Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My accommodating brother in law from New Brighton! (Part II)

Well more time had passed and a while back I forgot I
gave Matt my pager number and when I give it to him I
simply said "if you ever need anything" if you ever
wanted to get together to page me, I'd call him back
and perhaps when he had his breaks during work that
night, I could come down, perhaps blow a few loads if
he was interested. I still wanted to suck his cock
rock hard and taste a load of his cum down my throat,
since I still hadn't had the opportunity to taste a
load of his yet! One night a few months after summer,
he paged me or at least I think he paged me. The only
thing was he paged me with my own pager number instead
of the number he was at. Needless to say I couldn't
call him back, but had some wild fantasies about
showing up at his work and taking care of whatever
needed taking care of, but it didn't happen.

Spring of the following year, I'm working away late at
night since I work with computers and our work is
round the clock. My pager goes off and theres a 724
number I didn't recognize. I thought perhaps it was
Matt, but wasn't entirely sure so I call the number on
my pager. Some guy answers the phone at a loading
company and I said I was paged from this number and
asked if perhaps Matt worked there, the guy on the
phone said to hold on. A few minutes later I hear
Matt's voice and I said hey dude, what's up! Matt said
that he's been really busy and hasn't had time to
contact me, but wondered if I would be interested in
driving to where he works, because he has a break in
an hour. I said "FUCK YEAH", hung up, finish up what I
needed to finish and hop in my car. I followed his
directions and drove down a road that was about 5
miles from nowhere. No lights, no cars, nothing at
all! Sort of gave me the chills.. As I'm driving down
this road I can see some lights about a mile ahead of
me, then all of a sudden I see someone pop out from
behind the trees, it was Matt! Jeans, white tee shirt,
scruffy and looking really good! I yelled what the
fuck and he just laughed and said sorry..

Matt hopped in the car and said turn around and go
about � mile back and there is a turn off to the
right. So I turn around, find the turn off and as I am
starting to turn, Matt takes his shirt off. Nice
fucking chest I thought and I am trying to check out
the nice prominent bulge in his pants, but its too
dark but it looks like something is hard down there
since it looks like his cock is running down one side
of his jeans. I could smell his sweat even thought I
know he had deodorant on, but you could tell he was
working hard, sweaty and looking good! I turn off and
we head towards a group of trees, Matt motions for me
to pull to the left of the trees. Looks like a nice
secluded area and still I see no cars and hear nothing
at all. Matt opens the passenger side door, hops out
and closes the door gently. He walks in front of the
car and I get a great look at his nice tan, great
looking body, then I turn the car and the lights off.
Matt comes up to my window and places his crotch
towards me through my window and I could easily see
his rock hard cock through the bulge in his jeans. He
grabs his hand and starts rubbing the front of his
jeans up and down and starts squeezing his cock. I
look up out the window at him and all I can hear him
softly say is "isn't this something you wanted"! My
eyes fucking light up like the Christmas tree at Times
Square, man I wanted to fuck, lick and suck him from
head to toe and everywhere in-between! I reach out and
start feeling his rock hard cock, about 7+ inches,
really thick and really nice.. I keep feeling him and
I reach around to feel his ass and while I'm feeling
his ass I realize how nice and tight his ass is and
start thinking about eating his ass, wondering how
much would he enjoy that? I asked Matt to back up some
and get out of the car and turn to him. I lean him
back on the side of the car and start rubbing my hand
up and down, up and down the length of his zipper and
I listen to him moan softly! This dude is fucking
turning me on like there is no tomorrow. He reaches
forward and starts kissing me on the lips and shoving
his tongue down my throat! I move Matt around to the
front of the car and lay his back on the hood of my
car and slowly start removing his belt, unbuttoning
his jeans and I start tugging his jeans down. As I'm
tugging his jeans past his grown mound, I move my head
close to his crotch and take a big whiff of his sweaty
smell and I start to nibble on his cock through his
white briefs.. I then start to lick my way down his
thighs, tasting his wet sweat while I am taking his
jeans off! I have his jeans around his ankles and
while I'm untying his shoes I am licking all around
his legs, tasting his sweaty hairy legs. After I get
his shoes off and pull off his jeans I stand up and
look at this awesome looking guy laying on the roof of
my car almost naked with this nice size mound pushing
through his underwear. I stick a finger inside of his
white briefs and as I am starting to feel around I
brush against his thick dark brown pubic hair and his
already wet with pre-cum cock. I can't take it any
longer; I pull down his underwear and pull them off in
two seconds flat. I stand up and take a look only to
see his 7" cock standing straight up at the base, I've
never seen a more perfect cock in my entire life. I've
wanted this long and in one second flat I take him all
the way down to the way of his cock in one motion.
Matt lets out the lowest but longest moan I have ever
heard! My cock is fucking rock hard since this started
and I can't imagine it going down at all now! I start
sucking his cock like I've never sucked cock before,
up and down, down to the base every single time, deep
throating his cock just the way I know he likes he!
After a few minutes I needed more and more to taste
his sweat! I stopped sucking his cock...

