiti on the walls, urinal stainless steel
although they had in the past been concrete and tile.
The tiles on some of the walls remained, cubicles the
wooden framed type with toilet and flush in each along
with toilet paper. Door was open top and bottom, just
sufficient coverage for modesty.

Undoing our fly's we stood at the urinal allowing the
warm liquid to escape down the drain and a feeling of

I could not refrain from letting my eyes take a quick
sly look to the right. Like a camera shutter's quick
flash. The image that was left was Tony's cock looking
as good as ever. I had to take another peek. This time
for a little longer. Oh god it looked pretty good to
me. I stared straight ahead at the white tiles not
wanting to make it obvious that I was looking at his
cock. We had both finished urinating but neither
making a move to leave.
I looked down to my right; he was now fondling the
shaft. It took a moment before I realised my eyes were
glued to what he was doing; the shaft was getting
harder and enlarging at the same time. He knew I was
looking at it and he turned a little to his left
allowing me a better view. I suddenly realised what I
was doing and looked at him, he was smiling knowing
that what I was looking at excited me.

"Remember this" He asked

"God Tony I'll never forget it" I replied

"How about one for old time's sake" He said and nodded
toward the cubicles.

I swallowed hard and nodded agreement. He let me lead
the way, choosing a stall I entered, followed by Tony,
closing the door behind him.

The walls were covered in graffiti and artwork. The
drawing of a couple of guys, one bent over the other
giving him a good fuck, a position I myself would be
in very shortly, another of a large penis and balls
slung beneath it. Writings and poems along with dates
and opportunities for sex. "Meet me here on Monday at
ten..." or similar dates and times

As it was a hot day I was dressed only in shorts,
shirt and flip flops. It was very easy to step out of
the shorts and undies, and quickly remove the tee
shirt, placing my discarded cloths on the widow ledge.
I was naked.

He unzipped his fly undid his belt and let his
trousers fall to his waist.
His cock was already for action standing proud. It was
still as I remembered it. BIG.
The thick bulbous end, the corona then the stiff shaft
with the veins running the full length, pipelines
pumping blood to give it strength.

"Oh shit David you still look as good and sexy as
ever" He said putting his arms around me, grabbing my
buttocks squeezing them and pulling me in. "And your
ass is just as I remember you've had a cock or
two in there over the years"

"Yes the odd one or two" I replied. More than one or
two I thought.

It was warm, hard and throbbing as he pressed the
monster against my own modest erection. His pelvis
swayed, hands squeezed my buttocks hard. Eyes closed
as he relished in the movement. My own emotions were
percolating as his cock stroked against mine his hands
massaging me.

"Oh god...oh lord" I was saying. I could stand it no
longer. I dropped to my knees the great monstrous
shaft only inches from my eager mouth. My tongue
gently licking the slit delving inside trying to taste
any pre cum. My lips kiss the bulbous end then slip
around the corona. My mouth now filling with it's size
as he pushes the shaft inside. He rocks back and forth
letting out a hiss of air through his tight lips as my
mouth is now gave pleasure to him.

"Mmmm" Was all that could be heard as my mouth sucked
and tongue licked the throbbing monster.

I hear movement in the stall next to ours and I brake
off a little scared of who it might be next door.

"There's someone next door" I whisper.

We stand there frozen in our motions....nothing. "No
it's ok you must be hearing things" He whispers back.

"Oh god I just love sucking cocks Tony...I can't get
enough of them" I confess.

"Yeh I must have been in your element at sea
eh!" He said

"Oh don't remind me it was marvellous" I replied

"Come on then let's give you a good fuck...for old
time's sake...turn round and touch your toes" He said

I turn and bend over; I feel his warm hands gently and
sensually touch and roam over my buttocks sending a
delightful shudder through my body. Tony sits on the
seat his hands pulling my cheeks apart.

"Let me see your pussy ass David....push it out to
me...more...more" He commands

A warm mouth and tongue delves into my slit at the
same time spreading saliva. A finger is next pushing
the warm saliva inside. More licking and mouthing
followed by more finger fucking. He stands letting his
hard penis brush against my eagerly awaiting ass.

"Ohhhhhh" I gasp as I feel it, warm against my skin.

I hear him howk as he summons up more spittle, then
letting it drop on the hard shaft.
Strong firm fingers prise me apart "Now just
relax....completely relax....I going to get it in now" He
quietly and confidently announces.

I'm excited as I feel the warm bulbous end
touch...seeking to enter.

"Ahhhh...ohhhhh!" I exclaim as he pushes and seeks

"Shhhh...relax...just relax" I hear him saying as he
forces himself further in. "It's's going" He
excitedly tells me.
Yes I can feel its progress, the head is now in. The
ring on my ass is expanded to accommodate his large
cock it's just a little while longer now and it will
be embedded all the way. I hear a foot shuffling next
door, yes there's someone there, but Tony is past
caring as he forces himself inside my ass.

"Oh god that feels sooo goood!" He exclaims allowed.

"Shhh there's someone next door" I declare. I hear the
cubicle door open and shuffling feet. As I'm bent over
looking at the ground I see a pair of feet appear
under the door and Tony shouting to whoever it is to
"Fuck off" but the feet remain not wanting to depart
from the scene he's watching. I can't look up as I'm
skewered on Tony's hard shaft.
"Fuck off" I hear Tony say again.

"No I want to join in...I've now got a hard on...I want to
fuck him when you're finished" He declares "Let's make
a threesome"

Tony's ass and hips have started to sway back and
forth, the hard shaft sliding in and out as he
commences to fuck me. The feet are still there. I hear
his raised excited voice
"Come on, come on, come on, let me fuck him as well"
He's now shouting.

