Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Time to bounce backwards a little way and relate a tale that occurred
back when I was around 25 years old. I used to like to hop in my car
and head out to Vegas for little weekend jaunts and anyone who has
done this over any period of time knows that there are groups of
people that hang out in their various casinos of choice. My casino of
choice used to be the Tropicana. I got to know several of the
employees there in addition to several of the regulars. I got to the
point that I wouldn't gamble much, I would like to just hang out in
the casino lounges and bullshit with the folks there and have a few

Several of my buddies used to also make the trek or even ride along
with me when I went, so there was always someone there that I knew.
One buddy of mine (Tim) had promised his grandmother that he would
look her up while we were there this time. No big deal I didn't have
any pressing issues that required his constant presence. Well, he
contacted his grandmother early in the afternoon on our first day
there and she asked if she could meet us at the hotel for dinner. I
agreed, after all it isn't like we all haven't had grandmothers in our
lives at one point or another, and they need attention just like
anyone else. I had resigned myself to the idea that my evening
obviously wouldn't be able to get started until after grandma had

Well Tim and I were having a cocktail in the casino when we hear Tim
being paged to the courtesy phone. Tim goes to the bar to use their
phone then waves me over to tell me that his grandmother was waiting
at the front desk for us. We pick up our cocktails and head for the
front desk. As we approach the desk this woman walks up to Tim and
gives him a huge hug and kiss. Tim introduces me to his grandmother
(Terri) and she politely shakes my hand. Terri sees that we have
drinks and suggest that we go back to the bar and sit and talk for
awhile before going to eat. No problem, I'm not one to turn down a
few cocktails. On the way to the bar though, I started to kick myself
in the ass. It seems that I was looking at Terri in a way that most
25 year olds don't look at grandmothers. Here she is this petite
woman of 61 years, has that typical Vegas Desert Rat tan and is
wearing Calvin jeans and a tight fitting, stylish white T-shirt. She
also has these cute, tiny little boots on with about an inch and a
half heel. My cock actually started to get hard as I watched her ass
wiggle in front of me. I have no idea why I was having these
thoughts, I mean this is a 61 year old lady.

When we reached the bar we found a table and sat down and ordered
drinks. Terri asked the waiter for an extra "pop" in her White
Russian so that she could catch up with us. I was thinking, "Oh
great, grandma's a partier, how much weirder could this get?" Turns
out Terri is really a great lady, nice and classy and extremely well
spoken. I was becoming more and more taken aback by her.

As the alcohol continued to flow we became much friendlier and Terri
was leaning over and slapping her hand on my thigh when she laughed at
the jokes we would tell in conversation. Soon enough, a couple drinks
turned into several and the idea about dinner just wasn't as
intriguing to any of us. Eventually a lounge band started to play
some music and it was 50's and 60's stuff which I personally am a big
fan of. Terri was suprised at how much I knew about that era of
music. We sat at the table and sang along to the tunes and had a
great time. Well, Tim got the itch to have more fun than our little
music flashback and suggested that maybe grandma should consider
cooling it on the drinks so that she would be able to get home.

"Oh Timmy, lighten up, this town is full of cabs and I'm having a good
time!" "If I'm hanging you up you can go do whatever you'd like, I'm
a big girl now and I'm enjoying the music!" then she turned to me and
said, "Don, don't feel like you have to hang out with me, you can go
off and have some fun, I won't be offended."

"Not a chance Terri, I'm having a blast!" I turned to Tim and said,
"Hey go ahead and head downtown, the rest of the gang should be at the
Palamino by now. I'll hang out here and catch up to you when you get

"You sure?" Tim asked.
Both Terri and I said, "Yeah, go ahead!" Tim excused himself and was
on his way.

Terri and I were back to our drinks and having a good time when she
got the bug to go dance. Now, I'm not much of a dancer but she is one
hell of a convincer. I was out on the floor with her dancing around
like a jackass. Then one of my favorite oldies came on, a slow song
called "Since I Don't Have You". Terri pulled me in close and we
started a nice slow dance. Since I felt a little clumsy and was
getting a tiny bit of a hardon, I backed up from her a little bit.
She kind of chuckled and moved back in close to me and said into my
ear, "Don't worry Don, I don't bite ........ too hard that is!" Terri
just threw her head back and started to laugh then. The song finished
and we went back to our table and grabbed our drinks to help cool off
from the dancing. Terri had this quizzical look on her face as she
looked at me. Then she finally spoke up.

"Don, what would you say to grabbing a bottle of champagne and heading
up to the room so we can get away from the noise for awhile?" "I
could sure use the breather, and it will give us a chance to talk and
actually hear each other."

I was just drunk enough to actually think that is what she really
wanted. I mean, c'mon, this is my friends grandmother, grandmothers
don't get horny and try to pick up on young guys do they ?? Ahhhh,
the joy of drunken naivete. I signed off a bottle of champagne at the
bar and we were on our way. Going up the elevator there was no
indication of anything being amiss and I still didn't think she would
be trying to pull a stunt. Although, I was now having a hard time
controlling my growing cock. She really was an attractive lady for
her age, in fact for any age !!

