Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lovesong Chapter 1

Chapter One

I left the United States a full two days ahead to secure our lodgings and deal with all the details, hoping that you both have decided to take me up on my offer. I arrive in Kona, tired and welcomed on the tarmac by a warm sticky rain shower. The locals call it liquid sunshine, but I am not impressed.

The Realtor showed me a number of rental houses, none of which were really suitable. The very last house was kind of an after thought of the agency. It had only become available that afternoon. After seeing it, I decided to rent. It was more money than I thought I would spend, but what the fuck. I spent the next day fixing things; changing furniture around, buying groceries, candles and stupid shit like suntan oil, which I'd forgotten after a day frying in the sun.

The house sat right outside old Kona town on the waterfront; just off the main drag, oddly hidden on a curve. I accidentally passed it on my way back from the grocery store, so well hidden it was. Like most south pacific architecture, it was almost completely open to the air, with a gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean. The home was a two-story affair in Koa wood burnished to rich amber with a blue tiled roof.

Palm trees swayed artfully in a richly landscaped yard. The back of the house opened up completely onto the ocean, with a freshwater lap horizon pool and a small trail leading to the cove below. During high tide, the water seemed to flow right from the pool to the ocean, unbroken by any division of sight line. At low tide, a small beach appeared, protected from the ravaging waves further out, by large lava outcroppings.

The Realtor warned me that the rip tide in this area was dangerous, and that we would be advised to wade only. She also told me that all beaches were public in Hawaii and not to be surprised to see people fishing in the cove. A huge pink plumeria tree rounded out the landscaping at the side yard. Its heavenly fragrance wafted up after the rain and mingled invitingly with the sandalwood incense I was burning.

I laid claim to the master bedroom with in suite; spacious and complete with a large old fashioned style bath. The room had a super king sized bed big enough for all three of us, with yards of mosquito netting that was both practical and fanciful. The old style bath had a tub the size of a small Jacuzzi...more than enough for a raucous caucus. I found a small refrigerator at a rental place and wheeled it in there. I stocked it with champagne and beer...and a few other treats...

The other bedrooms were recently redecorated, in oriental decor. I was not sure what kind of arrangements anyone would want. I merely wanted them to be available. I had just finished my last touch of fresh flowers when it was time to drive to the airport to hopefully pick up my first guest.

The Kona-Kailua airport sits on open lava plain. Over the years dozens of honeymooning couples have emblazoned their personal marks on the unyielding black lava with messages painstakingly laid out in bits of coral. I drive my rental jeep to the airport about 15 minutes early. I want plenty of time to pick a lei that suit would her. The lei sellers front the airport, the scent of exotic blossoms perfume the air. I choose a red plumeria, tuberose and purple orchid confection for her.

Aloha Flight 107 from Honolulu lands right on time, on the heels of another warm rain shower. I deliberately wore a screaming aloha shirt, emblazoned with hula girls, flowers and pink flamingos. The shirt's a color riot, combined with my plain black jeans and Doc Martins. I deliberately offend some California types by lighting a cigarette while the plane taxis in off the runway. The gate attendants wheel the stairway to the plane, and I walk toward baggage claim for a better view. I join the queue of greeters waiting for passengers, and hope I can see her before she sees me.

She clatters down the stairs, her red high heel sandals glinting in the late afternoon sun like candy apples. Her skirt and tank top bare her midriff, and her hair surrounds her face like a feathery cloud, beginning to curl riotously in the growing humidity. It will rain again soon. You can tell the time by the rain here.

She sees me, lounging against the baggage carousel and I have just enough time to lose the cigarette before she launches herself into my arms. Her kiss sends me reeling, her mouth soft and warm: full of promises. I am delighted she came out to Hawaii to meet me. We find her bags and I carry them to the car. She is smashing, crushing the lei to her nose and grinning at me.

"I'm hungry." She states, so we go to this wonderful little hole in the wall Chinese place on Ali'i drive and walk up. The place assails us with its sodium light, ethnic diversity, and the smell of exotic spices. We grab a bench and peruse the menu, some of its in Hawaiian, the other in Japanese and Chinese. The English menu recommends trying everything. We order Lau-lau, and Poi, just to try it. She orders something unpronounceable but recommended by our server. I stick to curry.