"Come on in and shut up for gods' sake" Tony tells

I now have to shuffle around 180 deg, no longer facing
the door but face down over the toilet bowl. They are
all the same; this one is not a modern stainless steel
model but one of the old porcelain type, the makers
name stamped into it, the cracks like veins running
through it. One wooden piece of seat on one side and
as usual one that was missing. In all the times I'd
been fucked over a toilet I'd yet to see one with a
full seat on it.

My hands reached out to the wall for support as Tony
once again began to thrust, thrust, thrust inside me,
each thrust pushing me into the wall.
Our new friend was along side me, his trousers around
his thighs stroking a very hard cock. I try viewing
the new participant but can't quite turn to see him.
My only view is that of his throbbing hard shaft with
its large balls slung below, hairy thighs and black
pubic hair

"Here ya are mate put ya mouth around this before I
fuck ya" He says, grabbing me by the hair and dragging
my head toward his erection.

Tony is nonplussed by our friend's action as he rocks
back and forth continuing to fuck me.

His warm sweaty hands grip my hips his eyes watching
the action as he thrusts it in and out.

"Oh god, look at that" He says to our friend.

"Oh I can see it all right I can't wait to fuck him
myself" He replies.

"Mmmm" Is all I can say as I suck the hard shaft of
our third person. I smell his body oder and sweat. I
taste pre cum on the pallet. "Oh fuck that feels so
good fella...suck the bastard...suck" He says moving back
and forth in time with my mouth

The heat of the day and exciting action has me
sweating, salt laden perspiration falling from my

I stiffen at the sound of another voice "God Paul what
ya got there fella?" It asks This person like our
third party "Paul" peeking over the top of the toilet

"What does it look like Steve...he's giving me a blow
job...but I'm going to fuck him when this guy is
finished with him"

The guy Steve tries to push the door open. Tony stops
his action for a moment as Steve squeezes inside.

"Now fuck off Steve I'm next" Paul shouts.

"Shit Dave I think you're going to be busy pal" Tony
declares as he continues to hump behind me. I feel his
warm body pressed close to mine. His cock once more in
motion and his sperm laden balls slapping at my bum.
Thrust, thrust, slap, slap with every rocking motion.

I'm aware of the other person but can not see him with
my head down and mouth sucking.

"I'm gona cum Dave" I hear Tony say. Thrust, thrust
and a final thrust. His sperm laden balls release the
liquid as it flows up the hard shaft, erupting from
the eye and squirt, squirt and a final squirt as his
cum transfers inside my pussy ass. We stand coupled
together until the complete transfer. I feel the void
left by his withdrawal.

Now the argument begins.

"Fuck off Steve...I've told you I'm next"

I try to pull away from Paul but his hands are firmly
on my head forbidding any movement. My ass is now
vulnerable to this guy Steve.

"First in first served Pauly boy" He declares. Firm
strong hands grip my hips. I feel the warmth and
firmness of his shaft as he presses it into me. There
is no resistance to it. My ass now fully opened up by
Tony allows it to penetrate with the greatest of ease.
His hips and pelvis begin to move and again I feel the
presence of hard cock fucking me.

"You bastard Steve I should smash you're fucking face
in for that" Paul declares.

"You can always try fella" He retorts, his hips
swaying causing the hard shaft to move in and out of
my love tunnel. "Oh god he feels good...a great fuck as
well" He says taunting Paul even further. I look for
Tony but he seems to have left. I'm now the full
attention of Steve and Paul. The toilet door is fully

"Get him out of the cubicle" Steve declares.

"God no, no please not out there" I plead

"Shad up and keep sucking, cunt" I feel Steve pulling
on my hips dragging me back into the open. With small
shuffling steps we make our way out of the confined
area of the cubicle. I'm pushed and manoeuvred toward
the hand basins and mirrors. As we manoeuvre I can see
the concrete floor passing under my bare feet. Stubbed
out cigarette ends litter the ground, a dropped coin,
the now rusted screws holding the cubicle stanchions
in place. We slowly shuffle toward the hand basins.
The taps look worn and well used, one leaky tap
emitting a slow steady tickle leaving a water stained
mark where it had travelled over a period of time,
cracks in the porcelain. A mirror above each hand
basin also old and worn through time. Paul comes to
rest against one of them declaring "Start sucking
again cunt" and with Steve still firmly behind me the
action begins once more. My mouth starts to ache from
the sucking. My ass continues to enjoy being fucked.

I take a brief brake from sucking on the hard cock and
declare my concern on doing it out here in the open
"Oh god please not out's too easy to be seen"

"Hey ya got nothing to worry about mate...there's only
one reason anybody comes in here and it ain't ta take
a's for a bit of cock's known to be the
best little whore house in town" He sniggers at his
little joke. With that his hand grabs my hair and
forces my mouth back to his hard cock.

We continue as before I can feel Steve's hips swaying
back and forth and the thrust, thrust, thrust that is
making his cock move like a well oiled piston and
shaft on an engine. His sperm filled balls slapping
with each thrust.

His own little moans of ecstasy as he watches each
stroke of his erection as it slides in and out.

"Ohhhh, mmmmmm" or "Oh fuck yes, that's sooo goood"

Paul's own expressions of satisfaction, eyes turned to
the ceiling air hissing through tight lips "Oh fuck
yeh...that's it cunt, suck it, suck it". My own
contribution "Mmmmm!"

"Dya like hot cum in ya mouth fella" Paul asks.