I then lifted Matt's legs into the air so I could see
his nice ass. I spread his legs as far as I could and
literally lick and tongued and suck every single hair
he had from his balls all the way back to his asshole.
I took my good old time and he LOVED every second!
When I reached his asshole and started probing my
tongue in and out, in and out, Matt grabbed the back
of my head and forced my tongue all the way into his
sweaty hole. I couldn't fucking stop rimming him and
knowing how good he tasted and how much he liked it
made me what to do it more and more and more!! After
15 minutes had passed and I almost couldn't breathe
anymore I came up for air and as I was dropping Matt's
legs back down, his cock shot up straight into my
face! I opened my mouth wide and didn't stop sucking
on his cock until I tasted his load of cum down my
throat and Matt was exhausted from it all! It took a
good 10 minutes of pumping, but tasting his pre-cum,
sweat and knowing he was close to blowing a load down
my throat I couldn't stop. While I was blowing him, I
also fingered around his asshole some and believe me,
he didn't mind at all! Wow, how fucking hot was that I
said and I needed a few minutes just to get myself
together! I've waited this long to taste a load of his
cum as well as taste what he had to offer! Definitely
worth the wait, no matter how long it took, fucking
mouth full of cum! The fucker gags me with this huge
load of creamy, salty stuff that is now running out
the sides of my mouth. I swallow every fucking drop me
gives me, then I grab his cock by the base and firmly
squeeze all the way to the top! I didn't want to lose
any of his load..

I reached in my car and grabbed my smokes, while Matt
was still lying on the top of the car hood, naked and
his still half hard cock just hanging there. I sat on
the ground to smoke and listen to how quiet everything
was while I was staring at this incredibly hot fucking
guy laying on the roof of my car. I finished my smoke
and lay back in the grass to stare at the stars and
Matt was still very quiet, so I just figured rough
night at work and he needed to "unload" in more ways
than one! While I was lying there staring up into the
sky, I heard Matt stirring and just as I started
sitting up, directly in front of me, not more than two
inches away from my face was a rock hard 7" cock
staring straight at me! I looked up into Matt's eyes
and he winked and smiled while moving towards my face.
Just as I started to open my mouth, he grabbed the
back of my head and forced my head onto his cock. I
opened wide and he shoved my head down and caused me
to gag on his awesome, rock fucking hard cock and he
didn't even care! He knew I wanted it and I knew he
wanted me to have it and he was giving me EXACTLY what
we wanted! He grabbed the back of my head with both
hands and would not stop forcing my head onto his cock
while he was thrusting his hips back and forth, back
and forth. He whispered, "I've wanted TOO fucking long
for this and I'm going to make you gag on the load I
blow into your mouth!" Fuck, I blew a load in my jeans
while Matt was fucking my face with both hands,
causing my mouth to leak saliva while I am getting
ready to take another load from his cock! Fuck I
didn't want him to stop and just the thoughts of being
outside, being face fucked by this red-neck and really
loving the taste and smell of him, who could want
anymore! I am almost exhausted at this point, but he
was fucking my face like there was no tomorrow. His
balls banging against my chin, then he pulled my head
back and spread his legs and pushed my head underneath
him towards his ass. Matt wanted me to taste his salty
sweat again and he was really sweaty. I licked and
sucked every single drop of his sweat and just
couldn't get enough. I then worked my way to his ass
and started eating and tonguing his ass. He tasted so
great, I couldn't fucking believe all this time, all
these years have passed and this is something I could
have been doing a long, long time ago! What a red
necked fucker that loves having a dude take his load
as well as eat his ass and not think twice about it.