We chatter about Lit, the net, and the impending arrival of our third. She decides the poi is nasty, and I laugh, having to agree.

I am so happy she is here! Ah, Summer!

Aloha flight 125 is late. And we are anxious, standing under the palm frond awning. Klieg lights cut through the heavy tropical darkness... The smaller jet rolls to a stop and we are both getting cricks in our necks peering over the barricades. We only just managed to persuade the lei seller to stay open long enough to get him a simple ti leaf lei. We are looking at each other, worried now as most of the passengers have disembarked the plane.

"Maybe he missed it?" Summer comments. I check my mobile phone. No missed calls. I shrug, not really knowing what to say.

"Oh! There he is! David!"

Summer yells and starts jumping up and down like a little girl. His head snaps up, peering around in the darkness, his glasses glinting in the reflected light. He turns his head slightly and I see the spill of braid falling down his back.

His limp is almost imperceptible, but the nineteen-hour flight from Melbourne has clearly taken its toll. Summer reaches him first, throwing her arms around his neck and giving him an enthusiastic kiss. I grin, and offer to shake hands, which becomes an impromptu hug.

"How was the flight?" I ask, trying to gauge how tired he is.

"No worries, mate." is his flip reply.

Fatigue is clearly a problem. I can see the lines of strain around his eyes although he's trying to hide it and concentrate on Summer. She flashes a breast at him and it gets a grin. She is so audacious and I love it. She asks if he's eaten, and he mumbles something about pizza in the Honolulu airport. It is raining again, just a light sprinkle as we pull up to the house.

"Jesus, Rhys, did you rent a mansion?"

Summer breathes as I pull the jeep under the front awning. David just shakes his head, and pulls his duffel out of the back seat. I carry Summer's bags in to the house. The atrium in the front has a huge statue of Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, standing between two huge fiddlehead ferns. Birds of Paradise line a small pond filled with medium sized koi. A gecko flits past, intent on catching its dinner somewhere in the fern fronds. Perversely, I am pleased with their reactions.

Summer is more open in her amazement, David a bit more reserved. He sets his bag down, and scratches his chin briefly then asks,
"Is there a loo somewhere, or do I have to wade through the jungle?"

Summer and I laugh, and I direct him down the hallway.

"I'm going to need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way around!" Summer comments as she follows me into the great room. The room opens completely onto the lanai leading to the pool and the ocean. A remote control opens the glass doors leading out soundlessly as the lights come up to half and the preset stereo plays something soft and in Hawaiian slack key guitar.

The lights in the pool glow softly and the crash of the waves beyond is clearly audible. Summer glides out the doors and onto the lanai, called to the ocean like a siren. I walk into the kitchen and pull a beer out of the walk in. David appears almost soundlessly at my elbow, and I hand him a beer. He studies the label, then shrugs, pulling off the twist top and taking a long swig. The sound of splashing draws both of our attentions to the pool. Summer has taken off her shoes and wades in the shallow end.

We both stand there in slack jawed amazement as she strips out of her shirt, leaving on nothing but a very sheer red bra. Her skirt winds up on one of the chaises. She holds onto the metal stair railing, and slowly removes her bra. She undulates like the palm trees swaying gracefully in the warm night air. David and I glance at each other, both of us hypnotized by the sight of her exquisite body, then move in one accord toward the pool. So much for being tired.

She stands there in black lace panties, oddly fragile for a moment. David reaches her first, and she pulls him into the water with a splash. They both come up for air, laughing. The tension has broken. We are still the silly fuckers we have always been online. I manage to kick off my shoes and wade in before I am assaulted by the two merpeople. Summer grabs a hold of my shirt and strips it over my head, she then rounds on David, tugging his T-shirt off and sending the wet material flying back toward the house.

"How long can you hold your breath?" Summer gives me an impish grin and inclines her head toward David slightly. I must have looked a little puzzled, for she gave me an impatient splash, then dove. She swam beneath me and around David, bringing up his glasses from the bottom of the pool. Instead of handing them back to him, she swam to the side and carefully placed them on the lip. Treading water, I tried to divine what the little minx was up too now. I will be at her mercy without my own glasses; he at least has a chance, being far less myopic than me. I watch her circle him, like a shark. Suddenly she pounces, dragging him under by the belt loops.