"Mmmmm" I try to indicate that yes I do but it was
only academic. "Ohhhhhh fuuuuck" Is all I hear, at the
same time I feel and taste warm sticky fluid spreading
over my tongue.

"Don't you dare spit it out fella...swallow it dya hear"
He says. My mouth now full I nod agreement and mix the
harsh salty tasting fluid with my own spittle to
dilute before gulping it down.

Steve continues to fuck; the sounds emerging from his
tight lips are of sheer pleasure.

"Oh, oh, oh, uh, uh, uh" Those sperm laden balls
slapping at my hind end getting ready to explode.

For the first time I get to look at Paul. He has a
smile on his face as he watches the expression on my
face. One of sheer pleasure, pleasure I'm deriving
from Steve fucking away. His shaft, thumping back and

"Oh you love just that don't you, you slut" Paul asks

I nod agreement "Yes, yes oh yes" I reply relishing in
Steve's cock fucking away at my hind end.

Paul now having been relieved of his frustrations
moves away to the side to watch Steve.

I now cling to the hand basin for support. Steve's
action is causing me to sway in time with each of his

For the first time I see what Steve looks like he was
older than I'd imagined he was dressed similar to Paul
black jeans, black T shirt hair that needed cutting
and looking somewhat untidy and facial stubble.
Tattoo's on both arms. Paul was the younger of the two
dressed the same but hair cropped short.

I view my naked body in the mirror, watch and feel the
guy at my hind end as he sways back and forth. I
always find watching myself being fucked gives me a
great thrill. It did today. Steve seeing me watching
him smiles back as if knowing my thoughts.

Another person a young guy enters the toilet, heading
for the urinal. He sees the action unfolding and
hesitates as to whether to proceed or get out.

"What ya looking at fella" Paul asks

"Er...Nothing! Really...I just want a piss" He replies

"Well go on get on with it" Paul says

He hesitantly makes his way to the urinal. I hear the
soft purr of his zip being undone. I hear his water
splashing into the gutter. He cannot resist taking a
quick look over his shoulder to see the action, then
reverts to pissing only he can't resist taking another
look at the action. He sees a naked man and another
with his trousers down to his thighs hard up against
my arse humping away, the third guy with his fly and
pants undone leaning back against the hand basin not
taking any part of the action, now just part of the

He's intrigued his eyes glued to the scene

"What is it getting a hard on...wana fuck him
dya?" Paul asks.

The guy turns away from the urinal and faces toward
us, having finished pissing, his cock now hard and
ready for action, turned on from what he'd been

"Ho, ho you do want to fuck him"

"No, no I've got to go" I protest.

"You go when we say you can go" Paul replies.

"Uh, uh, uh" As Steve's cock continues to hammer away.

Oh lord I've got to go. I can't stay here much longer
I think to myself.

"Come here fella" Paul instructs the new guy "What's
ya name"


"Well Andrew our friend here is very keen to have you
fuck him aren't you pal"

"Well I..." A smack on my head tells me to answer in the
affirmative "Yes...yes I want you to fuck me" I reply

"See it's what he wants" Says Paul

The end is near for Steve the grunts are louder the
strokes getting quicker, ejaculation was near.

"Oh, oh, oh ahhhhhhhh" He yells as his sperm
percolates and rushes up the hard shaft spewing into
my love tunnel adding more semen to the semen
deposited by Tony.

"Heh looks like you're turn buster" Paul remarks

I see his reflection in the mirror he's around
eighteen or nineteen, a thin smile of anticipation on
his face as he walks toward us gearing himself up. God
why do all these guys have such good looking cocks.
Again my ass feels the void left by the departing cock
but only briefly. I watch as Andrew cock in hand and
giving full attention as to where he is placing it
manoeuvres behind me. I feel the hard bulbous end as
it makes contact. Watching and concentrating on what
he's doing, he is unaware of my watchful eye. I'm well
and truly opened up now and with little effort the
hard shaft slides easily inside.

I see Andrew's facial expression change form
concentration to a smile of satisfaction as he presses
himself deep inside me. His hands are warm and sweaty
as he grips my hips and pulls me onto the shaft "Ohhh
fuuuuck!" I hear him declare as my warm velvet love
tunnel encases his hard shaft.

Paul and Steve are now satisfied, Steve says with a
snigger "Heh come on let's go to the pub...we can tell
the guys there's a willing eager poofta wanting a bit

"Yeh...hang around fella we'll get you some more"

I made no reply I just did not want to be here for too
much longer. I had to get out.

I hear their laughing and chatter as they make their
way out. I'm alone with Andrew

"How many guys have fucked you" The he asks

"Only two...I gave the other guy a blow job" I replied
"You make three"

"Where are your clothes?" He asks looking around the

"In one of the cubicles" I reply.

His ass starts to sway back and forth I feel his warm
young body pressing hard against mine as he starts to
fuck away at my hind end. The shaft hard, smooth and
torpedo like sliding back and forth giving both of us
satisfaction from its motion.

"Ohhh god that's sooo gooood!" I declare.
"You like being fucked up the ass eh" He asks.

"Oh fuck yeh can't beat It....I just love it" I reply

"I'm new to all this but I do like fucking a nice
ass...don't think I'd like it up though"

"This is a great place to come for some action
though....guaranteed every time" He tells me.

Oh god, please hurry up I think to myself not wanting
to be here if Paul and Steve bring their mates back.
Normally it would not worry me and I'd enjoy the
experience but not today.

I watch his actions in the mirror; he has obviously
done this before. The expressions on his face changing
moment from moment "Oh, oh, oh" "Huh, huh, huh"
"Fuck yes, fuck yes" He says. Vigorously thrusting,
pushing the hard shaft into me. Fingers digging into
the flesh and skin on my hips

His hands around my waist to grip and squeeze my
nipples. I feel his body warmth on my back.

