Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lovesong Chapter 2

The drive back to Kona was highly entertaining. I drove with the window down, watching the stars cross the road; David and Summer were in the back seat indulging in the wonders of Aloe Vera and giggling. The outdoor shower at the beach had been bracing, and I was as wide- awake as if I had drunk an entire pot of coffee. I adjusted the rear-view mirror, so I could watch their antics. I had to pay attention to the road part of the time, as it is very steep and windy in sections. A gentle tropical night breeze blew in my face as we climbed back over the volcanic ridge and back into old Kona-Kailua. The moon over the water was spectacular, but the moon over Summer's breasts was even more so.

Just then something totally distracted me. Something had been nagging at the back of my consciousness all day and it finally hit me. We were being followed. Puzzled, I took the older road down by The Disappearing Sands beach. The motorcycle that had been following me slacked off slightly, but made the same turn. David and Summer were totally oblivious, trapped in wrenching lip lock. Our pursuer was tenacious, dropping back a few turns as not to be completely obvious. But at this hour, almost no one but the locals travel this road into Kona. If this had been my car at home, I would have just left him in my dust. Instead, I slowed down to a leisurely pace, inviting our guest to catch up. He didn't.

David came up for a breath of air and noticed we weren't flying low anymore.

"What's up?" He inquired.

"Dunno" I replied, "I think we have a minor problem."

He followed my gaze in the rear-view and turned to look. I explained that I thought the motorcycle was pacing us, and that I'd had a feeling all day that we'd been watched but I wasn't sure. The road here was straight and flat, my favourite type of road to haul ass on. But, as David pointed out, his favourite was the steeper, and windier. So I slowed way down, had Summer grab the wheel and David and I traded places.

I had Summer belt in, and did so myself as David whipped the car around 180 degrees, James Bond style. We went roaring past the motorcycle, which swerved unsteadily as the rider tried to follow. David took us back to the main highway along the coast and proceeded to take the curves at a breath taking pace. I slouched down in the passenger seat praying that the rental agency had serviced the brakes on this car recently. Summer squealed as we sailed around a hairpin curve. David grinned at me, and sped up still, trying to get the motorcyclist to lay the bike over. I warned David about the speed trap up ahead in Kailua and he slowed down to a sedate pace as we positively trundled past the Hawaiian HiPo's. Our friend on the motorcycle was not as lucky.

We sailed into the driveway, and I hit the remote to the garage and we coasted to a stop just inside the door. I helped Summer from the back seat...she was a bit pale for that adventure. David escorted her upstairs and I walked thought the house, feeling a little paranoid. I closed all the shutters and locked everything down but I still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. I started upstairs but I heard distinctive moans and decided, this time, discretion was the better part of valour. Instead of joining in the fun, I went outside for a smoke under the Banyan tree at the far side of the property down by the water.

It occurred to me that if we had an observer that would be a great place to watch the upstairs bedroom. The small lagoon created by the cove shone an ethereal cobalt blue in the moonlight. The path was easy to find, as it was nearly as bright as day out. I approached the area quietly, hoping to catch whomever it was. No such luck.

Everything looked the way it should look, and perversely I was disappointed. I stood underneath the tree and smelled its faintly ancient spicy fragrance. The slight breeze ruffled the leaves a bit and kept the mosquitoes away, for which I was profoundly grateful.

I leaned into the tree and found its aerial roots to be comfortable enough to rest on. I lit my Dunhill and stood there, smoking in the companionable silence. I had okay view of the house. The first floor would be visible because of all the glass but the pool area was sight blocked because of the lava wall. Which made me feel a little better. Then it occurred to me that this tree had natural footholds. So, I climbed the tree. I was not the only one to have done so recently, it seemed.

Piles of spent film casings littered the upper limbs of the tree like dead carcasses of some weird Hawaiian hybrid roach. I could clearly see the bedroom from this vantage point. The camera equipment left up here was impressive. A small web camera was clearly broadcasting to some remote locale, the battery pack showed a half full charge. I didn't know whether to be pissed or impressed. Our pervert had money. Careful not to step in front of the lens, I moved behind and unscrewed the mounting, and the battery pack. A laptop hidden down underneath the limb clearly controlled the broadcast. I wondered in whose films we were starring.