"What the...gub!" is all I hear. Some sort of underwater struggle ensues, with Summer emerging once, taking a fast deep breath and diving down. From here, I am not sure what the hell they are doing. David and Summer both surface breathless and laughing.

"Help me." He says. "She's got me trousers!" In the tug of war, all manner of change is making its way to the bottom of the pool. I hoped David had his passport somewhere other than his back pocket. I am laughing at them too hard to help either way. Summer finishes stripping him and the she gets that look on her face that lets me know I am next.

"Off with them!" She commands "Or drown!"

I have a feeling I am about to be ganged up on. I hedge very carefully toward the deep end, knowing that I can probably out swim her. If I have to dive, however, I am screwed. David circles in from one side, and she from the other. Caught.
I feint toward her and try diving around David but I am far too slow. I can't swim and hang on to my glasses. I have a brief vision of them lodged in the filter in the bottom of the pool before my world becomes fuzzy shapes and blurs. Somebody tickles my ribcage and I reach out grazing breast with my fingertips. That draws a startled "Oh!" from the owner.

"I give up!" I say and unbutton my jeans myself, knowing I can save what's left of my dignity with surrender. Summer puts her arms around my neck and gives me a warm kiss.

"Help Me," she whispers in my ear.

Intoxicated by her warmth, I give in to the lazy kiss. A hazy figure glides behind her, caressing her shoulders and breasts. Against my chest, her nipples harden. David's fingers massage the back of her neck and he lifts her sodden mass of hair to kiss the hollow of her throat. My fingers find the hem of her panties and a gentle pull parts the fabric. I pull all of us into shallower water, finding the bottom with my feet.

David's hands cup her breasts, teasing the nipples as he kisses down her spine. I cup her face in my hands, drinking in her lips with my tongue, devouring her mouth. A faint scent of raspberry still clings to her skin as I kiss her chin and nuzzle the faint twin pulses of her throat. David drops to his knees; his fingers encircle her waist and trail down her belly to the curve of her hipbones. She whimpers and arches her back against our twin onslaught.

I feel myself falling into this madness, not ever knowing where it will lead, only knowing that I have to follow it to whatever its conclusion. David's questing fingers have found her sex and he palms it gently from behind. I concentrate my efforts on her breasts, kissing and licking the aureole, nibbling and lightly blowing across the sensitive flesh ...enough to give her goose bumps. She moans again, that throaty sound that thrills me.

"Rhys!" She says giving my name a more sibilant sound.

"Will you do something for me?"

I answer without thought, knowing that she could name anything and I would do my damnedest to give it to her.

"Anything." I mumble into her hair.

"Kiss him," she says. "Kiss him the way you kiss me."

Who the hell am I to deny her? In all the times we have been together playful in cyber land I have done as she asked. I can't gauge David's reaction to her request. I only know that he and I work in a synchronicity that is very rare, and I trust there is no objection. She moves slightly allowing me to reach past her.

My fingers brush his chin and the faint growth of beard there. His hair is very long. It swirls down from the crown of his head in a rich auburn tumble almost to his waist. I press an errant tendril of it behind his ear and marvel at the silkiness of it. Lightly, I press my lips to his. His lips are a little softer and fuller. Very gently, I part his lips with my tongue and explore deeper. I am reminded of the warm taste of vanilla sugar and cinnamon. It pulls at me, and for a long moment I forget whom I am kissing, and I revel in the pure sensation.

I lace my fingers across the back of his skull and draw him deeper into me. He makes some small sound at the back of his throat, a tiny hungry sound that brings me swimming back to the edge of consciousness. Summer pulls us both to the edge of the pool and onto the steps leading in. She positions herself behind David and wraps her long legs around his waist.

"Kiss him again." She commands of me. I am a little less gentle this time, driving my tongue into his mouth and catching his lower lip with my teeth. I can feel the pulse in his throat quickening beneath my fingers and a slight shudder runs through him. Again, he makes a soft almost inaudible sound as I nuzzle his throat with my chin. As I lick the junction of collarbone to throat he moans more audibly this time. I raise my head to kiss Summer lightly on the lips.
"Do it, " she whispers to me.