His fingers grip my breast squeezing hard as he
exclaims "Ohhhh fuck" Thrust stop a squirt of warm
sticky fluid. He pulls back, another forward thrust,
stop, one more squirt of fluid and then a final thrust
and a final squirt of warm sperm leaves his hard cock
to flow deep inside my love tunnel.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" He declares feeling and panting
like he has just run a marathon.

"Did you enjoy that" I asked

"Fuck I said I do like to fuck a nice ass"

I felt his withdrawal and I thanked him, now making
for the cubicle where my clothes were stored, then
returning to the hand basins I hear his footsteps as
he leaves and his cheery "Thanks seeya" As he left

Now it was a race to get ready and leave. A quick wash
in the basin and stuffing some toilet paper between my
legs to absorb the seepage that would occur from the
slowly escaping sperm. What I did not want was to be
sitting in wet underwear. Perhaps I should be carrying
some women's sanity pads.

Now dressed I headed for the exit.

I see the van with Tony sitting in the driver's seat
reading the paper. I also see Steve, Paul and some of
their friends making toward the toilet. They are all
dressed in a similar manner, black or dark colouring
being their favoured choice, there were six of them in
all. Oh god no, no. I think to myself. It could be
quite conceivable that Paul and Steve would by now be
quite capable of being aroused again. Hell I only went
in for a piss.

I run toward the van. Steve and Paul see me. "Hey ya
cunt, stop there...we want a word with ya" Paul shouts,
starting to run, his pals close behind. It's more than
talk I think.

The van is close now, and then I trip sprawling
forward. They are closing in on me. I'm on my feet
running hard. I grab the door handle frantically
pulling the door open.

I can hear them shouting for me to stop. I clamber
into the passengers' seat shouting "Start the van for
fuck sake start the van and go" Tony realises what is
happening and fumbles with the keys trying to start
the vehicle. They are almost upon us. I see Paul's
face angry that I should be trying to leave. The
engine bursts into life. Tony selects first gear and
we lurch forward. Steve plants himself in front of the
van and Tony stops not wanting to run into him. I slam
the lock down on my side forbidding entry.

"For god sake go Tony...if they get me they are going to
drag me back to the toilet and systematically fuck me"
I tell him

He gives a nervous laugh and says "I thought you'd
like that Dave me boy"

"Yes normally I would but not today thank you" I reply

A hand is on the door handle trying to get to me. I
see a smile on Steve's face sensing victory. His lips
form a kiss blowing it in my direction, his hand
squeezing his crotch letting me know what he intends
to do with me. I ready myself to leave the van and
return with them to the toilet. I take in all the
faces that are now close.

"You'd better make my apologies to them all...looks like
I'll not be joining you for a while" I tell Tony.

"No hang on mate" He tells me. The engine revs rise he
releases the clutch a hard swing to the right and we
pass through the only gap that is available. They
realise what Tony is doing and try to cover the spot.
Too late. We clip one person sending him spinning but
do not stop. The abuse is flowing as we speed up and
head for the park gates and the open highway. I look
back and see arms and gesturing finger signs as we do

"Oh shit, that was close" I say

"Yeh just think what you're missing out on eh?"

We head back to the motel and the others.

Ellen continued to flirt with Tony; there were always
little moments where they found themselves having a
quiet conversation.
That evening, after we had dined at the motel. I was
outside in the garden next to the pool getting some
fresh air and having a quiet drink. My thoughts now
with what had happened that morning. I now wished I'd
gone back with them all to the toilet. I would have
enjoyed taking each and everyone of them on. I now
contemplated getting Tony to drop me off again
tomorrow, perhaps they might be there. If I apologised
to them I could make it all right again.

My thoughts were shattered with the arrival of Tony,
glass of beer in hand.

"Hi getting a breath of fresh eh" He asked.

"Yeh away from the crowd" I reply

"Thinking about those guys were you" He asked as if
he'd been reading my mind.

"Funny you should mention them actually...thought you
might like to take me back tomorrow" I said

"He smiled, then laughed quietly "Heh if that's what
you want I'd be glad to mate...but I ain't stopping"

I let the thought linger in my mind staring into the
pale blue water of the pool.

"Anyway I wanted to talk to you about something else...a
confession actually....I've carried it around for do you and Ellen get on as regards sex?" He

I looked at him wondering what it was that was on his

"Well it's pretty much non existent actually apart
from a mouth full of her cunt from time to time"

"Did you know about her and me all those years ago" He

My curiosity pricked up. What did he mean him and her?

I asked the question.

"Well you weren't the first to fuck her you know" He

I looked at him, a shocked look on my face.

"What do you mean I wasn't the first...I always thought
I was...she even told me that" I said.

He shook his head mouthing "No, no you weren't" He
took a long pause then confided "I was"

The shocked look on my face was obvious. God I'd tried
so hard to get into her pants. She was the only female
that I'd really wanted to fuck.

"I don't have to tell you how much I'd always wanted
to fuck her do I?" He asked
No he didn't, it was the same with most males they
were all keen to fuck her.

"No, no you made it quite obvious; I don't know how
many times you told me"

"Yeh was during that time you and she had the
first big split up. I think you started visiting Bob
the storemans place. He was fucking the ass of you
wasn't you can't complain about Ellen can you"
He said.

He was right I'd been doing some prostitution work for
him. Well quite a bit actually.

