Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My accommodating brother in law from New Brighton! (Part I)

This morning I woke up with a raging hard-on thinking
about a few past experiences with my brother in law! I
start stroking my cock for all its worth and blow a
load all over my stomach, as my eyes are closed and I
think about my sisters' husband and I, experimenting,
just the two of us.

This true story starts a few years ago. I had to
change the name of my brother in law for this story,
since they live in a small town in Beaver County,
outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My sister brings
her boyfriend Matt over to meet my parents and the
brothers and sisters. When my sister brought Matt over
to meet all of us, he reminded me of a guy from a
small town; tee shirts, jeans, moustache. Without
sounding harsh or negative, he is just a red neck sort
of guy. He had a great personality, about 5' 9",
average build, sort of slim, brown thick hair, almost
hairless chest and just the kind of guy you wouldn't
notice in a crowd or maybe you would! Matt seemed very
genuine and you could carry on various conversations
with him regarding just about anything, and it was
very easy to make him laugh and have fun! In Beaver
County, he fit right in with most of the guys there,
sort of in a time warp, unaffected by the changing
times. Not a good thing, but definitely not a bad
thing either. You probably get my drift, but there is
no other way I can explain it. I guess knowing he was
from New Brighton PA and we were from Monaca didn't
make that much of a difference. I was born and raised
in Monaca, but moved to Pittsburgh quite a while ago.
I guess growing up, there were always the types of
guys you would see coming out of concerts, bars and
even to this day at the Beaver Valley Mall that are so
down to earth with their trucks, flannel, wife and
kids. It's not the married thing I find interesting, I
think it's the wholesome fact that these guys are just
everyday guys and very, very genuine. In fact if you
watch some of the old porn movies, these guys were not
the muscled kind of guys, just the everyday type that
catch your eye for whatever reason.

Anyhow, my sister and Matt grew together along with
getting married and having kids, you know the whole
family kind of thing. I didn't spend as much time
around my family that as I should of; I was busy
traveling, working and forging my own niche in life. I
would only see my sister and Matt about twice a year
and that was it! As time passed Matt seemed to catch
my eye more and more, however my sister's husband,
messing around, etc, you know those kind of things
don't mix. I would, on occasion catch a nice glimpse
of Matt from the back side or see a nice mound in the
front of his pants. Better yet, I'd go over to visit
them this one time and I walk into the living room to
find Matt sleeping on the sofa. While my sister is
outside I decide to take a peek in the living room and
I see Matt lying on the sofa, spread eagle with just
his shorts on. It was as clear as the day that he had
a hard-on protruding from his briefs. He must have
been shifting around while he was sleeping and the
side of his shorts shifted to where most of his crotch
was in plain view. That kind of view just made my cock
stand straight up, rock hard in a few seconds! I stood
there for a few minutes as quiet as I could because I
didn't want to wake him and I really didn't want to
leave either. It looked like he was packin' a nice
fucking thick tool in his briefs! Matt looked so
fucking hot lying there. No shirt, smooth chest, dark
hair and a nice bulge in his shorts. You could tell he
was hard and thick! If I could of, I would of taken a
load of his right then and there..

My cock is still fucking raging. It's hard to hide 8-1/2"
while you're in shorts yourself. I turn around and
head upstairs to the bathroom to try and take a piss.
I actually have to wait a few minutes for my cock to
go down so the piss will start to flow. After about 3
or 4 minutes my cock starts to soften, I piss and I
head back downstairs. I peek in one more time and Matt
is gone! I start to head outside. I walk through the
kitchen and he's in the kitchen grabbing something to
drink. Matt comes out from behind the fridge door and
as he closes the door I glance down and you can tell
he never readjusted his bulge. From the bulge in his
shorts, he still looks partially hard. I look back up
at him; he sort of smiles and reaches his hand
straight down inside of his shorts. You can see his
nice smooth chest as his hand glides past his navel,
down into his shorts to readjust himself. I quickly
glance over and down again, you can see a nice fucking
THICK mound of dark brown hair inside of his shorts.
He is moving his cock around in his briefs and not
having any problem with opening his shorts up as much
as he can so he can shift his cock around. If he would
have pulled his shorts down about another half inch I
would have seen all of his cock. As he is wrestling
around inside of his shorts and shuffling his cock
around he says "got to move some things around in
here", scratches his balls and out comes his hand.