Matt pulled away and bent down to the ground towards
me. I grabbed me by the back of my head and laid one
hard fucking kiss right on my lips and it was long and
hard and wet. He then stood back up, his cock still
waving directly in front of me. He grabbed his cock by
the base and tilted it towards me with one hand and
grabbed the back of my head with his other hand as if
he was feeding me his cock. I moved my mouth towards
his rock hard cock and opened my mouth to taste the
sweat salty taste of his precum oozing from the tip of
his cock. As I started sucking the tip of his cock he
forced my head further and further down on his cock,
swallowing the entire length until his dark brown
pubic hair was brushing against my face. He held it
there for a few minutes and in small short strokes
started fucking my face again. I could feel that he
was close to blowing another load down my throat, so
as I was trying to catch my breathe he pumped shorter
and faster strokes and just when I thought I was going
to pass out, he let out a grunt, blew a HUGE load down
my throat and left me suck on his cock as it started
to shrink in size. After a few minutes he pulled his
soft cock out of my mouth, grabbed up his clothes and
headed for some trees. I sat there is total amazement;
I couldn't believe how much cum he could unload and
how badly he loved to unload it down my throat!

I saw him disappear between the trees and got up and
started to look around for him. It whispered his name
since I didn't know if anyone was around and I sure
wasn't chasing him through the thick of the trees when
sometimes I could barely see my hand in front of my
face. After about 20 minutes I gave up and figured he
must of went back to work or something. I straightened
myself up and headed towards my car. I was as hard as
a rock thinking about what just happened, smelling his
juices and sweat still in my goatee and thinking about
how wild that was, this is the kind of shit you only
read about!

I started heading home and pretty much figured if
anything ever happened again, I would just let it go
and see what comes out of this. Perhaps just a fling
here and there, but a fucking awesome fling! Dark
haired dude, great almost hairless body, nice ass to
eat and a perfect cock in every way shape and form to
enjoy. The dude knew what he wanted and he wasn't
afraid to share his cock and have some fun, even
though he was a family and my sister is his wife! I
think about that and I know its wrong, but part of me
thinks I would rather it be with me than with someone
she doesn't know in the event that Matt decides to
leave her for that other person. At least this way,
I'm safe, we're safe, no damage done and life goes

Anyhow Matt pretty much disappeared from everyone's
lives except his wife and their kids. Holidays came
and went and we never saw him anymore. From piecing
things together he started doing a lot of drugs and he
didn't fit the father imagine anymore and actually got
to the point where his family didn't matter as much to
him. My sister would visit with her kids, no dad
around and nothing much was said. I think Matt really
had a hard times growing up and I really think he
finds it hard to believe that people do care about
him. It has nothing to do with the fucking around that
we did, but genuinely he is a nice person, he just
seems to follow the paths that lead him to his own

Well a few years went by and I talked with my sister a
few months ago to find out Matt was in jail for
whatever reason. I had to take a few days off of work
to help move my sister and her kids out of their
house. My sister was at my moms house so I stopped by
to pick her up. We went over to their house, and
that's the first time she's been there in about a
month since she was staying at my moms with her kids
until shit straightened out with Matt. Anyhow we walk
into the house and she couldn't believe how badly the
house looked. Toys and dishes all over the place,
laundry lying around, all of the rooms were completely
a mess and it was so quiet in the house, we just
couldn't believe it. As we're started to sift through
the mess I walked into their bedroom just to look
around and even see where to start on things. I
glanced down on the floor beside Matt's side of the
bed and found the best thing I could ever find; a pair
of black boxer briefs, size 28 - 30. My sister was in
the other room, so I reached down and picked them up,
took a nice quick sniff of them and my cock shot up
like the fourth of July! There is no other way to
describe it other than it smelt just like being
between Matt's legs and enjoying every minute of it. I
stuff the boxer briefs into my pocket and told my
sister I was grabbing something from the car. I
carefully put his underwear in a bag, sealed it up and
through it in my trunk until later..

We finished up the day and what a long FUCKING day it
was. Took us well over 12 hours to pack, clean and
move everything into storage. I didn't think about how
pissed I was that Matt would treat his family like
this; I was just sort of numb to the fact that anyone
could do this to the family they loved! Well all I
wanted was a nice hot shower to clean the day off of

I pulled up to my house, got out of the car and
reached into the trunk to grab his briefs and head
into the house. Inside the house I stripped all my
clothes off and was going to take a shower first, but
decided to spend some time sniffing Matt's boxer
briefs. I lay on my bed, opened the bag that held his
briefs and pulled them out. One whiff right then and
there and all I could smell was the sweat from his
crotch and hoped he had worn these for a few days! I
opened them up and started sniffing and started
playing with my already rock hard cock! I unfolded the
boxer briefs and wanted to get a good sniff in the
crotch and when I opened them up I couldn't FUCKING
believe it! I nice huge load of dried cum right there
for me to taste and sniff! It took me probably less
than 1 minute to unload my cock all over myself. Must
have been the biggest load in the shortest period of
time I've ever dumped! I probably whacked off three or
four times that night and still continue to do so
sniffing his briefs and thinking about what he was
thinking about while jacking off into his briefs. Of
all things to find and nothing more I could of asked
for, but the great smell of sweat from between his
legs and the taste and the smell of his cum from the
load he blew. Just sniffing his shorts and closing my
eyes takes me back to everything we ever did just like
it was yesterday.