We got to the room and I opened the door and we went in. Since I was
up on the 14th floor I had a great view out of the Island Tower.
Terri walked over to the window and commented on how nice it was out
there. I just plopped face first on the bed. I had just realized the
hard way that all that driving to get there and then all that drinking
without eating had worn me out. Terri came over from the window and
saw me laying there and reached out and started to rub my back and

"Oh is the poor baby tired and unable to keep up with the old lady?"
she asked in a condescending baby voice.

I just groaned and shook my head yes.
Terri laughed and continued to rub my back. Soon I realized that this
felt really, really good and I guess in my partially drunken state
didn't realize that I was moaning with every stroke of her hands.
Terri began to pull up my shirt and I assisted my lifting it over my
head to allow her better access to continue my massage. As she
continued my cock was growing considerably underneath me. It had to
be obvious as I kept squirming to readjust myself. Terri took a break
after about ten minutes I suppose to give her hands a rest. She
continued to talk to me during this time asking if it was feeling
good. I just spoke into the pillow and said, "Oh yeah!"

Terri came back over and started the massage again and then kind of
laid herself out on my back while she sat on my legs. On thing is
though, when she laid herself out on the forward motion toward my
neck, I quickly realized that there was a distinct feeling of flesh
against my skin. I slowly rolled over to see what was going on and
evidently during her "rest period" Terri had removed her T-shirt and
bra. She didn't say a thing and just started to rub my chest. Terri,
was still extremely firm for a woman her age and her tiny breasts were
capped by extremely hard nipples. I reached up and caressed her
breasts and she just leaned back like that was exactly what she
needed. Terri leaned forward and kissed me very passionately and then
said, "If I'm making you uneasy I'll stop."

"Not at all Terri, this is very nice!"

Terri then went back to rubbing my chest and she slowly worked her way
down my stomach to where she was at the button of my jeans. Terri
with complete confidence undid my pants and lowered my zipper. I
lifted my hips for her and she pulled my pants and briefs off in one
motion. Terri then stood up and took off her own jeans and I was
completely suprised to find out that she wasn't wearing any underwear.
Terri had gorgeous legs and a beautiful pussy with just a small patch
of very closely shaven brown hair. This sight had my cock at full
attention. Terri moved back onto the bed and took my cock into her
hand and started to stroke me as she again moved up for a very deep
and passionate kiss. Terri kissed me all over while she stroked my
cock, I was in heaven. This woman took her time and knew exactly how
to make me feel fantastic. I started to sit up and pay some attention
to her when she pushed me back down and whispered into my ear, "Let me
take care of you first, just lay there, close your eyes, and relax
just like this was the massage you were getting earlier." I laid back
down and let Terri do her thing. she rubbed me and kissed me then she
did something I really loved. She gently took each foot into her hand
and gave me a very sensual foot massage. She went so far as to place
each foot in between her breasts as she did this. It was so relaxing
that I thought I would fall asleep except for the fact that my cock
was still pointing straight up. A fact that wasn't unobserved by
Terri. When she finished with my feet she massaged her way back up my
calves and then my thighs and eventually had my cock back in her
expert hands. Then it was show time !!!!

Terri wrapped her warm, moist mouth around my cock and slowly sucked
me in and out of her mouth. This woman was a true cocksucking hero
!!! My god, her twisting and plunging rhythm on my cock was amazing.
She took my balls into her little hands and gave them a fantastic
caressing session as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth.
Terri was an expert at slowly building my orgasmic threshold. As I
would start to rise toward cumming she would slow down and increase
her grip on my sack. Terri brought me to the edge at least three
times before she finally got up and pulled her mouth off of my cock.
Terri climbed on top of me and slid up and gave me another fantastic
kiss. Terri then guided her pussy down until the head of my cock was
right at the entrance. She rubbed her pussy on my cock for a few
moments before plunging herself down onto my cock. When I penetrated
her glorious pussy she let out a little squeal. Terri rode me slowly
at first, not allowing me to thrust or assist in any way. Then it was
obvious that she was nearing orgasm because her speed increased and
she began to breathe much heavier and moan much louder. Soon Terri
was a blur she was fucking me so fast. Terri let out a group of
screams and settled back down onto my chest. I now took over the
pumping chores as it was obvious that Terri was exhausted from the
orgasm she just had. Terri lifted back up off of me and again
assisted in the rhythm of the fucking. I pumped and pumped and felt
my balls begin to boil. Then I finally let loose with a huge load of
cum, deep into her graciously accepting pussy.

Now I was the exhausted one and I just laid there admiring this
beautiful older woman laying upon me. I must have dozed off for
awhile because what seemed like considerably later I awoke to Terri
sitting there with her clothes back on and my cock buried in her mouth
again. She had expertly worked my cock back to full erection and I
was loving it.

"Nice to see you decided to wake up and enjoy this!"