Matt always had a nice bulge and it didn't matter what
shorts or pants he had on. It must have been the
briefs he wore or something, anything he wore he
always showed a nice bulge and you could always see an
outline of exactly where his cock was. I don't
fucking know, but just thinking about what just
happened, wouldn't allow me to think about anything
else! After a moment or so the two of us went outside
and joined my sister. Shit we must of talked for 4
hours, had a few beers and just carried on. Me still
looking over at Matt while he was talking and thinking
how fucking lucky my sister is to have someone like
that! Man I was in 7th heaven sitting there, across
from Matt checking him out from head to toe while we
are talking, pretty awesome view if you asked me, only
wearing shorts and nothing else. Sometimes you could
see the outline of his balls when he was sitting there
and better yet, depending on how he moved around you
could see his briefs when he spread his legs open
while he was sitting there talking! Talk about a nice
bulge all the time. He is packing something in there,
not sure what it was, whatever it was it was a nice
sight to see!

That was probably the last time I spent time with them
for a few years and I guess nothing lasts forever as
you will see. A few years later, my sister and Matt
had a few kids and life seems to be normal. They don't
bother with my folks a whole lot, they sort of do
their own thing. A few times we meet again and hang
out, I get to meet a few of Matt's brothers, and I can
tell where Matt gets his looks from, fucking hot
looking brothers a few younger than him and I think
one or two older than him. Wouldn't mind being stuck
in a hotel room all night with all of them! The older
brother has a few kids and I think he left his wife,
but he is also one hot mother-fucker. Tall, dark hair,
slender, nice build and he also carries on the family
tradition of having a sizeable bulge in his pants..
The thought of tag teaming these guys has definitely
crossed my mind!

Well a few years later on Christmas day everyone meets
at my folks' house for Christmas. Christmas started
out pretty much the way it always does, kids running
around, presents to open, dinner to eat and fun to be
had. However this Christmas was a Christmas not to
ever forget. I won't provide a lot of details about
the bad part of this holiday, because I don't want it
to ruin my story the way our Christmas was ruined.
Let's just say my mom comes into the living room and
seems pretty upset about something. I ask her what's
wrong and she mentions something about Matt coming
here drunk and high and she doesn't like him being
like that, let alone driving my sister and their kids
over for the holidays. I can't remember the entire
chain of events because everything happened so fast; I
only remember my younger brother getting upset, my
father yelling, my mom almost in tears and my sister's
kids all upset and Matt disappeared, nowhere to be
seen. Well that started something between my mom and
my sister. So my sister decided to take her kids home,
however she was too upset to drive, so my older sister
drove my younger sister and her kids home, back to New

Since my older sister was driving her home, she needed
a ride back home because she was using my younger
sisters' car. I told them they could follow me over
and I would bring my older sister back home. So off we
went, me, in my two-seater and my older sister a mile
or so behind me driving through the snow, through
downtown Monaca heading towards New Brighton. It was
so fucking cold outside and the snow was falling all
around me as I drove. I was driving down Main Street
or whatever the main drag of Monaca is called. As I'm
heading towards the Monaca Post Office, I see someone
walking to the right of me without a coat! Fuck, man,
who the hell would be out walking in this without a
coat! As I start to approach the person, clearly it
looks like Matt and since he disappeared, who knows it
could have been, but it might not be him. Sure enough,
the closer I get the more and more it looks like him.
I pulled down my passenger window as I come right up
to him and yell, hey you asshole, what the fuck is
going on and get the fuck in here. It's fucking 1
degree outside, you have no coat on and you're going
to freeze to death even before you get home if that's
where you're headed.

Matt looks in the car, says "fuck you" and keeps
walking. I figured no loss to me, but I also figured,
he's drunk, stoned and whatever else. I stopped the
car and just said Matt come on, get in the car, I'll
ride you home and things will look better in the
morning! He looked at me, brown eyes, dark moustache,
sort of sad and all alone. I said come on; he opened
the door and hopped into my car. I closed the window
and looked behind me and it seems like my older sister
is further back than I thought! Now I'm thinking what
is my sister going to say when she finds out I picked
him up and I'm taking him home? Hopefully Matt's wife
is happy so they can sort out this mess on Christmas,
but I know my older sister will want to tear into him!

So we're driving slow due to the snow and the ice,
we're talking. Matt's upset because he doesn't know
what caused what and he doesn't even know what the
fuck to do and so on... So we talk and talk and I try to
tell him things will be okay and you have to respect
my parents and do whatever you can do to get along
with everyone. My folks are so down to earth and laid
back but the only thing they won't tolerate is
drinking and driving, especially with their
grandchildren in the car.