David and Summer were clearly enraptured with each other. She rode his cock like there was no tomorrow. I guess she has a thing for speed. I watched them fuck for a bit, knowing my own latent tendency toward voyeurism. Together, they were spectacular. Summer's hair clung to her face, curling in wet tendrils. There was a particular grace to them, like watching sea fans wave in the tidal pull. I had to pull myself away, or else become infatuated with the beauty of the two of them. I climbed down out of the tree and went back into the house, carrying the laptop and camera with me. I went into the kitchen and dragged out my own laptop, and started trying to find the site that the camera had fed. An hour of non-productive hacking, and I had achieved little.

David came downstairs dressed in cut-offs. He'd clearly been in the shower again; his hair was loose and curling in the increasing humidity. I showed him the collection and he let out a low whistle.

"Somebody went through a lot of trouble." He commented.

Together, we went back outside and walked the grounds. We found more evidence of our film careers over the rise in the garden. More film cans, no web cameras this time. I was furious.

I value my privacy above all else and this invasion was untenable.

David was more sanguine about it, almost fatalistic.

"Well, draw as much attention as we have to ourselves, somebody's bound to be curious." He said and shrugged. We agreed not to tell Summer anything about it for the time being. Before dawn broke, he and I packed up most of our gear, and prepared to move. We hustled a cold and sleepy Summer into the car, and drove to the other side of the island.

The saddle road is forbidden to rental car traffic because it is a switch back. Knowing this, I totally violated the contract. But, I figured a pursuer would have difficulty staying with us on this road. It's the shortest distance between two points, from Kona to Hilo but it's not the easiest. The longer road around is far more scenic, but it would take too long to drive around to the north and go through Waimea. The snow on top of Mauna Kea was novel. I had always heard that you could ski Hawaii, and it was true. There were a few intrepid snowboarders and skiers braving the elements at the top of the mountain. Summer huddled in her blanket and dozed, a combination of post fuck exhaustion and altitude sickness. My head hurt and my eyes were bothering me so David took over the driving at the summit. The drive was another wild ride down the mountain, but this time I got to enjoy it a bit more.

One of the biggest observatories in the United States also sits atop Mauna Kea, patiently waiting for intelligent life to beam it up; or at the very least, send forth a stream of ones and zeros in the cosmic equivalent of "Hi there! Wanna Fuck?" Now, that's phone sex for you. In my sleep- deprived mind, this is exceedingly funny and I sit in the passenger seat, giggling maniacally. David gives me a look that says he's not too sure about me at the moment.

Summer wakes up long enough to see the sheer drop and the utter lack of guardrails and falls over in the seat moaning. David apparently decides that the best way to handle this is to get us out of here as quickly as possible. I watch the cloud layer rapidly approach and suddenly we are sucked into the mists of a tropical rainforest.

In Kona, it rains a lot. In Hilo, it rains almost all the time. Rain spatters the windscreen and we finally get on the paved section of road.

David takes the road at a sedate (for him) pace that has me holding on and laughing. We coast into the outskirts Hilo a little after nine in the morning. Out on the coast highway is a little joint that makes malasadas, a kind of Portuguese beignet. I direct David to the correct turn off and we sail into the parking lot like demons were chasing us. Coffee revives me slightly, and since its now a civilized hour, I start making calls trying to find us temporary lodging. The place I want is booked tonight but open the rest of the week so, I find us a room at the spectacularly named Uncle Billy's Hilo Bay Hotel. A lifetime ago, when I was a student and broke I stayed here the first time I ever came to Hawaii. The Hotel hasn't changed at all. We have a bit of time to kill before we can check in, so we go over to the fishbowl.

It's not a literal fishbowl, its just one of a series of small parks along the breakwater of Hilo Bay. The park is the furthest out and protected by coral heads and the water is spectacularly clear. Today the water is not too choppy and I am wishing that I had a tank of air. I would go sit on the bottom and watch the yellow tangs, some of them bigger than my hand, ebb and swirl around in the surge.

