Saturday, April 4, 2009

Love Thy Dentist

It was Friday evening, early July and I was at my dentist's waiting room. I
was not in a hurry as my daughter was visiting my mother and Mike, my
husband, was with our son testing a new inflatable speedboat he just bought.
They planned to spend a couple of days at a nearby island.
Now, to put you in the picture, Angelica, my dentist, is a very nice lady of
about 48 years old, divorced with two children slightly older than mine. We
have been friends for many years and as Mike says, she is the family
She has a very nice duplex apartment combining her dental practice with her
While I was waiting her ex husband came in to pick up the children for the
We talked for a while, as I hadn't seen him since their divorce.
He came on to me quite strongly, as he always did and I had to brush him
off, as I always did. At long last he took his children and left.
About one hour later the last client left and Angie called me in. I was her
last client. She was looked very tired and when I told her that I was in no
hurry at all, she took a break and we both smoked a cigarette and started
Without really wanting, I was looking at her. She is no beauty queen but her
personality makes her quite attractive. She is of medium height with long
curly reddish hair, has a very athletic and firm body, always bubbling with
energy. One of the most dynamic persons I know and, most important, with a
great sense of humor.
We laughed about her ex and his usual tricks but in his defense she
commented that I looked too sexy for anyone not to make a pass at me.
To say the truth, it was a very hot evening (over 30º C) and I was
wearing a very loose dark blue long dress with two rather deep side slits. I
was almost naked underneath. No bra, only a tiny pair of black knickers.
" I don't know how much he could see" she continued "but, darling, when you
bend forward I can see right down to your navel! I don't blame you; with
this heat what do you think I'm wearing under this stupid white blouse? Just
my bra and pants and still I'm baking! Now will you come and sit on my
torture chair?"
After mentioning that she too was almost naked under her blouse, I couldn't
help it but my eyes were constantly drawn on her and at the straining
buttons at the front.
As I lay on her chair I had a side view of her preparing her tools and with
certain movements I could see her lacy bra and her suntanned skin of her
tummy. I was feeling a lot hotter than before. It was very strange. For the
first time I was looking at Angie and was actually getting turned on.
She reached from behind to clip-on the paper napkin and her tits brushed on
the back of my head. I felt her body heat and the softness of her globes and
in spite of the high room temperature I got goose pimples on my arms. I was
sure that she noticed it too as I saw that her nipples becoming quite
visible under her blouse.
I felt my pussy tingling and getting wetter.
As she sat on her high stool wearing her glasses and mask, her blouse was
hiked up exposing a good part of her thighs. She started probing in my mouth
and soon I was moaning from pain. My left hand was squeezing the armrest and
my legs stated moving about letting the slit open and exposing a big part of
my legs.
My eyes were filled with tears and I didn't know what to do with my right
It lay on my belly and with my fist I was squeezing my dress. She stopped
probing my tooth, straightened her back and said:
"This is much worse than I thought! I'll give you an injection so it will
not hurt so much"
I lay there with my eyes closed, felt the injection and then relaxed while
waiting for a few minutes feeling the numbness spread in my lower right jaw.
When she sat on her stool again, I opened my eyes and saw her smiling at me.
She looked slightly flushed and quickly put back on her mask. With a quick
glance I realized that now her blouse was hiked a bit higher and her two top
buttons were undone. I was both scared anticipating the pain to come and
intrigued by the thought of how the evening was going develop.
Before even touching me I tensed up.
"Now look Tina, try to relax. Squeeze the armrest with your left hand and,
if it makes you feel any better you hold on to my leg with the other hand
and squeeze when it hurts." And she hurriedly got up and added, "Now open
I opened my mouth and my right hand crept out and rested on her left leg
just above the knee. The contact of her skin took my mind off my tooth.
She was really gentle and didn't feel a thing but, just to justify my hand
on her bare leg, every now and then I moaned and squeezed her allowing my
hand to creep up a few inches. Her skin was smooth, very firm and so hot. I
was getting very turned on. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my
pussy getting wet. By that time my dress was covering very little of my
right leg. I had my eyes on hers and every time I squeezed I could see her
divert her look from my mouth to my eyes.
When she finished with my tooth, I rinsed my mouth using my left hand. The
other was still holding her thigh.
I lay back, looked at her straight in the eyes, openly now caressing her leg
under her blouse.