So the closer we get to their house the more I notice
how drunk Matt is, but not TOO drunk to where he can't
talk. I can understand anything and everything he is
saying. We pull up to his house and talk a few more
minutes. My sisters pull up and my older sister sees
Matt getting out of the car and takes the kids into
the house so they don't have to go through anything
more tonight. Matt and his wife (my younger sister)
start talking. I try stand far enough away so they can
iron out what they need to iron out. Next thing you
know I turn around, Matt is walking down the block,
head down and mumbling something very loud. My younger
sister goes into the house and I walk quickly to catch
up to Matt. I catch up to him and all he can say is
"things are SO fucked up he's going to his mothers and
staying for awhile." His mom lives quite a few blocks
away, close to a mile or two and Matt still doesn't
have a coat and its still 1 degree outside. I told
Matt to hop in the car and I'll take him down. I
yelled into the house as Matt was walking to the car
and told my older sister I would be right back...

Matt and I start driving to the end of the block and I
figured as we're driving to his mom's house let's talk
about something else to take his mind off of tonight's
chain of events. Meanwhile I am fucking boiling that
this is Christmas Day and how fucked up everything has
turned out. I didn't want to just leave Matt alone as
if he had no one to talk to. I can only think that its
tough growing up with the family history that he had
and genuinely Matt used to be or still is a great guy.
Right now he just seems lost in this world and can't
look at what he has around him...

Anyhow so we're driving and talking and he is sitting
there with khaki pants on, which look great on him.
You could see a nice outline of his thighs as well as
the nice bulge he always carries in his pants. With
him sitting only a few inches away from me you can see
a nice mound in the front of his pants. I'm thinking
damn, I would love to know what's inside of those
pants of his, but I know he's upset, my sister's
husband, kids, and the whole nine yards. So we're a
few blocks from his mom's house and for whatever
reason he just pops up and says, so your sister told
me you're gay! I was fucking shocked, as this
red-necked guy actually came out and said this. I've
messed around with both sexes before, couldn't decide
what I wanted or liked or had fun with the best, and
then decided I might be gay. So as shocked as I was
that Matt brought this up, I said "yeah, might look
that way!" Knowing that Matt is such a red-neck type
of guy, I was really surprised that he would even just
blurt something like that out.

I figured my Christmas is shot to hell and I was
wondering why he would even mention this based on
everything that just happened. I guess to think about
it now; we are never alone to even discuss something
like this. So after I said it looked that way, I asked
him what he thought! Well that changed the tone and
the thoughts on a lot of things... First Matt has been
in jail a few times before for minor things. He
started to tell me some things he did in jail, but
didn't get into a lot of detail. So while he was
telling me this, my cock shot up to the thickening
size of 8+" in a flash, no hesitation what-so-ever! As
I'm listening to him I figured he must be telling me
this for a reason; maybe he's bi, maybe he's into guys
sucking on his cock, maybe he's horny, maybe anything,
who knows. I reached over and grabbed his left hand
and placed his hand firmly on my fucking rock hard
cock and gave his hand a squeeze so he could FEEL my
hard COCK in his hand! I also wanted him to know he
was turning me on and I wanted him to feel my fucking
rock hard cock! He looked at me, smiled and said
"FUCK" man! As he was talking about a few things, I
kept my hand on his and would raise my hips some and
squeeze his hand so he could FEEL how long and how
hard my cock was. He couldn't take his eyes off of his
hand for the next few minutes. So he asked me how big
my cock was and I told him. I figured if he could ask
me, then I could ask him, so I asked him the same and
he told me about 6" or 7". I told him it sounded like
he had a nice cock! He didn't seem to think his size
was that great, but I assured him size doesn't matter
to me and it doesn't and based on what I saw before,
it WAS fucking NICE! The entire time I kept thinking
about him laying on the sofa that day and how fucking
great it would of been to wrap my lips around his
cock! While we're discussing, he is still squeezing
and saying "FUCK MAN" that is rock solid and nice! So
I just left his hand there and I would still squeeze
his hand hard so he could REALLY FEEL MY COCK! Fuck,
squeezing my cock any longer and I would have shot a
huge load that would of soaked the front of my pants.
This red-neck is one HOT mother fucker and he just
looks so innocent and lost while we're talking.