I can't help to think about his briefs lying on the
floor with that nice white dried load of cum in right
inside, just for me to enjoy. I still have the briefs,
in fact I am sniffing them right now, while my cock is
rock hard just thinking about him wearing these boxer
briefs and sitting there wearing them while he's
beating his cock, thinking about whatever!!

Matt did start to tell me a wild story about himself,
Victor and Steve (his two other brothers); all three
fucking some chick that Victor brought to his house.
She just couldn't get enough cock to fill her and from
what Matt tells me his brother Victor is thick and
fucking huge, Matt said he's at least 9" long and
thicker than anyone's cock he has ever seen. Matt was
rock hard the entire time just watching the three of
them fucking this chick. I guess when they were little
they fucked around some, just the three of them, but
that was years ago. Matt said that Victor always made
him suck his cock while they were growing up until
Victor started liking girls and then that was that.
Matt was telling me how he and one of his other
brothers would face fuck this chick and what really
got Matt going was feeling either of his brothers cock
rubbing against his while they were shoving their
cocks down her throat. Anyhow Matt said after Victor
was first done fucking this chick, Victor blew his
load up inside of her. Cum was running out from
between her legs and Victor made Matt fuck her right
after he was done pounding her pussy and loading her
with his cum. Matt slides his cock inside of her and
all he could feel was Victor's hot cum still inside of
her! After Matt started to pound away at her, Victor
came up behind Matt, pulled Matt's cock out of her and
grabbed Matt by the back of the head. Victor pushed
Matt's head between her legs and he forced Matt to
lick and suck every ounce of Victor's cum from her
pussy. Matt said that was all that he could taste and
he definitely loved what he tasted. He licked and
sucked her and couldn't get enough of his brothers
cum! The entire time he was thinking about what they
used to do when they were younger and its been years
since he tasted his brothers load. Matt loved fucking
chicks but after tasting his brothers cum again, he
realized how much he loved taking Victor's load while
they were growing up. After Matt sucked up all of
Victor's cum, he didn't get to fuck her again, instead
Victor grabbed Steve and held on to Steve's cock and
pushed Steve's cock inside of her at that time. Victor
stayed there and kept telling Steve to fuck her faster
and faster, fuck her harder and deeper. The entire
time Steve was fucking this chick she was moaning,
groaning and screaming like they've never heard
before. After a while, Steve was ready to cum and he
started to pull out as he was cumming, and blew half
of his load inside of her pussy and the other half of
his load all over her stomach, Matt said there were
gallons of cum everywhere. I guess Steve's cock was
about 8" long and thin, but an awesome cock
nonetheless. After Steve was done cumming, Victor
grabbed Matt and forced him once again to eat up all
of his brothers cum. Matt loved the taste and started
licking the chick's stomach and once he finished
there, Victor again grabbed Matt by the back of the
head and forced Matt to eat Steve's cum from her

Matt did finally get to fuck her after he was done
eating both of his brothers' cum from inside her and
all over her stomach. He said he fucked her even
harder and he loves fucking woman more than anyone
will know. But with Victor making Matt eat his and
Steve's cum, Matt knew that Victor knew he was into
cum as much as fucking/eating pussy! After all was
said and done, all three of them crashed for the night
and the chick took off after she took a shower. Victor
walked around the house the rest of the night and the
next day in just his boxer briefs. Matt said it
fucking drove him nuts, because Victor packs a nice
package and that's all that Matt could think about.
That was a few years ago and Matt still thinks about
watching his brothers fuck this chick and seeing them
with enormous hard-ons. He loved watching cum blow
from their cocks, not to mention that Matt got the
best prize; getting to suck and lick cum from both of
his brothers. Even though Victor wouldn't let Matt
suck his cock any longer, Victor knew that Matt loved
his load and Matt said this was one way he loved
tasting it! He said he was looking forward to the next
time it happens and I would imagine it won't be that
long from now.

I got a call from Matt the other day. I am getting
ready for vacation and I'll keep you posted on what
happens when I get back from vacation and call Matt
back! The dude is one hot mother-fucker for sure!

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