Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making Amends

About three years ago I had some business which took me to L.A. I decided
to call my college buddy Phil who lived with his wife Robin in a huge
house on stilts, up in the Hollywood Hills. He invited me to come over
one evening after my meetings, for drinks and dinner. As it turned out
my last meeting was cancelled, but because my hotel was clear across
town I decided I'd head over early. Phil and I hadn't kept in touch
that well since school, but I knew that he was real casual and wouldn't
care if I came over early.

I got lost a few times driving to their house (if you've ever been to L.A.
you know how easy that is) but it was still only 5:45 when I arrived. I
rang the buzzer and nobody answered, and I felt like an idiot, realizing
that anybody who can afford to have a house as big as his probably isn't
lounging around in the afternoon. I was just about to leave when I saw
a pathway leading to a side entrance, onto their huge patio. Thinking
maybe Phil or Robin were out on the porch--it was a hot day--I walked
out to see what I could see.

Phil was nowhere to be seen, but Robin was sitting in a deck chair with
a book lying forgotten on the floor, wearing only a bikini, a T-shirt
and a pair of sunglasses. I'd only met Robin a couple of times---at the
wedding, and for dinner once in New York--and I'd never thought she was
particularly attractive, but now I stopped to look at her over the gate.
Not only did she look gorgeous, but her right hand was tucked into her
bikini bottom and moving in slow, languid circles. I'd seen women
masturbate before, in intimate situations, but never so
unselfconsciously. She spread her legs wider, keeping her bikini bottom
on, and her hand kept circling and circling as my own cock grew in my
underwear. Afraid of her seeing me and afraid of stopping her, I just
stood there and watched as she moved faster and faster, her hips rising
slightly from the deck chair. My hands were both in my pockets,
caressing my cock from the inside. I was afraid of coming and staining
my pants, but too chicken to just take my cock out and watch her. Her
breath grew louder and sharper, and her hand shifted so it looked like
she was fucking herself underneath the bikini. Finally, she came, her
legs shuddering and her hand clutching herself. I was literally
trembling with desire, but I played it cool and walked back up the path,
and then strode back down it noisily, calling Phil's name.

"Hey," I said, when I reached the gate. Robin was sitting up in the
chair looking a little flushed but unruffled. "I'm sorry I'm so early,
but I had nowhere else to go."

"No problem," she said, and opened the gate to let me in. She shook my
hand and my cock grew erect again as I felt the warmth of her fingers,
knowing where they'd been. She offered me a drink and I followed her
into the kitchen, discreetly sniffing my fingers as I did so. I swore I
could smell just a bit of her cunt.

Robin made a pitcher of some rum drink with limes and mint leaves, and
by the time Phil came home we were both pretty tipsy. The spell of her
masturbating in front of me had faded a bit and I didn't feel so
desperately horny--just enough for a hot masturbatory session of my own
when I returned to my hotel room. It was too hot to cook, so Phil
ordered some Thai food delivered and we ate it right out of the boxes,
talking about old times and drinking more of those delicious drinks.
Soon I was so buzzed the room was practically spinning and I was having
trouble following the conversation, but luckily Phil was doing most of
the talking, going on and on about his house which he'd bought just six
months earlier.

"And I love the deck," he was saying, "we're far enough away from the
neighbors that you can lay out there in complete privacy and not worry
about anybody seeing you."

"Oh," I said, before I could stop myself. "I wouldn't say that."

Robin blushed bright red, giving me a sharp and embarrassed look. "What
did I miss?" Phil asked.

"I thought you were a bit too casual when you said hello," Robin said.

"What are you talking about?" Phil asked.

"He watched me!" Robin said, pointing at me. "You know what I like to
do out there honey, and your college buddy watched me!"

"Is this true?" Phil asked me. Luckily we were all drunk so the
conversation flowed more easily than it would have otherwise! I looked
Phil in the eye and nodded. "Well," he said, "I guess I should kick
your ass, but I won't, as long as you make amends."

"How can I do that?" I said. "It was an accident, seeing her like that.
What can I do about it?"

"You can jack off for me," Robin blurted.

"No way," I said.

"Fair is fair," Phil said, and he and Robin teased me and teased me
until I said I'd do it, right there in the living room. I stood up, the
room spinning, and unbuckled my jeans, letting them fall to the floor.
Despite all my unfinished arousal from earlier, I wasn't that hard,
between the booze and my own embarrassment. I could see that my cock
just lay there, only half-erect, in my underwear. "I can't do this," I
said, gesturing to my cock.

"Oh," Robin said, "do you need a visual aid?" And with that she stood up
and took her shirt off, unbuckled her bikini top and showed me her
breasts, which were small and pale, with big dark nipples. "Do you need
more?" she asked, and tugged down her bikini bottom. Even though Robin
was a brunette, her pubic hair was reddish, catching the dim light of
the living room. I felt my cock tent up in my underwear as I looked my
friend's wife over.

"Yeah," Phil said, "do you need some help there, pal?" And to my
amazement, HE stood up and peeled off his shirt and jeans, meeting my
eyes before taking his boxers off. I suppose I'd seen Phil naked
before--we shared a bathroom at the dorms, for god's sake--but I'd never
really noticed him, and the sight of his hairy, dark cock, gently
curling upwards, was enough for me to take off my underwear and begin
stroking myself. I like to jack off my having one hand clasping my
balls and the other running lightly up and down my shaft to make it last
as long as possible, and so, drunk enough to shed my selfconsciousness,
I began to do it. Phil and Robin sat side by side on the couch watching
me standing in front of them like I was on TV. Occasionally they would
kiss, and before too long they were caressing one another, PHil leaning
in to suck Robin's breasts and Robin touching Phil's dark, curved cock.

"Just as a visual aid," Robin said again, her voice slightly slurred,
and she lay down on the couch, spreading her legs and touching herself
as I'd seen her do on the patio. Phil looked at her for a moment, and
then, looking at me, took his cock in hand and guided it into her cunt,
moving slowly for my benefit. I began to work my cock in earnest, never
taking my eyes off Phil's cock as it sunk in and out of her, getting
shiny and damp in the process.

"You like this?" Phil asked me, and I could only nod. He began to pause
before entering her, meeting my eyes each time, but before long he was
too engrossed in fucking to notice me as I jacked my cock harder and
harder with one hand, pumping my balls with the other. Robin was
watching me too, and, finally, as my orgasm approached, she curled out a
hand to beckon to me. Trembling, I walked over to the couch, and Phil
looked up, almost bumping right into my cock. As if by magic, both
Robin and Phil opened their mouths and began licking the tip of my cock.
I stopped jacking off as a man took me in his mouth for the first time,
Robin moving down to lick at my balls and nuzzle at my asshole.
Moaning loudly, I came stronger than I ever had before, bucking up and
down and sending jets of cum all over Phil and Robin's faces, one last
stream of it landing on Phil's back as he began banging away at Robin.
The two of them moaned in orgasm just as my own orgasm throbbed to a
close. I collapsed onto the edge of the sofa and listened to the sound
of our slowing breathing.

I spent that night on the couch, way too drunk to drive, and I hoped in
the morning that we might have more sex. After staring at Phil's cock I
was hoping to get it in my mouth--my first time giving a blowjob. But
in the morning it was awkward and we were all a bit hungover and the
mood just wasn't right. I left for New York the following day and aside
from Christmas cards I haven't really heard from Phil since, although I
dream of his dark and hairy cock, hoping that one day the curve of it
will pass through my lips.

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