As I stated before Matt didn't get into any details
about what he did in jail. He would only say a few
times he's done things he never, ever thought he would
of done or even thought about! He also said some of
the things he's done would make my head spin! Now my
mind is racing 1,000 miles a minute, wondering and
thinking about him fucking my sister, fucking some
guys even thinking about his hot wet mouth wrapped
around my cock, deep throating me all the way down to
the base of my cock. Right now we are sort of in front
of his mom's house, about half block down from there. I
pull over to the side of the road, turn my car off and
you can hear the dead silence as we're talking. Matt's
hand is still squeezing my cock and watching the snow
gently fall! Up ahead you can see some people going in
and out of his mom's house, but you can't really make
out who it is. Matt mentioned he should take his hand
off of my cock since there might be some people coming
past. I told him, if that's where your mom lives,
we're far enough away and no one is parked behind us,
you can just leave it there and I squeezed his hand
again, he looked directly into my eyes and says "oh
man, this is so fucking nice" and he just keeps
looking into my eyes. Occasionally he would glance out
of the car and back at me.

All the time I'm thinking; I am going to fucking bust
any second, so I reach over and start feeling Matt
out. He said he probably wouldn't get hard since he's
been drinking and what ever else he's taken that day!
I said no big deal, it didn't matter to me and I just
wanted to get a feel. He moved his hand off of my
crotch and I reached over and undid his belt,
unbuckled and unzipped his pants. I opened the front
of his pants up and saw a really, really nice white
pair of briefs. Man, I'm thinking I'd love to suck his
cock through his briefs and just sniff his underwear
forever. I could literally smell his crotch when his
pants were opened, just like that great smell of a
guys crotch you're getting ready to go down on. Now
I'm thinking; I would love to lay him on the bed
spread eagle, legs up towards his head and eat his ass
like I've never rimmed ass before! So I started
feeling him out and he apologized for not being hard
and I said fuck it dude, I don't care right now. While
I was saying that I reached down, pulled his underwear
forward and down and saw the thickest mound of dark
brown hair, awesome balls and a nice soft cock just
sitting there needing attention. So from the driver's
side I leaned into his crotch and Matt said don't
someone might see, but I just ignored him and moved to
mouth towards his man smelling, clean soft cock so I
could taste him in my mouth. Matt started groaning and
groaning and then apologized again since he said he
won't get hard and I think he mentioned something
about coke... I said okay and sucked on his soft cock
for about 10 minutes just so I could taste his cock in
my mouth and just so he could relax and enjoy

After I was done I felt him up, he tucked himself in
and I started feeling him out through his pants, while
we were chatting about just playing around. Meanwhile
I grabbed his hand again, just so he could feel how
fucking hard I was! I really squeezed hard this time
as I lifted my hips from the seat. Matt leaned towards
me and said I'd love to get my face fucked right now
by that fucking thing.. Well that was it; Matt reached
over while I was slightly lifted from my seat and
undid my pants and pulled down my zipper, out pops my
8-1/2" rock hard cock, leaking more precum than I've
ever seen. I grabbed my cock by the base and held it
straight up and grabbed the back of Matt's neck and
started inching him towards my cock. As he is moving
closer you can tell he wants it, he's licking his lips
and starts to open his mouth as wide as he can. His
lips touch the tip of my cock and I swear I'm not
going to last long and he opens his hot, very wet
mouth and starts from the very tip of my cock, working
his way down to the base of my cock. His mouth feels
so fucking hot, wet and so great right now, I take the
back of his neck and force him even further down on my
cock. He is starting to gag and wants to pull back
off, but I just hold his head there until he gets used
to it. He starts sucking again, now moving his hot wet
mouth up and down my cock back and forth, deeper and
deeper. He reaches underneath to feel my ass and he
actually pushes my ass towards him more, forcing my
cock deeper into his throat! I am almost ready to
fucking bust a load now, down his throat! I hear him
gag and I also feel this tremendous warm rush go right
through my cock as he is still working his mouth up
and down my cock. My entire cock is in his mouth, he's
gagging and as he's pumping my cock in his mouth, he
stays right at the base and that's it, bucket after
bucket of my warm, salty cum flows from my cock, right
into his mouth and down his throat. He was gulping and
gulping loads of cum from my cock, just like he needed
to be fed. It was so fucking intense! I could see cum
rushing out of the sides of his mouth as he's gagging
and trying to pull off of my cock. I hold his head
down and figured you might as well take as much of
this load as you can and enjoy it! Matt doesn't fight
it and he continues to gag and swallow the entire
time. He still manages to keep sucking my cock as my
load is partly down his throat, partly in my lap and
partly in his stomach! Knowing I just shot a huge load
into Matt's mouth and to see how much he loves sucking
on my cock and taking my load, made my cock swell