Sometimes my own capacity for things astounds me. If there is one thing I have learned so far in my life, it's that there is a realm of existence in which all things are possible. If I turn that laser penlight of self- examination on the deeper and darker recesses of my soul, I find things lurking there that, when dragged kicking into the light, burst into conflagration on their own accord. And then, I have friends, who are not above presenting me with the opportunity for exorcism of my demons.

Summer tightens her leg lock around David, and nibbles on his earlobe. My fingers brush his chest very lightly, stroking and exploring the texture of his skin. The muscles in his arms tighten, as his hands skim the surface of Summer's thighs. He arches his back slightly baring an expanse of throat to me; a fine gauge silver chain and cross glittering there at the collarbone. I run my tongue into the fine shell of his ear and imitate Summer's action. I study the fine details of him, the sculpted jaw line, the incredible length of his eyelashes, and those startling blue green eyes. Summer's long red nails graze his nipples and he sucks in his breath a bit as she scratches lightly.

I move down slightly, tracing a vertical line with my tongue from his collarbone, down his sternum to his belly button. Summer obligingly moves her legs out of the way so I can explore this region further. I plant a kiss on her ankle, which earns me a throaty giggle. I run my tongue into the circumference of his belly button, and nibble lightly at the flesh surrounding it. A trail of fine dark hair traces further down toward his groin and I follow it with my tongue. The clank of metal startles me briefly, the sound of his ring connecting with the stair rail that he grips reflexively. Summer locks his other hand in hers, fingers entwining. He kisses her like he's drowning; wet feeding kisses that radiate over me with their passionate intensity.

I brush the curve of his hipbones with the tips of my fingers and continue the caress down his thighs. He moans openly into Summer's mouth. His cock juts away from his body, fully erect and I can sense the pulse of life within its purple head. I glide my hands lower, caressing, finding the scrotal piercing. I'd winced when he'd told me he'd had it done. But, he'd only laughed. His shaft and balls were devoid of hair, a concession to his primal nature. That is what he was...a warm, irresistible primal force, juxtaposed with my chilly cerebral nature...meeting somewhere in the middle of the fluid creature named Summer. His body, a natural energy conductor, seems to crackle and spark, such is the heat of him.

A lifetime of learning the art of pleasuring a woman's clit should, in theory, prepare me for what I am about to do. Also, having been the recipient of such things on occasion, I know what I like. This thought firmly in place in my head, I lightly place the tip of my tongue on the sensitive skin just below the head of his cock and leisurely run my fingers up his thighs. He shudders as I slowly lick my way down his shaft. I've always had an oral fixation.

I started smoking at fifteen and have been a compulsive chewer of pens for nearly as long. He tastes of caramel, and I think I may add him to my list of oral pleasures. Feeling cavalier, I lapped at his shaft in full long strokes, taking the head into my mouth briefly and sucking lightly. I took the resultant moan as a sign of encouragement and licked the precum from his slit. The shudder that went through him this time was almost convulsive, and I thought, perhaps I should ease off on that particular technique for the moment.

I have to feed my ever- deepening curiosity. Having always considered myself straight and without the most remote bisexual tendencies; to suddenly find myself sucking the cock of one of my best friends, is a sudden upheaval of all I considered myself to be.

Then it occurs to me, that I can do this. It's so simple I wonder why the hell I never saw it before. We as human beings have a tremendous capacity for love in all its forms. If not with love, what then? I am intrigued, captured by the fact that he is all the things I am not. He is a whirling dervish, and a capricious child, mercurial as the sun, wind and tide.

"Oh stop thinking." I sternly remind myself, and concentrate on trying to read his body's responses. Going lower, I ease my tongue slowly down the sensitive ridge and lick his naked balls, my teeth making contact briefly with the piercing ring. I gently begin sucking and licking each jewel individually, feeling the muscles in his thighs tighten. I must be doing something right, for he moans far more openly now. By varying the pressure and intensity, I can control just how much he squirms. He gasps as I butterfly my tongue back up the length of his shaft. It occurs to me, that I could keep him here at this level nearly indefinitely. I wrap both my hands around his proud cock, impressed with its girth, and once again force the sensitive head past my lips. I have waked the savage in him; he growls, a rumble from somewhere deep inside.