David finds a comfortable spot next to a palm tree and falls asleep. Summer curls up next to him and dozes off, and that leaves me standing guard. I dig out my laptop, mobile and battery pack and check the net, still concerned about our filming friend. I contact a friend of mine who thrives on tracking things down and she agrees to look into for me. David opens one eye and says,

"You working?" I start to answer, but am interrupted by a massive yawn. He laughs and indicates he will keep watch for a while.

I am so warm. The sunshine is wonderful but it's not so hot that I am sweating to death. Drowsily, I start to roll over but something twitches long about the center of my stomach. It's cold, and wiggly! And it tickles! David grabs my arm.

"Don't move!" he commands.

I open one eye carefully, and see him on his belly in the sand. He's got his camera trained on my abdomen and I hear the click and whir of the shutter as he fires. Whatever it is, it's moving. I know there are no snakes in Hawaii, so it's probably some bit of sea life that one of them captured. I sit up and a couple of geckos tumble off and into the sand.

"Aahggh!" I yelp, and brush frantically at the little footprints they left on my stomach. Summer and David both convulse into laughter at my flailing around.

"Which one of you did that?" I demand. Summer is laughing so hard tears are starting to roll down her cheeks. David gives me his best Who Me? look.

"They just fell on you." He says, as Summer points at him. He and Summer both know that I think reptiles are best used as fashion accessories, like boots or a belt. David gets up quickly and starts backing up when he sees the look on my face.

"Oh they did, did they?" I say and finish trying to get the creepy gecko goo off me. Summer is snickering.

"Oh yeah, they flew through the was something, you shoulda seen it." He says with a very cocky grin.

Oh, that just does it. I lunge at him and he pitches the camera to Summer and takes off at a dead run down the beach. He's a short track sprinter so he knows I can't catch him. I jog after him, and he turns to yell something taunting that I can't quite hear over the sound of the surf. I may be seven years older than he, but I am not that ancient. I also know this beach rather well, and I may not be able to out run him, but I can steer him. He takes off over the breakwater and out onto the small island that flanks the fishbowl. Perfect. He jogs to the edge and looks over and that small distraction allows me to dive around the lava heads and come up from behind him.

The surge is not so rough here today, and the water is fairly deep and clear. My lungs are on fire, and I have to rest for a bit. Staying low, I make my way around to the side that faces the bay and cross so that I am almost directly behind him. I played a little bit of American football once, and those skills are about to come in handy. The surge rolls in and it's a fairly big wave, so it will cushion us as we hit the water. I charge out behind the lava head and he sees me at the last instant and tries to get out of the way. No matter. I have momentum and it's a perfect tackle. I let go as soon as we hit the water and try to swim my way clear, keeping my eyes shut to keep my contacts in. David comes up sputtering and coughing behind me.

"You bastard!" He says and tries to grab my arm.

It turns into an underwater wrestling match.

We manage not to drown one another. But, it's pretty close. We are distracted by Summer who has decided we are paying far too much attention to each other, and she's decided to disrobe. Since this is not a nude beach, David and I quickly exit the water in an attempt to keep our fair Summer from a visit to the county jail.

"Well, it got your attentions at least." She commented later. I stood under the public shower trying to get the salt water out of my ears. David was rummaging in the back of the car, trying to find some dry clothing. When we checked into the hotel, we were a sight. The hotel clerk didn't bat an eyelash however.

Uncle Billy's hasn't changed in years. It's still mostly outdoors, with huge palm frond ceiling fans. The hotel is so close to the half moon of Hilo Bay that it smells permanently of mildew and sandalwood. We walk down to the Hukilau, another hotel with a great cafe attached. Hukilau was flooded repeatedly when Hilo was inundated with tsunami waves back in the 50's. The marks on the glass show how high the tides actually were. A huge tsunami-warning siren sits next to the hotel, a sentinel forever on guard.

The grilled prawns here are to die for, and forget forks ...its easier to become a barbarian and eat them with your fingers. I am sucking the drawn butter off my thumb and chattering to Summer about all the flood control devices installed around the bay, when I look up and catch David staring at me. He's got this unreadable expression on his face. He sees me, and quickly looks down, and begins savagely cutting apart his steak.

