Friday, April 10, 2009

My New Life

I've always have questioned my sexuality. I have a girlfriend that goes by
the name of Melissa Fornwood; she has a brother by the name of Nathan
Fornwood. Later you will realize what he has to do with this, but now is
not for you to know. I'm 18 and I have pretty much lived a good life. My dad
killed my mother and left me with my uncle and my uncle's gay companion. My
friends would constantly make fun of them and I even caught myself laughing
along and saying some of my own rude remarks.
It was a Friday night and my girlfriend and I had been talking about
getting engaged. "But I don't know if it's the time for me to marry yet?"
I said looking into her eyes. I could see how much she loved me but I felt
something was missing in our relationship, or me.
"You know I love you, and I know you love me. I just can't see why you
can't commit to me." She said looking sadly at me.
"I already fucking told you I'm not ready! Why can't you just see that! You
constantly tell me you wanna get married and I told you a thousand times I'M
JUST NOT READY!" I said as I got up. "I'm going back to the party" I shut
the door and I could hear her crying.
The party was alive with all kind of stuff. Pot, beer, woman, and freaks. I
went to the kitchen and seen my sisters brother. "Hey why aren't you
upstairs with my sister?" He asked. I could see the beer starting to take
I asked for a Pepsi cause I don't drink. "She was yelling about me not
being able to commit but I can't help it I don't' feel right yet. Ya know."
"Hey man let's go outside to the garage and well talk about it cause I
don't want you making an ass of your self in front of all theses People." He
said and we went out side and started walking to the garage. I couldn't help
but notice he still had his gun. Nathan was a cop he made the suit look
"Man I just can't help it. I know I'm ready to get married but something
doesn't seem right with it all." I said. I noticed he wasn't looking at me.
He was looking down I followed his eyes too see were he was eyeing my dick.
"You know maybe your not that way maybe you need a change or something." He
said. He was looking at me in a weird way. He gave me a look that I only
have gotten from my girlfriend. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. I jerked
back and said "what the hell? I'm not that way." Nathan said "I would like
for you to try and tell me what you think after I do this to you." Nathan un
buckled my jeans and took my warm soft cock (now getting hard and firm) as
he sucked on it very gently. I started to moan it felt better then what my
girlfriend had given me and she was the best I had ever had. Nathan looked
up and said "I always had it in my gut and mind that you were." He turned me
around and stood up and bent me over forwards and knelt on one knee and
licked my anus. Buy then I was already jerking myself and felling his hard
and very large dick in ass. I started to moan louder. It hurt I had never
had something in there before. I was moaning with pleasure. Nathan yells
"Chris your ass is so tight. Tell me if I'm hurting you." I loved the way it
felt I felt more turned on then I ever had and my dick was the hardest it
had ever been. I cumed all over my hand and Nathan had seen and pulled my
arm to him and licked the cum from my fingers. Nathan moaned as he cumed
inside of my asshole. I have to admit it was great!
"So did you like it?" He asked as he lit up a cigarette and gathering his
clothes. I looked for my clothes and found them. "I don't really know what
to say. I have never had this happen and I think I'm not straight." "I've
always known you were that way. I have gay radar." He said as he started to
About this time the door slammed open and in came my girlfriend. Her mouth
dropped and shock came over her face. "OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO
DOING IN HERE!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. I could hear the music
in the house stop.
Nathan started laughing, "We were showing off our abs to each other i was
trying to get his mind off shit so we started talking about working out and
shit. So chill the fuck out man." Nathan had covered for me I don't know
why. I feel I am bi but I'm not for sure. Later I will enjoy so much my mind
will not be able to comprehend it all.

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