Some part of me is amused and faintly pleased. I know full well what this would have done to me, and I am not above being just a tiny bit cruel. I begin a slow, steady rhythm, enjoying the draw and thrust. He throbs against my mouth, and I can feel the blood fill to nearly bursting. I could continue this assault, but something in his voice stops me. A glance upward reveals him straining against Summer. She murmurs something, and strokes his hair. The deprivation is taking its toll...and was that a faint glimmer of tears under those long breath- taking lashes?

I am a mean bastard, but not that mean, not really. Kneeling in front of him, I wonder briefly how in hell I will fit all of him in my mouth. I wrap the base of him in my hand and slowly impale my lips, letting him slide his full length inside and to the back of my throat. Withdrawing to breathe, I pounce again, sucking, drawing him steadily deeper. He lifts his pelvis to me, now wanton and in the depths of male frenzy. With each successive thrust, he drives deeper into my mouth, any pretext of sanity forgotten. His inarticulate cries are hard and sharp, and he anxiously grabs fistfuls of my hair, commanding the rhythm to bring him to release. I feel his balls tighten under my fingers and he forces every inch of his exploding cock into my throat.

His cum is salty and not unlike some exotic aspic. Hot jets of it pulse into me, overflowing my mouth and onto my chin. I swallow reflexively, knowing this is his way of congratulating me. When the torrent is over, I lick the rest from his skin and my fingers. He shudders in the aftermath and I grin.

They both drag me up, eager for kisses. David's sheer strength over powers her efforts and he drives his tongue into my mouth, hard. Summer contents herself by licking my face where she can reach. They roll me onto my back and I feel the concrete steps of the pool digging into my back. Summer straddles me, and impales herself on my hard cock. The combination of her warm canal and David's bruising kisses send me reeling. I won't last long and instinctively Summer knows this. I can already feel the pulsing of her pussy drawing me deeper into her and bouncing against her cervix. She howls, a pure woman in the throes sound that explodes against my retinas and sets off the chain reaction within me. She grinds her pelvis against me and sends fire from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I think I came harder than I ever had in my life; such was the nature of this volcano.

We three lay there in the water, Summer slumped over me. Sweat drips in my eyes...dimly I see David floating on his back next to me. It's a while before any of us manages to return to consciousness. Summer drags us both out of the water with her. My legs are like jelly and David staggers into me. We follow her blindly to the master suite... her footprints wet on the carpet. We collapse in a heap on my bed, intertwined like a three- headed serpent.

Summer's instantly asleep, curled between us like a delicate doll. Her hair and David's fan out over the pillows; drying into damp curls. I am nearly out myself and he asks, "Where the fuck did you learn to do that mate?"
I laugh and decline to answer.

Falling out of bed was hard. I had more bruises than I could count. Summer's beyond cute when she sleeps; she drools.

David just snores like a warthog, but then he was awake for over 24 hours so I guess I would be sawing a log too if I was that sleep deprived. I took a shower and nobody regained consciousness. I went down stairs and brewed coffee and found the paper. The dead upstairs did not stir. I decided to start breakfast without them since I am worthless without it. Kona coffee is rather strong, so I was pretty wired after my second cup. I poured guava juice into a couple of cups and carried eggs, bacon, toast and coconut syrup pancakes upstairs. I figured if this didn't work, I'd eat it myself and go into town without the sleepyheads. They were curled up on each other, drowsily kissing. So, I did the logical thing. I set down the tray and crawled in between them.

Summer wanted to explore the island so we drove down to the green sand beach at South Point. The sand in this area is very unique. An ancient half Caldera juts out into the ocean, worn away by the relentless action of the wind and waves. Tiny crystals of olivine formed by the heat of the volcano cover the white sand, creating a greenish cast. The remote location requires a four-wheel drive vehicle and a bit of a hike, but it's beautiful in a desolate sort of way.