"Yeh, yeh...go on"

"I'd asked her out a couple of first she said
no. Then I got my first break...she accepted. Nothing
happened at first, I tried real hard to get her
knickers off but all my efforts came to no avail. We
would stand at the back door necking, some times quite
passionate, my hand trying to get between her
beautiful slim thighs; I wanted so much to feel the
warmth of her cunt. Then one night I was invited
inside, her parents had gone to bed so we sat on the
couch watching TV. It all started quietly and
innocently. I even got to feel her firm round breasts.
I was getting a hard on as we played and kissed. God
it turned out to be the biggest and hardest erection
I'd had in a long time. My thoughts were running wild
as we slid from the couch onto the floor. My cock felt
like it could rip through all the clothing protecting
the Golden Glen and explode inside her. I wanted her
real bad that night. My hand slid under her skirt,
feeling the warmth of her thigh as I traversed up
toward my target, the ultimate goal. Each time I
thought I was doing well I had my hand removed and I
would start again. I kept tugging at the hem of her
skirt, working it upward toward her midriff, each time
I would see an inch or two more of her thighs. My
hands would start another assault for the Golden Glen,
fingers groping the elastic around her panties, slowly
pulling downward. An inch or so's progress down around
her hips then bang, stop. I felt like Incy Mincy
Spider climbing my own rain spout and being knocked
back each time. It seemed to me each time I tried I
was making some progress even if it was only a little
at a time. I now had her skirt well up around her
midriff. I could see the white panties down a little
but still just covering what I desired most in life.
Her thighs so smooth and firm, her rounded hips a
little bit of pubic hair just showing. My cock grew
even harder. I was desperate to get it inside her. If
I succeeded I was going all the way. I was going to
fill her with my seed. I wanted her pregnant; being
pregnant I could marry her and secure the one thing I
held dear and precious to me in life.
If I didn't get to fuck her soon I was sure I would
cum anyway, my balls were full and ready to deliver. I
quietly unzipped my fly and gently extracted my hard
throbbing cock, it was time to do something even if I
could get her to wank me off I'd feel better. I could
cum all over her thighs. I lay on top of her and
worked my cock between her legs, pushing upward. Her
panties restraining my erection from entering her. I
felt her cunt lips against the hard bulbous end of my
cock. I kept pushing it hard into her but could make
no further progress. I let my arse rise up and down on
her, just as if I were fucking her, maybe the motion
would arouse her, make her more responsive. I kept up
the motion I thought I might cum, the cum would
explode into her panties, the panties would act like a
filter as they took the full brunt of the explosion. I
was about to give up. I thought well perhaps a wank.
I'll place her hand on my erection and get her to
masturbate it. Taking her wrist I placed her hand on
the hard shaft, I felt the warmth of her palm as it
made contact. Her reaction at first was to pull away;
suddenly feeling for what was her first time a hard
clammy cock. I held on, then felt her fingers curl
around the shaft. A soft moan from her lips "Mmmm" as
her hand moved up and down the shaft. I had the
feeling that I'd now cracked it. Now with confidence
growing inside my hand went to her thigh, then sliding
upward, there was no resistance as her hand continued
to shoot up and down the hard shaft. Now under the
elastic and working down to the Golden Glen I feel the
coarse pubic hair, the start of the slit, then my
finger slipping inside her. I hear her gasp "Ohhhhh!"
as I work it back and forth. She feels warm and wet;
her cunt is ripe and ready for it. My fingers wrap
around the elastic and start once more to pull
downward, slowly inch by inch, there is no resistance.
Her back arches, buttocks rise not wanting to impede
the removal of her panties, down to her knees. Her
legs kick and twist helping to discard them totally.
Her legs spread wide. I hear her whimpers; feel her
heart pounding in her breast, god I've got to hang on.
I can sense and feel victory; it's going to happen.
Her hand is firm around the shaft guiding me in. The
hard head touches her wet lips, spreading them apart;
her hand can do no more. I keep pushing inward I feel
the warmth of her wet tight pussy encase the hard
shaft as it vanishes inside her. "Ahhhhhh!" She gasps
as my hard erection enters. I'm all the way in, pubic
hair meets pubic hair. Oh god I've done it, I've done
it. I tell myself, don't cum now, not yet. My arse
rises and falls, rises and falls setting in motion my
cock as it slides with ease in and out of her cunt I
hear the slurping sound of the action its making.
Music to my ears. Oh god I'm ecstatic. I'm actually
fucking her, I'm fucking Ellen. This is not going to
be a long fuck it has taken everything to hold back
thus far. My balls are ready to burst forth. I can
feel the stirring deep within. Ellen is moaning,
calling my name "Oh Tony, Tony, yes, yes, yes" I cover
her mouth with my hand to stifle her voice. I don't
want her parents coming to see what is going on, only
to find me fucking their daughter on the lounge floor.
My arse is going up and down on top of her, my cock
like a high revving piston. The feeling intensifying
with each and every stroke. I can hold on no longer.
Its coming, its coming I warn her. My sperm containing
its seed is rushing up the shaft. I thrust inward,
once, twice, three times, each thrust containing a
squirt of sperm. Oh god I've never known so much
sperm. Her back arches upward impaling herself as far
as she can onto my hard throbbing cock. We collapse in
each others arms exhausted by what we have just done.
I leave my cock inside her. I enjoy being cocooned by
her warm wet cunt. I'm enjoying the after glow. I
slowly come to grips with the fact that I've just
completed something that I've always wanted. I've
fucked Ellen my own Everest. Oh god I love you
Ellen...I've just cum inside you my love...but don't worry
if you are pregnant I want to marry you I blurted out.
Let's just wait and see my dear before we make wedding
plans. We lay there talking and talking about love,
telling me it was the first time she'd done it. I'd
just taken her virginity. As time passed I felt the
stirring in my loins, I held my revitalised hard shaft
again, then rolling on top, I entered her. This time I
was able to sustain a longer period. I fucked her then
stopped for a while then continued fucking again. I
kept this up for some time listening to Ellen's
anguished cries and mewing until once again I felt my
sperm pump inside of her I left some time in the early
hours of the morning. I think they call it Cloud Nine.
>From then on there was never any problem. I could fuck
her whenever I wanted. The dam had broke, she's been
fucked and realised she enjoyed it. Wherever and
whenever, when the feeling took over I had her pants
off and would be humping her. Taking her home at night
it was the same, as well as a good night kiss, she
expected a goodnight fuck. On arriving at the back
door, she would remove her knickers, hitch up her
skirt and lie back against the wall. I was always the
eager willing person each and every time. I never got
tired of fucking her. We had six good months together,
she never got pregnant, I asked to marry her but she
always turned me down, I think she was always going to
marry you. In the end like you and her, we broke up;
never got back together but we still managed a purely
physical thing from time to time"