Without breaking eye contact she took off her mask and glasses, held my face
with both hands, bit her lower lip and whispered
"With your hand up my skirt I think it's a miracle I managed to concentrate
and fixed that tooth of yours!" She was openly blushing now " I never-ever
in my life thought that I could be turned on sexually by another woman. Your
hand on my thigh was very disturbing..."
"Disturbing, how? Nice..?" I asked
"Yes!" she whispered "and that is what I don't understand. I was never
before attracted to another woman and now I am scared!"
My hand kept on caressing her thigh a bit higher now. With my left hand I
brushed of the hair from her face, lingered on her burning cheek and very
lightly I kissed her lips.
I slowly got up from her chair, held her in my arms and whispered in her
" Angie, you are not the only one! I'm so horny I can't see straight! I want
to make love to you! I want to feel your body all over. I want you now!"
She brought her hands on my back and started caressing me. By that time my
cunt was dripping like a faucet.
"Oh, Tina, I don't know what's gone into me! I want you too but I don't
understand. I've never before..... oh, I don't know... What if....."
"Shhh..." I put my finger on her lips "No one will ever know. Let yourself go
and stop worrying. It's going to be our secret!"
We tried to kiss. With half of my mouth still numb I made a mess of it. We
bust out laughing. The tension disappeared and, like two schoolgirls about
to do something very naughty, we left her cabinet holding hands and went
upstairs to her living room.
She told me to make myself comfortable out on the balcony and went to the
She has a lovely balcony, full of flowers, with a superb view of a big part
of Athens.
I took off my shoes, sat on a rocking couch folding the front part of my
dress between my bare thighs, totally exposing my legs and lit a cigarette.
God, I was so turned on... The prospect of introducing Angie to female sex was
turning me on more than I could imagine.
She came out carrying a bottle of cold white wine and a plate with cheese
and olives.
While she was placing the tray on the table, I noticed that her eyes
lingered over my bare legs. Without a word she went back into the living
room and switched off all the lights. The moon was now the only source of
She sat next to me. I could feel that she was both excited and very nervous.
She poured two glasses of wine. I lit another cigarette and gently placed it
on her lips.
"Have some wine, sweetie, smoke your cigarette, close your eyes. Relax and
unwind. We have all the time in the world."
She smiled at me, took her shoes off and we started talking, drinking our
wine and gently rocking the couch.
I placed my arm on the back of our seat and slowly buried my fingers in her
thick curly hair gently massaging the back of her scull.
"Oh, Tina, that feels so good!" she purred "I... I don't understand. Why do I
feel so turned on? It has never happened to me before! I'm excited and
scared at the same time! What is happening to me?"
I placed my finger on her lips
"Shh.., darling. Sometimes things happen in our life that we can't explain.
Feelings which are totally new. Just close your eyes and let me tell you
about my first time with a woman. My first experience which I never
regretted and really changed my life!"
I pulled her closer to me and started telling her the story about Rita and
me. She had her head on my shoulder and I was stoking her hair while I
whispered in her ear all the juicy details of my affair with the girl that
did change my life. The girl that made me love female sex.
I could feel her breathing changing and I could see her nipples reacting. I
felt her hand touching my bare thigh. Hesitantly at the beginning but as I
went on, she was openly caressing me, sending shivers all over my body.
Suddenly, she turned towards me and looking straight into my eyes she
"Kiss me, Tina, please kiss me now"
I brushed her hair back with my other hand and leaving it on her cheek I
pressed my lips onto hers. Her mouth willingly opened to accept my probing
tongue. Her hand left my thigh and went behind my head pulling me hard on to
her lips. I was dizzy. My hand went on her big soft breast and started
massaging it. A moan escaped from her lips as I started unbuttoning her
blouse. I soon found my way on her bare tummy creeping under her bra pushing
it up to release her aching tits.
We broke our kiss only to place my mouth on her tit and run my tongue on her
rock hard nipple.
"Oh my God, it's so good! Oh, Tina, I want you to make love to me the way
you made love to Rita. I want you to make me come! I'm so horny!"
"I will, Angie, I'll make you come with my mouth! I want you so much my cunt
is so wet.."
I almost ripped her blouse open pushing it over her shoulders. She helped me
taking it off completely unclasping her bra also. There she was wearing only
a pair of lacy pants. Her tits were big, creamy white with large brown
areolas and rock hard nipples, asking to be licked and sucked. I run both
hands squeezing and pinching them gently.
Thick dark pubic hair was visible growing freely on either side of her
panties. It was so much the knickers could not even cover half of her very
hairy bush! I gasped at the site!