The wind is ferocious on South Point; and it really is the southern most point of the United States. Huge Mitsubishi wind generators hum, creating the power that feeds the island. The first Hawaiians landed here originally, and their anchor points are still visible, carved into the cliff faces. The water here is spectacularly clear but extraordinarily dangerous. Many a diver has gone in here, and never returned. Fortunately, the lava forms natural outcroppings and pools; perfect for paddling around in when the tide is low.

I drive as far as the rough lava will allow, then on the last smooth area, we park and carry our packs down into the caldera. The sand shimmers like emeralds in the heat, and sweat trickles down my back.

The heat shimmered in front of us as we hiked across the lava field. The caldera wavered in the sunlight, a mirage of sea and emerald sand. Summer jogged ahead of us and was rapidly stripping down to her bikini. David tossed down his pack and joined her in a shallow tide pool. I found the water bottles, sunscreen and joined them. After paddling around for a while Summer crawled out and spread out her large towel. David was distracted by multiple sea creatures, and was cruising around the tide pools like an oversized crocodile. I also got out of the water, as the salt spray was irritating my eyes.

I slathered myself liberally with sunscreen; being so fair skinned is dangerous in the tropics. I dozed off for a while, only to be awakened by the strong scent of coconut oil. Summer was slowly rubbing the Hawaiian Tropic oil into her skin. She shimmied out of her bikini bottoms and wiggled out of her top, spilling her magnificent breasts out into the open air. Her nipples immediately hardened in the warm salty spray. I wasn't the only one watching this little striptease; David was just as entranced.

Sunset and Summer is a heady combination, more intoxicating than fine French champagne. She spread the thick oil down her thighs and down her legs. In the tequila hour of the day, her skin shimmers like a golden solar flare. Tawny highlights become visible in her hair, and I wonder if she has any idea how radiant she is at this moment. She seems almost oblivious to us; her movements are smooth, like a graceful erotic ballet. I reach her first, kneeled behind her, and picked up the bottle of sun- warmed oil. Pouring some into my palms, I began rubbing the oil into her shoulders. She purrs, and stretches her hand out to David, who folds himself beside her. Because my hands are covered in oil, she directs him to her pack. Inside is a thermo case containing the chocolate dipped strawberries I'd picked up from a local pastry shop on the way here. He holds one up and her tiny pink tongue snakes out and licks at the chocolate. He feeds her the strawberry slowly, letting her nibble and suck at the chocolate.

I work the oil into her back, moving down her spine, working gently on each vertebrae. David places the strawberry stub in his mouth and leans in to kiss her. She sucks the strawberry from his mouth voraciously then nibbles on his lower lip. I recline her back against me, letting her headrest against my chest.

"Share the strawberry with Rhys." Summer commands him, knowing that I am just as addicted to chocolate as she is. Obediently, he leans into me and his lips brush mine as I take the strawberry into my mouth. I grin at him, and slide my oily fingers further down Summer's chest, massaging her sumptuous breasts gently. She moans softly and closes her eyes briefly. I am being covertly studied while he rummages through the thermo case looking for the pony champagne bottles. His expression gives nothing away, and I am left wondering what he is thinking. He cracks the foil on the champagne bottle and opens it with a soft pop. He takes a small sip and kisses Summer, letting the liquid fizz into her mouth. He takes a larger swig and turns to me. He presses his lips to mine, and I am caught up in the warm taste of him. The champagne fizzes over my tongue, a delicate melange of amber and sun warmed honey. He lightly explores my mouth, teasing a bit before withdrawing.

Summer is watching us both intently. She sits up and draws both of us to her. David wraps his legs around hers and mine so that he sits facing us. She slides her hand down his body and caresses his cock. She wiggles her other hand down between us and strokes me. The sensation is incredible and I shudder. David reaches his free hand back into the case, and laughs suddenly. The warm air is causing the chocolate on the strawberries to melt and his hand comes away covered in chocolate. He first offers his fingers to Summer, and she delicately laps his thumb, drawing it teasingly into her mouth for a brief suck. He then offers his fingers to me, and I can see a faintly challenging expression in his eyes.

I never back down from a challenge, and he knows it. He trails his fingers lightly across my lips, teasing. I nip at his index finger and am rewarded with a throaty chuckle. We have Summer's rapt attention. With his free hand, he carefully removes my glasses from my nose and sets them aside. His fingers are now a fuzzy chocolate covered blur in front of me. I start to protest, but he lays a finger on my lips and says quietly, "You don't need them."