I'd listened to him tell me about it. I could not
believe what he was telling me. I'd always been led to
believe I was her first. I felt a little flat and
disappointed on receiving the news although I could
hardly be in a position to be complaining.

"Er...there's one other thing I would like to discuss
with you mate" He said

"What's that?" I enquired

"Well...I er well I'd like to fuck her again...we've
talked about it...but wondered how you would feel about
it. He said

"Does it make any difference what I feel...if the pair
of you really want to fuck you would anyhow?" I

He studied me for a while then replied "I'm going up
to your room with her in a few minutes...will you keep
away" He asked

"Yeh...I'll stay down here and have a few more
beers...I'll wait till your finished...ok?" I replied.

"Here...take this a round for me" He said as
he handed me the money.

"That's a cheap fuck" I tell him.

He just smiled and left.

I eventually wandered into the bar buying a round or
two of drinks. Tony eventually arrived back. A quick
nod of his head confirms he's finished fucking Ellen
as he takes a seat next to his wife.

I take off back to the room. Ellen's and my eyes meet
as I enter. Her nakedness is hidden under a bed sheet.

"Was he as good as you remember" I ask

She continues to look at me and smiles. "Yes, yes it
was...he's quite big you know"

"Yeh so I'm led to believe" I reply
"Well I can certainly confirm it" She says.

I want to get angry with her, but my own guilt stops
me. I don't want to be a hypocrite having had sex with
the same guy that morning along with the others. She
senses my feelings and flings back the bed sheet,
razing her knees and spreading her legs.
She knows how to play me. "How about you and her make
up" She asks indicating to the gash between her legs.
My clothing is quickly discarded; my mouth and tongue
are delving hungrily into the warm wet crevice.
Ellen's thighs tighten their grip around my head and

I had a restless night. I could not find sleep. My
thoughts continued with what may have happened had I
gone back to the toilets. Ellen's actions of
yesteryear and last night bugged me. They shouldn't
have but they did. I wanted to do something to make up
and console me for what she'd done. I would go back
tomorrow and see if I could pick up the threads of
today. I'm sure they would accept an apology.

I sought out Tony after breakfast and told him what I
wanted to do.

First I wanted to find a chemist, purchase some
condoms and a tube of K-Gel. Then proceed to the park.

"You're fucking mad sure you want to do
this?" He asked.

"Yes...yes I am...I've thought of nothing else all night"
I replied.

"Phewww....well it's your neck...but I'm not hanging
around for understand"

"No that's ok...just drop me off I'll catch up with you
all later in the day" I said

He looked at me for a moment "You hope" He said "There
were at least six of them remember"

"Don't worry I can handle six no problem" I reply

"Ok...if that's what you want" He replies with a sigh.

The day is hot again, not a cloud in the sky. I dress
as the previous day light shirt, my best skimpy
undies, remarkable likeness to women's knickers, a
pair of shorts and flip-flops. We drive in silence
back to the park containing the toilet block. At the
gates Tony pulls the van to a halt.

"Well what can I're certain you want to go
through with it?"

"Yup...I'll get out here" There's a yellow car parked
over by the toilets, to distant to recognise a name or
any occupants.

"Looks like there may be some one in there
careful" He says.

As I walk toward the block I listen as the van drives
away, my contact back to the motel gone.

The toilet block and car get ever nearer, I try to see
if there are any occupants, non at this stage. The car
is a Toyota, seen better days. Yellow with rust
appearing around the edges of the door frames. The
left front wing is grey, whilst the boot is blue,
panels that have been fitted but not matched for
paint. I peer inside. No one. The inside matches the
outside. Beer cans are strewn on the seats and floor,
Macdonald bags crumpled up and left on the seats, I
see a magazine with a nude male on the cover. The
model displaying a very well presented penis. One door
panel is missing showing the door mechanisms.

"Well, well, well looky here Paul...just see what we
have" I turn to see Steve coming from the toilet
closely followed by Paul.

"Hey it's the cunt who tried to kill us yesterday
Stevey...our lucky day pal" He says with malice in his
voice and fists clenched.

I put up my hands and say "Sorry about that guy's. I
wanted to stay but yesterday was a bad day...that's why
I'm here today...first to apologise and two to make it
up with you"

They look at one another suspecting it all a trick.

"How do you want to make it up" Paul asks.

"What were you all coming back for yesterday" I asked.

"To give you a good fuck that's why" Steve responded.

"Well that's why I'm here now to make up for what you
missed yesterday" I replied

They looked at one another. I could see they still
thought this was a gag.

