Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Matt, Kelly and Becca (Part 2)

"Your sister?" Matt was confused. In all the time he had known Kelly she had
never mentioned having a sister, let alone a twin sister.

"Yea! So, who do you think is better looking?" Kelly asked mischievously, as
she allowed her robe to drop to the pool deck. Matt looked back and forth at
them. There was no way he could tell them apart, even if he had wanted to.

"I can't see the difference, can you see the difference?" he mocked. Becca
got up off the bed and stood behind Matt's naked body. His erection hadn't
waned in the least. She put her hands on his shoulders and slid them around
to grope his well-developed chest. He could feel her hard nipples erect
against his back. Kelly stepped in closer and put her arms around his waist
and his penis slid up the front of her thong.

"How about a little tongue action?" Becca asked.

"Sounds good to me," Kelly replied. The two of them walked away from Matt,
lay down on the bed and started kissing each other. This left Matt standing
there, naked, with a raging hard-on as he watched the two sisters tongue
wrestle. Kelly got on top of Becca and held her arms down and really started
to push her tongue down her throat.

"Holy shit!" Matt gasped. He took his cock in hand and started to jerk it
slowly. He watched as the two blonde-haired beauties in front of him writhed
around with their tongues, trying to dig deeper and deeper into each other's
mouths. Kelly finally broke their intimate contact.

"Don't you want to get in on this?" she asked Matt with a smile on her face.

"Fucking right I do!" Matt got on the bed between them and put one hand on
the back of each of the girl's head and brought them both together. They
licked at each other's tongues and then Matt brought their faces towards his
and added his tongue to their hot action. The three of them were tied
together in a kissing knot. One hot tongue would move from one mouth to the
other mouth in a never-ending stream of movement. Eventually both girls had
both of their tongues in Matt's mouth while he massaged them both with his

After kissing for a while Matt pulled his tongue out and stroked his hard
cock. He watched as Becca brought Kelly closer to her. She moved to place
her lips on her sister. Matt watched in silence. As they made contact, he
began to feel a warmth and tingle come over him. He fell into almost sort of
a trance as their mouths met before him. Two incredibly superb women
embraced with their mouths locked to each other. Their tongues were feeling
each other's wetness while gentle caresses were being exchanged. Their hands
began to explore each other's faces, breasts and torsos.

"Damn, you two are the hottest fucking women to have ever existed!" Matt

"You haven't seen anything yet babe," Becca cooed.

Matt's cock began to grow even harder. It was dark in the room, but he knew
they could see, and would eventually notice his throbbing penis, which
yearned for a touch. He watched as they began to undress each other and
their passion began to increase. He was dying to know how wet their pussies
were getting and how hard their nipples were. He was getting so excited he
thought that he would just cum right there.

"Come here Kelly," Becca said, "let's get you all naked!"

Becca succeeded in getting Kelly undressed. She spread her sister's legs and
buried her face in her blond bushy cunt. Kelly caressed Becca's naked skin
anywhere she could find it. Matt thought for a moment about jumping in, but
sensed that they wanted these moments for themselves. He decided he was
lucky to be there at all, so he decided to relax and enjoy the show. Soon,
Becca lifted her face and smiled as her tongue tried to lick Kelly's juices
from around her lips. The dim light caused her pussy wet face to glisten
slightly. Kelly helped by bringing her tongue to the aide. She used her
tongue to lick all over Becca's face.

There they were, right before Matt, four huge and turned on tits just
waiting to be licked and fondled. He thought his cock would burst. They all
stopped and stared at each other for a long moment. Each other's eyes took
advantage of each other's nakedness. Each admired the other's bodies. Each
wanted to make love to the other. Each began to reach out to explore the
other. Their hands explored their curves and flat stomachs. Soon, Kelly was
feeling and exploring Becca's large, firm tits. Her fingers circling the
nipples slowly and feeling each little dimple and bump on Becca's aureoles.

"Oh yea sis, work my tits", Becca moaned.

Kelly felt Becca's nipples grow even firmer as he began to pinch and pull on
them. He lay back down and watched again as their passions began to erupt
even further. Becca began to smile as Kelly continued working on her
nipples. She moaned as they were both being pulled and stretched. She bit
her lip in passionate agony as the torture continued, but reached out with
her hand to pull Kelly closer to her and she began biting her ear. Kelly
placed Becca's closest breast in her mouth and her tongue licked her nipples
and her mouth closed in tight suction as she sucked and sucked on that

Matt yearned to have his cock stroked and sucked by one of these sexually
aroused women. Soon Kelly's mouth and tongue began exploring the rest of
Becca's beautiful nakedness and Matt began to sense Becca's restfulness. The
girls soon turned into a 69 position which barely left Matt enough room to
masturbate while he watched them. Matt's cock throbbed and throbbed as he
witnessed them sucking and eating each other's cunt juices. Each of their
tongues were deep in the other's vagina. Each sent their hands exploring as
their mouths, tongues and cunts began to work feverishly in some sort of
race to bring the other to orgasm.