All right then. The chocolate on his fingers is a rich confection of dark chocolate and Gran Marnier. Bits of strawberry cling, and I can taste it against his skin. The combination of his spiciness and the sweet tang sails through my senses. I lick the proffered finger, slowly gliding my tongue down to his palm. Some one sucks in their breath, but I can't tell if its him or Summer. His fingers withdraw and I am left in a chocolate aftertaste haze. Summer is cradled against my shoulder, twisted sideways slightly, no doubt still watching. I hear the click of rings against glass, so I figure he is drinking from the bottle again.

Softly he presses his lips against mine, willing me to drink from him. His kiss is a little tentative, a little bit careful. One of my arms is supporting Summer, but with my free hand I reach up to lightly stroke his jaw. He kisses me deeper then, and I can feel myself slowly dissolving like the way a pearl does in champagne. I let myself follow the flow of sensation, feel it curl around my spine and coil there, waiting. His lips are definitely fuller than mine, lush and sensual. If I let myself, I could drown here.

And at the moment, that doesn't seem like such a bad idea. The oil from Summer is making all of us slick, sliding around in a manner that is both funny and extraordinarily erotic. I trace lines of oil down his throat, down to his collarbone. Under my questing fingers, I can feel the fine pulse of his heart under the skin. I guide his lips back to mine and gingerly nibble on his lower lip. He makes that small inarticulate noise in the back of his throat, letting me know that I have touched a nerve.

This sensation is so searing, so complete in its carnality. I am dragged into its insidious undertow and I don't think I want to escape. He kisses me harder, hard enough for the faint stubble of his beard to burn across my chin. Delicately he explores my mouth like he's discovered a new dessert. Again, I can taste the warmth of him, the exotic taste of cinnamon, the faint tang of bourbon.

Intoxicated, I run my fingers up through his rich tangle of hair and cup the back of his skull in my palms. Dimly, I am aware of Summer stroking me, her lithe body twisting between us.

I thread a kiss onto the underside of his chin, feeling his pulse quicken under my tongue. Again, he makes that soft, nearly inaudible whimper, and it creates a shiver all the way down my abdomen. Kissing him is like melting from the mouth down. I twine my fingers in his hair and pull his head back, all the better to nip at his Adam's apple and slide my tongue between the ridges of his collarbone. I can't tell what Summer is doing to him but if its anything like what she's doing to me, its about to make me insane. His skin is soft on his throat, and very biteable. I make experimental nips across the length of his collar to his shoulder. He shudders slightly, and a soft moan escapes his lips.

Summer's fingers butterfly across the head of my cock and she strokes me slowly. I stifle a groan, knowing that the last of my reason is leaking away. The last of the spectacular sunset catches the auburn highlights in his hair as he tilts his head back, eyes closed. I wanted to cradle his face in my hands, and taste those half parted lips. In another one of those moments of perfect resonance, he tilts his head and his lips brush mine. There's an openness to him that was not there before, something in the softening of his expression, which even with my blurred vision, is easy to read. I give up on my sight entirely, turning my vision inward and proceed by Braille alone. I want to run my hand across his chest and feel the muscle there. My fingers brush a nipple and he moans again, this time a bit more urgently.

Summer has increased her assault, making my insides tremble. I am being sucked down hard by this unbelievable wave of pleasure; it rolls over me and leaves me gasping for breath. David moans again, I think he's guiding her hand, and I can feel the muscles in his legs jump slightly. My skin is scorched; I know the sizzling sensation of impending orgasm too well, and I am helpless to stop it now. David moans again, this time a lot more raggedly than his normally cultured voice. I shudder, Summer's fingers pushing me to the brink. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me to him in a punishing kiss. His kisses are hungry, wet and feeding from me. I shudder convulsively, unable to withstand it. Out of control it lashes out from my spine in hot jets across Summer's thighs and I can't catch my breath. I'm clinging to her, drowning. David slumps against her from the other side; I can see the faint outline of his shoulders shaking. Summer giggles and rubs our cream from her thighs, bringing her fingers to her mouth to taste our combined efforts.


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