Later, we three walk from the water ponds at the Hukilau over to Queen Liliuokalani Park via Banyan Road. It's drizzling, but it's not an offensive rain, more like a liquefaction of the air. David wanders over to Coconut Island, a little park within the park and Summer and I sit on the Torii gate bridge, watching the huge Koi swim by and a mother cat moving her kittens.

"Can I ask you a stupid question?" Summer says, quite out of the blue. I shrug and indicate that I'll play.

"You two have quite a mutual fascination with each other. Watching you two dance around each other is funny. Are you going to tease him indefinitely or are you going to fuck him eventually?"

I start to shake my head negatively then stop.

"I honestly don't know." I said slowly.

"Well, I wondered if it had even entered that thick head of yours." She said with a smile. "Sometimes you need a brick dropped on you, you know."

"Did he put you up to ask me?" I asked.

"Oh no," she laughed. "I'm just observing you two. You know I never talk to him about you. He kind of shuts me out of that part of his life."

"Oh." Was my only comment; I really couldn't think of anything to say.

Summer wanted to go shopping so we endured the visit to the Mall. We ended up spending a shit load of money in Hilo Hatties, buying matching aloha shirts at Summer's insistence. Fortunately, we were able to convince her to go with a subtle pattern and nothing with shock pink hibiscus on it. Five bathing suits, three bikinis, seven t shirts, several bits of jewelry and a can of macadamia nuts (for David and I for being patient) later, we finally pried her loose. She wanted to model all of it for us, but I was hoping for someplace a bit more private. David was shaking his head in amused consternation.

"She is such an exhibitionist," he mumbled.

We decided that since we were so close to the Volcano, that we would pay it a visit early the next morning. So we went back to the hotel to collapse. I dragged out the laptop again and checked my email, obsessing now about our watcher. My friend had no information as yet, but she's a hacker and can find anything.

Summer was modelling her ill- gotten gains for David who was being only moderately appreciative. She apparently kept getting in front of the telly much to his dismay. So, I became the target for her shimmy show. Every 5 minutes it was,

"Rhys can you fix my strap" or "Rhys can you tie my strings" or "Rhys do you think this top is too small"

After the third interruption, I pulled her into my lap and started gnawing on her shoulder blade. She gurgled happily and I got to type around the luscious swell of her breasts. Which, as her top slipped lower and lower, became a distraction. David got up and bitched about the humidity. He cranked up the air conditioner and made for the shower. Summer and I rolled around on the bed for a bit, and for a brief time, decided that it was too small for the three of us and someone would just have to make do with a patch of the floor.

We got a little carried away. Next thing I knew, my shorts were on the floor beside Summer's bikini. We were laughing and tickling the shit out of one another. My hips are super ticklish and Summer had me pinned and was fiendishly attacking my lower abdomen. I was about to buck her off when two strong arms swam into my view; my glasses having disappeared early on in the fray. David sticks his cherubic face into mine and sticks out his tongue at me.

"Can't let you dump her off, mate." He says with a grin.

Oh, those two are evil, evil evil! David has both my arms, and because the angle is awkward there's no way in hell I can get loose. Not without breaking someone's arm anyway.

"I'll get even." I wheeze.

He just laughs. Just then, Summer does something to the lower half of my body that's considerably less tickle and more...something else. I suck in hard as the sensation wakes up a few nerves. Summer giggles and repeats the action, which gets an appreciative, "Ooh!" from me. A few more nerves suddenly jolt back to life with this latest assault on my anatomy. She decides that just a few nerves are not enough, and to go for the gusto.

David basically lay down across my arms and effectively prevents me from moving. He puts his chin on my shoulder and observes Summer's ministrations to my cock. She runs her tongue down the shaft and the sensation nearly sends me into orbit. I have a real thing about oral sex, both giving and receiving and they both know it. She's giving me kittenish laps, swirling her tongue across the head but not really making any real contact; it's making me nuts.

"You know, you could try licking just under the head" David comments, helpfully.

Summer gives him a look, and then shrugs her shoulders. She places her tongue carefully under the head and licks straight down. That action earns another appreciative and inarticulate vocalization from me. She begins sucking and licking my balls which causes the neural endings between my brain and the rest of me to short circuit. The sensation is nearly indescribable.

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