"So you're telling us that you show up here today
offering that pretty ass of yours to us so we can fuck that right?" asks Steve

"That's correct" I reply.

"Well now we may just take you up on that...what about
the other guy's...they were real pissed off not getting
any sex...what about them"

"Hey if they want it I'm here" I reply

There's a pause, then Paul says "Ok but not
here.....Come with us to our house. It's quieter there
and no prying eyes."
"Er...well." I stammer.

"Come on...our place we'll get you back when we are
finished with you...I promise" Steve opens the back door
inviting me to get inside.

" are some condoms I've bought, the guys can
use these" I declare handing them to Paul. He looks at
them with disdain, seeing a nearby trash can throws
them into it.

"You won't need them fella" He tells me

The smell on the dirty well-used sheets is one of
beer, cigarettes, body odour and cum.
The CD player has been belting out the same rhythm all
day. The room is hot no air conditioning here.
Clothing litters the floors among the items are my
own, having been discarded some hours ago I'm
completely naked. Other pieces include empty beer cans
and bottles. One had been inserted into my ass to open
me up for the first guy. The contents of my anus were
now a mixture of cum and K-Gel as each participant
greased up for heir session. The window is partially
open but not a breath of air disturbs the curtain or
what passes for a curtain. No one can see from the
street as there is thick privet bordering the
property. I'm on my stomach and being pounded into the
mattress by the person on top of me. His arse rising
and falling on my buttocks, each stroke driving me
into the padding and making the bed to squeak and
groan under his efforts. This is his third time. I'd
been promised three hours ago that I could leave, that
they would take me back to the motel, but here I was
still being fucked. My arse was starting to feel the
effects of the day's activities. The red digits on the
clock next to the bed said it was three o'clock. In
the chair next to the bed another guy laid sprawled
feet propped on the bed he was naked apart from the
cowboy boots he was wearing. A cigarette dangled from
one hand whilst his other held a beer can from which
he guzzled the contents from time to time. I was
particularly interested in his cock, presently lying
limp against his thighs. I was keeping an eye on it. I
did not want to see it turning hard. If it did it
meant I was going to be here a little longer. It would
be his forth time. I was waiting for them to wear
themselves out. Cowboy boots had already fucked me
three times.

I could feel and smell hot breath on my neck and ears
as my friend humped up and down. We were fused
together. Perspiration pouring from our bodies. Hump,
hump, hump went his arse on top of mine pumping his
hard shaft for all it's worth.

My mouth felt dry again. I'd been consuming beer from
time to time helping to wash down the rancid tasting
cum that had been shot into my mouth at various times.

Cowboy takes a swig of beer, a drag from the cigarette
blowing the smoke into the air and stands up. Oh god I
think watching his dangling cock. There is no
hardening, he starts to leave and I watch his bare
ass, as he walks from the room.

Grunts and groans and the sudden lack of movement tell
me he has finished, another load of sperm impregnates
my ass.

"Well slut how do you feel" He asks "Want some more"

"Er no not at present...I think it might be time to go"
I suggest.

"If Paul or Steve says so" He puts on a pair of black
jeans before leaving. The music is still blaring from
the other room.

I follow him out still naked to the lounge some of the
others that were still there sprawled in old chairs
and settees that were placed around the room. A video
was playing a porn movie; two naked males were doing
what I and other partners had been doing all day. The
audience were no longer interested in the content
having had their fill.

"Can I go back to the motel now Paul" I asked.

"Hey we're all going to the pub for drinks...why not
string along...then back here after and we can all fuck
you tonight" He said with a grin on his face.

"Look Paul...My arse is feeling a little tender right guys have done a good job on's time I
got going...but thanks for the invitation" I thought it
better to keep on side with them right now.

His eyes were traversing my body "You gotta great ass want it fucked...come and see us" He said.
"Trev, take our guest to his motel....and thanks for the
use of your arse....David isn't it"

"Yeh that's right" I tell him

I quickly donned my clothes not wanting any of them
getting a hard on before I leave.

"Here Paul wants you to have these" Trev said.
Stuffing some Polaroid photos and a ten dollar note
into my shirt pocket before slamming the car door and
roaring off, leaving me standing outside the motel

There were two pictures. Two out of the many they had
taken during the day. One was me on hands and knees
like a dog and a guy well and truly into my hind end,
the other with a guy propped up against the headboard
of the bed, and I with his hard full manhood stuffed
into my mouth.
As we sat buckled into our seats I knew the holiday
was over. The renewed friendships and renewed
relationships. We both had more great memories to add
to the treasured ones we already held dearly.

The roar of the jet engines filled the cabin as the
revved, ready to launch us down the runway and into
the night skies. The take off was smooth, the sound of
the undercarriage as it locked into place, then the
steady hum of the engines powering us on to our
destination. The lights of Sydney below spreading for
miles, truck and car headlights glaring, slowly
diminishing as the plane gained height.

A slight turn to starboard and we settled in to the
flight plan.
Ellen was already in conversation with the guy sitting
on her left next to the window. I had the aisle seat
as I took in the other passengers, all deep in their
own conversations. Directly opposite a little boy was
staring at me. I gave a friendly smile and a wink. He
gave a shy giggle and buried his face in his mother's
generous bosom.

I eased the seat back a little and relaxed, perhaps I
would read a book later, right now I just wanted to
reminisce about our time in Australia.

Ellen and chummy were getting on quite well, I could
tell she was flirting with him as they laughed and
giggled. The wine and spirits helped to fuel the

I glanced in their direction and the hand on Ellen's
thigh did not go unnoticed nor did Ellen's hand on his
thigh as they continued to share jokes with each

Their fun was brought to a halt by the meal, but
quickly resumed when all was cleared away.