They turned onto their sides so that they could spread the other's ass apart
and explore their tight assholes. Becca's fingers penetrated Kelly's anus
and the lubrication from Kelly's own pussy entered her own asshole. Kelly
asked for some lubrication, and Matt found his moment to join in. He grabbed
the K-Y jelly from the table beside the bed, placed a dab on his finger and
wiped it onto Becca's ass for Kelly. As their fingers penetrated each
other's anuses and their mouths sucked each other's clitoris', Matt could
hear the sounds of love making. Kelly stole a moment to reach for a long
black dildo that was under the bed. She inserted it into Becca's dripping
cunt and got it very wet with cum as Becca was now in almost constant
orgasm. Her body was shivering and he could almost see her clit quivering in
the warm air.

She was turned onto her back as Kelly began to pump the dildo in and out of
her sister's pussy. She took that thick, rubbery, long cock-like tool and
began ramming it in and out of her sister's willing cunt. Becca's hands
reached over to help by spreading her swollen cunt lips and the dildo was
pressed in even deeper. Becca was moaning and shaking with passion and Kelly
pumped the dildo in and out of her wet willing, young cunt. She twisted and
turned it and made every motion with it that she could. Becca began to cry
out that she wanted more. She began to beg to be fucked.

"Fuck me Matt, oh, please fuck me!"

"Yeah, Matt, give it to her good," Kelly responded while she pounded the
dildo in and out of her sister's hot vagina. She pumped it in and out, over
and over and over again. Then, acting with deliberate slowness, she withdrew
it completely from Becca's cunt. Matt could hear Becca's cunt make a popping
sound as the dildo came out. Wasting not one second, Kelly took the wet and
now hot dildo and ran it across Becca's anus. Her anus tingled as the wet
rubbery dildo touched her orifice.

Kelly then inserted the dildo into Becca's ass. As its slippery surface
penetrated her pink anus, the moans became deeper, as she demanded more of
the molded rubber up her ass. Kelly willingly complied, and soon all twelve
inches were inserted deep into Becca's hole. By now, Matt was dripping with
pre-cum, watching these two beautiful sisters go at it. He practically leapt
into the middle of them and forced his cock into Becca's cunt. It was warm
and wet, spread wide from being worked, but still very firm in feel. He felt
its wetness upon his cock, which had been yearning for some action for quite
a while. It throbbed within her vagina, which had accepted it gladly.

He could feel the dildo on his cock through her slick vaginal wall. He
pumped his penis harder and harder as he felt her vagina clamp down upon his
penis in a vice like manner. His mind was filled with sexual desire and his
cock throbbed so hard he thought it would explode with fury. He continued to
ram his cock into her pussy as she screamed for more.

"Oh yea, Matt, fuck me hard! Fuck me faster! Move that dildo faster Kelly!"

"Oh yea... I'm going to fuck you so hard you're not going to be able to walk
straight for a week. Yea... I'm going to pump my whole load of cum right up
your cunt."

Both Kelly and Matt gave it to her, the dildo in her anus and his thick long
cock within her cunt. Becca came wildly, but neither Kelly nor Matt let up.
Becca wanted to be fucked and they royally fucked her from both ends. They
set into an equal rhythm where if the dildo wasn't all the way in, Matt's
cock was buried to the hilt.

Matt glanced at Kelly; he could see a passionate woman going fucking crazy
with lust as he witnessed saliva drip from her mouth. This drove him
absolutely crazy and he pumped his cock faster and harder into Becca. Before
he could say anything, Becca yelled out.

"Cum! Now, cum inside me!"

"Oh yeah," Matt hissed, "here it comes bitch!" Matt thrust his cock in her
moist hole even harder and faster.

"Yea Matt! Drive it into me baby! Shoot your load in me!"

He came in such frenzy that he thought his cock would exit through Becca's
mouth. He thundered in orgasmic thrill and felt the passion of the woman
beneath him. He could feel the rubber-like cock through Becca's vagina. It
was like his cock was rubbing against another cock. After he shot his sperm
into Becca's cunt, he knew that he was still hard with lust. He withdrew his
still throbbing penis and turned and faced Kelly. He took her hand from
Becca's ass and left the thick rubber dildo inside of Becca. He saw Becca's
hand reach for the toy and hold it there to be sure it wouldn't be slip out.
Her other hand reached for her cunt and scooped out some of Matt's cum that
had mixed in with her pussy juice. She moistened her fingers in it and then
took it to her mouth to taste it. Kelly and Matt watched her taste his cum
which came from her cunt.
The night had been tame up until then. Matt's still hard cock entered
Kelly's pussy with such passion that he found himself slapping his body
against hers. She was melting in his arms as he grabbed her torso and held
her down while he rammed and pumped his cock, with Becca's cunt juice into
Kelly's pussy. He went from fucking one sister to the other in a space of a
few seconds. There was Becca, sucking on her cum drenched fingers,
occasionally dipping then into her pussy while with the other hand was
moving the lubricated dildo in and out of her asshole. Matt pumped his cock
harder and harder and he could hear both women screaming in ecstasy.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Matt came again. He thrust harder
and deeper into Kelly's pussy then one could think possible. He shot his
second load of cum of the night deep into the second sister. Then he began
to melt onto Kelly. He left his cock within her wet vagina and glanced over
at Becca. She was watching them, eyes slightly glazed over from the fucking
she had just received, but slowly drifted into sleep.

"Damn Matt," Kelly moaned as she fell asleep, "what do you do for an

"I'll show you in the morning..."

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