"I'm sorry Terri, I didn't mean to doze off!" I felt really bad about
that and it must have shown in my look because she started to laugh at

"Don, I was just kidding, I would've been disappointed if you didn't
pass out after that fucking." "Now stand up and move over here so I
can sit up for awhile!"

I stood up off of the bed and allowed her to sit on the edge. Terri
reached out and grabbed hold of my cock and guided it back into her
mouth. I was standing there looking down at this beautiful woman
sucking my cock when the one thing forgot about suddenly reminded us
of its existence. Yep, Tim opened up the door to the room and came on
in. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw my cock buried down his
grandmother's throat.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Tim shouted!

Terri with the utmost in stoic professionalism said, "I'm giving Don a
hopefully awesome blowjob, why, what does it look like?"

"I can't believe you'd do this to my grandmother Don!"

"Jesus Tim, when did my daughter raise you to be such a fucking
prudish pansy?" Terri snapped back. "If your going to stand there and
bitch just get the hell out of here so I can finish this, otherwise
come in and shut the door!"

Tim was taken aback by his grandmother's forcefulness but he shut the
door and just stood there with his jaw on the ground. It quickly
became obvious to Terri and I though, that Tim must've seen a bit too
much tittie out at the clubs tonight. His hardon was clearly visible
through his jeans.

Terri turned her attentions back to me and took my cock back into her
mouth, which I was even shocked that she would still do after being
caught by her grandson. When Tim just continued to stand there, Terri
again pulled her mouth off of my cock and told him to just come over
and sit down. "And for gods sake, pull your cock out and jerk off or
something!" Terri was back on my cock just as fast. Tim came closer
staring in disbelief as his grandmother worked my cock in and out of
her mouth like a champion whore. Wasn't long before Tim was rubbing
his cock through his pants. Then he figured what the hell and took
his cock out and started stroking it like a mad man. Tim was about to
cum when Terri told him to bring his cock over to her. She backed off
of mine for a few seconds and took his quickly into her mouth just as
he shot off a load of spooge into his own grandmothers mouth. Terri
sucked his cock dry and then said, "Geez, now lets see you bitch about

Terri took my cock back into her mouth and sucked and pumped me
furiously. As I approached my orgasm she mumbled to Tim for him to
watch this. As my first wad jettisoned from my cock, Terri pulled
back and let the wad hit her directly in the face. Then she pumped
the rest of me all over her face and hair and took what remaining cum
there was into her mouth.

After providing her grandson with that show Terri decided to just stay
the rest of the night with us. She went in and showered and slept in
bed with me. The next morning is what proved to be the adventure. I
again awoke to Terri working my cock in and out of her mouth. I
looked over and saw Tim jacking his tool while he watched. Terri
moved down again and mounted me and invited Tim to come over and join
us. Tim hesitantly came over to the bed and climbed on. Terri puled
him up to her by his cock and took him into her mouth. She sucked him
for about 3 minutes before she told him to lay down. Once Tim laid
down Terri moved above him and said, "Time to show me how good you are
at eating pussy!" Terri buried her pussy on Tim's face and he didn't
argue. He started slurping away. Terri reached out and stroked my
cock while I looked on. I decided what the hell and reached out and
took Tim's cock into my hand. He couldn't see who it was at first so
who cares. Seeing this evidently excited Terri because she began
motioning with head gestures for me to give him head. Well, this
wasn't new to me so I didn't care. I leaned over and took Tim's cock
into my mouth and started to suck him. This he immediately became
aware of and he tried to lift up to protest but Terri stopped him and
told him to not sweat it and keep up the good work. I worked his cock
fast and furious to try and distract his attention. It worked !!!!
Within minutes Tim was shooting a fresh load of cum down my throat.
When Terri saw this she also went off on Tim's face. Tim again was in
a state of shock. Not only did his grandmother just cum on his face,
but his buddy just sucked his cock (and I know he liked it). Terri
got up off of Tim and said, "Well Tim, we both got to cum, I think we
owe someone a little favor!" The look of fear on Tim's face was
incredible. Terri took my rock hard cock into her hand and began
stroking it. She looked back at Tim and said, "Get over here you
pussy, he did you, you're going to do him -- I'll help you!" Tim
moved in close as Terri continued to stroke my cock. "Don't be such a
pussy Timmy, just put your mouth around it and suck it!" Terri was
very blunt with him. I think Tim was defensive about the way his
grandmother thought of him so to show her, he did just that: he
took my cock into his mouth and started to suck while Terri continued
to stroke me. Terri increased her pace and it was clear that she was
trying to get me to cum in her grandson's mouth.

Well if that was her intent, it worked !!! I spooged a considerable
amount of cum into his mouth. He gagged a bit and spit some out, but
Terri took over real quick and engulfed my cock with her mouth to
finish the remaining spasms coming from my cock. Tim just seemed to
be in a state of shock. We all went back to sleep for awhile then got
up to shower and go eat breakfast. Terri sucked my cock and fucked me
two more times before I left that weekend. As for Tim, he still
couldn't believe it and just wanted to drop it.

Viva Las Vegas !!!!

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