Oh God, how I love hairy cunts! This one was a beauty!
I stood up and with one movement I took off my dress and my pants and knelt
in front of her. My fingers hooked on her panties. She lifted her body to
facilitate me slide them down and off.
There I was inches away from the most hairy cunt I had ever seen. I was
looking at it mesmerized and run my fingers through this really exciting
thick bush.
I couldn't believe how sexy this woman was! I've known her ever since I was
I just could never imagine how hot and sexy she really was!
I wanted to enjoy that so I slowly lowered my face on to her bush, gently
rubbing my nose, eyes, cheeks even my ears on this delightful mass of pubic
hair. Her smell was intoxicating! Her juices were flowing freely, wetting
every inch of my face.
With both hands I pushed aside her thick pubic hair and glued my mouth onto
her waiting cunt. She lowered herself on the couch so that her ass and pussy
were over the edge, spreading her legs wide open. She threw her head back.
Her eyes were closed. Her right hand was behind my head as if she wanted to
make sure that I will not brake contact with her cunt and her left hand was
caressing and rubbing her tits. Her pelvis was moving with the same rhythm
as my mouth. She was moaning moving her head from right to left,
"Oh GOD, oh it's so good! Oohhh Tina, I like it sooo much! Lick me, lick my
cunt! Don't stop PLEASE"
Listening to her and tasting her sexy pussy made mine running like a faucet.
I could feel my thighs getting soaked from my cunt and the more I licked and
sucked her hard clit, the more my excitement was mounting. I was lost in her
cunt! I lapped like a puppy. She was moving faster and faster
"Oh shit, I'm going to cum in your mouth! Suck my cunt! Don't stop, OHHH
Tina I'm cooommmiiiing!"
As soon as her spasms started and felt her cum flooding my mouth my own
orgasm was triggered!
"Oh baby, I'm coming too!!!" and shaking uncontrollably I felt my cunt
erupting drenching my legs. I fell in a heap on her lap until my body calmed
down then I looked up at her smiling.
"I prefer that to any wine! I could go on drinking your sweet pussy all
night long!"
Her eyes were glazed and she was smiling. She pulled me up and sat next to
her putting my arms around her and resting my head on her heaving chest. We
were glistering with sweat. She was caressing my body and with her hand she
turned my head towards her and kissed me deeply on my waiting mouth.
"Mmmmm, you taste so good! Ohh Tina , nobody ever licked me that way! It was
sooo good! And to think what I missed all these years...."
She was very impressed that I came just from licking her without even
touching myself. I explained that this happens to me when I'm very excited
and the truth was that she excited me very much!
I was lying on my back, while we were talking, my head on her lap. She was
sipping some wine and she lifted my head, bent hers, placed her mouth on
mine and passed the wine to me. It was so sexy! I drank it and asked for
more. She kept feeding me this way until we drank almost half the bottle.
I was feeling horny again and wanted to make love to her in a more,
comfortable way.
I took her hand and placed it on my pussy
"Can you feel how much I want you! Lets go to your bedroom"
So we took the wine with us and totally naked, holding hands, we went to her
king- size bed.
There she tasted her first pussy. MY PUSSY!! And she loved it! She liked my
cunt like a pro! I spread my legs and held them close to my chest with both
arms. She had access to both my cunt and ass. The feel of her tongue probing
my asshole was driving me crazy. She was lapping from my ass to my waiting
cunt. I was in heaven!
I came while she was sucking really hard on my clit. She didn't waste a drop
and really loved it!
It was three in the morning and we were still at it! We were rubbing our
cunts together holding on to each other, kissing and fondling our tits until
we came to a giant orgasm.
Totally exhausted we slept in each other's arms until almost Saturday noon.
I woke her up with my tongue in her pussy. She purred like a kitten, pulled
me up, gave me a deep kiss and maneuvered herself sliding under me to a 69
position were we lapped at each other until we both climaxed in each other's
We spent all day Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon in bed together
making love until our pussies were sore. We've lost count of how many times
we've orgasmed.
In the evening Mike and the kids were back. Mike noticed how radiant and
happy I looked.... When everybody were in bed, I told him of my sexy weekend
with Angie with every detail.
We were both so excited that we made love again and again.
I think I am one of the luckiest persons on earth! I have a wonderful
husband that I adore, whose cock never fails to keep me happy and also lets
me have as much pussy as I want.

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