Eventually the cabin lights were turned off and there
was just a dull glow as the flight settled down for a
few hours' of rest or sleep. The little guy across the
aisle was out sparko, thumb in mouth snuggled into
mum. I thought about my son Jason, being looked after
by his aunt.

The thigh touchy, touchy had continued and now Ellen
took a blanket and covered her lap and chummy's with
it. More subdued laughter and giggles. "Hey naughty
boy" I heard her say and another laugh.

I heard the zip on his trousers, then Ellen's arm
leading off in that direction, her hand no doubt now
firmly grasping a hard shaft, slowly jerking it.

I watched his hand as it made it's way down from the
waistband of her skirt searching out her warm wet
cunt. His fingers slipping into it hungrily working in
and out.

I could tell by her subdued soft sobs she was getting
worked up. She was leaning over toward him her mouth
and tongue working on his neck and ear. I could hear
her whispering but could not make out what was being

More whispers and I heard him say ""No we couldn't not

"Yes we would be fun" She replied. Her hand
was continuing to squeeze and jerk his hard erection.

"Oh god it would be great" I heard him whisper. The
thought exciting him.

"Give me a couple of minutes then follow" She said,
pulling herself up. Turning to me for the first time.
"Excuse me darling...must go to toilet"

Oh so that's what they are up to, going to bonk her in
the toilet.

"Sure don't stain yourself sweetheart" I replied

She just smiled and with hips swaying made for the
toilet. I heard the door close but no bolt; she was
after all expecting the next person to be chummy.
Right now she was getting his supper ready for him.
Her nickers were being removed and her skirt being
pulled up around her waist, sitting on the stainless
steel sink, legs spread apart.
Chummy took a deft look around then rose to follow
her. The only problem was another guy was heading for
the toilet at the same time and passed by us just a
fraction before chummy. This I had to see. Turning my
head toward the toilet I watched as the passenger
first checked to see if the vacant sign was showing,
of course it was because Ellen had neglected to lock
the door hadn't' she. Light from the toilet
illuminated the cabin as the door swing open, it also
shone on the guys face. The look on his face was shock
at the sight confronting him, for a moment or two he
just stood there gaping, then his expression changed,
from one of shock came a smile, then he stepped
inside, the light that was illuminating the cabin
being extinguished as the door closed and the sound of
the bolt being put in place.

Chummy looked at me expecting some kind of comment or
support, I just shrugged took a note of the time and
closed my eyes.

Sorry pal but you won't be fucking her for another ten
minutes or more.

The guy once inside the spiders' web thought he was
dreaming. Ellen had taken charge he stood there
looking and that beautiful smiling face. Her fingers
were deftly undoing his belt on his trousers then the
zip on his fly. He needed no instruction to pull them
down around his ankles. Ellen's hand was already
fondling his at present soft penis. Her warm soft hand
and his own imagination had his cock up in the hard
position, ready and eager to do its thing.

He watched as Ellen gentle fingers slid back and forth
on the hard shaft, the feeling he was getting was
ecstasy. "Oh god, oh god" He was mumbling.

He could see the wet slit only inches from his hard
cock. Ellen now guiding him toward the target. He
could not resist he let the hard shaft be led to that
warm inviting velvet tunnel a haven of pleasure. He
kept his eyes firmly glued to the action. He could see
Ellen placing his enlarged manhood into her slit, the
bulbous end as it parted the warm lips. He gave a
whimper and sigh, as the lips parted giving no
resistance to the intruder. Thrusting upward and
inward "Ahhhhh" He cried out. She flinging her head
back eyes closed "Ohhhhhh" As the shaft vanished
quickly inside her.

His arse was quick to take up the action, hips
swinging back and forth driving the excited shaft in
and out. Thrust, thrust, again and again. Wanting to
make it last longer but also
An urgency to get it over with. The thought of being
caught in here with this woman eager to offer herself.
The shaft slips out, panic he quickly grabs the
pulsing shaft searching to get it back in. Now fully
inserted again he drives on. Thrust, thrust, thrust
"Uh, uh, uh" His breath coming in time with each
thrust. "Ohhhh fuuuuck" He gives a big thrust pushing
as far as he can inside her warm cunt, there is a
squirt of semen. He draws back gives another big
thrust all but lifting her off the stainless steel
sink, another squirt as more of his semen is injected
into her love tract. He sighs a final "Ahhhh" Keeping
pressed hard up against her as her pussy sucks and
drains the final drop of sperm from his now satisfied
and defunct cock.
"Shit that was great...first time I've done that on a
flight" Tucking his penis back into his trousers and
doing up the zip.

I hear the bolt as he unlocks the door, the beam of
light illuminates the cabin as he slips out, making
his way back to his seat, forgetting the reason he had
gone to the toilet in the first place. I check my
watch, fifteen minutes, I glance at chummy who if
looks could kill would have struck the interloper down
dead as he walked past our seats. The smile on his
face said it all.

Chummy was not going to come third. He was on his feet
excusing himself as he squeezed past me and was
heading for the toilet eager to execute and relieve
the passion that had built up between his loins. A
minute or so later and all that could be heard were
"Uh, uh, uh" as his hips and arse swayed back and
forth his hard shaft sliding and slurping inside her
warm velvet tunnel.

As we headed for the terminal exit I said "Well you
seemed to do alright on the trip much did you
charge them"

"Oh god not everything is about money
sweetheart...sometimes I do it for love"

Well I thought it's great to be home.

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