As my cock is starting to swell again, Matt is
starting to breathe deep. He starts sucking my cock
harder and harder and harder, while I'm still getting
hard! I swear, with the saliva in his hot mouth and
just how he was sucking, I was bearing fully hard and
shot another huge load down his throat. I wasn't
expecting it, nor was he because this time he really
gagged and stopped sucking, but that was all I needed.
I was rubbing his back with my hand, moving my hand up
and down, up and down his solid back. He felt so
fucking great, I just couldn't stop. I looked up and
saw two people heading down the road towards us, but
they weren't that close and they were talking to each
other. I told Matt that he should sit up just in case
and not to worry because the car was so dark inside no
one would notice anyhow! He said he would stay where
he was in case they saw his head pop up and it would
look more suspicious that way, so I folded my hands on
top of his head and left Matt's head buried in my
crotch. He continued licking up the cum that ran out
of his mouth and while he was still in my crotch he
took his tongue and licked as hard as he could every
single inch of my cock! This dude has sucked cock a
few times before and you could tell he was hungry for
it. It still felt so good, really really good. I
really think the both of us could have checked in to a
hotel for a few nights and never came out!

After the people passed, Matt glanced to the back of
the car and said those guys were a few of his
brothers. I guess since we weren't parked under a
street light and it was that late, they didn't seem to
pay attention and I surely didn't care after the head
I just received! Just then Matt looked at me and said
he needed to head in and talk with his mom and get
some sleep. I told him that he had better lick the
still visible wad of cum off of his moustache before
he went in, he smiled and he did. Then he looked at me
again and I was going to give him a hug and instead he
grabbed me by the back of my head and laid one fucking
mouth to mouth kiss on me like I've never had before.
It wasn't quick, but it wasn't that long, it was long
enough to know there was some type of peace within

I watch Matt get out of the car and walk towards his
moms' house. The entire time watching his fucking
awesome, tight and nicely packed ass in his khakis... As
I'm watching him walk away, my fucking cock swells
back up again thinking about him taking both of my
loads down his throat and the dude definitely enjoyed
it! I guess I realize now that Matt is bi or has
experimented with whomever. I was still curious to
find out what he did with other guys and what his cock
is like fully hard! I'd really like to taste a nice
hot load of his cum running down my throat!

Time went by and I didn't see my sister or her family
for quite a while. Probably a year had passed, my
sister and her kids came up for Christmas, and Matt
went to his family's house to spend Christmas night
with them. I guess Matt figured no one wanted to see
him, so he didn't care about coming up. I thought it
would have been nice to see him and gets things back
to the way they used to be, but that wasn't going to
happen. Summer the following year, my sister called me
and said that her and Matt were at his company picnic
in Scott Township and wanted to know if I wanted to
stop by. So I called her back, got the directions and
met them as they were wrapping things up at the
picnic. I got out of my car, you could tell they were
pretty lit from drinking but everyone was still in
control. Matt and I said hi to each other and talked
about the picnic, he introduced me to his boss and we
all stood there talking. After about 20 minutes, Matt
said he had to take a piss and headed over to the
woods. The bathrooms weren't close by and there
weren't a lot of people left at the picnic. He was
just a few yards away from us and I watched him reach
in and pull out his cock. I watched him watch me and
he started mumbling something that I couldn't make
out. As I am standing there watching him you can see a
steady stream of piss coming from his cock and he
yelled over "do you want to come over and help me"! I
assumed he was talking to me and my sister assumed he
was talking to her, but he never indicated who we was
talking to! He kept peeing and I kept an eye out since
I was facing in his direction and again, it was a
great view and I definitely would have been over there
in a second to help him out regardless of what he
needed help with. When he finished taking a piss he
slowly shook his cock and started to slowly rub his
hand up and down the shaft. I could see him do this
for a little while and you could see his cock getting
longer and I could tell his cock was starting to get
hard. About 2 minutes goes by and he grabs his cock by
the base and gives it a few more shakes and you could
definitely tell he was getting hard, but he shakes it
some more while he is watching me and tucks his cock
back into his jeans. He zips up and walks towards us
and the entire time I can see this nice semi-hard
outline of his entire cock off to the side! Fuck man
is all I can think about! I still haven't had a chance
yet to taste his load or suck on that cock yet and I
am so fucking horny I wished I could of blown a few
loads down his throat since he liked it so much last
time. I guess that will have to wait!

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